Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Vanguard: Issue 129: Emissary of Evil!

In the city of dead gods, Vanguard faced the Dark Avatar inside the Temple of the Pantheon of Evil!

The interior of the unholy cathedral was filled with supernatural darkness! What scant light there was emanated from Sentinel’s failing, flickering energy shields. Through the darkness they saw more of the hybrid archeology of the human race across a great rectangular hall, 170 feet long, lined with towering pillars and statues of godlike figures! The ceiling was 100 feet high and in the center of the temple was a black altar, a massive, rectangular solid of obsidian-like stone. There were twelve statues, and there had been eleven stone pillars, each as big around as a mature redwood trunk. Now there were nine pillars.
(See map. Black circles are pillars. Red X’s mark the destroyed pillars. Black triangles mark the statues.)

The statues were familiar and strange; Gods and goddesses of Death and Hell, of Misery and Tragedy. Gods of Nightmare and Terror. Of Madness and Despair. Of Fear and Horror. Darkness and Shadow. Discord and Destruction. They were akin to Hades and Hecate, Hela and Loki, Set and Nergal, Yen-lo Wang and Mictian, Shiva, Morpheus and Thanatos.

Avatar and Menagerie saw that all of Earth’s many gods of Death were seemingly embodied in one of the statue figures. All the gods of Madness in another, all the gods of Destruction in a third, all the rulers of Hell in a fourth, all the Gods and of Darkness in a fifth, and on and on and on. This was the progenitor Pantheon of Evil. And in their sacristy stood their Dark Avatar and she was terrifying to behold.

Sentinel and Slingshot were already badly wounded but the Dark Avatar was unharmed and untroubled; her voice seductive and full of purring menace. “You are precisely where I want you to be; before my sacrificial altar, within my place of power. Even though you’ve managed to survive my Crimson Coven, you cannot hope to survive me. Abase yourselves, as these two slaves have,” she said pointing a cruel finger at Sentinel and Slingshot. “…And give me the Avatar. I won’t tell you again.”

Sentinel quickly briefed Vanguard on the plan to destroy the columns to bring down the temple. Then he faced her and said: “ With all of your power, why bother shielding your mind from me when I first felt your presence, I’d think you’d get a thrill out of giving me an inferiority complex… and with all of your power, why is the Avatar so important to you. If what we know about it is true, why would the “Gods of good” empowering him allow their gifts to be used for darkness and bestow them to you anyway. Why wouldn't they simply stop giving their gifts?”

The Dark Avatar ignored Sentinel’s first question but could not ignore the second.
“There are no gifts to give!” she snarled in contempt. “Insignificant slave! Cannot you comprehend that the Pantheon is destroyed, even as you stand among the ruin of their home dimension?!! Everything that they are has been laid waste! All that remains of that mystical civilization are the twelve gods of the Dark Pantheon…
…and the Avatar!”

The Dark Avatar could not resist sharing the delicious irony. Vanguard’s sorrow and hopelessness would give her exquisite pleasure. “Millennia ago, there was a war of the Gods. It raged across the cosmos and at long last, the Pantheon defeated their dark brothers and sisters. But due to their weak nature, the Pantheon could not bring themselves to destroy their enemies. Instead the Dark Pantheon was imprisoned alive! They could only be released by the power of the Pantheon,… which survives them in the form of their Avatar! “The return of the Avatar means the return of the Dark Pantheon!

“They shall be released! And then They will rage across the multiverse! All life forms shall know Their names and tremble in despair! At long last, my quest is nearly ended! I shall be the instrument through which my Masters will exact Their bloodthirsty revenge upon all who live!”

Soldier coolly scanned the proximity with his cybernetic senses, and found the church coursing with energy akin to that which the Coven wielded against Vanguard. The seasoned veteran took up a position alongside the stump of a felled column and prepared for combat to erupt! (OOC: Soldier evades)

Talon launched himself toward the temple ceiling with a quick thrust of his wings. He lets out a savage battle-cry as he barrels toward the Dark Avatar with his unsheathed claws poised to strike upon impact!
SLAASHH!! The talons raked her unholy armor, trailing sparks!

The Dark Avatar snarled “You dare lay hands on me?” and touched Talon with her gauntleted hand. “I, who am Death incarnate?!” (OOC: Death Touch! Talon makes one save and fails the other and loses ALL his Power Points! He is conscious but spent; fatigued as per the rules! All movement, carry capacity, saving throws, and damage inflicted are halved! Any further Power expenditures come off Hit Points!)

