Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Vanguard: Issue 100: Shooting Star!

The Soviet Star. Over South Africa. Late morning.

Sentinel and Lightning Strike scanned the ship for electrical and energy patterns! They detected the silent signal that emanated from Nemesis was interacting with the entire Soviet Star!
Strike deduced this was the cause of the ship repelling him!

BOOOOOM!! The jet broke the sound barrier. Everyone who wasn’t strapped down fell over!
Mother Russia cursed in her native tongue as she tried in vain to control the ship!

Shelley Harper, holding Slingshot’s scanner, detected that an additional signal beam projected from Nemesis to the front of the ship and beyond! “The signal! It’s pointed to the horizon! I don’t know how long it’s been broadcasting!”

Mother Russia yelled: “The nav computer has a new destination… New York City! This is your doing, Americans!!”
The Soviet Super Soldiers began to stand. They were yelling Russian to each other but their intention was clear. Vanguard had hijacked their ship and they were going to take it back by force!

“Siberian” felt “Clone” stirring next to him on the floor, gaining consciousness!
The Soviet Star accelerated again! VROOOOOOOOOOMM! It hurtled northwards!

Vanguard’s communicators suddenly crackled to life. “Vanguard, this is Doc Rocket. Something’s happened here at Vanguard HQ! It’s urgent that you know. Nanite is moving. She... she’s waking up!”

Then Mother Russia yelled in Russian, “Comrades! ATTACK!”

Accelerator absorbed velocity from the rocketing jet and transferred it to the nearest member of Vanguard: Symbiote, who had just entered the cockpit! ZOOOOMMM!! At a touch, the smirking, slacker speedster sent Symbiote hurtling straight backwards into the steel-skinned Soldier! KER-RUNCH!!
(Each take 20 points of damage! After rolling and Invulnerability, Symbiote loses 11 hits and Soldier 4)

Talon flew into a rage and slashed Cosmonaut’s chest with his razor claws! SKAAASH!! The hawkish hellion drew blood!

Symbiote raced back into the cockpit and grabbed Mother Russia, trying to convince her to end the battle. As he did so, the Harper Harness activated, duplicating her awesome abilities!
(OOC: Heightened Strength x 3 (+45) and Invulnerability: 8 )

Hal’s feathery wings drew into his back and disappeared as he yelled: "Did you hear that voice, Mother? That's Doc Rocket--a man who fought alongside your country in the Great Patriotic War against the Nazis," Hal growls at her. "He's telling the truth--we're not doing this. Something has taken control of this ship. We must stop this fight!"

Mother Russia snarled: “The something that’s taken control of my ship is you! The Nemesis device is an American weapon!”

Then Avatar summoned the oratory powers of Zeus himself. The air hummed with electricity as he spoke with the power and authority of a god! "A fight is going to rip this ship apart! If that happens, we ALL lose something, maybe our lives! Get control of yourselves! We need to band together and figure things out, not be trying to kill one another! Are we all a bunch of savages? Act like rational beings!"

His mighty presence silenced everyone and Talon’s battle rage dissipated! The fighting ceased… for now.
Lightning Strike said calmly and rationally: "We are not behind this takeover of the plane. You saw for yourself how it repelled me when I attempted to enter the electrical system. Some force greater than our own is leading us like puppets and you people are allowing it to happen. If we combine our forces, we may be able to find out what is behind this. Vanguard is clearly not."

Soldier tried to reason with them: “Stop and think about this for a moment, what in God's name could we possibly gain by this? We're not behind this, nor do we know who is.”

Slingshot silently extended elastic fingers to the CHESS Agents and was ready to flatten Accelerator against the wall with a giant hand. (save action)

Sentinel said: "We have a truce based on the mutual threat we discovered, a threat to both of our countries. A battle here won't stop that threat and may prevent both of our teams from conveying needed information… Let us leave this craft peacefully so you can try to regain control of it."

Mother Russia’s adamant resolve was weakening.

Then “Clone” started to wake up! The human collective had been dragged into the Cargo area at gunpoint by “Siberian.” “Clone” said, in Russian, “What.. what is happening?” Soldier and Forester thought the voice was deeper and different than Clone’s voice. They weren’t the only ones to take note.
Polar Bear and Cosmonaut watched closely. “What did you say, Comrade?” asked Cosmonaut.

“Clone” said in Russian, “Where are we? Where is Clone?!!”

