Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vanguard: Issue 154: Wedding and/or Battle of the Decade!

On the wedding day of Slingshot and Nanite, Lightning Strike discovered that Jim Harrik had put a price on Vanguard’s head! The reward was membership in Homicide for Hire. Now, the auditioners had come to St. Patrick’s Cathedral to murder Vanguard and win their prize!

Newscopters that came for the wedding, stayed to film the fight as innocent bystanders began to flee the extranormal battle royale, escorted by Sgt. Stone, Nathan Lamb and the CHESS Knight Honor Guard.

Sentinel had been blinded by Killshot’s flare arrow! Sentinel had half-expected this sort of attack. It temporarily took out his sight, one of his senses. Thankfully unlike the rest of the world, he had one to spare. He had already been focusing his energy senses on the event; he now focused it even more as he had trained to do by his grandfather, the original, golden age Sentinel! [Activates Energy Sense. His range lets him sense the current positions Damocles, Inside Man, Sgt. Stone, Slingshot and Chain, but no further!]
Kirk spoke into his communicator, “Be aware, the Inside Man has at least some sort of telepathic abilities; I felt him trying to get inside my head.” All he got back was static. Their communications were being jammed!

Inside Man was Kirk’s biggest concern as a mentalist. He formed a fearsome hammer of solid energy and slammed down on the insidious invader! WHAMM! [This was Sentinel’s saved action from last issue]
Inside Man was hit and badly hurt, knocked down but still conscious. “Aah! Nooo!” he whimpered, casting his eyes about feverishly for his next move.

Chain leapt down from his rooftop, spinning effortlessly through space, and landed on his feet in the street. Spinning a bladed chain over his head, he slowly increased the radius of the arc as he closed with Slingshot!
Shing shing shing shing THUNK! The chain wrapped around Slingshot’s arms and torso and the blade tore into Slingshot’s back! [5 from Power, 7 from Hits]
Chain quickly wrapped his end of the chain around his elbow and palm three times and leaned away from Slingshot to tighten the slack, pinning Scott’s arms. The ninja braced himself against Slingshot’s legendary strength, using the advantage of leverage to tighten the slack if Scott tried to stretch free!

Overdrive raced away from the trapped Avatar, building speed until KRACK! He clubbed Avatar yet again, laughing sadistically! Caught in Web’s webbing, Avatar couldn’t avoid the attack, nor could he roll with it!!! [28 points of damage! All to hits! Avatar retains consciousness!!]

Avatar saw his chance! As Overdrive charged, the demi-god of destiny tackled him, pulling the brutal bullet into the adhesive webbing, robbing him of his main advantage: speed! Avatar grappled his adversary with his one free arm, crushing him around the middle with his god-given strength [Ares, that is] in a one armed bearhug!

Overdrive snarled and reeled wildly like a bear caught in a trap, succeeding only in further tangling himself in the super-strong silk cement!

Web was loathe to share his target with Overdrive. The agile arachnoid leapt from the building, straight down into Avatar kicking him in the back from mid-air! WHACK! [10 points! Can’t be rolled with. All off hits. Avatar almost loses consciousness, but remains awake!]
“He’s mine, you blundering dope,” Web jeered at Overdrive, only infuriating the psychotic speed demon further!

Killshot smiled at her blind foe, “Now we’re even.” She tranquilly loosed again on Sentinel, confident in her chances of taking down Vanguard’s leader. Thoo! KA-BOOOMM!! The micro-explosive in the arrowhead detonated on contact with Sentinel’s energy shields! [17 points! All off shields!]

Symbiote, weakened by The Fly and hit by The Voice, chose to go on the offensive, in a way that he hoped would throw off The Fly's juju. He circled around, and struck at The Voice with the flat of his palm to absorb the Vocalizing Villain's powers! Hal heard the Harper Harness hum to life, replicating these super powers!

1) Sonic Abilities: The power to generate and manipulate sound waves. Range is 30”, 1d12 damage. On a successful special roll to hit (to do so), Hal has a 15% chance of destroying an object (not including living things): the sonic waves cause objects to shatter like glass. Chance to mimic a sound or frequency is Int x 3%. PR=1 per shot, or per use as a defense.
Defense: it takes a saved action to throw up sonic interference in front of each incoming attack. Doing so earns the character Sonic Abilities defense as per the combat chart.

