Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Menagerie Character Sheet!

Menagerie! Park Ranger Frank Donovan was dead. Murdered by poachers inside his own National Park, Donovan watched the forest go dark. Then suddenly, before him stood the Spirit of Nature who charged Frank with defending the natural world! Frank arose with abilities beyond those of mortal men! Empowered to become the spirits of murdered animals, he now avenges the animal kingdom as the shamanic shapeshifter, Menagerie!

Secret Identity: Franklin Donovan
Gender: Male
Born: 1979
Height: 6’2”
Weight: 200 lbs.
Origin Type: Accidental Supernatural
Personality Archetype: Mysterious Mystical Avenger of the Animal Kingdom
Level: 5
Experience Points: 14,500
Player: Thomas

Super Powers and Super Skills:
1) Transformation: Shapeshifter: Creatures (Earth Predators)
It takes one action to change, but changing back costs nothing. No power cost.
All of Menagerie's other powers are available in animal form.
For predator stats, use V&V 2.1 Animal Stats and then...

-Use Menagerie's max hit points or animal's hit points as slisted, whichever is greater. If injured before transformation, calculate hit points as a percentage.
-Use Menagerie's Power Points.
-Use Menagerie's Charisma as the Ferocity score.
-Add Menagerie's Accuracy and Damage Modifier to Animal Stats.
-If animal's Agility is less than Menagerie's, then add 3 to Agility.
-Improved skills, abilities and senses, depending on the animal.

2) Magical Spells: As per the rules.
a) Call of the Wild:  Ability to communicate with Earth Predators.
Requirements: ¼ movement, PR = 0, Range= 5 miles, Duration=5 turns, Can only speak with one animal family per casting, i.e. Bird, Feline, Ursine, Canine, Insect, etc.

b) Nature Sense: Menagerie has an awareness of the state of the Natural Order.Menagerie has a magical form of psychometry involving wild animals. Requirements: 1 action, PR=2, Range= (CHA X 5), Duration= can only see (CHA/4) hours in past.
Option: Greater duration can be achieved by increasing PP spent. Increase is in multiplies of base. Can only see through eyes of one animal family per casting, i.e. Bird, Feline, Ursine, Canine, etc.

c) Mind Speech: Limited Telepathy: In any form, Menagerie may broadcast his thoughts to others via mental communication. Menagerie can receive thoughts that are actively broadcast at him, after he’s activated his thought speech. But he can’t set up a mental switchboard or read surface thoughts. Costs ¼ movement.  PR=1 per turn. Range = 180” (Int x 10”). (Level Three Advancement)

d) Essence of Life: As per Devitalization Ray, except PR = the number of points of damage inflicted on a target. (Level Five Advancement)
3) Heightened Intelligence: +7

4) Heightened Charisma (Will): +7

5) Willpower A: defense only. Costs movement to activate and 1 PP per use. (Level Two Advancement)

6) Patron: US Government: Vehicles, base, mundane gear/ weapons are available through an employer.

1) Special Requirement: Can only Transform into Earth's Wild Predators. (Bought down with Level Four Advancement)

2) Mute: Can't speak any Human language when in animal form.

3) Patron: The Natural order: Character may be required to perform tasks and duties at Nature’s request.
4) Patron: US Government: Character may be required to perform tasks and duties at employer's request.

Strength 15
Endurance 18
Agility 15
Intelligence 18
Charisma 22
Hit Points: 26
Power Points: 66

Carrying Capacity: 518 lbs.
Hand-to-Hand Damage: 1d8

Accuracy: +2 to hit
Damage Modifier: +2

Detect Hidden: 19%
Detect Danger: 23%
Reaction Modifiers: +4 from Good, -4 from Evil

Movement: ground: 48” per combat turn. (One inch equals 5 feet)

Healing Rate: 2 hit points per day.

Occupation: Hiking/Nature Guide

Skills: Wilderness Survival, Tracking, Stealth, Hunting, Animal Lore, Occult Studies x2

Luck Points: 4.0 as of Issue 165 

Park Ranger Franklin Donavon was angry. He had been forced to kill a cougar. The cougar had gone on a rampage attacking hikers on the trail. When he had examined the corpse he had discovered a GPS tracking chip had been shot into it. He had also found anther capsule as well. He probably wouldn’t have figured out what it was if it wasn’t still working. Ranger Frank was hit will a low level electrical shock. His nerves felt like they were on fire.

Ranger Frank had been back tracking the cougar’s path hoping to pick up the trail of the thrill hunters who had done this. He found their camp and even overheard them talking about how they would give the cougar one more hour before hunting it. By then it should have caused enough trouble that no one would ever complain about them killing it. The loudest of the group was will to bet that the park system would give them a life time pass to the park as a reward. Ranger Frank had heard enough. He confronted the hunters and had three of them subdued when the fourth stabbed him with a hunting knife.

Stripped of his field medical pack by the hunters, mortally wounded Ranger Frank wandered the woods looking for the correct leave to stop the bleeding. Collapsing from loss of blood, Ranger Frank was about to black out. Before Ranger Frank appeared the Spirit of Nature. The Spirit spoke: “Rise my champion. Nature needs defenders more than ever. Rise with the power of those you have swore to protect and be our champion. Go!”

Ranger Frank arose the Grim Avenger of Nature. Leaving the woods, Ranger Frank thought to fly to find the hunter. At a moment he turned into an eagle. With his keen sight and communication from the other birds, Ranger Frank quickly found the hunters. Taking to the trees as a cougar, Ranger Frank quietly moved to setup an ambush.

The hunters were in shock when a Grizzly Bear dropped down from the trees on them. Quickly all of the hunters were subdued except for one. As the lone hunter tried to run away, he was quickly chased down by a wolf. All the hunters were injured but alive.
Out of sight from the hunters, Ranger Frank turned back into his human self. He called for other Rangers to the location. He mended their wounds and bound the hunters. He blended into the woods and waited until the hunters were taken away by the Park Rangers.

The Spirit of Nature spoke to Ranger Frank: “Well done my Defender. You have your vengeance for both Cougar and yourself. Now my Menagerie, you must perform my vengeance. Go! You will know the way! Now Fly Menagerie! Fly!”