Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Vanguard: Issue 140: Mirror of Murderous Mayhem!

Within Vanguard Vault, Vanguard battled their evil, future selves: Vanguard Omega!

Symbiote Omega grinned at Zephyr. He had come to the same conclusion as Symbiote, not surprisingly.  
“Littlest sister, all of us are stronger, smarter, more experienced, and more powerful than all of you.
“You ever think back to something stupid you did when you were young and didn’t know better… and wish you could have knocked some sense into that younger, dumber version of yourself?”
The parasitic professor smiled at Symbiote. “Well today, for some of us, that wish has come true.”

Sentinel replied to him, “And sometimes Hal, when confronted with their past,  a old bitter pessimistic blackened soul wishes they could turn back the clock and regain their youthful enthusiasm for life,  secure the optimism they have lost, and undo the poor choices they’ve made.”

Sentinel Omega spat, “It wasn’t our choice, it was the world’s.”

Both Talons had participated in downing both Soldiers. Now they both looked for their next target.
Talon saw the individual conflict between the members of the Vanguard and their darker selves. Thoughts of his past flashed through his memory and for a moment he thought to himself, I don't know if I'm the good guy in this fight, but if this jerk is more of an ass than I am, someone has to stop him!
Talon flared out his wings and yelled out a challenge. "Talon! Let's see what that you can do with me!"

Talon Omega smiled as he snarled, “Let’s do this, junior.”
In a savage fury, both human predators launched at each other! They crashed in mid air with merry ferocity as they locked in a merciless, bloodthirsty brawl!
Talon tore into his feral foe, drawing blood! SKRASH!
Talon Omega brutally cut deep as well! SLASH! (18 points! Roll with 7. Lose 11 from Hits!)
Both bestial birds of prey gleefully loosed their rage, snarling and slashing in violent, crazed, close combat!

Avatar’s mind raced. Could I have challenged Dark Avatar and taken her power?  Can I challenge this version of myself and do the same?  Only one way to find out!
The demigod of destiny shouted above the din of the battle:  “I, John Poulos, called Kairos and Avatar, worthy, wise and deserving, do hereby challenge you before the all-seeing Pantheon for the sacred mantle of Avatar of the Twelve Olympians!”

And he shouted it alone!  Avatar Omega said, “…No.”

KRAKA-BOOM! The ancient ritual! Those magic words! Supernatural lightning and wind tore impossibly through the Vault chamber and both Avatars were transformed! They each lost their ability to manifest the Pantheons (OOC: ie: Power 4: Magic Power: Divine Manifestation) …until this mighty contest was decided!

Avatar leapt over the Clone armies at Avatar Omega with his sword drawn! The twin titans clashed close enough to feel each other’s breath! Avatar had battled many foes before and could sense immediately that Avatar Omega’s heart was not in this fight! KTANG! Avatar slashed and drew blood! “Gah!” spat Avatar Omega!

Avatar Omega feigned left, charged right and tried to impale Avatar’s head with the Sword of Ares! “Yah!”

Avatar subconsciously altered the path of fate and Omega’s deadly attack narrowly missed! (1 Luck Point)
It was uncanny, battling one’s twin. In Avatar Omega, John recognized his own unforgiving, pragmatic fighting style, save one thing: Avatar Omega could not or would not (use Luck Points to) alter destiny in his favor!

Sentinel called with conviction, “ἀνεῤῥίφθω κύβος” (‘Let the die be cast’) and added, “Kick his ass, John”!

Lightning Strike wanted to bring the fight to these Vanguard fakes. "True heroes never compromise their integrity.  We have always found other ways without succumbing to our dark side.  Your experience is worthless when confronted with courage and conviction!!"
With that heroic speech, Strike blasted at the Tyrannosaurus Maximus! "The bigger they are, the harder they fall!!" Electricity fired from the high voltage vigilante into the Lord of the Lost Lands! SHAKOW! The T-Max roared in anger!

Lightning Strike Omega said to Lightning Strike, “You speak as if you’re not talking about yourself! Look at us! You did succumb to your dark side!” Then he moved identically to Strike, leaping atop a console to fire a jagged, white hot electrical blast at Menagerie! SHAKOW!! (14 points of damage! Roll with 4. Take 10 off hits!)