2) Flight: Hal can propel himself through the sky with no visible means of support. Hal’s maximum speed is 330 MPH. No "hyper-flight." PR=1 per hour of flight. Flying is movement only.

3) Heightened Attack: Hal adds + 6 to all sonic damage, due to the intensity of the Voice’s sonic blasts. Also, he adds 6% to the chance to destroy an object sonically.

4) Weakness: Special Requirement: Hal must be able to sonically project in order to fly. He may do so at a frequency inaudible to human ears. But he can’t fly in a vacuum, if he’s gagged, has laryngitis, etc.

Somehow the DNA template change freed Symbiote of the insidious power of the Fly! [Activating the Harness earned Hal another saving throw against the fatigue effect. Hal made the save and is no longer fatigued!]

The Fly’s loathsome voice buzzed as he watched Menagerie disappear [ie: transform into a Spider]! He held out his black gloved hand and more flies “bled” from where Symbiote had slashed his costume! They formed a huge cloud of flies that then descended upon Menagerie, Symbiote and the Voice!
[5 points of damage to each from insect bites! Cannot be rolled with!]

The Voice, the living death knell, writhed beneath the insect swarm. He prepared to sonic scream at Symbiote again when suddenly his head jerked backwards. “Urk!” he gurgled as his body seized up. Then he fell from the sky like a meteor, with the silent culprit, Menagerie in Spider form, riding his unconscious form as it plummeted down hundreds of feet to the pavement below!

Menagerie ignored his own peril and telepathically thought-sent the dire situation that the President was in to the rest of Vanguard and Sgt. Stone! The super-shaman then thought-sent to Slate, Nanite, Clone, Doc Rocket and Shelley: “That isn't the real Scott but has to be the villain that copied his powers and fought him right before Shelley and I joined Vanguard! The villain copied Scott's weaknesses as well. This villain had stolen Slingshot's power and had tried to kill him! Don't hold back!!!”
Below him, the sidewalk loomed large as it rushed at him! [Menagerie and the Voice hit at the end of next ish!]

When Sentinel heard about the happenings with the POTUS, a part of him breathed a sigh of relief. “At least we knew Harrik’s primary target,” he thought. “Now we just have to prevent his objective. It was also likely Caine’s move. Eliminate his best competition in the presidency bid and discredit the hero community in one shot. Although even if I’m right, I’m sure there would be no way to trace the contract back to him. Likely Harrik wouldn’t even know he was the ultimate source; Caine was too smart, too careful for that.”

Meanwhile, the uncanny Catman saw the Silent Killer attack Dexter Sinister Jr. and now Triceratops. The feline felon smelled a rat. He lunged at the silent killer with his steel claws bared!
“Who are you working for?!” he hissed as he slashed him! [14 points! 5 from Power Points. 9 off Hits!]

The Silent Killer, aka Lightning Strike, ignored the question and without a word leapt into the manhole he had just opened. Out of sight, he raced to the first electrical conduit and transformed into living electricity! SHAKOW! He was gone. [continued below!]

Black Sheep tumbled backwards to the rooftop door, opened it and descended into the building!

Damocles cut her energy sword at the sightless Sentinel again! SKRAG! [Sentinel rolls higher than his shield rating and…] The hot blade got past his shields and into the beacon of liberty himself! [12 points of damage! 5 from Power Points. 7 from Hits] “You can’t escape me,” her exterior speaker crackled. “Hold still, child, and I’ll make this quick.”

Inside Man scrambled to his feet, clearly panicked. He moved forward looking for salvation, until he was beneath Sentinel. Then his eyes landed on Sgt. Stone and he smiled smarmily.

Sgt. Stone, who was coming back to help Vanguard, suddenly stopped in his tracks. The massive man-mountain of granite slowly tore open a nearby building. He hefted several tons of wall in his hand, readied to hurl it at Sentinel when…

With Damocles still hanging onto his energy shield, Sentinel quickly attacked Inside Man again with his monolithic energy hammer! SLAMM!! The albino mind controller was unconscious!