Zephyr gulped hard and strengthened her wind defense (Evades). She didn’t think she could generate enough wind to topple a column but desperately wanted to help. She waited for her opportunity to do so!

Sentinel quickly scanned the chamber with his energy sense. This temple was the source of the energy current that was connected to the site of the battle between Vanguard and the Crimson Coven. It was saturated with this energy and so was the Dark Avatar herself. Sentinel could see the Dark Avatar drawing energy from everything in this place. He detected no ‘gateway’ within his range.
Like Zephyr, he held his action and waited for the most opportune moment to strike!

Lightning Strike surveyed this dark temple and looked at Dark Avatar. "Your Crimson Coven was no match for Vanguard. Your evil will always fail when confronted with righteousness. You tried to demoralize us with lies and false visions to no avail. We will bring this temple down and you with it!"
With that Strike raged a blast of lightning at Dark Avatar! SHAKOW!! Her armor withstood the blast!

Slingshot knew the Dark Avatar understood his weakness. Scott would not be able to last long under her onslaught. He needed to find the way to take her power away from her. “Taking the whole temple down would take too long,” he thought. He didn't have that kind of time. He looked at this place. “It was a special place. An homage to all these gods. The evil gods. And She was getting power from them. Maybe taking down the temple was too much. Maybe simply taking down the statues of these gods would disrupt the energies? After all, this place was a siphon of energy and maybe the statues acted like antennas?”
Slingshot stretched two big arms out, firing his massive fists at two nearby statues, the gods of Nightmare and Destruction! KRASH! SMAASSH!

The Dark Avatar howled, “No! Heretic!!!” and then she moved again! Like Avatar, she was somehow supernaturally quickened! Seething, ebony fire limned her hands as she hissed, “I thought I already taught you.” Black flames flew from her hand at Slingshot again! Given his vulnerability (and that his Invulnerability was spent) it spelled certain doom for the malleable man of might! But…

Sentinel suddenly fired what little remained of his energy construct at the hand of the Dark Avatar, fouling her aim! Flames exploded near Slingshot, and missed him! The Dark Avatar growled in anger.

(Next combat turn!)

Avatar said, "Take it down, my friends...I'll make sure that she's occupied." Then, with the speed and strength gifted to him, he ran straight at the Dark Avatar, ramming her backwards into the altar! SLAM! Her enchanted armor took the brunt of it, but John locked limbs with her! "You forget that throughout time, in all cultures, all myth and all religions ultimately point to something better. You cannot kill hope!"

The Dark Avatar chuckled and said, “Just watch me.” She said more in a language John didn’t know, a magic incantation, and the Dark Avatar began to grow in size! Taller, larger, more massive until she was finally over 40 feet tall! (Imagine the Avengers and the FF vs. Galactus!)
She held Avatar with her right hand (ala Fay Wray) and her deep, sinister laughter echoed throughout the hall! “Watch me!”

Talon lunged at her despite his exhaustion, raking her armor again! ZGRAK! He damaged it!

Soldier fired his pistol from cover, hitting the gigantic Dark Avatar! BLAM! More damage to the armor!

Lightning Strike advanced and fired another lightning bolt at Dark Avatar! SHAKOW!! The attacks were taking their toll on her armor!

Symbiote questioned the extent of the Dark Avatar’s power. So much wasn’t adding up. The perceptive protector took another step forward, electricity now arcing between his hands. "Nothing here is what it seems to be, her least of all. I think it's time we called her bluff, "the Superheroic Simulator concluded, his voice raising. “Let's show this interdimensional bitch how we do things downtown!!"
And with that, he blasted a support column to smithereens! KRAKA-DOOM! Three pillars were destroyed!

Menagerie listened to his team mates and then assumed the shape of Bear, the mightiest of his forms! “GRRRR!!” He loped on all fours at a pillar and leaned into it with all his strength! He strained and pushed and finally, slowly succeeded in toppling the towering column! KRASH!! Four pillars destroyed! The roof dropped silt and dust.

Zephyr saw Avatar in peril and hurled herself on a hurricane blast at the Dark Avatar, ramming the shoulder of her body armor into the face of the multiverse’s manifestation of malice! WHAM! “Leave him alone, beyotch!”

