Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Vanguard: Issue 117: The Chaotic Compendium Concludes!

Avatar battled the Cyclops, Otom the Seer, in midtown Manhattan in a cosmic challenge to determine who would wear the mantle of Avatar! The two warriors closed again on the rooftop, beneath the wind and the thunder and the lightning! KRAKOOM! Each felt as if this epic contest was being watched and judged by unseen eyes from above!

At last, Otom’s mundane vision returned! Desperate that this might turn the tide, John initiated a fight over the spear and then fell backward, letting go of the spear and letting Otom plunge from the building!
“RAAAAGH!” Otom the Seer roared as he plummeted down to earth, his limbs flailing as he fell. RUNDCH!

Avatar felt his Powers of Manifestation restored! The cosmic challenge was over and he was the victor! Gone was the sensation of being watched. John looked down and saw Otom on his back atop the cracked sidewalk. His arm was moving. He was still barely alive. But for how long?

The storm was ebbing and Avatar summoned a Pegasus that descended from the heavens! Mounting the supernatural steed, John hurled down to the street to aid his vanquished foeman with the healing skill of Hestia, but it was too late. Otom was beyond help. (The fall killed him. But in true comicbook, and Greek tragedy, style, he may speak for the remainder of the turn. )

Avatar said: "Now that we've settled this, perhaps your dedication to wanting to use the powers for some cause will let you reveal to me some of this knowledge that you claim."

Otom was broken and bloodied. The once-mighty Cyclops could barely whisper now. “Well fought, Avatar of Olympus.” He coughed blood. “You remind me of days gone by, when we fought alongside each other through many a perilous adventure…
“Listen… If you are to remain Avatar, then have a care. They can see you now, as I could. They will come to you, as I did. They will attempt to wrest from you the power of the Olympians and wield it to break the World….
The greatest enemy of the Avatar… Your greatest Enemy… is coming for you at last…
Gather what armies you have… make ready what preparations you can…
The Final Battle will soon be upon you.

“Fare well friend. We shall meet again in the Elysian Fields.” The one eyed seer was gone from this world.

(Replies? Actions? if any)

Clone said, “Please to excuse me comrade Grey – I am sorry for changing of planes . . . err . . . plans.”
“Changing plans on the fly is how people get killed.” Grey snarled as he took another hard right…
…They almost blew the gate at the US military base airport. Drake and Grey flashed credentials and everyone quickly boarded the transport out! Only when the craft was in the air, Alex’s family began crying, overcome with joy. Drake examined Clone’s wounds and Grey spoke softly into his cellphone. The suspicious Clone eavesdropped and heard: “Mission failure. I repeat, no go. We have no sleeper placed inside the Program. Over.”

Clone felt utterly betrayed but managed to say, “Spasibo Director Grey.”
Grey said “Ne za chto,” but little else for the rest of the long trip.

Alex’s family was overjoyed to be re-united and free. And Alex was the one to thank, who had saved the family! After they landed in New York, Immigration Services explained how Alex’s family could apply for citizenship as political prisoners. The process was outlined, along with how to apply for work visas, how to find an apartment in NY, where Ukrainian immigrants often settle. “Of course, you don’t have to live there,” said the Immigrations officer. “You can live anywhere you like.” Alex’s mother burst out in tears again.

Alex’s family was out and free. Grey kept his word. Even though Alex hadn’t kept his word about volunteering to sacrifice one of his Clones in order to get his family out. Grey didn’t bring it up again, and kept his distance.

(Replies? Actions? if any)

Lightning Strike materialized in the ballroom in a hail of sparks and raw electricity! It was a black tie event. A hundred guests, among beautiful dinner tables, a large dance floor and a live band were listening to a speech from the guest of honor, Silas Caine.
Caine was at the podium on stage and had just said, “about the extranormal menace” when Lightning Strike’s sudden arrival silenced the ballroom! Every eye, including Caine’s, looked at Strike!

Strike could see that behind the curtain and to Caine’s left stood his uncle, as weary and exhausted as ever. Archer had his gun in his hand and was carefully taking aim at Silas Caine! Strike’s arrival created the perfect distraction. No one saw Archer because everyone was focused on the electric avenger!

Caine looked at Strike from up on the stage and smiled, “Well, well. Speak of the devil.”
The richest man in the world had no idea that he had but seconds left to live.

Strike had to move fast if he was to prevent his uncle from making a terrible mistake. Although Caine deserved his fate, Strike did not want his uncle facing life in prison, especially with the number of enemies he has.
The high voltage vigilante quickly set up a magnetic field around Caine which hopefully would prevent the bullet from reaching him!

Detective Archer opened fire with his service revolver! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!

Silas Caine was unharmed! All the bullets were repelled, thanks to Lightning Strike! Caine didn’t know what had just happened, and the crowd was panicking from the roar of gunfire! In the chaos, Strike leapt up onto the stage and humanely disarmed and subdued his uncle! POW!

Hotel security surrounded Caine and began moving toward Strike. Archer looked up from the floor at Lightning Strike! “He ordered my nephew and his wife killed. Why are you helping him?!”

(Reply? Actions?)

Menagerie was attacked by the feline extranormal that had tracked him and Pachyderm across the Canadian wilderness! “Then it is real!” she said. “I have dreamt of this Animal Revolution. If he is your friend, shapeshifter, why do you see him as a death knell? A harbinger of destruction? You are of animal kind. You cannot fail to see the danger Man represents to us. I am Snow Leopard. And we should not be fighting.”
Pachyderm watched from afar. The sudden, fierce combat did not faze him in the least. But distant recognition of the woman was slowly dawning on him.

Menagerie assumed the shape of Man and made an impassioned speech as Pachyderm listened.
“Yes, I said Death Knell and I meant it. The Animal Revolution would not create a better world. The Natural Order created Man and it created us. We are not animals; we are hybrids; animal and man. Just as the leaf cannot say the world would be better without the leaf-eater; and the prey cannot say the world would better without the predator; so we cannot say the world would be better without Man….

“When Man became too reckless and prideful, the Natural Order created a higher being to be its predator. The creation is us. We will be judged on what we do next. It is never right for the predator to drive the prey into extinction. When this is done both will perish. The destruction of the Circle of Life should never be the goal. Snow Leopard, you and Pachyderm can be great in the next cycle of change. Stay here with him, protect the land and prosper. There will be times when Nature will call us to prey on the destroyers and we will! Whether the threat is man or some other great evil, we will meet that evil tooth and claw and we will be victorious! That is what your dreams are about! Not destroying man! Protecting all that is nature, including man; even protecting man from himself! “
Snow Leopard was silent and stunned by this. Slowly she approached Pachyderm and gently touched his massive forearm. Pachyderm looked down at her in recognition. Deafening silence until an eagle called faintly in the distance. “Very well, Menagerie,” Snow Leopard said at last. “I will stay here with him. Protect the land and prosper.” She said the last with a small, genuine smile.