Sgt. Stone snapped out of it. He looked at the tons of damage he had just caused to private property. “Damn,” he muttered. “Oh well,” and busted off a smaller piece of masonry and then turned and threw the small boulder at Killshot! “Surprise sweetheart,” he said.
KRUNCH! Killshot was crushed between the massive missile and the wall she was leaning against! She fell to the rooftop, unconscious! Fwump.

Jack Lantern strolled up Madison, whistling and leisurely twirling a knife in his gloved hand. He turned the corner and saw Clone unconscious, near Web, Avatar and Overdrive. Smiling gleefully, he ambled over to the motionless Clone, pulled Clone’s head up to expose his throat. “The prize, spread before my feet. The contest, so easily won.” He clucked as he readied his long glimmering knife and…

“Back off, pumpkin brain!” yelled Web. “He’s mine!”
“The hell he is!” raged Overdrive from his gloppy prison! He yelled over Avatar’s head: “I’m the one that decked the Russkie in the first place!” [Overdrive loses his speed–fueled second attack, due to the web.]

At this point, a little boy, maybe seven years old, ran toward Avatar, holding out a pen and paper for an autograph. ”Mr. Avatar?! You’re my hero!” He was ten feet away from the murderous brawl!

Triceratops crawled out of the crater he had just formed, stepping on the unconscious Black Ice on his way. He looked at Slingshot angrily, snorted and charged again! BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! The Jurassic juggernaut lowered his head at the last moment, slamming Slingshot with his horns!

“…no,” said Chain.

KA-SLAMM! [18 points of damage! Scott rolls with 5, and takes 13 off Hits!]
Slingshot flew south 40 feet, and took Chain with him! Chained to Slingshot, the ninja was pulled hard into a nearby building’s stone wall! SLAM! His arm, which was wrapped in the other end of the chain, dislocated and he fell to the ground in agony! The chain around Slingshot slackened, freeing him.

Triceratops, oblivious of any of that, snorted, huffed and stomped the ground like a bull ready to charge again!

Slingshot had to save the President, especially since his wife and child were there with the imposter.
"Harrik! I'll get you for this!" Scott yelled out to no one in particular. In the communicator, he said, "Vanguard, I have to go and save them. I'm sorry. Take care of the riff raff here." All he got back was static. Their communications were being jammed!

Then the malleable man of might used his amazing stretching powers to race to the basement of St. Patrick’s Cathedral! Plowing through the Cathedral doors, stretching, running, bending, twisting, flying down the stairwell, stretching over the heads of the wedding guests that jammed the basement corridors, using walls as anchors like a metahuman Jackie Chan, at speeds that sometimes exceeded 120 MPH!
A wedding guest yelled, “There’s Slingshot!” as he passed overhead!

But before Slingshot reached the basement…

The ancient basement of St. Patrick’s Cathedral, smaller than the level above it, appeared to be forged of the original stone. The space was small, cramped and dark. Hundreds of nervous wedding guests packed a small hall to storage and the crypts of every man who ever held the title of Archbishop of the Diocese of New York.

Then five gunshots rang out! The wedding guests panicked! Screams! Pushing! The Clones and Ethan were swimming upstream! They saw Shelley, Doc Rocket, Felicity Chase and Nanite, who was near Scott’s estranged father and brother. “The President was in there!” Depp yelled, indicating a direction furthest from the stairwells.

Slate and some Clones pushed through in that direction, and Nanite followed her son!
They broke from the crowd into an empty area of the basement, burst into a dark chamber and saw Slingshot standing over five unconscious Secret Service agents. Their pistols were scattered across the floor, along with a few cellphones. Scott held the President of the United States in one hand and his other hand was formed into a giant hammer, as he readied to murder the President!

A rat that pushed through a crack in the wall of the dark chamber served as the eyes and ears of Menagerie, who had extended his Nature Sense to watch the area. Now the sorcerous superhero knew of these events!

Scott looked at Clone, Nanite and Slate and said: “Stop! Trust me. This must be done. For all of us.”

Menagerie suddenly thought-sent to Slate, Nanite, Clone, Doc Rocket and Shelley: “That isn't the real Scott but has to be the villain that copied his powers and fought him right before Shelley and I joined Vanguard! The villain copied Scott's weaknesses as well. This villain had stolen Slingshot's power and had tried to kill him! Don't hold back!!!”