Symbiote stood before his team and their evil counterparts and, more specifically, his own evil counterpart and thought:  We're the same people, except they're older and more experienced, he thought to himself.  But not just more experienced--differently experienced.  He remembered his recent terrifying battle against Gadget Girl, when she tried to steal the Harper Harness--because she had escaped from CHESS Castle.
Except, in their world--from what we saw, anyway--Gadget Girl DIDN'T escape from CHESS Castle… So Hal Omega probably never fought her...
...and probably never had a reason to move the deactivation port on the back of the Harness after the fight!!
Hal acted quickly, the plan forming in his mind.  He reached into his tool belt for the tool created to fit into the reset port in the small of the back of his Harness.  Then he turned into electricity, arced around the room, preparing to materialize behind Symbiote Omega! SHAKOW!

Symbiote Omega had simultaneously transformed into sentient electricity! SHAKOW! The two lightning life forms intertwined and Symbiote saw that Symbiote Omega planned to use his ability to control lightning in order to seize control of Symbiote’s lightning form! (with his next action)
 In the writhing lightning arc, Hal could hear blackhearted laughter!

Zephyr looked at the floor that Zephyr Omega had just disappeared through. She glanced at the computer screen. “Still locked,” she said. Shelley thought a moment.
“She’s going to the mainframe access on 84! That’s what I’d do.” The winsome woman of wind flew to the doors, typed in the entry code, slipped through them and shut the doors behind her, re-locking them!

Sentinel said to Sentinel Omega, “Twice now you’ve commented on my naivety.  Have you forgotten that much?  Or just tried to lock it up and throw away the key?  You of all people know how we think and that we were trained to never be naïve.  You know the difference between naivety and purity of soul.  You know how important it is to channel all that is good and hopeful.  You know what it means to inspire!”

“And what good did it do us?!?!” Sentinel Omega roared! “You’re a blind child! Just like I was.”

Sentinel stared down his doppelganger with conviction in his eyes and strength in his heart.  “How could you?  I do get what happened … totally.  But all that you’ve done since then.  What would HE say?  What would he think about the man you’ve become?  The choices that you’ve made?”
As Kirk spoke above his shoulders formed the image of Lancaster.  He saw on his face something so lacking for all of Vanguard Omega this past decade, compassion.  And then he saw his sadness, first in his eyes and then throughout his face as he looked at Kirk Omega.  Finally the heroic image gazed downward and away from him, as if it could no longer bear to look upon him.
“You don’t deserve to wear that symbol on your chest.  You’ve disgraced it.  And you’ve betrayed HIM and everything he stood for and wanted for you.  You’ve besmirched his legacy.”

Sentinel Omega seethed, unable to look “Lancaster” in the eyes, “He was murdered! What wouldn’t YOU be willing to do to bring him back?!
“Here, he’s alive! But here he’ll soon be murdered again! Thanks to you! You won’t be able to prevent it. But I will. Now, I’m finally ready to do what must be done. We’ll be able to prevent all of it! With this new chance!”

Slingshot Omega looked at Slingshot.

Sentinel said to the beacon of tyranny, “You’ve turned your back on who we are and you are unworthy to wield our power.”  And then Kirk summoned all that he was and tried to take the power of Sentinel Omega away from him!

Sentinel Omega attempted the same move simultaneously, saying, “We’re here to save our loved ones… because you failed to do it! Stopping us dooms Lancaster to death! Listen to me!”

The twin telepaths entered into a battle of wills to determine who would control their energy constructs! Sentinel was winning! It seemed that Sentinel Omega lacked strength of will!
Sentinel Omega growled, “I want him back, damn you!... “Somebody! Kill Sentinel while he’s weakened!”

No one rushed to Sentinel Omega’s aid. Strike Omega jeered, “You’re fine. You’ve almost talked him to death!”

Then Sentinel overcame the willpower of Sentinel Omega and seized control of his energy!
(Kirk can currently wield 72 Creation Points of energy. He’s dissipated his own construct and seized 72 points of Sentinel Omega’s energy!)