His quest complete, the mysterious mystic bid them farewell and made his way south alone into the wilderness.

(Replies? Actions? if any)

Sentinel had stopped the bombing of the Odyssey Club, and defeated the Mask of Red Death after a desperate battle in Central Park. Sentinel retrieved her and flew toward Vanguard Headquarters, atop the Empire State Building. "Ajay, Sentinel here. The Mask is ‘out’ and I’m heading towards headquarters now. Prepare medical to receive both of us and containment protocols for the Mask… she’s dangerous and apparently mentally unstable and we don’t want to take any chances here.”

Nice work, boss,” said Ajay. After the crimson criminal was secured, her mask was removed. Kirk recognized her! She was Adriana Thistlewait, the daughter of Edward Thistlewait, prestigious member of the Odyssey Club and friend of Lancaster! She might have been Kirk’s age.

Interrogation proved futile. She spat hatred, fury and conspiracy theories of a secret cabal of invisible masters who ruled the world. Sentinel was their unwitting pawn.

Sentinel secured a warrant for her apartment and entered with CHESS investigators and Nathan Lamb. It was a tenement slum where she had taken up residence since graduating Columbia and falling out with her father.
Her computer’s internet history was a mélange of anarchist conspiracy websites, and bomb-making guides.

Sentinel met with Odyssey Club security and confirmed that she had access to the club via her father’s membership. On his way out of the club Sentinel passed a wall of old photos of members past and present.

One caught his eye. It was his grandfather, Edward Thistlewait and others standing in the garden behind the Odyssey Club brownstone, smiling for the camera. Kirk’s father was with them. It might have been 1999 to judge from his father’s appearance. Kirk had either forgotten or never knew that his father had been a member of the Odyssey Club. On his father’s right hand was a ring Kirk didn’t remember. It was hard to make out at this size. But it could have been a signet ring.

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Slingshot quickly spoke into his communicator: "Slingshot to HQ! I'm under attack from Skin Deep and she's trying to subsume my identity. Be careful. She looks and sounds just like me. She has all my powers as well as my weaknesses. I've firebombed her. The intense pain will reveal her identity!"
The elastic extranormal threw himself onto a sand pit and rolled until the flames were out!

Slingshot picked up a pylon and waited for her to turn up. She didn’t. Neither did the cop. The gas burned off quickly and Scott found no traces of a body. Ajay requested that he return to base.

At the first security door he was met by CHESS Knight Nathan Lamb, Doc Rocket, Sgt. Stone and Symbiote, the usual homebodies of Vanguard. “So, kid,” grumbled Sarge, sniffing at the smell of burnt rubber. “Howda we know yer good ol’ Slingy and not Skin Deep?”

Slingy volunteered to be firebombed, as he was already on record saying that would reveal Skin Deep’s identity. His team mates were in reluctant agreement. They had plenty of regenerative materials on hand in the Special Projects Room but it still hurt like hell.

Afterwards, Sgt. Stone tried to lighten the mood. “Well Slingy, I fer one am tickled pink that you ain’t been ‘subsumed.’”

Months pass and Slingy’s girlfriend comes into his living quarters one night. Nanite was a hybrid of organics and mechanics, designed by The Entity to be a living bridge between Earth and Cyberspace. Slingy knew better than anyone that she was capable of emotion, of love, and he could see she was clearly distraught.

“Scott. There’s something I have to tell you. I don’t know how it happened. Well, I know how it happened but I didn’t know that it could.”

“I think I might be pregnant.”

(Replies?! Actions?!)

Soldier had found the Patriot. In the large torchlit chamber, a sacristy in ancient times, were CHESS issue weapons and equipment, food and gear for a small army, and a table with maps and walkie talkies on it.
The Patriot said, “I’ll go with you, on one condition.” He walked slowly and calmly down the tunnel with Soldier. Soon they were back at the mouth of the ruin.
The women and children of the camp, the indigenous natives that hid here from a tyrant’s reach, gathered around in obvious love and devotion to the Patriot. They reached out to touch his hand, his arm, his foot.
“The women and children, and the men of this camp. They are ready to give their lives for the cause. Take me back to America in chains, and these people won’t have a chance. You’ll be signing their death warrant.”
He picked up a toddler from the crowd and faced him toward Soldier. “Look him in the eye and tell him his only future is in the political prisons of Hugo Chavez. Tell him he deserves to die.
“…Or leave us to our work. Go home and tell them you couldn’t find me. Take your men. There’s a helicopter due north of our camp. It’s yours. Tell them I’m dead. This work is important, soldier. Someone needs to do it.”

Soldier listened to the Patriot’s impassioned speech, and scanned the camp’s interior, he too wondered if their presence wouldn’t help alleviate the suffering of these people, but stops himself, as he doesn’t make those decisions. It’s not his job to act as a one man army, intervening in the affairs of others. It’s one thing to respond to open acts of aggression, or a plea for help. He can’t allow himself to be swayed by a man who in another situation, he would probably grow to admire. “As much as I would like to help these people, that’s not our decision. Our presence here will only serve to fan the flames of war. A good man, a man I trust, may have sacrificed himself to allow me to accomplish my mission, and I won’t see his sacrifice be in vein. I’m taking you back home. But know this, if the time comes to rid this country of its “President”, I will be here. I’ll stand by the side of anyone brave enough to stand against him.”

Soldier expected a fight to break out, but the Patriot kept his word. He slowly lowered the child he was holding. He spoke to the assembled group in Spanish. They appeared crestfallen but resolute. Soldier knew enough Spanish to understand that he promised he would return. Soldiers brought forward Dr. Ashe and CHESS agent Drake, who both appeared unharmed. Patriot allowed himself to be cuffed, and he then led the way to the helipad. They flew south into Columbia, to an airstrip Drake knew of. In time they were flying home in a cargo plane.
The Patriot was quiet and compliant when he was turned over to General Steele. Ashe smiled a little too much. Later, when Soldier and his father were alone, General Steele was beaming with pride. “Well done son. I knew you would follow orders and complete the mission.” Matt knew his father well enough to be able to tell when he was lying. And he was lying now.
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Symbiote and Gadget Girl were plummeting from a height of 700 feet! The scientific superhero was grimly calculating his shrinking odds of survival when suddenly the wind rushing in his ears started to roar! Two hands grabbed his shoulders and he looked up to see Shelley! She was wearing a superhero costume! And flying!!
“Um, big brother,” she said sheepishly. “There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you.”