But in appearance, speech, mannerism, in every way, this was Slingshot! He raised his hand to strike and…

“Then let me do it,” said Slate as he put his hand in front of Nanite and Clone to stop them.
Using Vanguard hand signals, Slate simultaneously asked his father ids he was alright, and if he needed anything.

Slingshot held his action for a moment and watched his son warily. He did not reply to the hand signals.

“Help me!” said the President.
“Scott?” said Nanite in disbelief.

Slate slowly moved forward into the room, hands open and visible. “I know it could look bad if it were to come out that you had killed the president, you already have a bit of a reputation after the Silas Caine incident.”

The President’s eyes widened in fear. Slingshot’s eyes narrowed in suspicion.

Slate continued, “If I do it, it’s going to reflect on all metahumans. You know I can do this, if it has to be done.” Again he signaled, why? There was no response.

Slate was almost sure this was not Slingshot, rather someone sent to damage his father’s reputation and put extranormals in a bad light. Assuming that to be true, and that Slate could convince him that Slate could do it better… maybe he’ll let the president go.

No one moved a muscle. Tension built. “All right, son,” said Slingshot calmly. “You do it.”

Then all hell broke loose.

Five more Clones suddenly charged the room with staves ready! Their intentions were unmistakably clear: release the President now or they would take him by force!
The Silent Killer (whom none knew was really Lightning Strike) raced into the chamber!
Zephyr flew into the room! Shelley had worn the Windsuit under her bridesmaid’s dress!
Seeing his chance, Slate desperately leapt the last five feet between him and his father, trying to throw himself between Slingshot and the president!
Slingshot moved to smash the President! WHAM! Slate took the brunt of the impact! [12 points of damage! 7 from Power. 5 from Hits] But not all of it!

The President was hurt and fell to the ground unconscious, but not seriously injured! President Taylor, a former astronaut, was in excellent health for his age.

With the President clear, three Clones struck at Slingshot with their staves! WHACK! KRAK! Two connected! Slingshot was still standing.
One Clone pulled Slate back from Slingshot and the president!
Another Clone pushed Nanite from the room. ‘No wait!” she yelled.
Another Clone scooped up the President and carried him from the chamber!
More Clones were outside the room!

Then another Slingshot suddenly hurtled into the room! He poured himself back into humanoid form and said:
"Skin Deep. Give it up, right this moment."
He stretched an arm past the Clones and touched the other Slingshot, trying Slingshot Omega’s regeneration attack! Nothing happened! This Slingshot was not made out of rubber!

The false Slingshot glowered intently and said, “Backup.”

One of the shadows in the dark chamber jumped. Then, from behind Vanguard, out stepped the shadow of a man. Except it had no caster.

It was the Luddite!
The zealot who tried to kill Nanite! The assassin who murdered Lightning Strike’s wife! He looked just as he did the last time they saw him, when they battled in Silas Caine’s penthouse offices. [Issue 56, true believers]

The Luddite spoke to Nanite over Slate and a Clone: “Did you really think we forgot about you, infection of the Digital Zone? Did you really think that we’d let you breed?!” he glared pure hatred at Slingshot and Slate. “And bring about the end of the human race??”
Those last six words reminded Scott of the conversation he had with Silas Caine on the day his son was born!

The suddenly everything in the area lost power! The living shadow that men called the Luddite had absorbed all the electricity into himself! The lights went out. Communicators died. Zephyr’s Windsuit lost all power! Clone felt Nanite swoon in his arms.
But Slate was unaffected. The Luddite seemed surprised at that and then the room and everyone in it was plunged into pitch darkness!

But the Clone near Rachel Ray and the other guests was not. Nor was a second rat near them who served as the all-seeing eyes of Menagerie. The Luddite’s area of effect did not reach them.

OOC: Actions please!

Current Conditions:
Avatar: Hit Points: 110, Power Points: 83, Manifestation: Hera and Ares!
Clone: Bodies: 12, Hit Points: 2 each, Power Points: 39 each, Hit Point Pool: 22
Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 39, Power Points: 45, currently disguised as the Silent Killer.
Menagerie: Hit Points: 21, Power Points: 61, Form: Spider
Sentinel: Hit Points: 23, Power Points: 51, Creation Points: 102, Shields: 70, Blinded!
Slate: Hit Points: 30, Power Points: 63
Slingshot: Hit Points: 39, Power Points: 43, Invulnerability: 0 until Issue 155
Symbiote: Hit Points: 34, Power Points: 66, Charges: 11, Copied: Voice

[Cathedral Basement End of Issue Map: Each map square is 5 feet / 1”. Characters are in scale.]

