Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Vanguard: Issue 98: Lost in Time!

The Lost Lands, Antarctica. Morning.

Embracing a fragile détente, Vanguard and the Soviet Super Soldiers were now divided into three units as they fled from the Tyrannosaurus Maximi in a racing retreat! The rear guard tried to delay or divert the evolved reptilian horrors to buy the others precious time!

Accelerator and Mother Russia were already at the Soviet Star, their team’s supersonic aircraft!

Avatar, Clone, Cosmonaut, Forester, Agent Harper, Lightning Strike, Agent Manetti, Polar Bear, Sentinel, Shatter, Soldier, Nemesis and Siberian comprised the main force. The last two were being carried.

Slingshot, Symbiote and Talon formed the rear guard due to their mobility!

Before joining the rear guard, Symbiote said to his sister, CHESS agent Shelley Harper: "Well, Shelly, you're the one who did all that research on Nanite. When it comes to artificial people you're at least as much of an expert as me, if not more. Think you can take a crack at waking him up, or at least accessing his memory?"

Shelley said: “All right, big brother.” Then, within Sentinel’s flying shield-sphere, she quickly examined the lifeless android’s eyes, pulse, mouth, ears and bare hands. It wasn’t long before she said to Sentinel and Manetti (who shared the sphere with her): “He’s not mechanical. He’s not even cybernetic. He appears completely organic. He’s dissimilar to Nanite. Not much I can do, especially in the field.” She said, confirming Lightning Strike’s assessment with clear disappointment.

Sentinel made an attempt to contact Nemesis’s synthetic brain (spending 1 power point). The young telepath knew he couldn’t read unconscious minds, so he was surprised to “see” something with his mind’s eye. Did this mean the synthetic man wasn’t technically unconscious?
What Kirk sensed read like surface thoughts. But unlike surface thoughts, these did not change and flow with the passing seconds. They were paralyzed within Nemesis’s brain. Locked in time. Sentinel was reminded of the Victorian myth that a dead man’s eye held its last living view forever.
Sentinel saw:
Nemesis and the Freedom Force encountered the sinister celestial, Eon the Eternal, at the Dawn of Time. There was another with them, whom Nemesis watched with suspicion even though he fought alongside the Freedom Force. Somehow Sentinel could not see this stranger.
They battled within the Big Bang, the universe expanding all around them! Eon smote Dynamo’s ruin across the face of a monolithic asteroid and then targeted Nemesis, transporting the avenging android through the corridors of time!
Nemesis found himself on what he came to believe was primordial Earth. For, in his next thousand years of wandering, he mapped the shape of Pangea. Trapped by time, with no way to leave the planet, and unable to heal without his Regeneration Tank, Nemesis felt despair at long last and… just… stopped.
He lay down and did not move again.
Time continued without him. Sentinel saw through uncaring artificial eyes that Nemesis was eventually found by a race of beings that looked like Inhuman! They brought Nemesis’s lifeless form to a swampy river basin. There were a score of the creatures in a primitive civilization. They imprisoned Nemesis and in a few generations forgot him. Cruel and uncaring Time drained the swamp, and wiped away the inhumans, along their terrible rites and sacrifices. The alien temple and Nemesis’ form remained and tree roots grew around them.

That was everything Sentinel saw. It was frozen like a DVD on pause. There was no answer to why Nemesis was transmitting a signal of any kind.

Then Sentinel heard the roar of a Tyrannosaurus Maximus! RRAAAAAAGGHHH!!!
Two monstrous meta-dinosaurs burst from the swamp jungle into the tall grassy plains! They could see their prey now. The first one charged the heroes at speeds of 40 MPH!

Talon, free from the hindrance of the thick jungle canopy, soared around the second Tyrannosaurus! It didn’t charge because it carried the living form of Slingshot in its massive jaws! The pliable powerhouse was alive and kicking!
SKAASHHH! Talon’s claws raked the beast’s snout, drawing more blood from the leviathan’s thick hide!
Talon staved off his battle frenzy again! (made your saving throw!)

Symbiote tried in vain to lure the things away from the main group! But once the intelligent monsters realized they couldn’t reach their flying adversaries, they continued to track their prey’s trail! Hal soared on black wings behind the elongated braincase of the second one and slashed with reckless abandon! ZAKT!! Another deep hit!

Avatar stopped running and turned to face the charging T Max! The manifestation of mythology on Earth waved his hand and the mystic shield was gone! Then he summoned the power of Apollo the Sun God! (cost 25 power points) His eyes turned white and he no longer seemed mortal. He glowed with an inner illumination and was at peace! In all the universe, he was where he was supposed to be.