Hal saw that Shelley (a.k.a. Zephyr!) was struggling. She wasn’t strong enough to carry Hal and Gadget Girl! The three extranormals were still falling! 30 stories! 29! 28!...

Hal looked up, shocked to see his sister flying. And in such an outrageous costume. "Updraft, Shel! As hard as you can go! And get us over the river!" Symbiote yelled against the roaring winds.

As she maneuvers the three of them over the Hudson, Hal began ripping Gadget Girl's gear off--her weapon, her jet boots, anything short of the Harper Harness itself--anything to lighten the load and hopefully slow their descent. Once they were near the East River....Hal dropped Gadget Girl. SPLOOSH! Shelley stabilized and Hal dove in after Gadget Girl's unconscious form, got ahold of her and swam to shore.

Back at the Vault, Hal was patched up and Gadget Girl told how during the city blackout (during the Cyberspace Invasion) she snuck into the Vault to case the place. When power was unexpectedly restored, the tech expert hacked into security to let her to escape unnoticed… and also return unnoticed later.

Shelley asked Hal to help work the bugs out of her Windsuit. And Hal got his Harness back at last.

(Replies? Actions?)

Talon released Accelerator into mid air and prepared to fly close to him to slash him while he fell!

But before he could, Accelerator smiled his smarmy grin, said, “So long, sucker!” and increased his falling speed! When Talon had been carrying him, rolling and dropping him, Accelerator had been absorbing the speed!

He hurtled down to the ground faster than Talon could follow! Just before hitting, he reversed the direction of the velocity and came to a full stop a foot from the street. Then he casually stepped down to the ground, looked up at Talon, waved, and sped off into the concrete canyons of Manhattan at super speeds, laughing to himself!

The avian anti-hero soared after the sneaky speedster down the city streets at 200 mph! Accelerator stopped on a dime to face off against Talon!

The bestial birdman ripped a fire hydrant from the sidewalk, spewing a jet of water into the air SPPSSHHHHH!! Talon hurled the iron hydrant at Accelerator!

Accelerator got a hand on it before it hit him and the hydrant reversed its direction and came firing back at Talon at over a hundred mph! ZOOOMMM!

Talon just got out of its way and arced down into Accelerator, claws first! SLASSHH!

Accelerator fell unconscious. Talon called it in and CHESS soon arrived to secure the hyper-fast fugitive.

Talon flew back to the battle-damaged bar where the fight broke out and found Mother Russia inside being interrogated by the CHESS agents Talon had chased off earlier. When Mother Russia saw Talon, she smiled around the CHESS men, handed Talon a drink and said, “So, where were we?”

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This concludes our latest story arc, Amazing Action Anthology! Please now answer the following 3 things:

1) If you wish to leave the game for whatever reason, now is the perfect time in terms of our story. But I sincerely hope that none of you will leave. Those that stay, please continue:

2) Please let me know any major things you’d like to do over the coming weeks/months. Remember, your actions help steer this mighty, unwieldy saga! Your characters’ lives sow the seeds for future adventures.

3) Experience Point Time!Everyone gets 2000 experience points and 1 point of Charisma. Congrats!
Now’s a good time to explain to some of you guys who aren’t familiar with the rules that the higher a level you are, the more experience you need to get to the next level. So not everyone gains a level this time.

For those of you who have gone up a level…
Every level increase means:
· Better combat ability. (An attacker’s chance to hit is modified by the difference between his level and his target’s levels. Example: a 1st level hero attacking a 6th level villain gets a -5 modifier to hit. That same villain gets +5 to hit the 1st level hero. )
· +1% to detect hidden and detect danger
· Charisma/10 in Luck Points! (see game site for Luck Point rules)
· New powers and/or skills! Please read the site info on Character Advancement to figure out what you want to do on this, and then let me know! Have fun with this.

Once I get all this, in a week and a half, I’ll modify your sheets and begin the next thrilling adventure arc in our senses-shattering saga-rama!

Thanks everyone.

Viva Vanguard,


OOC: Nice change of pace Jeff! Good stories. Of course, I'm still in. Hal will do the following, more or less in order, over the next few weeks...

1) He'll have a few words with Gadget Girl before she gets carted off to CHESS Castle. "We both nearly died up there, young lady," he'll say, his mask on (Hal is assuming--or at least hoping--that even though she briefly saw him without his mask she doesn't know him from Adam and having a brief memory of what he looks like will do her no good). "It was an awful fight that nearly punched both our tickets. And you know what? I'd do it again. My secrets are MINE. I'll fight for them, I'll defend them, and if necessary I'll die to protect them. But I won't be going down alone if it comes to that." He says with a steely gaze. "Keep that in mind, and pass it on to anybody else in the courtyard or the rec room at the Castle who gets any brilliant ideas about coming after me."

2) Hal will run a full diagnostic on the Harness. He remembers the Harness somehow activating with super strength when Gadget Girl first put it on....did she somehow modify it? He'll also move the "off switch" that he used against her from the small of the back to another location, say, the back of the belt, just in case GG gets chatty with any future opponents up at Chess Castle. He'll also buy a couple of small safes to store the Harness in, one in his room and one at his house. These safes will not be tied into the Vault security system and won't even be electronic at all--just plane, old fashioned manual tumbler safes. Symbiote's hope is that anybody who tries breaking into the Vault again will be expecting such technologically sophisticated defenses that they'll be stymied by a simple small safe tucked under his bed and welded to the floor. (There's a legend that Harry Houdini once nearly didn't escape from a jail cell. He got out of the chains, straightjackets and manacles they had him trussed up in but he just couldn't pick the cell door lock. Imagine his chagrine when he realized the problem was that the cell door wasn't locked in the first place). Sometimes simpler is better. Only Shelly and Doc will know the locations of these safes.

3) Speaking of Shelly, Hal will happily help her with the windsuit and give her a modified version of the speech he was planning when this all started. "I can't say I'm wild about this--Dad would kill us both if he know--but there's no denying you've earned it. You did well in the Lost Lands, in the Digital Zone and you saved my butt out there," he says. "Only thing is...if you're going to do this, you're doing it right. I've already talked to Sarge Stone, he's expecting you tomorrow for physical training. Be careful what you wish for--I've trained with him, and he's like Ghengis Khan with a stopwatch."

