Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vanguard: Issue 122: To Battle the Black Arts!

Vanguard had awoken into a strange, otherworldly landscape where they now battled the Crimson Coven for their team mate Avatar!

Talon growled as he recoiled from the Fallen's black blade. Using his powerful wings to drive forward, the bestial bird man rammed the knight of darkness, tangling her up until he threw her at the Warlock! SMASH! The Fallen’s cursed armor crashed into the blue energy field that protected the Warlock, making it screech and flicker (like a light saber when it hits another light saber) KKKKK-K-K-K-k!
The Warlock was unharmed, but clearly concerned. Talon continued to keep control over his battle rage.

The Fallen was deflected to the ground in a loud heap. She looked up at Talon and swore a black oath to his death.

Black Dragon’s calm eyes regarded his right fist. The mystic master of martial arts concentrated and his fist was enveloped in magical, translucent black energy that flowed like slow moving flames!

Avatar suddenly manifested Hermes! His face and eyes took on a new countenance as he cried "εδώ είμαι!" The demigod of destiny hurtled toward The Warlock like a warrior borne!

Le Fou cackled, “I tried to tell you Warlock, but would you listen? Tick tock tick tock.” He tumbled backwards through the air with malevolent mirth and landed on an unsuspecting Clone, crowning him with his short staff! KRAK! The Clone fell to the ground and Le Fou mused, “Hmm. Don’t make ‘em like they used to.”

Demonoid turned back to Slingshot. “Hate to give the little bastard any help,” he snarled, indicated Samedi, “but I’m the one what’s been charged with sending yer lily white soul screaming down to hell! And I’m a man what loves his work!” ROOAAROOOSSHHH!!! Fire erupted from the hateful horrors’ jaws at Slingshot! (20 points of damage, as per Vulnerability! 8 from Power. 12 off Hits.) Slingshot was still not on fire!

Baron Samedi snapped at Demonoid, “Shut up, monster!” Then to Slingshot: “I warned ya, boy!” The voodoo master produced a small handmade doll from his coat pocket. Attached to it was a scrap of purple cloth that looked like it had been torn from Slingshot’s costume! A cigarette lighter appeared in his other hand. “I warned ya I did, aha ha ha ha!” he laughed as he set fire to the doll!

Slingshot felt intense heat as if invisible flames engulfed him! (18 points of damage, as per Vulnerability. Cannot be rolled with. All off hits! But Slingy retains consciousness!)

Soldier, after witnessing the devastating attacks on Slingshot, opened fire on Demonoid! BLAM! BLAM! Both bullets hit! Demonoid snarled as Soldier scanned the area with his thermal imager. He found that Mirage gave no heat signature! There was a human-shaped cold spot where Wraith is marked on the map! And everyone else was giving off a heat signature! Soldier reported this intelligence to Vanguard and moved up to help form the circle!

Symbiote also targetted Demonoid, trying to get him off Slingshot. "Hey, Ugloid!," he yelled at the Firebreathing Foe. "With that tongue I bet you'd be a hit with the ladies, if they could get past that trainwreck of a face!" With that, he unleashes a lightning bolt. SHAKOW!! The electricity struck Demonoid in his big twisted face and illuminated his entire inhuman skeleton for an instant! The savage hellion roared in pain and anger!

Superstition laughed coyly as electricity from Symbiote’s attack arced back at him wildly, and struck Symbiote as well! KER-ACK-KOW! (12 points of damage! 8 off Power. 4 off Hits!)

The Fallen did not bother standing. From the ground she launched herself upward upon her black, angel wings, hurling herself at Talon! The accursed blade barely missed him and she hissed, “Insolent mortal, I shall teach you respect!”

Zephyr, who was right next to Talon, gained altitude and then fired a wind blast down at the Fallen, driving her back to the ground with a crash of armor! CLANG! “Gee gruesome, you’re really earning your namesake today,” Zephyr said, beaming with pride that she had just got off a bonafide superhero zinger, in combat no less!