Sentinel Omega cried out from behind his flickering energy shield, “NO! Not after everything we’ve been through!”

Slingshot shouted, "Dynamo! WAKE UP. GET IN HERE and ACTIVATE!"
"Time to clear the space." The pliable powerhouse formed his elastic arms into tentacle nets that coiled around six members of the Clone Omega collective! “DAMN YOU, SCOTT! NOOO!” they yelled!
Slingshot succeeded in crushing four of them into unconsciousness! Clone heard their screams in his minds! There were now more Clones Alpha than Clones Omega!

Dynamo heard his name being called. He rubbed his eyes with one hand. “… two of everyone?...”  He shook it off and leapt forward. He was slower than they remembered, and his steps more determined. The once leader of the Freedom Force, gained speed towards Lightning Strike Omega, who had just attacked Menagerie! POW! The high voltage villain was actually knocked back thirty feet and badly hurt!  Dynamo wondered, “…Pulsar?...”

Slingshot Omega stretched taller to see over the Clone armies! He reached out his big arms and grabbed Slingshot! “Why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” 
Then the sinister Scott began to regenerate, using Scott’s body as the raw materials he required to do so!!!
(Yuck! 10 points of damage! Can’t use Invulnerability, or roll with this attack! All to hits. He remains conscious.)
Slingshot Omega spoke with grim determination. “You’re standing between me and my child, Scott. Bad move.”

Menagerie watched Avatar and thought, "He dares risk it all in this challenge to remove Avatar Omega's power.  Hmm, maybe this strategy can be used by more than one.  The Spirit of Nature found favor in me.  Maybe the favor is more than just my return ... twice now.  The favor is a choice. I am chosen.  I am the defender of the natural world. This Menagerie Omega is not of THIS natural world.  I must depower him as Avatar is doing to his counterpart." He reverted to human form.  He called out, "I am the Shamanic Shapeshifter of Vanguard! I am the Defender of the Natural World! I am the Avenger of the Animal Kingdom! I am the Collection of Murdered Spirits! I am Menagerie!”

Menagerie reached out his mind to the Tyrannosaurus Maximus, forming the mind link to bond with it! Calling it to join Bear, Cougar, Eagle, Wolf and Man in defending the natural world and avenging the animal kingdom! To join the menagerie!
The skinwalking sorcerer sensed the mind of Menagerie Omega, trying to hold his link with the deadly dinosaur! Calling it to join Bear, Cougar, Eagle, Wolf, Spider, Shark and Man in preying upon the natural world and the animal kingdom!

The Tyrannosaur spirit chose Menagerie Alpha! Menagerie Alpha became the Tyrannosaur! “RROOARRR!”

Menagerie Omega did not re-materialize!

Clone thought to himself, “NO . . . I will NEVER become this man!” as he attacked Clone Omega with his 21 bodies, attempting to absorb them! He succeeded with 14 of Clone Omega, including all four of the clones Slingshot knocked out! And he also absorbed their staffs! Six members of the Clone Omega collective remained!

Clone Omega had attacked simultaneously! The lethal legion absorbed 14 Clone Alphas! Seven Clone Alphas remained and they now held staffs!

Suddenly, both collectives reeled! Clone felt that his minds were under attack from the invading personality and memories of the absorbed members of the Clone Omega collective! He struggled and overcame them!

Clone Omega seemed to be suffering from the same invasion of memories and personality! He finally overcame the attack after much exertion! The malevolent multiplier was loathe to absorb more Clones.

Clone had also absorbed the memories of Clone Omega! He was suddenly aware of Vanguard Omega’s objectives! They chose this time because everything here was about to change. They saw from the multiverse locus, the City of the Dead Gods, that the public here was about to turn on extranormals. Omega wanted to arrive in time to stop it.
Clone Omega is here to save his family from being murdered. Vanguard Omega knows that Vanguard won’t be prepared to do what is necessary to save them. But Vanguard Omega, being wiser for what horrors they’ve seen, and perpetrated, will!