4) Regarding Lightning Strike's adventure: If Hank goes to jail or even temporary lockup for a while Hal will be devastated and visit him in his civilian identity.

5) Regarding Slingshot: Assuming Slingy and Nanite tell the rest of the team about Nanite's condition, once he wraps his head around he idea of an android being pregnant Hal will offer to be her attending physician and....mechanical engineer.

Viva Vanguard,



OOC: If a body remains rather than him fading away, John will take it and give it to Neptune from the back of his mount.

John sits back and breathes out a long sigh, partly of relief and partly of revelation.

So this is all real. I've been playing hero but playtime is over. Something is coming. I have to prepare myself and the others as well as I can.

OOC: John will, at his earliest opportunity, gather together all of the other members of Vanguard and relate his tale to them. He really has no idea what to do, exactly, but seeks their counsel and asks for their assistance when the time comes.

OOC: John will also throw himself into training for a Strength increase, pumping iron with some of the other members of Vanguard and wrestling with Soldier and Slingshot (if they are willing). This will work to increase combat effectiveness in game terms and will work off frustration and worry in-character.



Awesome storylines! This is roleplaying at its best!! Awesome job everyone!

[OOC] Newbie embarrashes himself by doing the newbish dance if front of his video cam!!!! [/OOC]

1) I am definitely staying. This is awesome!!!
2) Continue recruiting members to Menagerie's super team The Forces of Nature!!! ;) lol. Just kidding.

I loved how this adventure helped fill in Menagerie's world view and his place in it. There is more to fill in since he has left his old life behind (death does that) and is embracing his new life. I can sorta see him living with the homeless and down & out like Namor when he lost his memory or the way Captain America did when he was Nomad.

[Actions IC]
Menagerie will say his good-byes to Pachyderm and Snow Leopard wishing them the best and telling them for call upon Nature if they ever need him.

Menagerie will fly to meet with Ranger Llewelyn to let him know that the mission has been accomplished. So the Ranger can set up the camper and hiker traffic accordingly. Menagerie will wish the Ranger the best and telling him to call upon Nature if Menagerie is ever needed.

Afterwards, Menagerie will think about Vanguard and how it had save the world from the Animal Revolution. Unless something more important directs him or comes to his attention, he will set off to learn more about this Vanguard.

I do not have any idea on what to do for Menagerie’s level advancement. I really enjoyed playing the character and he has a very nice flavor and feel. What I am unsure about is his power level? Is it enough to be meaningful along side Vanguard?
Jeff, do you think I need to increase a basic characteristic or enhance his powers? I don’t see the need to add another animal form yet, unless that is plot driven. I am not worried about whether I am the most powerful character or not, I just want to make sure he wouldn’t be a liability to a team because he can be easily beaten.
I am perfectly content saving the ½ hero point until the next level, Jeff if you don’t think there are any serious deficiencies which need to be addressed at this time.


TOM WROTE: . . . I am not worried about whether I am the most powerful character or not, I just want to make sure he wouldn’t be a liability to a team because he can be easily beaten.
- My apologizes for chiming in on a question addressed specifically to Jeff, but I felt I might be able to help answer it as well. When I first joined the team I had the exact same concern - aside from being able to make duplicates of myself, Clone is basically an average human ( meaning 'no powers' ). For example if I were to divide up into as many duplicates as I possibly could, a well place area-effect attack would essentially place me 'out for the count' since each Clone would only have one Hit Point. As time went on though I eventually found my place amongst the team, and learned to 'think outside the box' with my powers a little and I developed a few tricks of my own. As far as I'm concerned you're doing great, and as far as you being concerned about being 'a liability to the team' goes - that just makes me feel like you belong with us even more since you're already thinking more about the teams needs then your own.
My advice - just stick it out a bit - you'll find your niche I'm sure of it =) Sorry if I stepped on your toes at all by jumping in on that one Jeff, but I thought I might be able to help =)
Talk to you all soon,
- Kev

I was just going over your character sheet and I saw the possibility for a lot of little neat tricks for you to use with your powers. Just figured i share my ideas with you - hope you don't mind =)
1. Your Transformation power doesn't have a PR cost - just requires an action - How about swooping in as a eagle and while in mid-air transforming into one of your land based animal forms. Imagine how freaked out a villain would be seeing an 800lb. bear falling straight out of the sky heading directly for his face - that would scare the hell out of me ( not to mention it might add a bit of damage to an attack - although you might take a small bit as well ).
2. Your animal forms come with some really nice detection bonuses and tracking skills - those could come in handy BIG time when tracking down villains and spotting ambushes.
3. Your connection to animals and your ability to speak with them could come in really handy as well on missions. You could turn guard dogs against their masters, use the local birds, and stray cats and dogs as spies, you might even be able to organize a small animal army out of the local animals in an area - the possibilities are endless.
4. I was even thinking that based on what animals you can transform into; with the exception of water, theres really no environment that you couldn't travel through with ease. I was even thinking that might even be a good choice for another animal form - killer whale or shark or something - that would allow you the ability to truly travel anywhere you want in any kind of environment. Elephant might not even be a bad choice ( although I think your sheet says you're limited to predators ), image being in a small room surrounded by hired goons and then instantly transforming into five tons of fun lol - that should clear the room a bit lol Again - not trying to steer you in any direction or tell you how to play you character - just trying to point out a few possibilities since you seemed to be concerned with the effectiveness of you abilities =)
Talk to you soon,
- Kev


Thanks for the input. These are all wonderful things to consider and remember for the future.



“Afterwards, Sgt. Stone tried to lighten the mood. “Well Slingy, I fer one am tickled pink that you ain't been 'subsumed.'”
"Don't make me take out my pink paint can, Stone"

“Scott. There's something I have to tell you. I don't know how it happened. Well, I know how it happened but I didn't know that it could.”
“I think I might be pregnant.”


Thanks everyone. I enjoyed this one too.

Avatar, I think you know you didn't go up a level this time. Hitting the gym to blow off stress makes sense tho, as you wrote.

Symbiote, great Houdini story.
Everyone should know that a super-powered Shelly was Greg's idea, so blame him when it all goes terribly wrong. ;)
I'll get Shelley's sheet out by next issue. fyi, the Zephyr name and power array was from Greg too. But the costume is all mine.

Clone, great ideas for Menagerie! Thanks!

Slingy: See seperate email!