The Warlock watched Avatar charge him and said with steady determination from behind his cobalt shield, “Your fate is already sealed, Avatar! You will be broken, and your awesome power stripped from you. There is no escaping that. All you can do now is save the lives of your friends. Surrender to us, and we will spare them!” VOMMMmmmmm BOOM!! Blue energy exploded out from the Warlock’s forehead and formed a beam that struck Avatar’s chest! (17 points of damage! Roll with 4, take 13 off Hits)

Menagerie was released by Slingshot. In the form of Wolf, he raced through the battleground, hunting the scent of Mirage and the Wraith! The Wraith eluded his detection, but he believed he found Mirage! Menagerie picked up the scent of a nervous man floating 40-50’ above the battle! Unable to reach him, or to communicate this information (sorry Sentinel can’t pick up your thoughts), Wolf joined the mass attack on Demonoid! Barking and growling, the big wolf lunged at the hellish horror and sank his jaws deep into Demonoid’s shoulder! SNAP! Demonoid shook him off, and roared again, staggered now from the combined onslaught!

The Wraith silently drew more of Sentinel’s life force from him! (Lose 14 more Power Points!)

Sentinel threw insults at Mirage and charged him, Wraith, Demonoid and not Superstition! His hand-shaped energy construct ram passed harmlessly through Mirage and the Wraith! Both were insubstantial as ghosts! Superstition wasn’t targeted or affected, but the wounded Demonoid was pushed out of the battle area (and off the map, along with Sentinel!), cursing and conscious the entire way! Sentinel found that the mists reduced visibility at 100 feet, not that there was a wall of mist.
Away from the myriad energies of the battle, the beacon of justice detected an energy current that connected the Crimson Coven to something far beyond Sentinel’s energy range. The energy type was new, but reminded him of Avatar! Demonoid barked, “Come on, ya virgin. Let’s see how tough ya are!”

Le Fou laughed at Demonoid’s undignified departure. “Well, they’ve managed to carry off our trained gorilla.”

Mirage chuckled, “And not a moment too soon, for my tastes.” The mystical malefactor looked down and regarded the lupine Menagerie sardonically. “Although at times, the direct approach is what’s called for.” VWOOOM! Green flames leapt from Mirage’s hands and engulfed Menagerie! But the Wolf form was unharmed! The shamanic shapeshifter detected that this was merely an illusion!

Okmenhotep held his ankh aloft again and whispered more words that had not been heard by Men since the days of Ancient Egypt. A bolt of lightning fired from the ankh and struck Soldier unawares in the back! KABOOM!!! (24 points of damage, as per your Vulnerability! All off hits!) Soldier focused on Okmenhotep and saw his pulse hadn’t risen above a rested state. He seemed like a man contemplating well practiced chess moves.

Clone dogpiled Golem with ten of his bodies, representing nearly a ton of weight on the geologic juggernaut! “I am in needing of help here comrades!”
The remaining six Clones charged Baron Samedi and pummeled him through the webbing of Slingshot’s flesh net! POW! BAM! Two connected with punches! Two missed! One got possession of the Slingshot voodoo doll and extinguished its flames! And one wrested the skull topped cane from his hand! “Gimme dat, boy! Now you listen to me!” the injured Samedi demanded.

Slingshot said with a mirthless smile, "Cajun man, you might want to hear this instead. You have made a grave mistake by taking on Vanguard." Then the pliable powerhouse slungshot Baron Samedi into the sky! “No no no, wait!....” The skull-faced sorcerer’s protests and curses faded in the distance. (almost a mile of distance! He is off the map, and if he is human, will certainly die from the fall.)

The Golem stood up despite the Clone army that hung to him! The granite goliath pried one Clone off and threw him hard into the ground! RUNCH! (another Clone body unconscious)

Lightning Strike had been holding off, waiting for an opportune moment to attack. Now the electric avenger fired a blast of jagged electricity at the Golem! SHRA-KOW!! The bolt hit its mark, but its only effect was to attract the monolithic monster’s attention. The Golem methodically scanned the earth for a boulder or broken piece of architecture.

Plague began to reform his writhing, buzzing cloud-body as the scattered insects clustered again into a giant man shape!

The Witch spied Zephyr, who was the closest hero to her. The wretched old crone mumbled an ancient curse and pointed at Shelley!

Zephyr gasped in surprise! “Guys, something’s wrong. I can’t see. I.. I’m blind!”

To be continued!

Replies/Actions for one round of combat please. Avatar gets two attacks, due to Heightened Speed.

Below is the 'End of Issue' Map, with continued thanks to Tom!!!
The map marks your placement, not which way you are facing. Also, Wraith is invisible, even tho placed on this map. Sentinel, Demonoid and Samedi are off the map, to the “north.”

Have fun!

Viva Vanguard!