Soldier yelled, "Keep moving, I'm going to try to slow them down,” as the valiant veteran waited for the monstrous maneaters to reach him! (holds action)

Forester confirmed that the CHESS personnel were protected by Sentinel’s shield and then he nocked an arrow. He wouldn’t need to wait for them to close. At a range of a hundred yards the amazing archer loosed his Impact Arrow! KRAK! It crashed into the charging T Max, right between the eyes! But the dinosaur kept coming! “I think I only succeeded in making him saur… us,” he quipped.

Clone’s eight bodies ran for the jet! They handcuffed the unconscious Siberian inside, opened the craft’s armory and then deployed in a perimeter around the jet, armed with Pulse Pistols, forming a small army!

Mother Russia was firing up the engines from the pilot’s chair and looked back to see her comrade.

Accelerator watched the grassy plains from the ship’s doorway. “Don’t think they’re gonna make it.”

The first Tyrannosaurus reached the group with speed unexpected! It rampaged onto that playground of flesh and blood, its teeth hungry and its eyes full of murder!

Soldier suddenly pushed a lone tree down into the first T Max, snapping the trunk with a sharp CRACK! The tree hit, tangling up monster and fouling his attack attempt!! The star spangled hero then intentionally made himself a big fat target in front of the titanic terror!

Lightning Strike blasted the first T Max! SHAKOW!!! Arcs of white lightning exploded from his fingertips, cooking the thing while it still drew breath!

Polar Bear growled and charged the first Tyrannosaurus and sunk his claws deep! THUNK!

Cosmonaut blasted it with his energy weapon! ZAP!!

Shatter loosed a concussion blast of invisible magnetic force, striking the first T Rex as well! WHOOM!

The first Tyrannosaurus Maximus roared and smashed Soldier’s tree away with his tail! The thing barely withstood their onslaught and was still coming!

Meanwhile, among the rear guard…

Slingshot was trapped in the jaws of the second T Max! The malleable man of might gripped the upper and lower jaws and pushed with all his might, forcing the mouth of the beast wide open; wider than it was intended to go! RRIIIPPP!!
Slingshot jumped down to the ground and saw the staggered metasaur’s jaw was torn, bleeding and inoperable!

The second Tyrannosaurus Maximus’ jaw flopped loosely. but it was still dangerous! Its massive whip fast tail slammed Slingshot! KER-ACK!! (18 points of damage! 6 from power, 12 from hits!)

(next combat turn…)

Talon and Symbiote zoomed around the bite-less beast and savaged him with their razor sharp claws! ZAK! SKRASH! The mighty megasaurus howled and fell to the earth! BOOM! It was down!

Avatar faced the remaining Tyrannosaurus Maximus, the first one that had charged the main group. With the power of Apollo, the demigod of destiny cast a beam of sunlight from his bare hand at the creature’s eyes!
(Blinding flash is a radius attack. To attack one target requires a special attack to blind.)
The rays struck the rampaging reptile and blinded him!

The first T Max roared in frustration and then started snuffing to pick up their scent. It also probed the area around itself with its long tail! RRRRAAAARRRGHH!

Soldier stood down and quickly surveyed the area for any other threat. He and Forester found one!
The tall grass near the swamp was writhing; something was passing through it! And the size of the writhing area was growing. They alerted the team, who continued toward the Soviet Super Soldier’s jet, their only way out of Antarctica!

The cause of the grass ripples broke into the open at a range of 150 feet, revealing themselves! Evolution, in the forge of Time, had fashioned a horrific form of dinosaur man! Seven feet tall, lithe, fast and lethal!
(Imagine a cross between Velociraptors and H.R. Giger’s Alien!)
Dozens were visible. They raced toward the jet with slavering jaws as the teams boarded in a rush.

Before everyone was strapped down, the jet lifted off in a vertical takeoff. VROOOOAARRRRRR! From the sky, the dinosaur men’s true numbers were revealed. There were hundreds and they had surrounded the jet’s position. The jet climbed up into the white mist that covered the valley and the black reptile men were gone from sight!
The Soviet Star was over the Transantarctic Mountains, piloted by Mother Russia. There were enough seats for all in the transport jet and Clone knew Siberian lay handcuffed on a cot in the back room.

The Soviet Star headed north under Mother Russia’s control.

To be continued in Issue 99: The Deadly Détente! (this time I mean it!)