Menagerie: I'd use the advancement level rather than save it. My average story arc takes a year. Why wait?
I agree he has no deficiencies that need attention, so I would use it to develop him along whatever lines you wanted.
If he's a sorcerer supreme type, you could consider:
a) more Heightened Int
b) more Heightened Charisma (Will)
c) A little of both A and B. These are the classic mystic stats in V&V.
d) Willpower (as a defense only, since you only get a half a Hero Point). Gives your guy a defense, and is in keeping with the mental discipline of a sorcerer.
e) New predator form to Transform into
f) Heightened Senses: Your animal senses remain when you're in Human Form.
g) Magic Spell: Here you could take a sort of low level spell that a Druid in AD&D would have, to give you more variety. Animals react to coming weather, so maybe Weather Sense. Animals seem to have greater perception of some things, so maybe See The Invisible.

I'm kind of torn about f and some of g. I don't know if you need to have animal powers while in Human form. I like that you become the animal to get them.

Also, I didn't reply last issue, but I don't see him being able to speak English in animal form. I think it's not that he's assumed the shape of an animal, it's more like his mind is inside an animal body, so the body wouldn't have the right vocal cords.
What do you think?

This brings to mind:
h) Telepathic Speech: One way communication into someone's mind, while in animal form.

Thanks everyone.


GM wrote: I don't know if you need to have animal powers while in Human form. I like that you become the animal to get them.

I also like the fact that I have to become an animal to get them. The last thing I want is for Menagerie to become so powerful in his human form that he has no reason to change into an animal.

GM wrote: Also, I didn't reply last issue, but I don't see him being able to speak English in animal form. I think it's not that he's assumed the shape of an animal, it's more like his mind is inside an animal body, so the body wouldn't have the right vocal cords.
What do you think?

I agree, I truly believe that Menagerie is becoming an animal as well. I agree that it is not the shape of an animal.

GM wrote: Clone, great ideas for Menagerie! Thanks!

I agree wholeheartedly! I will definitely be using some of the tactics mentioned. On gaining the sea predator form, I agree that it is a benfit and should be done in the future.

I also think that the gaining of a new form is a significant event in the Menagerie story. So I think it would be something for level 4 or 5 as part of the Story Arc that is being performed.

Do you agree with this Jeff?

GM wrote: If he's a sorcerer supreme type, you could consider:
d) Willpower (as a defense only, since you only get a half a Hero Point). Gives your guy a defense, and is in keeping with the mental discipline of a sorcerer.
h) Telepathic Speech: One way communication into someone's mind, while in animal form.

These are my favorite two choices. While I agree that Menagerie can always use increased Intelligence and Charisma, there are other needs that need to be addressed as well.

I am torn between the two. I have already felt the need for Telepathic Speech but storywise it was better for Menagerie to change into human form to talk to Pachyderm, Ranger Llewelyn, and Snow Leopard.

The gamer in me sees the strategic value of Menagerie being able to communicate in animal form to Vanguard and others.

The roleplayer in mee sees the inability to communicate as a fun area to explore and possibly add telepathic speech later.

So I will choose
Willpower (as a defense only, since you only get a half a Hero Point). Gives your guy a defense, and is in keeping with the mental discipline of a sorcerer
as my character advancement with your approval Jeff.

Thanks everyone for your input.


For the moment Clone puts what happened between he and Grey to the side and spends the next few days showing his family all the splendors of America. He even takes them to the supermarket and shows them all the wonders that lay within, “ . . . and this is being peanut butter, it is most wonderful thing – no?”
Time to answer the three questions:
#1. Nope – not leave’n – no chance, no way
#2. I would love to see the misunderstanding between Grey and Clone come to a head at some point. Since they’re both feeling screwed over and betrayed I’m sure that would be a wild bit of dialogue. Clone would like to see if Sentinel could possibly figure out what Doc put inside his head. I’m not sure if he’ll be able to find anything, but Clone would definitely like him to try since he doesn’t know who else to turn to – besides – he trusts Sentinel. Clone is not going to share what happened between he and Grey ( from his perspective ) with his family – he doesn’t want to alarm them. Clone’s biggest concern at the moment is what he’s going to do and how he’s going to protect his family from the new “threat” that he thinks might be plaguing them ( aka Grey, CHESS and maybe the US Government ). He’s also not convinced that he’s seen the last of the Soviets yet. Once all the stuff with Clone’s fears are dealt with I think I would like to see Clone explore some of the other aspects of his personality – his uncontrollable desire to protect the innocent for example. Maybe he could rescue some kids from a burning building or something equally worth of comicbook superheroes. A girlfriend might not be a bad way to go, or maybe he could befriend a local, troubled, inner city youth from the projects or something. Clone’s greatest strength and greatest weakness are one in the same after all – his heart. I had a really fun idea for Clone’s family as well – since they don’t have any where to go as of yet perhaps Clone moves them into The Vault ( temporarily of course ) at some point before the others get back from their solo adventures. There could be a goat running around in the halls, a clothes line hung up in one of the machine shops, a huge pot of some kind of unidentifiable soup / stew boiling away on a stove in the kitchen stinking up the whole base with its smell, etc . . . lol the possibilities are endless.
#3. As for my level advancement I had three things in mind. I’m partial to ‘B’, but I can honestly say that I like all three. I figured I’d let you decide which way to go with it Jeff – which one of the following do you think would work best for you in the campaign? Would one work better then another for you as far as the campaigns plot and storyline go? Would one be better then the other as far as coming up with a way to explain how my abilities evolved in that direction? Just trying to make it easy for you from a GM stand point. A. The telepathic / “one mind” link between the duplicates ( aka Heightened Senses upgrade ). B. Some how reducing the “one action and 2 Power Points” cost of creating duplicates. C. more Endurance ( aka another dose of Heightened Endurance ) Oh and before I forget – while your modifying character sheets Jeff – could you change the Ukrainian language skill with Romanian?
Talk to you all soon,


Adam raises an eyebrow at Mother Russia's offer of a drink. "I believe we were getting ready to run these clowns off so we can enjoy a night out together."

Adam cuts his eyes at the men questioning Mother Russia then takes the drink from her with a smile.


I would be willing to take suggestions from you regarding Talon's character skill advancement. I know you don't want to unbalance the game with excessive point increases in Agility so how about Strength? Or, he could do weight training with other members of the group or practice fighting skills to increase his chance to hit with his claws.

I would also like to continue working to increase the control of his rage so an Intelligence increase would be great.



Yeah, I know. Just wanted to go ahead and tell you what I was going to increase. There are other possibilities, I guess, but I think that I'll go with simple for now.


Thanks guys.

Avatar: Thought so. Thanks.

Menagerie: Sounds great. Will do. Thanks.