“Siberian” barked: “Mother Russia! Cosmonaut! Get back into the cockpit and see if you can’t figure out what is going on – I want us back on our original course immediately!” “You sneaky Amerikanskis! Did you think that you could poison my mind with your abilities and take control of our ship so easily?!? Now . . . SIT DOWN!”
The leader of the SSS threw “Clone” down hard against the bulkhead! KANG! Bone met steel and “Clone” was silent again.“ . . . and keep this treasonous pig with you! We will decide his fate, and yours, when we land in Moscow!” “Siberian” threw the pistol at “Clone” as if to discard it as a useless toy. In Russian he barked at the remaining Soviets, “ . . . the rest of you keep an eye on them!” The Soviets obeyed their leader!

“Siberian” moved to the cockpit when suddenly the Soviet Star accelerated again! Shelley, Sentinel, Strike (and Cosmonaut) could sense the signal emanating from Nemesis that had interacted with the Soviet Star, now altered the jet, modifying it in a way they didn’t understand! The acceleration stopped.

Outside the windows, the view was a white blur! The radio went silent.
Seconds later the window view streaked and strobed and then the blur reassembled into night sky!

The Soviet Star was over Manhattan! It was before dawn and the city was dark! They were on final approach to a darkened Empire State Building. The hangar door opened on the 85th floor and inside the hangar was pitch black! The Soviet Star touched down inside and then lost all power!
Nemesis remained lifeless and the signal continued.

Mother Russia tore open the rear hatch like it was tissue paper.

Vanguard’s home was dark, silent and foreboding.
Manetti looked out into the eerie stillness. “Great. Now what?”


OOC: Actions please!
I’ll need your immediate actions, as well as intentions for the next 10 minutes.

Soldier, Forester, Symbiote and Strike have successfully deduced that something is wrong with “Siberian.”

Happy Halloween,

Here's Vanguard's HQ, the newly christened Vanguard Vault! (with thanks and apologies to Dee and Herman's Crusaders)
Construction was just completed during the last down time.

The Soviet Star just landed in area J-1 on the top floor of the base. The adjacent hangar had the second Manta Craft in it when you last were there.

Everyone knows the lay of the land except Clone/Siberian.
Also, new guy Talon will have to make Intelligence saves on a d20 to find his way, if separated from Vanguard.
(Our diligent Soldier actually spent time learning the layout)

Welcome to your new home, Vanguard. I hope you survive the experience! ;)


Current Conditions:

Avatar: Hit Points: 40, Power Points: 66, Manifestation: Zeus: Oratory skill

Forester: Hit Points: 23, Power Points: 68, Arrows Used: Parachute, Scentx2, Sonic, Acid, Flare, Impact

Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 25, Power Points: 73

Sentinel: Hit Points: 18, Power Points: 39, Creation Points: 78, Shields: 78%

Slingshot: Hit Points: 36, Power Points: 88, Invulnerability: 8

Soldier: Hit Points: 39, Power Points: 73, Invulnerability: 8
Symbiote: Hit Points: 70, Power Points: 99, Charges: 10, Copied Russia: S:60 E:22 A:18 I:25 C:13 Invul:8

Talon: Hit Points: 28, Power Points: 75

Clone: Total Bodies: 1. Hit Points: 8, Power Points: 51, Total Hit Point Pool: 8


Drop the Oratory skill and summon up Light Control to illuminate outside of the craft. Avatar will provide illumination for everyone as needed. If anything attacks us, Avatar will retaliate with the offensive use of Light Control (is it a plain laser or is there some sort of other effect like an arrow from a bow or a spear of light or something along those lines?).


Just wondering if we can assume that Avatar negotiated or confirmed a continued detente here with the landing in New York before dropping the oratory skill. Should we assume the SSS is 'playing nice' for now (likely we are all assuming that could end at any moment moving ahead anyway) or do we have to factor in a renegotiation right now so that they don't blow their way outside of the headquarters and start rampaging in New York. We kind of need to know this also to factor in the info we give to Chess at this moment and to prevent them from immediately attempting to apprehend them and making matters worse for now.

I guess I'm asking if are next round of actions are more for the continued presence of the SSS or more for moving ahead with what is happening in New York and with Nanite.



Avatar: It's from Apollo so the bow is fitting and cool.

Sentinel: The Soviets don't appear like they are about to attack.
But their ship was just hijacked to your base.


Well, this is a fine kettle of bortsch....