Vanguard Omega’s plan is to replace Vanguard and save their loved ones: Lancaster, Nanite, her child, Hank Archer, Clone’s family, Hal and Shelley’s dad, Doc Rocket, Menagerie’s many animal companions, Talon’s girlfriend, Soldier’s mother. Vanguard Omega’s loneliness was painful.

Vanguard Alpha was to be exiled in the Omega-verse, which would have been their fate anyway since this universe will soon become like the Omega universe! If Vanguard Alpha died in the fall of Vanguard Vault, it would have been a mercy killing, saving them from the unenviable curse of becoming Vanguard Omega!

Clone desperately searched his new memories for Omega’s Achilles heel, and found two:
1) Their dark choices exacted a terrible toll, changing them, breaking their determination and their will.

(OOC: FYI: Homebrew rules: When a hero becomes a villain, or a villain becomes a hero…

1) Experience and Level remain the same because fighting experience hasn’t gone away.
2) Invert Charisma (Will) so that you keep the same Reaction Modifier. For example, a hero with a 24 Charisma (Will) becomes a villain with a 4 Charisma (Will). But a 10 Charisma stays a 10.
3) Luck Points now become a negative value! Newly earned Luck Points can slowly bring the value up to zero, at which point you may start to earn positive Luck Points again.)
Those most hurt by their fall from grace were Sentinel Omega, Avatar Omega, Menagerie Omega, Soldier Omega and Clone Omega (those who had the highest Charisma (Will) as heroes). (See above for proof of that!)
Those least affected were Symbiote Omega, Lightning Strike Omega and Talon Omega (those darker heroes, with lower Charisma as heroes, handled the transition easier).
The dark metamorphosis of the soul led to Symbiote Omega eventually becoming leader of Vanguard Omega, due to his towering intellect, his relatively preserved Will, and his core belief that the ends justified the means.
2) Every member of Vanguard Omega hated themselves. And they also hated each other and deeply resented that they were bound together! Seeing their former selves, in all their glory, must be unbearable for them.
Clone relayed the critical aspects of this information to his team mates! (OOC: Please do that in character, Kevin. Here I just wanted to notify the player that their characters have this info and may act accordingly.)

Clone Omega searched the new memories he had absorbed into his collective. Then Omega spoke as one, in one voice: “VANGUARD OMEGA! DYNAMO HOLDS A POWERFUL WEAPON! IT’S HOW THEY CAME BACK!”

To be continued!

OOC: Actions! One action worth of orders please!


Current Conditions:

Avatar: Hit Points: 58, Power Points: 24, Manifesting: None!

Clone: Bodies: 7, Hit Points: 2, Power Points: 28, Hit Pool: 17

Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 42, Power Points: 65

Menagerie: Hit Points: 40, Power Points: 30, Form: Tyrannosaurus Maximus! (see below*)

Sentinel, Hit Points: 6, Power Points: 36, Creation Points: 72, Shields: 72

Slingshot: Hit Points: 69, Power Points: 70, Invulnerability: 8

Soldier: Hit Points: 28, Power Points: 54, Invulnerability: 0, Regeneration deactivated, Unconscious!

Symbiote: Hit Points: 53, Power Points: 67, Charges: 10, Copied: Lightning Strike

Talon: Hit Points: 44, Power Points: 63

Zephyr: Hit Points: 17, Power Points: 51, Charges: 9, Armor: 7


*Menagerie Update!

Spirit                Level    Wt       Agil      Feroc   HPs      Accur   HTH      PP        Detects   Move

Bear:               3          800       13         16         28         +4        d10+6     52       x2, x2      54” ground
Skills: Fishing, Tracking.                         Heightened Senses:  Enhanced Smell

Cougar:           3          130       17         14         11         +6        d4+6       52       X3, x2     60” ground
Skills: Stealth, Climbing, Tracking.           Heightened Senses:  Enhanced Hearing and Smell, Nightvision

Eagle:              3          15         21         13         5          +6        d3+4       53       x4, x1    14”, 147” flying
Skills: Fishing, Flight.                              Heightened Senses:  Enhanced Sight

Wolf:                3          150       15         17         14         +5        d8+4       49       x3, x2     57” ground     
Skills: Stealth, Tracking.                         Heightened Senses:  Enhanced Hearing and Smell

T-Max:             3          15000   8          20         60         -2         2d10+6   53       x1, x1    200” ground     
Skills: None        Diminished Senses: Roll Detect Hidden to see motionless objects that are man-sized or smaller


OOC: Fantastic!! AWESOME!!!!