Actions for the next 20 minutes or so, please.

Current Conditions, upon boarding the Soviet Star:

Avatar: Hit Points: 40, Power Points: 24, Manifestation: Apollo: Light Control

Forester: Hit Points: 23, Power Points: 54, Arrows Used: Parachute, Scentx2, Sonic, Acid, Flare, Impact

Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 25, Power Points: 42

Sentinel: Hit Points: 18, Power Points: 40, Creation Points: 80, Shields: 80%

Slingshot: Hit Points: 36, Power Points: 55, Invulnerability: 8

Soldier: Hit Points: 43, Power Points: 68, Invulnerability: 8

Symbiote: Hit Points: 51, Power Points: 72, Charges: 11, Copied Talon: S:20 E:27 A:24 I:25 C:13

Talon: Hit Points: 28, Power Points: 63

Clone: Total Bodies: 8. Hit Points: 1 each, Power Points: 24 each, Total Hit Point Pool: 8


I "turn off" the light control power and rest. Gotta get those power points back up.


Three questions before I reply, Jeff...

1) Do we know why Mother Russia was imprisoned in the U.S.?

2) Likewise, do we know why Accellerator went to prison?

3) What are/were Nemesis's known powers?




GM Replies to Symbiote:

1) Mother Russia was imprisoned in the U.S. for the attempted abduction of Polar Bear, who was a member of the Freedom Force at the time. Bear defected from the USSR and the Soviet Super Soldiers had come to get him back.
The Freedom Force stopped the attempt. Mother Russia has served 20 years of a 25 year sentence.

2) Accelerator was convicted of theft. The felony was transformed into a 10 year sentence via the Taylor Act (signed into law in 1994) which doubles the sentence of any crime committed using extranormal powers. He has served 6 years.

3) Nemesis's known powers are...
(I'll use rule-speak to make this easier)
Android Body
Heightened Endurance A
Heightened Intelligence B
Disintegration Ray
Flight Device
Also, he is known to have invented Adaptive Molecules (similar to unstable molecules) and the Regeneration Tank that heals his body.



OOC: O.K. Was going to wait and see if anybody else wanted to step forward, but since nobody has...if anybody has any disagreements, contributions, addendums or amens to throw in on any of the below, please feel free. Honestly not trying to horn in and play Leader Man here (and I still think we should elect one), but to at least get the ball rolling....

IC: Symbiote takes a head count of Vanguard and the Soviet Super Soldiers. Once he determines everyone is safe he moves to the front of the cabin, stopping to whisper in Lightning Strike's ear first. "If this doesn't go well enter the craft's navigational system and take over. Get us safely to Japan no matter what," he says. Hal then approaches Mother Russia.

"Mother...on behalf of Vanguard I respectfully request that you land this ship in Japan and drop us off. And just to avoid any misunderstanding I'll make it clear now, we will be taking Nemesis with us--he's a sentient being and an American citizen, we're taking him home. If the purpose of your mission was peaceful scientific research I promise we'll share any research that reveals how he got there and the nature of that strange temple, you have my word as a scientist. But it's time we went home--we still have an injured teammate to try to revive, as well as Nemesis himself," he says.

Hal figures Mother Russia will respond in one of three ways:

1) With resistance: ("We will do no such thing. We are flying straight to Russia per our orders and you shall not stop us"). If so, Hal will reply, "Mother Russia, we have two injured, tired teams here who don't need another fight. But if you want one, we'll give it to you. It's tough to say who would ultimately come out on top but regardless we won't find out today because if we start a battle right now the first casualty is going to be the Soviet Star. A battle between us will tear this ship apart and then most of us will fall to our deaths, freeze to death, drown or die of some delightful combination of all three. Do you really want that?" If Mother Russia continues to press the issue Lightning Strike will hopefully enter the ship and take control, that might take some of the fight out of them.

2) With a polite but firm refusal and offer to send us home later: ("We cannot do this but once we have landed in Soviet Union you and your comrades will be allowed safe passage home"). With this one Symbiote will shake his head and gesture towards the rear of the craft, where Siberian is unconscious and restrained: "Frosty the Communist back there threatened to kidnap me, take me back to the Soviet Union and pry all the secrets out of my brain," he'll say sardonically. "I've always wanted to see your country--Andrei Sakharov was an inspiration to me as a scientist--but not from the inside of a KGB interrogation room. No sale."