A couple of questions before posting:

1) Are there flashlights within easy access in the hangar bay? Just in case some of us get separated from Avatar, or in case he has to turn of the Light Control power to switch to something else?

2) Jeff, I assume that Mother Russia and Accelerator are still wanted by U.S. law enforcement after the breakout from CHESS castle?

3) Where was Nanite when we left for Antartica? (The electronics lab, I'm guessing).

Let us know. Everybody chime in, but I believe we should take a "you can help or you can leave now" approach to the SSS. Even if Mother Russia and Accelerator are wanted we should look the other way if they want to bail now (especially Mother Russia--I hate to let that weasel Accelerator go but we're not really in a position to pick and choose at this point). On the other hand, if they want to help us investigate this situation we should allow it and at least guarantee the two fugitives that we won't try to arrest them as long as they don't impede our mission or commit any new crimes while they're with us.


1) Yes, and on the Soviet Star

2) Yes.

3) Yes. Electronics lab on the 82nd floor.

Yes-man Jeff


Hi all.

Here is the list of actions dependent on exactly what happens:

First off, before we proceed with figuring out locally what is going on, Kirk wants to be sure that the SSS doesn't pose a current threat and that they will either leave peacefully and not create havoc once out of our sight or that they will accompany us with the current detente still in force. He'd likely be looking to Mother Russia to confirm as the most stable of the personalities and the one that could keep the SSS in check... if the situation allowed for him to get a mental 'read' to monitor their intent, he would do so. If they say they will stick with us and their intent is bad he would pass the info to his teammates as best as possible so each member could pass it along to be prepared.

Per Greg's post, them leaving peaceably, despite being wanted, would be the lesser of two evils here assuming their intent isn't to cause immediate mayhem (and really, why would they - they should want to use the situation to just get out of America territory safely) - not a great idea to have them roaming about our headquarters with or without us.

Next step assuming we aren't in battle with the SSS would be to access computer systems in the hanger bay to find out what has happened prior to the blackout. If the computers are down without a power source, perhaps Strike would be amiable enough to power them long enough to scan and see if we can get some handle on things prior to proceeding forward.

Unless we get intel for a more pressing priority, next step would be to make our way to the lab where Nanite was kept since that and Doc Rocket is the source of our last known contact and since Nanite has been our mission and is likely linked to whatever is now happening.

Whatever Kirk is doing or wherever he is going, he will stay alert, expect the unexpected, and pay attention to his energy senses to alert himself and Vanguard to any threats.



I'll adapt to Seth's take on things. My initial plan was to possibly have them come along, but let's face it, they attacked our jet (as far as we know) over Antartica, attacked us in Antartica and then tried to hijack us to Russia. A detente to work together to solve this entire Nemesis/Nanite mystery would be nice, but to be realistic it probably ain't gonna happen. Still, perhaps there's a way to leave the door open...

IC: Symbiote steps forward. "Welcome to United States territory," he says drily. "I'm sorry you're getting such a dark reception, but we seem to be having techical difficulties."

He addresses the figure that he believes to be Siberian, being unaware of Clone's switcheroo and assuming that the Chilly Comrade has resumed command of the SSS. "Siberian, I think I speak for the team when I say we have neither time nor, frankly, the inclination to fight you any more today. We've got our own mystery to solve. I recommend you gather your people and head over to the Soviet embassy," he says. Knowing that Soviet citizens sometimes defect when given the chance, however, Hal then spreads his attention to the rest of the Soviets. "If any of you wish to consider...citizenship options in the states, however....the U.S.consulate isn't too far away either. Entirely up to you, as long as you agree to leave peacefully and cause no problems within our borders."

Hal then looks directly at Mother Russia and Accelerator. "You two, in particular, are still wanted in this country," Symbiote says, giving Accelerator an especially stern look. "I don't think we're terribly interested in pressing the issue right now, but I can't guarantee your safety from any other law enforcement agents or even from us once we're done dealing with Nanite. However you got out of the country the first time, I suggest you do it again and fast."

Hal's voice then softens and he looks at them all. "We've gotten off on a very bad foot today. A shame, really, because our teams worked well together in escaping those dinosaurs." He then looks at both "Siberian" (putatively in charge) and Mother Russia (whom he considers the more reasonable of the two). "We're about to go find out what's going on with Nanite and Nemesis. I suspect the ramifications of that are going to be far reaching, for both of our countries and for the whole world," he says. "If you'd like to tell us what you know, what's been going on, why you were in Antartica, it could end up saving a lot of lives. I asked before and I'll ask again. If you'd like to help us--with information, if nothing else--we'd appreciate it."