Clone: Thanks. I like the family taking up residence in the Vault, temporary only of course.
How much lower do you want to go on Clone creation costs? One action and 1PP per clone? I think it should take an action. Thanks.

Talon: Maybe losing the weakness, as you're already halfway to losing it. Rationale could be that prolonged contact with other people and civilization have lessened his savage animal instincts.
I could see the Int increase to make the rage a real minor concern.

Also, his Charisma (Will) could stand a boost since he's kinda a Wolverine tough-as-nails s.o.b.
We could do a small dose to each.

Or instead he could gain a +2 to hit with his claws.

Or maybe a stealth power, at night only, due to his dark color and silent aerial approach?

Or something else. Up to you.



Hi everyone. I didn’t have my normal Sunday morning time available last week and then got the barrage of IC and OOC emails. At this point, I’ve read Issue 117 and Greg/Symbiote and Harold/Avatar initial ‘speedy’ replies. I stopped reading them at that point so I could do my initial post which includes that info. Once posted, I’ll work my way through the rest. If I comment on something already posted after that by someone, my apologies, but I’ll chalk it up to ‘great minds thinking alike … and us too.’

After Avatar briefs the team Kirk replies, “Whatever may come, you have my personal support and assistance; whatever you need me to do, I’ll be here for you” and motioning to the rest of Vanguard adds, “and I say the beginnings of your army stand before you today here and now, what say you men of Vanguard?”
Kirk assumes that everyone would stand beside John, but wants it vocalized both to unify them and to make sure that John knows he isn’t alone in whatever may come… nor is anyone of us.
“John, about the only suggestion I can come up with at this point, if you haven’t done so already, is to speak to Oracle about this. She’s the only one on our ‘allies list’ that may provide some insight. There is a good chance her origins may give her knowledge of such things. And I know that her power didn’t sit well with many of us, and as Kirk said this his head subconsciously looked towards the vacant place previously occupied by Forrester, but even if she doesn’t know anything about it, making her aware of what you know may trigger one of her visions that might help you to understand and prepare for what lies ahead.”

When the team is assembled, Kirk says the following. (Security)
“Given the preponderance of foes with the ability to impersonate or assume control of us it seems like we should have some formal protocols in place for members of Vanguard and key personnel from Chess.
He added half-jokingly to lighten the mood, “After all, not many of us could survive the ‘Slingshot’ authentication test. No procedures could be full-proof, not knowing the extent of the full abilities of those that might try to infiltrate us, but I was thinking of a three-pronged process for you all to consider and that could be put into place by Symbiote, Doc, and Strike.
Naturally we’d need to be in agreement and all private information would be top classified and not available to any other government agencies without consent of the individual Vanguard member. But I’m thinking we keep ‘normal’ brain scans and DNA scans for comparison on file as well as key information questions for each member. Brain scans would hopefully protect if someone was being controlled, DNA scans and key information if someone’s appearance was being assumed. Again, none of this would be full proof, but might be a start. What do the rest of you think and what do you think we could add to the process to offer further protection protocols?”

OOC: Jeff, at this point, I’d like to ask some more specific questions about Kirk’s energy readings of others in this respect, and perhaps he needs to research some more himself to get his answers. We’ve established that extranormals have a different reading than those without abilities, I’m wondering here if Kirk pays greater attention to the energy signature he sees, if it goes further. Does each being manifest a uniquely subtle energy signature (along the lines of a fingerprint or eye scan) if Kirk were to pay that much attention to detail? If so, Kirk would definitely take the time to memorize the energy signature for those around him.

(Specific to Slingshot’s battle)
“Scott, from our known list of known wanted actives at large, I’d also conclude your enemy was Skin Deep, but do you have any other evidence or reasoning to know it was her and not some new foe? Does the Chess file show any documentation of Skin Deep being able to duplicate the abilities as well as the appearance of others?

(Specific to Slingshot’s personal news – also assuming Scott shares it at this point)
Outwardly, Kirk offers his congratulations and support to both of them.
Inwardly, Kirk’s ‘heroic lore’ sense kicks in and he thinks about Nanite’s origin and their still unanswered questions about the Digital Zone and their lack of knowledge of the ultimate resolution if the fate of the Entity and a shiver runs through him. When seeing Nanite he makes a note about her energy readings and those of the baby. He will pay special attention in the months ahead and speak with Hal if anything seems ‘off’.

Lightning Strike:
Kirk will speak with Strike and with Symbiote (and if anyone else has developed a relationship with Archer he would include them at this point).
“I know that you both know Archer better than me. My knowledge is strictly professional since my meeting him when we fought the Black Bat and my trying to establish solid relationships between Vanguard and the NYPD. However, my instincts about him and my assessment of his personality and his years of faithful police service put his recent activities beyond what I would have thought he would do. It is possible that the tragic events to his family pushed him to this degree, but frankly, I thought him made of sterner stuff. A veteran of his many years has surely seen his share of loss and lack of justice in events. I’m wondering if perhaps he wasn’t nudged in this direction … what do you think?”
OOC: At this point Kirk is wondering if someone like the Black Bat (or Swastika) couldn’t have influenced Archer to go beyond what he normally would have done in this situation. It could be to eliminate competition (Caine) or it could have even be a setup by Caine to see if his suspicions about Strike were true.
Kirk would suggest that they try to ascertain things further and would visit with Hal to try to get a mental read to see if his surface thoughts suggest more is going on here.
If Caine is looking to press charges in court, perhaps Archer’s information about Caine, although not substantial enough for court, might be used as leverage to get Caine to not pursue things and Archer could get some time off for ‘evaluation’. Archer would offer not to release it publically in exchange for Caine not pursuing things against him. Vanguard should get access to the info that Archer was able to put together for their own files and further investigation.

(To Strike alone):
“Strike, if my suspicions are wrong and this was Archer on his own, then it’s clear the man is in need of help and support. I know Caine took your wife and your life. I can’t say I know what it’s like to lose one’s wife, but I am fully aware of the pain associated with the loss of loved ones close to you. As much as that hurts, it doesn’t end all your ties to other loved ones … or your responsibility to them. Naturally this is your decision, but it seems that your uncle is in need of his nephew’s support here. You need to tell him what has happened to you and be there for him in his time of need.”

Kirk looked at the photo and the ring. Kirk touched the photo and keenly concentrated and his energy flowed from his fingertips around the photo. He tried to copy the image of the photo as he had done with the glyphs. This required much more finesse since the imprint was microscopic in comparison and he was in no rush at this point as he was in copying the glyphs with a battle in his midst. Kirk then spread his hands in concentration reversing the image and slowly enlarging it until he could perceive the image of the ring better to see if it was one of the signet rings… although he was virtually sure he knew it would be.