3) With a plea regarding their own mission: ("You don't understand, we have to take Nemesis back to Russia because XXXX..."). If Mother Russia offers some sort of trust and provides information we don't have about Nemesis, the Temple, the Inhumanites (or whatever this alien race we keep finding traces of is called) Hal will be willing to listen and Vanguard can make a decision about our next move from there.

Of course, she may react with something totally different, but those are my three stock responses to three possibilities. If we need to work out some of this between turns (as we did when dialoguing with The Black Bat), so be it.

Viva Vanguard (and pass the Vodka!),


PS: Just so I'm clear (I may not have been): The reason I want the Soviet Star to drop us off in Japan is I figure it's the best neutral territory between Antarctica and the Soviet Union. Jeff, if my geography is off (which it may be, depending on what part of Antarctica we're leaving from), please replace Japan with Australia, Taiwan or whatever works with the flight path.

Viva Vanguard,



Jeff is it possible to get a seating chart-type-thingie? knowing where everyone is sitting might help determine who ( and maybe how ) some of us ( Americans and Russians ) react with each other during the flight. If it would definitely help me - if there is any chance that I may defect, a lot of it might hinge on who I am / am not sitting next to, or who is in ear shot. Also - is it possible anyone else hears Greg's conversation with Mother Russia? Thanks for any info you can supply =)

Talk to you all soon,



Kirk wanted to reveal all of this information to his teammates but the events didn't allow it given the proximity of the Soviet Super Soldiers and the dinosaur threat. He was uncomfortable becoming the sole reservoir of information that needed to be shared with all Vanguard...
... and especially this, the mystery of the Freedom Force and what led to their disappearance. And just what did it have to do with everything that was going on in the world? Kirk knew one thing though, the inert body of Nemesis wasn't leaving his side until Vanguard could get him back home and work on reviving him. He was the key to the mystery ... and even more important, he was one of their own. His was part of the legacy that inspired them all, and he was due their loyalty and protection.

But with another dinosaur attack, there was no time to think...

As they took off in the Soviet Star Kirk got another moment to gather his thoughts.

This didn't add up. Kirk had expected them to have some sort of base of operations set up, not a retreat back to Russia. If they didn't know more, wouldn't they have wanted to check on their teammate, Echo, rather than just take his and Forester's word? Wouldn't they want to know exactly what became of her before leaving the continent? Certainly Kirk would have, had it been a member of Vanguard and the Soviets reporting an uncanny transformation. And just where were their missing members Hammer and Sickle?

As soon as they had a moment on the Soviet Star, Kirk tried to get a bit of privacy to check himself with first aid for his injuries. Although he was doing this, this was his cover if asked so that he could try to copy the prints of the temple he had made to his communication device (with cellphones having picture and video capabilities, certainly our communicators should have something along these lines) and he will email them to himself, to Ajay (headquarters), and to Symbiote and Strike. The prints will be encrypted and part of a quick status update email indicating Vanguard had lost their transport destroyed by an unknown force, encountered the hidden valley and an unearthly alien presence at the temple which is a clear threat to earth and that they met the Soviet Super Soldiers investigatin the temple and Vanguard was currently in their craft leaving the scene. Kirk would send this once they were past the valley area and communications were working. If the Soviets notice or question it he would merely indicate he was logging their status and reply along the lines of, "Certainly you've updated your superiors on the situation at hand."
“(OOC Greg: O.K. Was going to wait and see if anybody else wanted to step forward, but since nobody has...if anybody has any disagreements, contributions, addendums or amens to throw in on any of the below, please feel free.”

Seth replies: Work has been hectic, thanks for taking the lead here ... and as usual, we seem to be thinking along the same lines and with the same concerns)

As Kirk accomplished this he was concerned about just where they were headed. He could not think of any scenario where Vanguard landing in the middle of Russia would be a good thing. He didn't want to go there... and then Hal spoke to Mother Russia.
Kirk stood ready to act as necessary on behalf of the team depending on how things played out here. Really, once they were clear of the threat of the extreme Arctic temperatures, it seemed that between his powers and Slingshot's pliable body, they could get all of Vanguard to safety and find a way home.
He also knew that they needed to know more of what was happening here and what the Soviet's real intent regarding Vanguard was at this point. With his shields already up and ready for an attack if it breaks out, Kirk will focus on the surface thoughts on one of the Soviets to see if he can pick up on what they plan to do with Vanguard and what information they know about the temple=2 0and their reason for being in Antarctica. Since there is no intrusion into the person's mind, this should be a safe play and should be undetected. Kirk would try to pick a member of the Soviets that shows an interest in the conversation ... his first choice would be between Accelerator since whatever he knows will likely flow from him like a sieve, but he may also know the least. Mother Russia would be the best choice but Kirk doesn't want to endanger Hal's negotiations if there is any chance of it being 'picked up'. In reading the way the power works on my sheet, it doesn't indicate that, but she is strong-willed and has years of experience and training, so if Kirk thinks that might happen, she wouldn't be the choice.