The Dark Avatar’s eyes adjusted their focus upon something so small and so close. “I shall exterminate you like the annoying insect you are,” she spat. The eyeholes of her armored mask began to emit black flames and…

Slingshot stretched down the great hall and shattered three more statues with super strong pseudopods! KRAK! CRUNCH! BROK! (1 Luck Point) The statues of the gods of Fear and Madness and Conflagration were defiled!

When the statue of the God of Fear was destroyed, the pall of supernatural dread, that had only been fended off by Avatar’s nobility of spirit, vanished!

And when the statue of the God of Conflagration was destroyed, the black flames in Dark Avatar’s eyes were extinguished! The burning gaze directed at Zephyr would remain just that and nothing more.

The Dark Avatar turned her terrible attention toward Slingshot and the five desecrated statues.

Sentinel took Slingshot’s lead! Unable to damage a pillar in his weakened condition, the beacon of light and hope grabbed some broken statuary and used it to smash the head off the stone statue of the Goddess of Darkness! KRAK!
When the statue of the Goddess of Darkness was destroyed, the supernatural dark that obscured the hall was suddenly lifted! At the far end of the hall stood Mirage, Okmenhotep, the Wraith, Plague and Baron Samedi, revealed for all to see! They seemed content to watch the battle. For now. Six statues destroyed. Six remaining.

Zephyr yelled, “Ha-, er, Symbiote was right! She’s nowhere near omnipotent. Not even in her place of power!” The air elemental made air quotes around ‘place of power.’

Avatar didn’t miss a beat. Within her massive fist, unable to grapple her, the myrmidon of mythology pulled the spear off his back and grimly plunged it into her gigantic hand! GRASH!! The spear drove through her iron gauntlet and drew blood!

The Dark Avatar gasped in surprise and opened her hand, dropping Avatar 40 feet to the ground!

Avatar (makes his Agility save) tumbled upon landing, taking no damage from the fall!

The Dark Avatar surveyed the shattered statues of the Dark Pantheon and grimly cast another black spell. This one summoned into existence a translucent, mystical energy wall between the battle and the remaining statues (see map)! VER-RANG! It ranged to the walls and ceiling. She placed herself on the same side of the barrier as Vanguard, so she could continue murdering them!
“I’ve still more than enough power left to make all of you beg for mercy,” she promised.

Moments earlier…
Clone was deep in sacred prayer. Then he secretly divided in two. The first moved directly and without hesitation toward the titanic Dark Avatar!
The second Clone disappeared silently down the stone stairwell. It was pitch black, the only illumination came from the led screen for his Vanguard communicator. At the first landing down, he found a thin dark stone hallway, and another spiral of dank stairs that descended further. The stench below, and the soft murmuring echoes that ran through the hall helped him choose the hall. Clone moved swiftly down its length. The crawlspace of a corridor divided and branched and he followed the voices through the twists and turns.
Suddenly, behind him, a translucent energy barrier descended through the stone! He was cut off from the others! There was no going back. Forging onward, he found himself ascending another spiral stairwell until he emerged at the main level again, only now at the opposite end of the unholy temple! (see map)

He saw the black energy barrier cut the Temple in half as well. He was separated from everyone except Okmenhotep, Plague, Mirage, the Wraith and Baron Samedi! It was their echoing voices that he had followed through the labyrinthine lower level! They did not notice his arrival and continued talking.

Mirage complained, “I’ll wager she’ll do it. She’ll massacre all those stupid bloody chavs.”

Okmenhotep said in English, “If she does, she’ll sacrifice the Avatar on that altar and release the Dark Pantheon into the worlds again. Only this time, there will be nothing to keep them in check.”

Plague buzzed writhing, loathsome disapproval.

Mirage groused, “She promised the power of the Avatar to us. His immortality. As payment for our bloody services!”

Baron Samedi chided, “Well what did you expect boy?! Makin a deal wid the @#$%& devil herself at de crossroads! Hahahaha!”

Mirage said, “What did I expect?! I expected to live forever. And be filthy stinking rich. The Dark Pantheon destroying the multiverse and all could put a bit of a crimp in that plan.”

Soldier’s cybernetic hearing heard all of that too! He saw Clone glance through the barrier at the Dark Avatar towering over Vanguard.