Current Conditions:
Avatar: Hit Points: 64, Power Points: 41, Manifesting: Heightened Strength and Speed
Clone: Bodies: 15, Hit Points: 1 each, Power Points: 40, Hit Pool: 15
Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 36, Power Points: 65
Menagerie: Hit Points: 26, Power Points: 64
Sentinel: Hit Points: 19, Power Points: 20, Shields: 40
Slingshot: Hit Points: 44, Power Points: 75, Invulnerability: 0 til issue 123
Soldier: Hit Points: 29, Power Points: 75, Invulnerability: 0 til issue 123, Evading til 123
Symbiote: Hit Points: 30, Power Points: 81, Charges: 13, Copied: Strike
Talon: Hit Points: 45, Power Points: 62
Zephyr: Hit Points: 13, Power Points: 60, Charges: 12, Armor: 25, Blind!


[OOC] please tell me Superstitions position in relation to the ground (ie. standing, floating 4 feet off ground, flying 20 feet of ground).



Sorry for no repartee, but Avatar will grimly plow into Warlock with his sword. Since energy came from Warlock to Avatar, it's obvious that he should be where he appears. Avatar will merely attack like the Stoic that he is.

"Why do you seek your own doom?", Avatar responds, hopefully at least matching the damage that Warlock did to him with the deadly sword forged with the skill of Hephaestus and guided by the strength and skill of Ares.


[ooc] Sometimes the player doesn't think through the repercussions of the character's actions. Slingshot certainly would not have slungshot a human that high or that far. [/ooc]

Scott feels sickened by his actions, but through the sting of the pain, he reacted without thinking through the consequences. On the other hand, he might be able to use this as a bluff. He turns to Demonoid and his features exaggerated snarls his reply, "How do you feel about getting a little closer to heaven too?"

[depending on the talk back (if any) I'll take my actions]


Tom, Superstition is levitating 4 feet above the ground. Stephane, Demonoid was pushed 30 feet beyond the northern end of the map by Sentinel. Did you want to bluff another Coven member, or close with Demonoid? Thanks. Also if Slingy is that heartsick, he could slingshot himself after Samedi. He'll be flying/falling a long time. JBest,Jeff


Yeah. I really should learn to read the whole thing before replying.. Here's what I would like to do, let me know if I can pull it off.

Scott feels sickened by his actions, but through the sting of the pain, he reacted without thinking through the consequences. "Can't believe that I've just did that!" He says to Soldier, "They are setup to attack our weaknesses! I can handle electricity well, help Clone or someone else. I have to go after the Cajun."

Slingshot grabs at a column in his patented move. He looks at Okmenhotep, "You and I, let's fly." He throws his other arm at the Egyptian in an attempt to entangle him and then launches himself in the air after Samedi.

[ooc]So, an action (grab) and a move (slingshot after Samedi).

Next round, grab Samedi (Assuming I'm close enough) drop them both in a pond or something and fly back.[/ooc]


Menagerie stares at Mirage and snarls. Then with a quick spin Menagerie focuses his senses and will on Superstition. He sprints and leaps at Superstition. He is attempting to hit the torso. He will bite down and hope his weight and momentum will drive Superstition to the ground.


PS: [OOC] What is the distance from Superstition to the Witch?


Clone is getting frustrated with The Golem at this point, and is getting annoyed with the other members of The Crimson Coven bopping him over the head with canes, staffs and sticks. Time to take out the trash! The two unconscious duplicates will be reabsorbed back into the collective. One of the Clone’s standing in front of The Golem will charge him head-on and let loose a mighty battle scream, “YYeeeaahhh!!!”. He will attempt to jump onto the front of the stony giant and do his best to block his eye sight ( with his body, his hands, etc . . . whatever works essentially ) in order to keep him from seeing what the other Clone’s are about to do with him . . . The remaining duplicates will once again ‘bum-rush’ the earthen juggernaut in an attempt to topple him over for the second time. There is a twist though – they’re trying to knock him down in the direction of Le Fou! They’re hoping that their wolf-pack tactics will take out two birds with one stone . . . one really, really big stone. With any luck the ‘duplicating mob of dog piling mayhem’ will also be able to reabsorb the Clone attached to the front of The Golem before he gets crushed as well ( OOC which hopefully will also slightly increase the Hit Points of the other duplicates – hopefully ).
As with Baron Samedi, if Le Fou’s short staff falls from his hand one of the Clone’s will try to pick it up. If the duplicates still have any actions remaining after this attack they will start hammering away at Le Fou and The Golem with the chucks of marble that they picked up from the ground and the skull topped cane of Baron Samedi, and the short staff of Le Fou if one of them was able to grab it. The last two attacks ( with the cane and staff ) will be reserved for The Golem.