If somehow we do continue with them and it appears things will be peaceful, if Kirk could get the opportunity to lower his shield and recoup his power, he would do so, but it appears that might not happen just yet.

Actions may need to be adjusted depending on what the rest of the team and the Soviets do.

Enjoy the weekend all.

=0 A

PS: Just to be clear, the email with the status update would be normal encryption, the temple glyphs would be a hidden specially encrypted file. With Kirk's computer skills hopefully he can get that done. And add Slingshot and Avatar to the email list. With Slingshot's recent studies and architectural skill and Avatar's being able to 'call on' the knowledge and wisdom of the Greek gods it would be best that they had access to the info in case Kirk is somehow taken out of the picture, plus it adds to the 'status update' story keeping all of senior Vanguard 'in the info loop' if Kirk's actions are noticed.



OOC: Symbiote, fyi, every country you've mentioned in part of the First World (the USA and its allies) as compared to the Second World (the USSR and its allies/sphere of influence) so it's not exactly "neutral territory."


OOC: Hmm....well, I don't remember my Cold War geography for that part of the world that well, but if there is a more or less neutral country (Hong Kong, maybe?) Symbiote will request that instead.

If there's just nothing that works any better....Japan, while technically more or less allied with the U.S., was pretty much a non-belligerant during the Cold War. It's not a perfect solution but hey, that's what they get for having Shatter destroy our plane...


I had a little more time and found a jet map from Dom!
If this doesn't alter Clone's intended action, I'd like to use it.(see attached)
The Soviets are toward the front. In the cockpit are Mother Russia, Polar Bear and Accelerator. The cockpit door is open, so they can see into the cargo area.In the cargo area are the rest of the Soviet Super Soldiers and Vanguard.Siberian is laying down in the "top" cabin, mapwise.
Symbiote can be heard in the cargo bay. In fact, it'll be hard to communicate privately in the cargo bay.
If you have any specific seat you would like in cargo, let me know.


Talon will strap himself in one of the seats at the rear of the aircraft among the Vanguard. He will try and get some rest after the fight with the dinosaurs, but if an argument of any kind breaks out, he will unstrap himself and prepare to take side if it comes to blows.




Soldier will sit quietly observing the actions of the SSS (as he still doesn’t trust them), and contemplating a number of changes he’d like to see implemented, namely some systems upgrades (I’ll address those later), as well as beginning a self diagnostic test of his systems. While his subsystems begin their checks, he lets his mind wonder and thinks to himself, “Is it always like this?” “Do they always just fly into danger like this, and wing it as they go along?” He wanted answers. What the hell had just happened? There aircraft had been blown out of the sky; then they were attacked by the Russians, dinosaurs, and some weird demonic creature, all in short order. All before turning tail and running away, and it didn’t sit well with him. He’s was used to order, and not confusion, and what he sees as anarchy.

Symbiote’s conversation with Mother Russia will snap him back to the situation at hand, and he’ll use his sensory system to listen in on the conversation. He’ll “switch on”, and quickly scan the rest of the SSS to see if any of them are going to make a move. While doing so, he’ll move his hand to remove any sort of seat restraints. In the event they decide to fight, he’ll focus on Accelerator, as he considers him the biggest threat at the moment. He’ll try to make special attack, and grapple with him. If he’s successful, he’ll put him a choke hold. I’ll wait to see what everyone else is up to, before replying.


Clone is seeing his window of opportunity to defect without repercussions ( his family is of course his number one priority at all times ) closing rapidly. He's knows he can't trust his fellow Soviets to help him defect, and he's still not sure about the Americans ( Clone would see them as a band of 'loose cannons' ). He has a plan, but all his little ducks need to line up in a well orchestrated row if its to work.

Here's what I have planned! *starts to hum the theme music for Mission Impossible to himself *

As the Clones entered the craft ( right before take-off ) they would have merged into one being. The one remaining Clone would have then started returning the Pulse Pistols to the weapons locker. He will keep one out as his personal side arm and remain just outside Siberian's cabin door as a guard.