“I’ve more than enough power left to make all of you beg for mercy,” she promised.
To be continued!


Please let me know your plans for your next one combat action, except for Avatar whose (fading) Heightened Speed gives him two actions.

At this point you all still have free will.
Have fun.
Viva Vanguard!

Current Conditions:

Avatar: Hit Points: 25, Power Points: 20, Manifesting: Htd Strength & Speed, Cosmic Awrnss*
Clone: Bodies: 2, Hit Points: 6, Power Points: 45, Hit Pool: 12
Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 36, Power Points: 40
Menagerie: Hit Points: 14, Power Points: 54, Form: Bear
Sentinel: Hit Points: 19, Power Points: 15, Shields: 3!, Creation Points: 30
Soldier: Hit Points: 19, Power Points: 59, Invulnerability: 8, Evading til 130
Slingshot: Hit Points: 11, Power Points: 59, Invulnerability: 8
Symbiote: Hit Points: 18, Power Points: 54, Charges: 13, Copied: Strike
Talon: Hit Points: 37, Power Points: 0, Fatigued!
Zephyr: Hit Points: 13, Power Points: 56, Charges: 7, Armor: 25, Evading til 130

*Avatar’s Heightened Strength and Speed will fade in 15 seconds!


"At this point you all still have free will."

That's one way of ending a turn. :)


I'll use the column as cover, and take aim at the ceiling above Dark Avatar, and let loose a pair of Explosive Rounds, Even if the blast doesn't catch her, it should do some damage to the ceiling. As I fire, I call out to the other members of Vanguard, "The ceiling, hit the ceiling over her head!"


[OOC] Wonderful issue!!!
Can Menagerie hear or smell the others on the other side of the barrier. Can he fit in Bear form down the stairs and through the passages ways.

I am thinking about have Menagerie follow the second Clone but want to make sure there is a reason he would look for the stairs. With the darkness lifted he should be able to see the stairs from where he is, right?

Via Vanguard
and safe travel my friend


Menagerie can see the stairs that Clone took downstairs.
He can see the Coven members on the opposite side. He can hear that they are talking but not what they are saying.He can see a Clone on the other side.He can't smell anything through the barrier because it stinks of sulphur.

fyi, If Bear goes below he won't squeeze through the stone rabbit warren down there. You'll need a different shape.



OOC: I second that comment. Great issue!

I was more than pleased with all the good stuff Kirk got to do in his current state.

And I had an idea for inanimate construct creation: First I thought I'd create one on the other side of the mystical energy barrier to take out a statue or two by materializing them in the same space that the statue(s) occupied.

Then I wondered if perhaps materializing it in the same space as the mystical energy barrier might actually destabilize the spell and destroy the field - does that sound possible?

Also, is there any chance that creating the animate construct in the same space as the barrier might destabilize the spell (the construct itself would have minimal effect as a weapon - so unless it had something to do with Kirk's energy occupying the same space creating more than usual havoc ...)



[OOC] The next step for me would be to take down the other statues and further lessen the dark avatar. Especially with the pounding I got. There are enough on this side to be able to take her down

So without doing meta gaming.. Can I see through the barrier? Did I notice that Clone went to the other side from the staircase?

Just trying to see what my options are for the moment.


OOC: Thanks guys. Below are replies/clarifications to Everyone, Slingshot and Sentinel.

To clarify, Dark Avatar’s mystical wall is translucent black. Everyone can see through it.

Menagerie, due to his position near the stairs, saw Clone sneak down the stairs. Then, his Heightened Senses enabled him to detect the second Clone on the other side of the barrier.

Soldier’s cybernetic senses helped him detect the second Clone on the other side of the barrier. He doesn’t know how he got there.

Slingshot is closest to the barrier and is actually facing the second Clone, so I will rule that he detects him as well. But, like Soldier, Slingy didn’t see him go down the staircase, so he doesn’t know how he got there.

Finally, the first Clone is also aware that the second Clone made it to the other side, due to his Heightened Sense / empathic link to other Clones.

No other Vanguard member has detected the second Clone.
Of course, any of those that did detect him can inform the rest of Vanguard. But they might inform the Dark Avatar at the same time.

You're not metagaming. That was a fair question.