Great issue Jeff!!

Vanguard! Into the Breach!!



OOC: I second that motion!

This issue was like thirteen year-old, 'golden age' of comics cool!

My favorite line:
Strike Omega jeered, “You’re fine. You’ve almost talked him to death!”



OOC: Awesome, everyone!

I particularly like this line:  “You’re fine. You’ve almost talked him to death!”


OOC: Ha!  Should have opened up my e-mails before my reply!  LOVED it!


OOC: Yes, I completely agree.

If this was a Forum that quote would be added to my signature

 “You’re fine. You’ve almost talked him to death!”
                                             - Strike Omega


OOC: Oh, yeah....
Love the Slingshot Omega absorbing Slingshot Alpha to regenerate!  For some reason, it IS kinda disgusting but I don't know exactly why...


The dark metamorphosis of the soul led to Symbiote Omega eventually becoming leader of Vanguard Omega, due to his towering intellect, his relatively preserved Will, and his core belief that the ends justified the means.


OOC: Yes, it is fitting that the creator of the de-evolution serium thereby creating Omega World is the Leader of Vanguard Omega.



OOC: Jeez, go easy on the guy. I called dibs on bad cop!  :)

Thanks everyone.


OOC: Oh, it's all fair enough.  Denny and Harold will tell you I've always had a mild dusting of megalomania.  Just a hint, mind you... ;)

I echo the sentiments.  Awesome issue.


OOC: Thanks.

"I've always had a mild dusting of megalomania."

So you were the GM, huh? ;)



OOC: Wow.. what a turn!

I have to say that I wouldn't have thought about using my opposite as regeneration material. That, Jeff, is pure evil. I'm not sure how much of a compliment that is..

This leaves me with a bit of an issue. I shouldn't be touching him. So straight fisticuffs is not an option.

What is moveable in this room (and large/heavy, and not something that isn't irreplaceable or immediately required) that I can hit my counterpart with?


Menagerie mind speaks to Slingshot. I have joined with the T-Max. Hopefully the transformation went unnoticed by Omega or maybe think Menagerie Alpha is gone.  Keep Slingshot Omega large and I will bite him from behind.

OOC: Maybe you can find a Bunsen burner to way in front of him or a small blow torch, something to encourage him to keep his large size.




Stephane/ Slingshot wrote:  “That, Jeff, is pure evil. I'm not sure how much of a compliment that is..”

GM: I think it was Nietzsche who said that love is above good and evil. Slingshot Omega must really love Nanite and their child, to be so evil.  J

Also, you’re all in the Computer Lab. No Bunsen burners but there are large heavy consoles (against the north and south walls on the map), some of which are replaceable. Slingy would know which ones.



OOC: I don't know who to attack. Someone want to team up with me?  If not I can spend the turn making sure that Menagerie Omega didn't turn into a spider.



OK, let's get this party started.  Symbiote Alpha will revert to human form and attempt to use the electrical control aspect of Lightning Strike's power to do the exact same thing Symbiote Omega is doing--take direct control of Omega's energy form.  If he succeeds, he'll use the energy he currently is at the moment to attack, oh, let's say, Slingshot Omega.

But truthfully, since the Alpha and Omega teams seem to be mirroring each other's moves, he's expecting--almost hoping--that Hal Omega reverts to human form as well.  In that case, Halpha will go ahead and try to use the tool on his counterparts "off switch."  His counterpart may try doing the exact same thing but since Hal moved and concealed that port, he's hoping the worst he'll get is a painful poke in the back.  Symbiote Omega, on the other hand, will hopefully be depowered.  I suspect all this may take more than one round but still, this will be my moves unless the situation changes drastically.