At some point during the flight he will go and check on Siberian; he's hoping that he's still unconscious. If he is, Clone will separate into three other Clones ( four total ). One will take off his uniform, while the other two strip off Siberians uniform. The undressed Clone will don Siberians costume and the other two will redress Siberian in the discarded Clone costume. The 'Siberian impostor Clone' will sit and wait for the rest of the plan to be executed. The other two will keep guard on Siberian ( now dressed as Clone ) and look for a parachute or two in the cabin area - God willing - there is one ( or even better - two ). If Siberian shows signs of regaining consciousness his two Clone guards will put an end to that right quick ( with a couple of solid, but quiet right crosses ). If they could find two parachutes, they will put one on Siberian ( now dressed as Clone ) and the Clone dressed as Siberian will don one as well.

As land comes into view Clone will start to prepare for his egress. When its clear they are over solid ground the Clone outside the cabin will re-enter as if to check on Siberian. That Clone will then hand the Clone dressed as Siberian the pulse pistol and get re-absorbed.
The other two Clones will help place the unconscious Siberian ( who is dressed as Clone ) into the arms of the Clone dressed as Siberian and get re-absorbed as well. Leaving just the Clone dressed as Siberian and Siberian dressed as Clone standing in the cabin. The remaining Clone will then place the pulse pistol to the head of Siberian and exit the cabin. Hopefully it will appear to everyone that Siberian has awakened, knocked Clone unconscious and placed a pistol to his head.
Clone will then look around as if he is scared and desperate, and slowly make his way to the nearest exit. As he opens the door and prepares to jump he will turn to Symbiote and say in a rather matter of fact way "I am remembering, once, Peter the Great had problem like this." I assuming the face mask on Siberians costume will muffle his voice enough so that it won't actually sound like Clone. Hopefully Symbiote will remember that Clone said this to him while they were fighting/talking in the sky above the initial SSS/Vanguard fight. With any luck Symbiote will realize that Siberian is actually Clone, and hopefully he will keep that knowledge to himself and away from the Super Soviets. Clone will then jump out of the craft with Siberian in tow. As they fall Clone will at some point quickly make 'the sign of the cross' and start to say 'The Lords Prayer' aloud. When the two ( Clone and Siberian ) reach the appropriate altitude Clone will open both chutes - what happens next he will leave in the hands of God ( a.k.a. Jeff - GM ).

Talk to you guys soon,



GM to Clone:
Does Antarctica meet the definition "land coming into view" or are you waiting for a different continent?


lol Well . . . if at all possible I would like to aim for something with a little more green on it ;-) Clone's been waiting for this moment for a long time now - if he has to wait a few hours more he's ok with that. If it looks like his plan is going to be shot to Hell he'll abandon it easy enough, but he will of course do his best to see it through to its fruition - even if he has to do it over frozen rock of a continent lol. If he needs to use Inventing Points ( or anything else for that matter ) to pull it off he would do it - I think his last attempt at defection pretty much sums up how far he's willing go to achieve this goal. He's actually counting on the tension between the two teams to act as a partial distraction.

I hope to God you let me land on something green lol . . . any chance for something with palm trees and hula girls? lol ;-)

Talk to ya soon,



Scott can't quite understand what occurred. The crash, the savage lands, the temple and all these weird creatures. How does this all tie in with Nanite? What did she tap into or possibly what tapped into her? He had a feeling that this was not finished and they will see more of that place or of the things that come from there. He just hoped they didn't wake anything that would be better left sleeping.

In his usual manner, Slingshot will take a moment to go to the cockpit before the "festivities" begin (if possible). He pointedly ignores Accelerator. He puts, what he hopes is, a comforting hand on Mother's shoulder and says tentatively, "spacebo". That's the extent of Scott's Russian. That and vodka. He'll promptly turn back to his seat.

He looks at Sentinel and Nemesis. Thankfully Sentinel had the foresight to get Nemesis. While Aeronautics is not Scott's specialty, he will try to see what are the difference between the Vanguard's vehicle and this one. Why this one has managed to survived arrival on location.

Once the festivities and the blustering begins, Slingshot will make sure that Nemesis stays in their control. Whether it's knocking someone witless or keeping Nemesis within his body for safe keeping (that last will only occur if talks break down and the fighting begins).


Lightning Strike:
Once everyone is seated and the plane is in flight, Strike will attempt to plug himself in to get a bit of his Power Points back. If things start to go badly and we sense that the Soviets are not listening to us, then Lightning Strike will turn into electrical form and enter the plane's system and attempt to take control. Strike will not participate in any conversations with the Soviets.