I have to say – it feels REALLY great to be able to finally cut loose with Clone. Next time Clone levels up I’m definitely going to have to take that Telepathic Link we discussed last time Jeff – so if you want to start working it into the story line slowly to show its slow progression into a full fledged ability ( with my next level advancement ), by all means go for it. Also – if my little ‘wolf-pack / two birds with one stone’ tactic requires a Luck Point or something to successfully execute I would like to do so – I really want to see this move come off. I would love to see the expression on both their faces ( in slow motion ) as Golem comes toppling down upon Le Fou – that would just be too comical lol. Le Fou’s jaw hitting the ground as Golem’s shadow grows over him, and Golem’s ‘oh no!’ expression as he realizes just moments before he makes contact ( since one of the duplicates was intentionally blocking his view ) with the terrified Le Fou. I do have a question about that little maneuver, Jeff – if the Clone’s do manage to squash Le Fou with The Golem, will Le Fou be taking damage based solely on The Golems weight or the combined weight of The Golem and the horde of Clones attached to him? I ask because the duplicates definitely intend to ride the ‘big man’ all the way down in order to increase the damage done to Le Fou. If the duplicates get the impression that their combined weight won’t add to the damage that Le Fou would take, then they won’t bother going along for the ride – after all, why risk getting hurt if it won’t make a difference to the out come of the attack.
Talk to you all soon, -Kev


OOC Replies:

Stephane/Slingshot: Cool. If there is no body of water, I assume the best possible soft landing without slowing you down/costing an action?

Tom/Menagerie: Superstition is ~25 feet from the Witch.

Kevin/Clone: Gotcha. Only the Clones that will cause damage to Le Fou will ride Golem down if he topples.




Yes, but something wet would be nice. I'm not opposed to manure either. I like to add a little insult to the injury.


Hal immediately perked up, ready to zap the bejeezus out of The Witch upon hearing about his sister's blindness...

...but then he remembered. While wearing that windsuit, Shelly didn't necessarily have to rely on her eyes. Probably she was startled to suddenly lose her sight, yes, but she was also putting on a show of weakness for the Coven so she could surprise attack one of them. Time to trust that she knows what she's doing, Hal. No matter how much it hurts, the Superheroic Simulator thought to himself. He could only pray that the blindness was temporary.

Besides, these distance attacks weren't working out so well, at least while Mirage (or whoever was responsible) was redirecting them back at the team. And there was another opponent that he might do more damage against.

Symbiote move is to throw a lightning bolt at Black Dragon (this "Iron Fist" power he appears to be about to manifest looks like it won't be pretty).

Viva Vanguard,


Menagerie stares at Mirage and snarls. Then with a quick spin Menagerie focuses his senses and will on Superstition. He sprints and leaps at Superstition. He is attempting to hit the torso. He will bite down and hope his weight and momentum will drive Superstition to the ground.

[OOC] If PCs and NPCs acting before Menagerie makes it impractial to attack Superstition, then Menagerie priority of attacks are Witch, Warlock, and Le Fou.



A good weekend to all, here is Sentinel's post:

If anything surprised Kirk at this moment it was the continued attack and drain from the Wraith, he thought for sure if something like this was possible his energy senses would have alerted him, but he was wrong and it was costing him big time. He could sense his power all but gone and unless he broke that link he had only seconds of energy left and he could only guess what would happen to him beyond that. He turned his energy senses inward trying to isolate the presence of that putrid unnatural energy of the Wraith clinging to him like a parasite.

Kirk suppressed his panic with needed detachment and conveyed necessary intel to Vanguard. “The mists around us are not a wall and do not demarcate the ending or barrier encapsuling the area we have been brought to. I’m past them. I’ve detected an energy current connecting the Crimson Coven to something currently beyond my range … but with an energy type close to that of Avatar… ‘Avatar, apparently you and the source of your powers ARE the key to EVERYTHING happening here.’ I’m going to track that trail to its source.”

Kirk then turned his attention towards Demonoid knowing he had no time to waste with him. He took a superior tone of suppressed annoyance like a busy New Yorker brushing off the efforts of someone trying to solicit them in the street as they walked. “You haven’t been charged with sending my soul anywhere creature, and I wouldn’t want you to get in any trouble with your ‘masters’ so I’ll do you a favor,” and with that, Kirk’s energy pushing Demonoid formed back into a hand-like construct with the fingers performing a ‘flicking’ motion sending him careening into the distance, ridding himself of Demonoid’s presence like one would a crushed insect, and Kirk added, “and with all of your vaunted posturing I know what you truly are at your core and I find you to be a little man and I pity you.”