Greg: Thanks for dialoging it (with style :) ) - looks good to me if the rest of the team agrees.



As much as I'd like for Soldier to kick Accelorator in the face, I'm with Greg on this one. We'll turn a blind eye if they decide to dip, but with a warning that next time we meet, all bets are off. If on the other hand, they want to throw down again, Soldier will target Accelerator, as he considers him the biggest threat. If we can work out a deal where they go, then so be it.

While Symbiote speaks, Soldier will switch on his sensor system, and scan the area for any immediate threats. He thinks to himself, "Somethings not right about this." But unless he detects something, he'll wait and let him finish up his speech, and then he'll chime in. "While I don't like to back down from a fight, and as much as I'd like to see you escorted out of here in chains, it's readily apparent to me, that something's going on here, and we could use your help." If you'r ewilling to put our differences aside, I'll do the same for now." He'll then extend his hand to the nearest SSS. And wait to see what happens next. At the same time, he'll stil keep his guard up for anything he perceives to be a threat, be it from the SSS, or anthing that might be lurking in hanger.


Clone / Siberian will keep his arms crossed in front of him and stand stoically and defiantly before Symbiote as he and the other members of Vanguard speak. As if absorbing everything that is said and trying to plot his next move, Clone ( Siberian ) will just stand there for a moment . . . silent and motionless. He will then turn to Mother Russia and Cosmonaut and ( in Russian ) ask them what the status is on the Soviet Star. I’m assuming / hoping that all the flight systems are fragged. Regardless of their response I will turn my attention back to Symbiote and pause for a moment – again as if plotting his next move. He’ll then say to Symbiote and the rest of the Vanguard team and say ( in English ), “A joint effort may be in both our interests . . . we will help you search your base for the cause of all of this and assist you in any way that we can. When it is done we will leave and report our finding back to the Kremlin . . . agreed?”

Assuming that Vanguard agrees to this he will make the following suggestion / request, “Perhaps if we split into teams we will be able to discover what is going on more quickly.” He’s actually hoping that this suggestion is met with a positive response – he’s hoping that he might be able to get Symbiote alone so that he can discuss defection and explain to him what is going on ( his life, the reasons why he wants to defect, why he is so scared about defection, what’s going on with the SSS, etc. . . ).

If we do split off into teams, Clone will suggest / push for the following pairings: - Symbiote and Clone ( Siberian ): With Siberian ( Clone ) in tow, he will ask that they first take “Clone” to the infirmary to examine his wounds and to keep his traitorous comrade sedated and out of any more trouble while they search The Vault. - Soldier and Accelerator - Talon, Sentinel and Mother Russia - Avatar, Slingshot and Polar Bear - Lightning Strike, Manetti and Shatter - Forester, Shelley and Cosmonaut

Clone is actually hoping that he can kill three birds with this set up: 1. A chance to talk to Symbiote alone. 2. Stack the deck in Vanguards favor, so when it comes down to a fight ( which I’m sure will break out at some point lol ) the SSS will be forced to retreat and try to leave America and The Vault as quickly as possible. 3. The SSS seem more volatile when they’re together; he’s hoping that if they’re separated they might be more manageable. Separation might also keep the flow of information between the SSS members down a bit, and work in Clones favor with the whole defection thingie. If the pairing thing is agreed upon Clone ( Siberian ) will order the SSS ( in Russian ) to keep a look out for any information, technologies, floor plans, etc. . . that they might be able to take back with them to Russia. He wants to make them feel like this ‘pairing off’ is in the SSS’s best interest and not Vanguards.


Clone, private to GM:
When it comes down to the point where a fight breaks out ( I'm sure one will at some point lol ), or it comes time for the SSS to leave, based on Clones weaknesses and personality I'm assuming he would actually want to see them escape . . . with two exceptions . . . Siberian and Accelerator. He sees Siberian as cruel and evil would actually like to see him incarcerated ( the SSS and Russia would be better off without him in his eyes ), and Accelerator is nothing more then an escaped American criminal that’s probably best suited to stay in an American prison.

I wasn't going to mention this to the team, because I thought it might be a cool little plot twist for you at some point - Clone would actually help the others escape. Not that he would risk the safety of any of the members of Vanguard, but he would do his best in a non-violent way to see his old comrades get back to mother Russia. I'm actually hoping that in the process of Clone defecting that he can keep Siberian in the states. if he were to ever get back to Russia, Clone fears that Siberian may try to go after his family. Something which he could never allow - he would sacrifice his own life before he would ever let his family suffer for his decisions.

