Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Lightning Strike Character Sheet!

Lightning Strike!
Corporate sabotage of an experimental laboratory caused an explosive chain reaction that killed super-scientist Steven Archer’s wife and transformed Archer into a being of living lightning! Criminals beware! Archer now seeks vengeance as Lightning Strike!
Secret Identity: Steven Archer
Gender: Male
Born: 1976

Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 200 lbs.
Origin Type: Accidental Scientific
Personality Archetype: Dark Avenger of the Night/ Super Scientist
Level: 7

Experience Points: 28,500
Player: Tony

Super Powers and Super Skills:

1) Transformation: May transform into Sentient Electricity: Costs 8 power points and one action. Changing back costs nothing. Bestows:
a) Near-instantaneous travel, almost like Teleportation. Can only travel via wires or transmitted waves (cell phones, radio, TV, etc.). Strike will burn out devices not meant to receive electricity.
b) Non-Corporealness defense when traveling as electricity.

2) Lightning Control: May control electricity.
As an attack: Range: 36” (180 feet), 2d8 damage, PR=4.
Electrical defense costs one action and no PP to activate.
May attempt to control or short out electrical machinery, circuitry, etc. Costs 4 PP and one action per attempt.

3) Heightened Intelligence: +15 to Intelligence.

4) False Identity: Strike has created a persona, Sparks McGee, that helps him to infiltrate Big City’s underworld. Adds bonuses to Criminal Subculture Skill. (Level 3 Advancement)

5) Heightened Physique: +4 to Agility, +3 to Endurance (Level 4 Advancement)

6) Heightened Senses: Strike may detect and read or hear wireless transmissions (i.e email, cell phones, walkie talkies). Costs one action and 1 Power Point. Has a chance of Detect Hidden x (Level/2) to detect all such communications within a range of Intelligence x Charisma (Will) inches, or 1890 feet. (Level Five Advancement)

7) Heightened Agility: +3 (Level Six Advancement)

8) Heightened Senses: Vanguard Surveillance: Lightning Strike has hacked into all of Vanguard's computer and communications systems and may monitor them at will. (Level Seven Advancement)

9) Patron: Vehicles, base, mundane gear and weapons are all available through an employer.


1) Special Requirement: Due to his altered physiognomy, Lightning Strike can’t heal power points or hit points normally. Must “recharge” from an electrical power source instead, at a rate equal to his healing rate. Side Effect: Lightning Strike doesn’t need to eat.

2) Minor Low Self Control: When Transformed into Electricity, Archer assumes some of the detrimental effects of electricity: grounding, loss of control in water, conductive, etc. So, Archer is careful to transform into electricity only when a containing environment is available, like wires.

3) Patron: Character may be required to perform tasks and duties at employer’s request.

Strength 15
Endurance 21
Agility 22
Intelligence 27
Charisma 18

Hit Points: 48
Power Points: 85

Carrying Capacity: 548 lbs.
Hand-to-Hand Damage: 1d8

Accuracy: +4
Damage Modifier: +5

Detect Hidden: 27%
Detect Danger: 31%

Reaction Modifiers: +3 from Good, -3 from Evil

Movement: ground: 58” per combat turn; near infinite when electricity. (One inch equals 5 feet)
Healing Rate: 2.4 hit points per day.

Occupation: Scientist
Skills: Research, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Mathematics, Criminal Subculture, Corporate Subculture, Occult Studies, Vanguard non-verbal signal code, Tactics, English

Luck Points: 5.2 as of issue 165

Notes: NYPD Detective Hank Archer is Lightning Strike’s uncle!

The Luddite killed Lightning Strike's wife in the attack that created Lightning Strike. Strike believes the attack was masterminded by Silas Caine!