Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Rogues Gallery of Vanguard’s Villains!

Enter their notorious names into the Cosmic Awareness machine, on the right, to uncover their craven crimes and look upon their larcenous likenesses!

SKULL! Subversive secret society of super-science and sorcery
The Doomsday Robot: Titanic technological terror

The Ubermen! Nazi supervillains returned from the grave
Dr. Swastika:  The mad Nazi scientist with a heart as twisted as his namesake
Panzer:  The human tank
The Aryan:  The perfect man, except for his soul
Baroness Von Zero: Blue blood flows through her icy veins
U-Man:  The human torpedo

The Star Giant: Mysterious otherworldly leviathan
Shockwave: Mercenary marauder
Skin Deep: Female sinister shapeshifter
Homicide for Hire! The Killer Elite
The Mercenary: Jim Harrik, the ultimate hired gun
Hyena: Mocking, murdering man-beast
Penumbra: Spooky walker of dark dimensions
Zero G: Gravity controlling killer
Silencer: Silent super-assassin
The Atomic Brain: Radioactive relic of the cold war

The Five Bosses! Former Mob Lords of Big City
Poker Face: The conman gambler whose sweet talk fooled three polygraph tests and four juries
The Octopus: The human mollusk whose tentacles extended throughout the underworld
Dexter Sinister: The psychedelic psychopath
Femme Fatale: No man can resist her
The Cat: The ninja with nine lives

Morgue: extranormal assassin who kills with a touch
Whisper: Femme Fatale’s lieutenant, an MIA
Spider Girucci: craven criminal in the employ of the Octopus
Black Bat: Vampire lord of the underworld
The Gang of the Living Dead: Morgue’s murderous minions

Silas Hamilton Caine: The billionaire businessman and anti-extranormal elite
The Luddite: The psychopathic human energy hole

CHESS Castle Convicts! Super-powered prison population
Black Ice: The nearly invisible ice-master
Dr. Chiropterus: The brainy, bipolar bat creature
Elemento: The weak-willed weather-wielding wonder
Gadget Girl: The ingenious, inventive ingénue
Figment: The non-Euclidean nonsensical no one
Goth: The pale punk palooza
Ray Argo: Hapless goon, formerly Gangrene
Singularity: The renegade reality warper
Smog: The billowing, black-hearted blight
Static: The electrical extranormal
Triceratops: The Jurassic juggernaut

The Ani-Men! Inner circle of the Animal Revolution against Mankind!
The Primate: Super-intelligent simian master of the birds and the beasts
Centipede: The ghastly, writhing, multi-limbed horror
Cockroach: The exoskeletoned evil genius
Crab Man: The bone-crunching crustacean colossus
Gator: The cruel, crocidilian criminal
Hyena: The laughing leering lycanthrope
Jellyfish: The venomous vindictive villainess
Monarch: The arrogant butterfly man
The Owl: The hyper-intelligent highbrowed hand of the Primate
Pachyderm: The elephantine elemental force of nature
Ratman: The tricky little backstabbing rodent
Slugg: The messy monstrous mollusk
Snow Leopard: The furry fatal feline
Web: The cunning, quick spider hybrid

The Soviet Super Soldiers! Craven communist criminals
Mother Russia: Super-strong Soviet
Siberian: The frozen fiend
Polar Bear: ursine, deadly defector
Cosmonaut: The space age supervillain
Accelerator: Slacker of speed
Shatter: The disembodied disintegrator
Echo: The sonic Soviet
Hammer and Sickle: The deadshot duo

Denizens of the Lost Lands!
The Terrordactyls: Voracious velocidons
The Tyrannosaurus Maximi: Cunning carnosaurs
The Horror at the Temple: Mind-shattering eldritch nightmare
The Dinosaur Men: Eerily evolved reptilian race

The Entity: what Men call cyberspace and what Slingy calls IT
Otom the Seer: Cyclopean sorcerer of sight
The Mask of Red Death: Would-be anarchist revolutionary
Slingshot's Doppelganger: Believed to be Skin Deep
The Patriot: Lawless freedom fighter

The Crimson Coven! A cabal of 13 criminals
Black Dragon: The Asian master of martial arts
Demonoid: Bestial man-demon of hate
Superstition: French priestess of probability
The Warlock: Russian wizard of wickedness
The Fallen: The accursed angel
Baron Samedi: Skeletal houngan of horror
The Wraith: Silent specter of death
Mirage: English illusionist of evil
Okmenhotep: Seeming sorcerer of ancient Egypt
The Witch: The bride of Satan
The Golem: An earthen elemental
Plague: The sentient swarm
Le Fou: Supernatural jester of chaos

The Dark Avatar: The mythic manifestation of malevolence
The Dark Pantheon: The ancient embodiment of ultimate evil in the multiverse

Vanguard Omega!
An evil Vanguard from an alternate future