Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Vanguard’s Friends, Allies and Heroes!

Enter their noble names into the Cosmic Awareness machine, on the right, to discover their daring deeds and view their valiant visages!

The Liberty League! Allied Avengers of WWII!
The Sentinel! The Leader of the League and grandfather of the new Sentinel!
Agent America! Star spangled super spy, escape artist, and master of disguise! AKA Miles Hudson
Doc Rocket! Britain’s greatest scientific mind!
Sgt. Stone! America’s fighting foot soldier!
Miss Liberty! America’s super-strong sweetheart!
American Eagle! The human bird of prey!
Blazing Glory! The fiery flying female!
The Mystic! Mysterious master of magic!

Aegis: Europe's shield against villainy!
Professor Fahrenheit of Sweden! The ingenious master of ice!
The Lion of England! The queen’s chosen champion!
Oracle of Greece! The prescient priestess of prophecy!
Monolith of Germany! The titanium titan!
Centurion of Italy! The supreme soldier!
The Chevalier of France! The advanced-armored adventurer!
Dr. Monster of Romania! The creature of myth and mystery!

The Freedom Force! Earth’s Greatest Heroes from 1981-2005!
Blazon! Technological master of fire!
Frostfire! The Elemental Extranormal!
The Human Dynamo! Uncannily agile and indestructible hero!
Storm Giant! The tempestuous titan!
Tornado Man! The fastest man alive!
Black Cat! The human feline!
Flexiwoman! The malleable maiden of might!
The Mimic! Makes super powers his own!
Nemesis! Hyper-intelligent android
Rattler! The human snake! (like a reptilian centaur)
Warder! The Armored Defender!
Zephyr! Super-speedster!
Black Bat! The vampiric superhero! (formerly Black Cat, died a villain!)
Intrepid! Forcefield wielding friend of freedom!
Paladin! Armored, alien protector of Earth!
Polar Bear! The Russian ursine!
Pulsar! Amazing master of electricity!
Stentor! The sonic superhero from another world!
Aquon! Alien king of the seven seas!
Kid Dynamo! Heir to the mantle of Dynamo!
Marksman! The blind Zen archer!
Necrolash! The whip-wielding whirlwind!
Onyx! The stealthy cyborg from a dark future!
Pathos! Supernatural empath from another dimension!

The Vangorillas! Apes from an alternate reality!
Kairos Kong!
Lightning Lemur!
Simian Sentinel!

Vanguard's former members!
Blue Comet! The cyan speedster!
Viper! The rambunctious, wrasslin’ reptile man!
Venus! Alien telepath and widow of Paladin
Forester! The amazing archer!
Inhuman! The amphibian adventurer!
The Ghost! The inexperienced, intangible hero!

Vanguard's extranormal allies!
Nanite! The mysterious maiden of metal!
Hip Hop! Teleporting TV personality!

C.H.E.S.S. Central Headquarters for Extranormal Surveillance and Security
Director (King) Brian Grey
Agent (Bishop) Sam Drake
Vanguard Advisor Doc Rocket
Vanguard Advisor Sgt. Stone
Powered Infantryman (Knight) Nathan Lamb
Powered Infantryman (Knight) Cam “Sparks”
Scientist (Rook) Shelley Harper
Computer Specialist (Rook) Ajay Marcos
Computer Specialist (Rook) Bill “Shep” Shepard
Medic (Rook) Jenn Christensen
Castle Warden Jane Fahrquar
Omni-Carrier Bartender Molloy

Detective Hank Archer: World-weary hardboiled cop. Ex-partner of Symbiote’s father, and unknowing uncle of Lightning Strike.

Senator Doyle
Sean O’Malley