Also, there are no unbroken statues left on your side of the barrier. (see map)
There are two unbroken pillars though. You'll recall that your engineering skill told you you’d need to destroy the inner 8 columns to topple this structure (ie: the 8 pillars that form the inner rectangle of the temple)

As per the rules, you can create inanimate objects for 2 Power Points. These don’t take an action to create, only 1/3 of your maximum movement. Each Creation Point put into it gives it a hit point and up to 50 lbs. of weight. You could make any inanimate object; a sword, chair, hammer, house (with enough Creation Points), you name it.

If you put any construct inside a statue, it would attack the statue as a Brawling Weapon, ie: weight determines damage as a bludgeon.

You have no idea what would happen if you put a construct inside the mystical barrier.



[OOC: I guess I'll be the first to go. I reserve the right to change my move if more info is sent my way. :) - Since I don't have the way to the other side figured out yet, I'll do my next move]

Slingshot sees Clone across the way. "How did he get there?" Scott says sotto voce. He turns and sees the Dark Avatar huge and neatly standing between the two remaining pillars. As he continues to search for Clone's exit, he smiles. Time to give something back.

[OOC: Pull the two remaining pillars on top of that slimy b*tch. If I recall properly, I was able to get two in one turn. I also want to spend a chunk of my move figuring out how to go to the other side.]


If it appears that sound can pass through the wall, or if the wall comes down this would be Kirk’s dialogue to the Coven (perhaps he could amply his voice with a megaphone creation if it would help to reach them):

Kirk finally noticed Samedi and what was left of the Coven. He knew Samedi would be prance with glee as he marched to his own execution … he didn’t think the rest of the Coven would be so accommodating; perhaps they just needed some prodding.

“Hey Samedi! Knew you’d make it to the endgame, Smiley. So how’s that quest for the power of the Avatar working out for you and your cronies?”
“I’ve got one last bellyacher for you,” and Kirk continued speaking to Samedi but really for the benefit of the rest of the Coven, “First they came for the communists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist. Then they came for the trade unionists, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.” Kirk paused a second and then added, “ So tell me, where do you think you all fit into the equation with The Dark Pantheon’s Scorched Earth policy?”

Kirk tries to use the pillar as a barrier between himself and the Dark Avatar while plausible.

Kirk will use some of his movement to summon his energy and create an inanimate wall within the mystical barrier created by the Dark Avatar. He will maintain the three point shield currently around him, but use whatever remaining creation points are available to manifest it. It’s Kirk’s belief that his energy is a form of universal energy (building blocks of creation) and that currently once he summons it he knows how to form and manipulate it in a specific way – he is hoping that bringing that energy in its raw form and into immediate contact and in the same space as the mystical barrier is going to disrupt the barrier. He will focus the energy on the part of wall nearest him and in a size that would allow Vanguard to pass from one side of the temple to the other (ie in case this works to some degree and the whole wall doesn’t come down, hopefully part of it would be disrupted to let them get to the other side – and all the better if the wall keeps the Dark Avatar from taking shots at them while they dismantle the rest of the temple supports and statues).

If this actually works to any degree that it can help the team, Kirk will mutter something in surprise to himself astonished at the results. He will go into the other side of the temple.

If he can make it to the other side whether from the above or from the wall coming down some other way, he will use the debris to try to smash another statue physically.

If he is stuck on this side of the wall and nothing better presents itself, he would manifest another inanimate creation within one of the statues on the other side of the wall, hopefully causing its destruction (might be a cool panel as one of the statues seemingly crumbles or explodes for no apparent reason).

If anything more useful presents itself for Kirk to do, feel free to have him do it. If he still has an action left because he can’t get to the other side and there is nothing he can do to assist anyone on this side, etc, he’d likely use his action to evade.

I'm assuming per what you said that manifesting each inanimate object requires 1/3 movement and power point expenditure, but isn't my actual action. If that is wrong, you still have the progression of what he'd try to work with depending on everything else that happens, etc.




OOC: Other than Clone, do I detect anyone else in the area, and is he in danger of being struck by the blast from my explosive rounds? IC: Once Soldier detects Clone, he yells out. "Be careful, Clone's on the other side of the barrier. We need to get him out of there!"


OOC: Am I correct in assuming that it would take just one of Clone's duplicates to topple over one of the statues and thus destroy it? Or is it too big for just one duplicate to deal with? Does Clone have any idea about how many duplicates it would take ( if indeed it did require more than one ) to topple one over?