LOVE the campaign and the group by the way . . . -Kev


Hello All,
Adam quickly tires of the verbal stand-off between the members of Vanguard and the SSS. He will move from the immediate area and search the area illuminated by Avatar's light. He feels like the time for talking has passed, and if the two groups continue to argue, he will find a light source and make his way toward the laboratory with the hope of finding Doc Rocket.

Adam knows that the time he spent at the Vanguard Headquarters limits his knowledge of the floor plan, but he feels like action should be taken to get to the bottom of this current mystery.

Viva Vanguard,


The place is completely dark?! - Is there the same stillness that was when Luddite did his thing?

Faceoff with SSS: Slingshot will keep his finger link to the two agents and will do his darnest to keep them alive, well, out of the ship and into the hangar. I will attempt to do the same with Nemesis's body. Slingshot will leave the talking to those who do it best. Once that is done, if the SSS want to duke it out, I'll follow the lead of the others: try to keep from having a fight, but fight if necessary, as long as the agents and Nemesis are safe and protected, else, I'll stick to that.

First 10 minutes:Assuming that the SSS go home: Make my mission clear to the others: find Nanite as she was reactivated.

A couple of thing: Is my communicator dead as well? Does it seem that all electric/electronic devices have lost their power? (What about Symbiote's gear?) I'll keep that in mind as I hunt for her. If I find Doc on the way, I'll try to gather info on what occurred.

If SSS do not leave, but are not hostile: I'll take Nemesis with me, to bring it to the computer room and lock him up and find Nanite.
If SSS do not leave and are hostile: The Faceoff with SSS orders will stand.


Lightning Strike:

It is 7 to 1 Yanks so I think I can take a break to post.

Here is Strike's action.

As things start to settle down as soon as we touch down in the hangar, Strike moves quickly to trace the signal. "This power loss is similar to what we faced in the Antarctic. If we can shut it down before things start wripping apart, we may have a shot at getting out of this."

Assuming that hostilities do not immediately resume, Lightning Strike will head to where he remembers Nanite to be. Should the russians attempt to prevent him from leaving, he will offer to allow them to accompany him as a show of good faith. With no power, they shouldn't be able to steal any secrets.

If action does start up, then Strike will attempt to attack Mother Russia to hopefully demoralize the rest of the team.

That's all for now. Back to the Yanks!!!

Take care all,


Hey gang,
Please read what “Siberian” said in Clone’s post.
In short:
The leader of the SSS agrees to a truce and offers aid to Vanguard!
He also suggests a search of the base, and the deployment of several search teams.

(You'll recall that Soldier, Forester, Symbiote and Strike have successfully deduced that something is wrong with Siberian but aren't sure what.)




Scott doesn't particularly like having them with us, especially since Slingshot's a little distracted right now. He doesn't necessarily want them in tow.

I'll comply with the rest of the group.


Even though Soldier trusts the SSS about as far as he can spit (he thinks they'll turn on Vanguard the first chance they get), he'll agree to the teamings, as he knows they need the help. He'll work with Accelerator, but will be keeping a close watch on him. Once everyone pairs up, he'll ask what sections of the building he's responsible for searching, and try to work out some form of communications. He'll Think to himself, "When this is over, we need to work out some sort of code, that'll allow us to communicate with each other, and a duress code to warn each other that something's not right." If he gets a chance, he'll whisper to Symbiote to "Watch his back, and keep a close watch on Siberian.”


I don't see a reason for six teams to cover the relatively small area of the HQ. Two teams at most and that's pushing it. I don't see why Accelerator and Lightning Strike can't scout the place out themselves a lot quicker than we could as a team or teams. Splitting ourselves up? No need to weaken us overall. Why split ourselves up so that an enemy can more effectively fight us? I can't imagine much that can take the combined might of the two teams.


Lightning Strike:
I have to agree (with Avatar). I can certainly cover more ground and get to where I remember Nanite being without having to wait up for Manetti. Strike will stick with original plan, especially being the consummate team player that he is.


Kirk wants to get moving here and if the SSS want to assist and the rest of Vanguard are on board with that, won't fight it (although he preferred them being gone). His areas of concern and actions were previously outlined. He would also be against splitting up into such small teams. Unless they get additional intel, there is little reason to 'search' all the headquarters... all of NY lost power. The next move would be to find the closest link we had to what likely could have caused it - Nanite.

