Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Friday, May 15, 2009


CHESS History
Formed in the early 1980’s as a response to the massive resurgence of extranormals, CHESS is an agency akin to, and working closely with, the FBI and CIA. Its jurisdiction is all extranormal matters. CHESS Director Grey reports to the President. Additionally, Congress has oversight over CHESS.

CHESS Castle (a.k.a. CHESS extra-maximum security prison)The extranormal maximum security prison whose mission is to contain, study and rehabilitate the most dangerous supervillains in captivity.

CHESS Omni-Carrier
A flying aircraft carrier that serves as operational command center.

A facility in the desert of southern California to study and contain extranormal devices and artifacts.

CHESS KnightsThe famed power armor flying infantry division. There are ~100 Knights in operation.

CHESS Personnel
Vanguard personally know: Director (King) Brian Grey, Agent (Bishop) Sam Drake, (Knight) Nathan Lamb, Scientific Advisor (Rook) Doc Rocket, Scientist (Rook) Shelley Harper, Specialist (Rook) Ajay Marcos, others.

Bishops, Rooks, etc. are slang terms, not official designations.“Bishops” are field agents and investigators, like Sam Drake and Grey before his promotion.“Rooks” are technicians, scientists, operational support and others not in the field.“Knights” are the powered armor security/ enforcement division. There are hundreds of Knights.As Director, Grey is now the “King” of CHESS. If Grey were female, he would be the “Queen.”There are no “pawns.”

While government sponsored, the team has autonomy in regards to membership, leader selection, bylaws, organization, etc. Vanguard members need not expose their secret identities to CHESS.Vanguard’s new headquarters is under construction on the 86th floor of the Empire State Building! Blueprint schematics show a secret elevator entrance, a gymnasium, a massive laboratory, library, hanger for the Vanguard Manta Craft, a training room, living quarters and more!

Vanguard’s CHESS Liaisons are Director Grey himself, Agent Sam Drake, Sgt. Stone and Doc Rocket. The last two will work closely with Vanguard in an unofficial, advisory capacity.
This team also vets and trains new members.

A modest salary, board, excellent health care benefits, and paid vacation days are outlined.

Wrist communicators are given to each member of Vanguard. They transmit scrambled, secure messages on several CHESS frequencies. Tracking transponders can be activated by the wearer.

An Identification Card, connecting the hero to Vanguard and CHESS, is given to each member.

New members are on probation for a trial period (of one level).

Security Clearance
Security Clearance is given to each member of Vanguard: a clearance level of confidential. The United States has three levels of classification — confidential, secret, and top secret. Each level of classification indicates an increasing degree of sensitivity. Thus if one holds a top-secret security clearance, one is allowed to handle information up to the level of top-secret including secret, and confidential information. If one holds a secret clearance, one may not then handle top-secret information, but may handle secret and confidential classified information. Declassified information is available to the public.

Approximately how many CHESS operatives are there?
~14,000 employees at their height (1980’s). Currently ~8,000 and growing since the new resurgence of extranormal activity.

Are there CHESS agents in every major city?
Yes, with major facilities in New York (CHESS Castle), Washington (CHESS HQ), Southern California (CHESS Vault) and the mobile Omni-Carrier.

Do CHESS agents other than Vanguard fight criminals on their own?
Rarely. For example, they did so at the CHESS Castle Jailbreak, and they apprehended Ratman and Shockwave after the Tsunami Machine Gambit.

Did CHESS agents capture all of those super villains who were in prison but who never faced Freedom Force or Vanguard?
Maybe a dozen. The vast majority were caught by the Freedom Force. Then AEGIS, Vanguard and other superheroes.

Does CHESS castle house supervillains on behalf of other nations?
Yes, oftentimes. Due to CHESS Castle’s record of having no escapes, until now.

Is the death penalty enforced in the United States in the campaign universe?