OOC and somewhat off topic:  Clearly, with the slow pace of posting we need some heroic inspiration!  Thanks to Harold (who initially found the Wiki link below) I have just the thing--a real-life World War II-era super hero, a true equivalent to Marvel's Union Jack, and the man Chuck Norris checks under his bed for each night.  I give you...Jack Churchill (second link contains some NSFW language):

Hard to believe there hasn't been a movie made out of his life already.  Clive Owen would be great for a modern version, but Sean Connery in his prime would've been absolutely perfect.


Sentinel Omega seethed, unable to look “Lancaster” in the eyes, “He was murdered! What wouldn’t YOU be willing to do to bring him back?!
“Here, he’s alive! But here he’ll soon be murdered again! Thanks to you! You won’t be able to prevent it. But I will. Now, I’m finally ready to do what must be done. We’ll be able to prevent all of it! With this new chance!”

“Kirk this isn’t your world and we aren’t you.  We stopped the Primate and prevented the Animal Revolution.  We stopped the invasion of the Entity.  We foresaw the possibility of the world turning on those of us with gifts and forged an organization to spearhead the unity between human and superhuman kind, and it’s working!  We’re working together for a better future. 

What wouldn’t I be willing to do to bring him back, you ask?  That’s easy.  Anything I’d be ashamed to tell him about.  Anything I’d hide from him.  Anything I know he’d give his life to prevent.

Kirk, we’ve chosen to be heroes.  We can’t expect the luxury of dying in our sleep at a ripe old age.  We’ve chosen the road of self-sacrifice.  Gramps did that decades before we were alive and he never looked back.  And he wouldn’t want us to either.

The energy image of Lancaster had faded, but for Kirk Omega it was as if he’d heard him speaking again.  He saw his younger self mouthing the words, but could swear that it was Lancaster beckoning him.

You’d forgotten who you were… but no longer!  You remember now. I know you do.  What you’ve become… this isn’t you.  You’re done with it! And you’re going to make a difference again.  Do you hear me Kirk; you are going to find redemption.  You will again become the hero you were always meant to be.

And with that Kirk’s energies slammed into Sentinel Omega …

Hopefully giving him what he needs to turn around and taking him out of this battle today.

OOC:  I’d asked for an energy read on the Eon device previously to see if it was showing any aspects of energy and will request that Kirk definitely ‘locks’ onto it this turn with his senses.  If anyone tries to take it from Dynamo, Kirk will attempt to secure it with the movement of his energy if possible.

Tom:  At this point I've got Sentinel Omega with his shields down and will try to take him out of the battle (and am hopefully planting the seeds of a turnaround after this battle for him) but have no idea if I've enough force to do it - I'd taken a slam from both Slingshot and Symbiote Omega and have little left under my shields, but I believe only our Slingshot has tagged their Kirk so far, so feel free to take him out - perhaps you can give Jeff a couple of possible options, but as much as I'd like to take my counterpart out, its more important that he's taken out period to turn this battle around ... especially if you can take a shot at him before our turn and before he possibly gets his shields back up (not sure how that will work just now).

My primary energy sense readings are turning to the Eon device, but if Jeff allows some more usage if I'm aware of where Menagerie Omega has gone with my energy sense, I'll point him out to you.  Or if you knock out Sentinel Omega and I've got an attack still, I'll go for Menagerie Omega


PS: Re: Mad Jack:
Well, I know who we'll be meeting when Jeff gets us into some time travel to WWII.  That guy is amazing!

Thanks to you and Harold for sharing his story.  It's hard to believe there was someone that truly was that dynamic (and that virtually nobody has heard of him).


[ooc] I'm not quite sure what I want to do this issue. The mirroring effect is complicating things a little.[/ooc]

Slingshot slaps Slingshot Omega's hands away. "Scott, I'm not standing between you and your child. I'm standing between you and _my_ child. You know I would do just about anything to protect them, but this?  This is not like us. Vanguard has always been about helping the fellow man! Remember all the work we do with REACH. How could you have dropped so far? If you want to avoid what happened on your side, then tell me what happened and I'll be better prepared. If you simply want to take over, then expect the smack down that you're about to receive, because you know just as much as I do that I will NEVER let you touch my family."