FYI, as a reminder, although Kirk allowed examination of Nemesis by his teammates, he has not surrendered control of his body and has him within his shields for protection both out of loyalty to a fallen comrade and as the other biggest lead to what is happening here. He would not give up 'possession' of him unless the circumstances really dictated it... and also thinks that Nanite and Nemesis coming into proximity of each other may also provide the next clues as to what his going on here. He is on board with Slingshot in making that happen with the least delay possible... if they do split up, he will go with Scott and Nemesis in tow toward the last known location of Nanite.



Guess I didn't catch where Symbiote was one of the people with a suspicion about "Siberian" the first time around. This changes Hal's attitude a little...

IC: "Not in favor of splitting up the teams, Siberian. Partly because, frankly, I don't like the idea of some of you loose in our headquarters without maximum supervision," Symbiote says, looking directly at Accelerator. "More to the point, for the moment, at least, I'm not sure we need to. Nanite is down in our computer lab. I'm betting we'll find the answers--or at least the next step--down there."

Hal then looks at the sleeping form of "Clone" and then to Manetti. "But Clone is injured, and so is Agent Manetti," Hal says. "If you'd like, you and I can take them down to the infirmary while the rest of the teams head for the lab. First priority should be taking care of our injured comrades." Hal then turns to Sentinel. "Perhaps you could come with us, Sentinel," Hal says. He casually begins scratching his temple, which means he's also pointing at it, in a way. "It would be interesting to hear your 'read' on this situation."

If everyone agrees "Siberian," Symbiote, Sentinel and Manetti will head for the infirmary, carrying the unconscious "Clone."
Hal will go with or without Sentinel, unless "Siberian" is unwilling to take "Clone." In that case he'll simply head to the computer lab with the rest.

Viva Vanguard,



Kirk picks up on Hal's signal but not the reason why (OOC Kirk is oblivious to the situation with Clone/Siberian and this actually makes sense in character given his preoccupation with all the info he hasn't had a chance to share with anyone yet)... if it was anyone else asking he would likely have gone ahead to Nanite at this point, but since it is Hal, he will proceed with him given their friendship and his respect for reading situations (ie if Hal thinks its important for Kirk at this time to accompany him then it must be - Kirk must be missing something here).

Kirk would take Nemesis with him to the infirmary at this point. If Scott wants to take him, he would say, 'it might be best for you to determine the situation with Nanite first and then for us to bring Nemesis along after, this way we can all be present' - given that Nanite and Nemesis seem to be the strongest focal points for whatever is happing here it would be best to have our full power present when they come together ... just in case.'

If at that point, Scott is still determined to take Nemesis along (and it seems the consensus of Vanguard not to wait), Kirk would give him to Scott's protection. Also, if things go that route, Kirk would place a mental 'lock' on Nemesis. Since you allowed him to read 'the echo' of his memory, I'm assuming this could work. At this point Kirk could keep tabs on the other team's location and should Nemesis come back to consciousness, Kirk would be aware and hopefully aware of the situation. Kirk would keep his defenses up should he get the 'lock' also concerned that given that Nemesis is one of the focal points to the energy, he doesn't want to get his brain fried or taken over if something bad happens with Nemesis in some physic feedback. If the 'lock' wouldn't work for some reason that's fine too.

Hope I didn't miss anything...

Viva Vanguard!!!


I'll stick with Symbiote, personally. Still lighting the way, still ready to flash an enemy or shoot one, if necessary. I'll make sure that everyone knows that my very first action against an enemy might be to blind them and I'll have a warning word as well as a gesture worked out to ensure (or attempt to ensure) that allies avert their vision.


OK, here's what I have:

Avatar, Sentinel, Symbiote and Siberian are going to the infirmary with Clone (unconscious) and Manetti (injured).

Meanwhile, Lightning Strike, Slingshot, Soldier, Talon, Forester, Shelley and Mother Russia, Polar Bear, Shatter, Cosmonaut and Accelerator will go to the Electronics Lab.

Nemesis will stay with Sentinel unless Slingshot wants to take him to the Electronics Lab.


Also, all Soviets that aren't unconscious are all on one team, except one. A few might slide over so their leader isn't outnumbered!



I'll return Nemesis to the lab and put him under lock and key if he stays dormant while I look for Nanite.