(OOC Hopefully Kirk will make Abby and McGhee proud with his duplication of computer image manipulation via his power and computer skills. If you feel this is beyond his ability, he could also form a mechanism similar to a large magnifying glass or even ask to borrow the photo and let Ajay and crew do the job, but this seemed much cooler and within the scope of what we’ve established before.)
Kirk will have Ajay and his team work on the information received to try to put together the facts that seem legit from what Mask has said and what was found in the computer intel verses just her insane ravings. He’ll also request they work up her history so that perhaps they can get a picture as to when and how she went the way she did … it seems like she would have taken out her grandfather in her attempt (or was he not present that evening also?).

Finally, Kirk will pay a visit to Lancaster. He’ll explain what happened at the event with the Mask and her accusations. Since Kirk was solo he’ll ask Lancaster if he can perceive any way he could have handled things better.
He’ll then ask Lancaster what he can add regarding the Mask’s accusations about the Odyssey Club and their origin and goals and her accusations in general. He’ll mention that their investigation led to her being identified as Adriana Thistlewait, the daughter of Edward Thistlewait, his friend. He would look for Lancaster’s shock at this revelation and if he knew Adriana and could see something like this coming. He’d also inquire further about his relationship his Edward and is that could add any insight to things.
He’d then ask about the signet rings explaining he’d seen Edward have one as well as a few members of the club, He’d ask about their significance.
Finally after discussing the rings, he’d tell Lancaster that he’d seen a picture of his father at the club (if he was able to manipulate the photo as discussed, he’d present the image of the photo to him via his energy manipulation) and that his father wore one of those rings.
He’d then add,
“I know that the mind will sometimes bury things until such a time as a person is capable of dealing with them … so I have to ask you a question for the first time man to man and not as a child,
“Tell me about my parent’s so called “accident”, because I’m having suspicions that perhaps it wasn’t an accident at all.”

OOC: Jeff, we purposely left Kirk’s parent’s accident vague as well as Lancaster’s activity after the breakup of the Liberty League and the anti-hero activities for you to determine for future plot usage and character development … I’m assuming you’ve now got some stuff in mind here.
Also, just to define the tone, it could certainly seem that Kirk is interrogating Lancaster, but that isn’t what I’m going for … I’m just trying to define the path his thoughts would take with one piece building to the next for Kirk to try to understand things … and knowing that it’s likely that Lancaster has kept some of this stuff from Kirk over the years as a protection for him until he could ‘deal with it.’ That seems like the best explanation as to why Kirk would have been unaware of more of the details of his parent’s death. And while a young Kirk couldn’t cope with them, I’m quite sure that nothing could have prevented Lancaster from turning over every stone to uncover the facts of the situation.
That's it for now as I'm out of time thing morning. I'll start to read through the rest of the replies and hopefully have time to post anything aimed in Kirk's direction.
Thanks to Jeff for the adventure and to all the other players making it fun to read! Viva Vanguard!


If nothing has been posted in your replies yet, please do let me know what, if anything, Grey tells Vanguard about the Clone adventure and the recovery of his parents. Let me know Grey informs Kirk and/or the team and if find out from him or from Clone first, etc.

At this point I definitely see a private conversation between Kirk and Grey about these events which would be a growth point for Kirk as a 'leader' and would likely end with Grey having 'played' Kirk (for his own benefit) but with Kirk not realizing it.

Once you let me know Grey's initial handling I'll try to give Kirk's side of the conversation ...



Sentinel wrote: “(Specific to Slingshot’s personal news – also assuming Scott shares it at this point)
Outwardly, Kirk offers his congratulations and support to both of them.
Inwardly, Kirk’s ‘heroic lore’ sense kicks in and he thinks about Nanite’s origin and their still unanswered questions about the Digital Zone and their lack of knowledge of the ultimate resolution if the fate of the Entity and a shiver runs through him. When seeing Nanite he makes a note about her energy readings and those of the baby. He will pay special attention in the months ahead and speak with Hal if anything seems ‘off’.”

Great minds think alike on this one, and I'd meant to mention something along these lines in my initial response but forgot. Hal will actually take Kirk aside and ask him to do exactly what Seth already thought of. "Our first priority is Nanite's health and safety, and the health and safety of the child--if that's what is actually growing inside her," he says. "But if the baby is some sort of Trojan horse for the Entity...well, we're going to have some hard choices to make. I appreciate your willingness to scan her occasionally. In fact, if you and Nanite and Slingshot are all willing, I'd like you there for the birth.

He then grins, just to lighten the mood. "Ever been involved in the actual delivery of a baby, Kirk?" He asks. "The first time it'll put you off dating for months."


To Shelly/Zephyr
“Shel, Hal told me the news about your ‘extracurricular’ activities. I can’t say I’m surprised. You have the will and the smarts to pull this off. And anyone that can face down giant pterodactyls certainly has the guts in my book. But do listen to Hal about the training and don’t think he’s being overprotective. We all need to be as prepared as we can out there. We need every edge we can. I spent years being trained to take up the mantle.” and Kirk added with a smile, “And when you think you’re really ready and he’s still saying you’re not, come talk to me and I’ll try to some sense to him.”

To Symbiote
Kirk will try to find time for him and Hal to compare notes, hopefully over a good meal and drink. He’ll thrill to Hal’s description of his twists and turns against Gadget Girl as only a good friend can, feeling his sense of triumph and frustration at each turn. And he’ll share his own adventure with the Mask of Red Death. He mentions to Hal that he intends to talk to Lancaster about it all and that he now believes there is much more to the accidental death of his parents then he had been led to believe as a child.
He’ll then turn to Hal and say, “I know your giving your support to Shelly. And that knowing her, she’d do this with or without it anyway, but Hal, really, how are you handling all this?”
Kirk thinks his bud is going through the motions that he must, but wants to give him an opportunity to give voice to his concerns and talk through them. He knows that he must have his doubts and concerns and wants to be there for him if he needs someone as a sounding board.

To Talon
“Adam, heard you made short work of Accelerator. He’s was one nasty SOB. Nice job.”

To Soldier
At this point, I think Soldier’s mission would be unknown to Kirk unless he chooses to make it know and we haven’t met Menagerie yet, so that ends his interactions based on the ‘published issue’ – other than Clone which is to follow once I know what Grey does regarding informing them.



Hey Jeff,

I've decided to go with an increase in Strength by training with Sgt. Stone and the other members of the Vanguard.