[OOC] If he backs down, Scott will let him explain himself, possibly garnering intel on what is about to occur. If Omega continues to attack, then Scott will grab the biggest replaceable console and pound the living shit out of him.


OOC Replies to Seth/Sentinel:

1) You took away much of Sentinel Omega's energy. He hasn't much left with which to rebuild his shields.

2) The Ring of Eon has gone dead. It gives off no energy to sense. If it activates again, within your range, you will be aware of it.

3) You said:  "If anyone tries to take it from Dynamo, Kirk will attempt to secure it with the movement of his energy if possible."

Understood, but it will probably take an action, not movement, to do this (if that's what you meant). It may even require a special attack targeting the Ring (the same way you would need a special attack to blind someone, hit them in the head to try to knock them out, or hit them in the hand to make them drop their weapon. A "special attack" means you need to make 2 successful "to hit" rolls. If you fail either, the entire attack fails). fyi.
Then again, so would anyone trying to take it from Dynamo, most likely.



OOC: Thanks Jeff.

At this point, since we are currently in battle and my actions are being used elsewhere and no move has been made, perhaps if he sees an attempt he can try to use movement of his construct to make it more difficult or something along those lines (ie move his energy into a wall in front of Dynamo as an extension or something along those lines) - since it isn't an 'attack' I'd understand the effect would be minimal and the attacker would have a good chance of sidestepping, going around, etc, but perhaps it might assist slightly.  And again, I suppose it would all depend on what else is happening and Kirk is doing at that moment with his movement, etc.  If somehow you feel he would be in a position to be aware and do something fine, if not, then in the midst of the chaos of this battle I understand and no hard feelings here as a player.  You are always fair when it comes to this sort of stuff.




Menagerie marvels at the feeling of power and at the T-Max’s poor eyesight. “I have to choose my targets carefully”, he thinks.  The Shapeshifting Shaman looks carefully to see if Menagerie Omega is hiding somewhere in the lab. “I not sure if I could even see him if he was in his spider form”.
Menagerie thought-sends to his teammates, “I have joined with the T-Rex form.  I don’t know what has happened to Menagerie Omega.  If you see a spider, assume it is Omega’s new form.”
OOC: Menagerie will attack the Vanguard Omega member that presents the best target.  Order of preference is Sentinel O, Slingshot O, and Symbiote O but will let the tactical situation dictate over preference.



OOC: No real change in actions.  Keep attacking Avatar Omega in the same manner, making use of Luck Points (and always making sure that I don't spend that last one) since he does not seem to be able or willing to do so.

IC: "Yield to me!  The path that you've chosen is NOT the hero's path!"


Lightning Strike:
Strike looks around and begins to see that the tide was turning and Vanguard Omega was reeling but they were still dangerous.  Once he heard that Omega may be targetting Dynamo to get at that ring, Strike moved quickly to watch Dynamo's back.  Seeing that most of the villains were occupied and also realizing that pairing up with his counterpart would basically just power each other up, he will target Talon Omega who hopefully will be in such a rage that he won't be looking for other attacks.

If Strike sees someone moving to attack Dynamo, he will shift his attack to whoever from Vanguard Omega is attacking Dynamo in order to ensure they don't get their greedy little hands on that ring.

Take care,


In a push of thought and pain, Clone felt his collective mind come under attack from the invading personality and memories of the absorbed members of the Clone Omega collective! He struggled desperately against the dark images that flashed before him like a deluge of long lost memories that had finally found their way home . . . and he overcame them!

He knew that the world was a better place then his evil counterpart’s memories tried to convince him of. He knew that hope and love would always stand triumphantly over hatred and evil, and that goodness and purity would always force back the monsters that lurked deep within the souls of all of us.