Hi Dom/Soldier. Anyone in an adjacent hex to Dark Avatar might be in danger if the roof over her collapses. See map.

Hi Kev/Clone. The statues are heavy and their bases are wide. One man might be able to topple one. Two men should definitely do the job.
Clone saw Sentinel break a statue by using the broken limb of another, broken statue as a stone club.



Sorry this has taken so much time, little busy lately, but let's roll this thing!! I'll keep it simple: Since everybody else seems to be doing a nice job of smashing the temple, I'll toss a lightning bolt at Dark Avatar herself.

Viva Vanguard,



While it's unoriginal and not seeming to work as I'd planned, Avatar will continue to attack Dark Avatar to try and keep her attacks off of other members of Vanguard while they go about their respective actions.


Menagerie will change into his human form. He runs to the stairs and heads toward where he thinks Clone is. He will come out to where Clone was and hold his action. He will assess what the Coven is doing.

If he sees an opportunity to use his Charisma to convince the Coven to join Vanguards side he will. He will even spend half a luck point for his Charisma to have a positive effect on the Coven members.

[IC] This is not a fight between good and evil. Nor is it a fight between life and death. It is a fight between existence and destruction. No one can side on the sideline when the stakes are this high. What does the Coven gain if all there is … is nothing?

Via Vanguard


Lightning Strike:
Strike surveys the mystical wall blocking him off and tries to figure out a way to get to the other side of it. My actions depend on how much Strike does or does not know.

If he knows that Clone is on the other side of the barricade and if Clone has a communicator then Strike will assume electrical form and attempt to project himself wirelessly into Clones communicator and emerge on the other side. Once he emerges on the other side he will materialize and hopefully assist clone in knocking down another statue.

If he is unaware of Clone's location then he will attempt to probe the barrier to see if he can determine its nature and if he may be able to pass through it in electrical form without using one of the communicators. If he can't pass through it, he will simply blast Dark Avatar.

Clone 1: As Clone makes his way towards the Dark Avatar he finds his previous feelings of fear being drowned beneath a torrent of courage. As his pace quickens he reminds himself that evil; true evil, thrives on the fear and self doubt of its enemies – he will feed this creatures insatiable apatite no longer. Increasing his pace he reaches down to the ground and grabs the nearest piece of broken column that he can lift and heaves it high above his head ( OOC: I’m assuming with all these broken statues and busted columns that there’s probably a few broken pieces of stone scattered around the floor ). He then looks up at the evil giant standing before him as says ( in Ukrainian ), “You come against me with sword and spear and javelin, . . .”

His gradually increasing step suddenly turns into an all out charge as he rapidly closes on his target. Leaping into the air he does his best to drive the broken piece of stone he picked into the emissary of evil – the Dark Avatar! As the stone in his hands comes crashing down towards the Dark Avatar, Clone shouts ( in Ukrainian ), “ . . . but I come against you in the name of the Lord Almighty!”

Clone 2: Staring at the remaining grim and distorted statues erected in honor of the gods of the dark pantheon, Clone knew what it was that he had to do. Taking a few steps backward; to keep out of sight of the four nearby Crimson Coven members, Clone quickly filled the small room he was in with ten more duplicates of himself ( OOC: that should make twelve I believe ). After the duplicates were all formed they simply turned to look at each other, and then nodded in silent agreement – the statues had to be destroyed.

Ten of the Clones raced out from the confines of the small room they were hiding in and charged towards five of the statues. The first two Clones attempted to topple the statue closest to the stairway, while four others headed down in two man teams towards the two closest to the energy barrier that the Dark Avatar had created. Another team of two raced over to the statue directly opposite the room they were just standing in; while the remaining three Clones do their best to blister passed the four members of the Crimson Coven in an attempt to take down the statue closest to Baron Samedi.

OOC: I have a gut feeling Clone may not be able to pull all of that off ( who knows though – weirder things have happened ), but with any luck the swarm of duplicates will be able to weaken the Dark Avatar enough ( through their acts of vandalism ) so that the energy barrier drops and the other members of Vanguard will be able to come help him finish the job ;) Sorry again for the one day delay. As soon as all this icky winter stuff decides to leave us alone I should be able to post much earlier then I have been.

Talk to you all soon – hope everyone is safe and sound,



Talon will try to summon the strength to attack Dark Avatar in whatever capacity he can manage.