Kirk picked up his transmission to Vanguard this time with a tone of scientific detachment along the lines they’d expect of Hal describing an experiment he was witnessing, “Wraith has a continued energy lock on me which is draining my power. I’m working on cutting the flow. Beware his touch.”

Attempted actions:

Regarding Demonoid:
Kirk will continue flying towards the energy source at his current ‘top speed’. He will use any movement from the end of the last round to make sure that Demonoid is as far a distance as possible away from Kirk hoping to distance himself from the range of Demonoid’s attack before it hits. If Kirk gets a lock on the source of the Avatar like energy and it is within his travel distance at this point and the source appears to be a physical thing (device, physical presence of a cast spell, being) Kirk will flick Demonoid at it trying to disrupt it. If it appears that Kirk won’t be in range this turn, then he will flick Demonoid off into the distance in another direction away from both Vanguard and the source of the energy hoping that the damage from the flicking and fall, along with everything the team hit him with, will knock him out and if not, put him so far away that he will be out of the battle. He wants to be sure that he doesn’t have another ‘round’ with Demonoid near him as a threat.

Regarding Wraith’s ongoing attack:
Kirk’s approach here will be two-fold. First, he is hoping that his flight towards the energy source will get him out of the range of Wraith’s attack severing the link. Second, if he can sense the flow of energy leaving him, likely intermixed with the dark energy of Wraith, he will try to contain it from leaving him with his shields. If his shields can keep energy attacks from coming inward, he is hoping that now that he is aware of it, he can use them to contain the energy from leaving him and continue to draw upon it. I’m not sure if you allow something along those lines not knowing how Wraith’s power works, but at this point given that Kirk couldn’t physically touch Wraith with his energy (and I was hoping that Kirk’s energy would have interacted with Wraith’s energy allowing it) to take the battle to him, I’m grasping for anything here to keep Kirk going.

After ridding himself of Demonoid (hopefully), Kirk will continue to fly at top speed towards the source of energy but he will lower himself to flying just above ground level so that if he loses the balance of his power his fall will be minimal (and about the only benefit of the power drain would be the speed of his flight will also have disappeared with the loss of his power so his actual fall should produce little to no damage).

If Kirk rids himself of Demonoid before reaching the energy source, but does reach the source, and it is something he can disrupt, he would use movement with whatever means possible to do so.



Okay, after much procrastination on my part, here's Solder's reply.
After making his scan, and relaying the information on target’s to his teammates, Soldier will move to help sure up the circle, while looking for any targets of opportunity (he’ll save his action to either defend himself, or fire on one of the Crimson Coven villains if a target presents itself).

Upon hearing The Witch utter her curse, he’ll attempt to shield Zephyr from any attacks, by placing himself in the Witch’s direct line of sight. “Zephyr, I’ve got you, just stand where you’re at for a second.” He’ll then attempt to make a special attack targeting the Witch’s mouth with one of his Disruptor rounds. “Try chewing on this you old hag!” (He’s not trying to be brutal, or vindictive, but at the moment he needs to ensure that she’s taken out, and a round in the mouth should immediately incapacitate her).

If he’s unable to get a clear shot at her face, he’ll still fire on her, as he considers her the greatest threat at the moment. As he does so, he thinks to himself, “We’ve got to get organized. If we don’t they’ll pick us off one by one.”

If the shot is successful, he’ll attempt to move in closer to Zephyr and continue to take well paced shots at any target that presents itself, or providing cover for anyone who needs assistance. If his special attack misses, he’ll fire one of his explosive rounds at her can, as long as it won’t endanger the other members, hoping to break hear concentration, and keep her fixated on him.


Talon will try to attack The Fallen before she has a chance to recover. He'll use the momentum gained from his flight to drive her backward then rake at her with his claws.

If she is able to right herself he will use his speed and agility in flight to avoid her sword and strike at her when the opportunity presents itself.



Lightning Strike:
Strike is beginning to get pissed off over his lack of effectiveness. It is time to kick ass!!!

Seeing that Demonoid was affected by a lightning blast, Strike takes the opportunity to light him up again, hopefully taking him out of action. After the attack, Strike will look aound for any conductors so that he can take electrical form and move to a more advantageous attacking position.

Take care all,