It was a memory from when he was a child that saved him, a memory so pure in its innocence that a whimsical grin briefly slipped across his face. It was a memory of a small boy and his mother sitting on the corner of his bed late one evening. The boy’s mother was explaining to him why God allows the evil things that happen to us all to happen. The boy’s mother said,”If it weren’t for the bad things and the bad people, we wouldn’t be able to recognize the good things and the good people. It’s the bad things in the world . . .” The little boy then interrupts,”. . .like when the older boys at school call me bad names and try to punch me because I look different?” The woman looks down at her son and says,”Yes . . . bad things like that . . .” After a brief pause she looks down upon her sons face and gently caresses his cheek with the back of her hand and continues,” . . . its those types of things that make the good things stand out so much more . . . do you understand Alexi?” The pale skinned mutant boy then looks up at his more and says trepidatiously,”I think so . . . its sort of like when I accidentally eat the really gross tasting piece of candy, but then find the one that tastes really, really good . . . is that right mama?” After a quick burst of loving laughter the woman says with a smile,”Yes little one . . . it’s just like that”

With a big hug and a quick kiss to her son’s forehead, the boys mother says, ”Ok . . . its passed your bedtime young man . . . lets say your prayers and then its off to bed – ok?” The boy smiles, quickly nods his head in agreement and responds,”Yes mama”

The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not want.
He maketh me to lie down in green pastures:
He leadeth me beside the still waters.
He restoreth my soul:
He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name' sake.

This memory of his childhood serves to bolster his inner fortitude and rejuvenates his sense of self. As his eye stare defiantly back at his dark doppelgangers duplicates, he clenches his fist tightly around his newly acquired staff weapon and readies himself for battle. He knows that he fights not only for the very safety of his world and all of its inhabitants, but for his very right to exist as well.

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I will fear no evil: For thou art with me;
Thy rod and thy staff, they comfort me.
Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies;
Thou annointest my head with oil; My cup runneth over.

Clone Alpha then thinks to himself ( OOC: knowing that Clone Omega can hear his thoughts ),”Maybe its me . . . I don’t know . . . I don’t understand how things could have gotten like this . . . there must be some kind of goodness still pumping through his darkened heart. I can not believe that this is the man I am capable of becoming. I have laid waste to an entire world . . . left its landscape riddled with ruins, and helped lead the human race into a dismal future governed by fear and yolked by hopelessness. I have done this with regret in my heart and the knowledge that it was wrong, and yet I have still come here to this world in search of a second chance. A second chance that will leave this world as barren and as devoid of hope as the world I have just left’ and yet it will be within this destruction that I will seek the forgiveness and absolution for the things that I have done?” He then remembers something his father once said to him,”Son . . . If you lie to yourself enough times . . . and with enough conviction . . . then some day your lie will eventually become your truth”.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life,
and I will dwell in the House of the Lord forever.

Amen . . .

Clone Alpha then suddenly and without warning lowers his weapon, throws his shoulders back and stands tall before his evil counterpart. His voice rings with a sense of melancholy truthfulness and grace as he says aloud ( OOC: In Ukrainian ),”Come . . . let us end this . . . let us put an end to the pain that we feel, and let us find forgiveness within our hearts for what we have done.” With that said, Clone Alpha and his duplicates slowly walk defenseless towards Clone Omega and his duplicates with their arms stretched outward in an effort to peacefully embrace his misguided future self.


Clone Alpha is hoping that regardless of which Clone absorbs which; Alpha absorbing Omega or vice versa, that the purity within his soul and his strength of character and conviction will stand tall and in the end there will only be Clone Alpha.

This is quite a gamble I know, but I felt compelled to go this route because I couldn’t help but feel that this is definitely what Clone Alpha would try to do - a blind leap of faith. A true spiritual battle for his soul fought with ideals and beliefs rather then fists and weapons.

Talk to you all soon,


Great post.

And it's funny, I'd actually thought of a flashback sequence to go with my post thinking it appropriate, but simply didn't have the time to pen it all.  Yours worked nicely with the actions... and hopefully breeds success in your actions.



Talon will continue to press Talon Omega with everything he's got. Throw finesse to the wind and let rage and brute force win this fight.

"Give it up, old man!" Talon growls. "There's no shame in losing to someone who's stronger and faster than you.....Your time is done!"