I'd like to split that with the stealth ability that you mentioned.

I will continue to work on increasing his Charisma and the control of his rage as he increases in level. I just don't think it's something that should be fixed in such a short time. It took a lifetime of being an outcast to develop his weakness so I feel the change should take some time as well. Plus, I like it that he's a tough-as-nails s.o.b. for now:)



OOC: Once Soldier was back in his quarters, he sat silently contemplating the events of the last few days. He’d been sent to retrieve a man who’d once been one of his country’s greatest patriots, and to prevent him from starting a war that could have had repercussions that would have been felt worldwide. While he found the episode left him feeling a bit disillusioned, it also got him wondering. What was really going on? Where’d had the “rebels” gotten their hands on so much restricted CHESS tech? And who was really pulling the strings behind the scene, and he was determined to find out.

After taking time to double check his implants, and get a diagnostic done, he went to see his father, and get some answers. After listing to his father’s obviously well rehearsed little pep talk, Soldier couldn’t contain his anger any longer.“Father, I’m not sure what the hell’s going on, but I will find out. I saw a true patriot, a man I would have been proud to have served with, give it all up, because he’d given up on the dream. Whatever happened to him, whatever he’d seen, it was enough for him to give up on America. I want you to know this, whatever that was, I’m going to find out what it was, and put a stop to it. And if you’re involved in it, I’ll take you down too.”

OOC: With that, he turns and leaves, slamming the door behind him. Matt had never spoken to his father that way before, and you know what, it felt good.


JEFF WROTE: Clone: Thanks. I like the family taking up residence in the Vault, temporary only of course. ;-) How much lower do you want to go on Clone creation costs? One action and 1PP per clone? I think it should take an action. Thanks.
OOC RESPONSE: lol I was actually hoping you might let me ditch the action cost for a second there ;-) . One action and 1PP works too - it could definitely provided Clone and his duplicates with a few extra Power Points to play with after they've divided up a few times. At the risk of sounding greedy let me ask this as well - any chance that along with the power cost reduction that Clone could get a point or two of Endurance as well to reflect his continuing efforts to improve his Multiplicity ability? If not - no worries - just figured it couldn't hurt to ask :-)
I definitely looking forward to seeing if a dialogue between Grey and Sentinel breaks out. Should Kirk attempt to have a private discussion with Clone about what happened, that would definitely need to be played - I'm not 100% sure what Clone would say or how he would react, it would all depend on how the conversation went down. If Grey should make a general / open statement to the group about what happened between he and Clone ( which I get the feeling he won't ), then that might erupt into a heated situation between Grey and Clone based on what Grey initially says. If nothing gets said then Clone will come across as slightly withdrawn to the rest of the group as he struggles with the idea of telling them all about what happened between he and Grey.
As it stands - Clone is still working with the idea of going into hiding with his family for fear that the US Government / CHESS / Director Grey might one day turn around and hand him and his family back over to the Soviets as part of some kind of trade. It'll definitely be interesting to see how this all comes to a conclusion.
Talk to you all soon,


Lightning Strike:
Once Strike finished at the hotel and made sure his uncle was safely in custody, especially away from Caine, Lightning Strike will look into his uncle's recent activities and go through whatever electronic trail there might be.

In terms of what Sentinel spoke to Strike about, Strike will treat this as he does most of the group reaching out to him. He will take the advice to heart and see if there is a way to see if his uncle has been under the influence of something other than alcohol but will try to involve Vanguard as little as possible.

If there is any indication that there was an outside influence at work, then Lightning Strike will spend all of his spare time to find out who is behind it. Strike will also make an effort to train with the team so that Vanguard will be a more cohesive unit so that we can all work together more effectively.


Scott was flabbergasted at hearing the news from Nanite. He had studied her for months. He knew that she was an android. She had feelings. That he loved her. She is more woman to him than anyone could be, but childbearing? ...with him? Was he even fertile in that sense at all?
He looks at Nanite and paused.. "Ours?""Oh my god.." He looks at her and says,"Are you ok with this?" He waits for her response. (assuming she is, or at least tentatively so) "I'm ok with this too." he pauses again, still astonished with the whole idea,"I'm not sure I want to make this a circus, but I'm not sure we should keep this to ourselves either."
OOC Actions: Ok, obviously we'll talk about this together. I'll get Hal and Doc to help. I would like privacy about this. Only those two and an actual Gyno to monitor the progress of the pregnancy. If we need outside help, then we'll get it, but otherwise we keep this as much under wraps as possible (Sorry guys). She'll be showing soon enough anyways.
Holy crap, I'm going to be a daddy?


In light of this scratch Hal's conversation with Sentinel about the baby possibly being "possessed" (for lack of a better word) by The Entity. He'll respect the couple's privacy until it all becomes obvious.

Still...Hal is going to recommend A LOT of ultrasounds, as well as any hi-tech tools we have to monitor for something unusual.

Well, MORE unusual, anyway....


Jeff, If it's not too late I'll go ahead and focus all my points on the development of the stealth skills for Talon.


OOC: For my next Level Advancement I’d like to do the following:
a) Get a subcutaneous Satellite/ Wi-Fi receiver implanted in Soldier’s skull that would allow me to download information directly into my sub-systems. Namely things like GPS satellite signals, maps/schematics, CHESS’ files on people they’ve previously encountered, etc.
b) Get a new type of round for my Smart Gun. An Explosive Round: +3 to hit, 1d8 damage, 1” blast radius.
After that (at Level -4 to Level-5) I’d like to get a systems upgrade (Courtesy of CHESS) that would grant the following:
a) A +3 Strength Bonus (an upgrade to my systems)
b) Speed Bonus: + 50” running/+25” Leaping ability
At 5th to 6th level I’d like to do the following:
Evasive Maneuver Program: Heightened Defense -4 to be hit and another type of pistol round.



OOC Replies:

Menagerie: Real quick: I need to know asap if your investigation into Vanguard will likely culminate in contacting them, applying for membership, etc. Thanks.

Sentinel: Identifying individual persons by their unique energy signature is feasible but will require a Level Advancement.
Also, the beacon of liberty’s Law and Law Enforcement Subculture skills inform him that telling Caine not to do 'X' or else Detective Archer will release classified info on him might meet the definition of coercion or blackmail. What was good ol' Silas saying about heroes being above the law? ;)
The image duplication/magnification stunt is legal with a saving throw, which Sentinel succeeds at. Cool idea!

Strike and Slingy, thanks! J

Talon, that advancement is not too late.

Soldier, your advancement is good to go.

Thanks everyone.
Next ish ships tomorrow!