[Exterior End of Issue Map: Each map square is 40 feet / 8”. Characters are not in scale.]


Jeff, how completely is Overdrive caught in the web? How close is Web to Avatar? Is Overdrive caught up in the web enough that Avatar could release him to attack Web and him still be caught up in the web? Is the little boy carrying any quantum physics books?


Hi Harold,
Overdrive is stuck across his torso, one leg, one truncheon and one arm. If Avatar released him, he’d still be stuck. This stuff is like Crazy Glue.

For Overdrive (or Avatar) to get out would require him to exhaust all his movement, earning him a saving throw attempt of Strength % chance to escape. Additionally, he may also expend his Attack doing this, which would give him another saving throw attempt.

As long as he (or Avatar) is trapped, he cannot roll with damage, he is +4 to be hit, and he cannot move from his square although he can turn around 180 degrees.

Web is close enough for Avatar to strike him with a long weapon, like his spear or sword, but not with his hands.

The little boy appears to be just that to Avatar’s eyes. If he isn’t an intergalactic doppelganger, then he must have lost his family when the crowds fled. There’s no way he got here himself. His family must be worried to death looking for him right now. He seems oblivious to the danger of being so close to so many supervillains and is still advancing toward Avatar, starstruck.



OOC: Great issue! And always surprises from nowhere ...certainly didn't expect the Luddite, in fact, for some reason I thought he was dead. And you just had to throw the kid at Avatar because, you know, he didn't have enough already... whew!

If I don't know yet I can do if than ... but with the assist from Stone taking out Killshot it looks like Damocles is next. Any read back from my energy sense about a power source? How about the creeping energy attack to try to enter the armor thing from last issue posting - does it look like that was a possibility ... if not, the energy whip thing, is that attached to Damocles or handheld? Since she 'has me' I was thinking of using that to Kirk's advantage by turning his energy shields into a shredder and pulling Damocles in by the lash, taking away the weapon and hopefully shredding up the armor a bit.

If I have a sense of any of that being a better choice, let me know.

There were no comments about trying to shake off the blinding. Did I fail rolls or is it simply just time before it starts to return? Also wondering if Damocles was close enough to be affected by it? Although certainly seems not.



OOC: Hi Seth,
You remembered correctly. The Luddite had a glorious comicbook death.

Sentinel can detect Damocles’ armor’s power source. It’s on her back. Her whip is attached to the armor’s forearm.
Sentinel’s attempt to sneak past her armor isn’t possible. The way you described how you’d use your energy constructs, it might be possible if the armor was damaged*, but right now it’s airtight.
*Even then it would be a “special attack” (two successful rolls to hit or else you miss entirely).

Sentinel hasn’t made his saving throw against blindness (his Endurance on d100%), which he gets to roll between every turn (ie: every two issues of combat). I’ll let you know if and when he makes it.

Damocles isn’t behaving as if she’s blind. She could have been looking away, could have been missed, or her helmet visor could have offered her some special protection.



Slingshot: Private to GM:
OOC: Mean GM.. innocent bystanders in the midst of a fight?!


GM: Private to Slingshot:
OOC: Mean?
For giving a hero the opportunity to display his valor?
Certainly you meant generous. 


Slingshot: Private to GM:
:) Of course! what am I thinking!

I have to admit you've been nice over the time with potential bystander situations..


OOC: Awesome Issue! Hey, Hey Luddite's back!

Is Menagerie considered to be holding Voice in his Spider form or should I write my actions as if he is not holding Voice?

Does Menagerie sense anything unusual about the flies or are they typical flies that appear to be under The Fly's control?

Would Menagerie be able to tell through the rat that Slingshot wasn't able to absorb the fake Slingshot?

I am considering changing into T-Max, Am I too high where the landing would be too much?

IC: Menagerie thought-sent to the rest of the team: "Situation update! Luddite is back! or has a twin! or a son! oh crap! He's back and in league with the fake Slingshot. Our Slingshot has arrived to help stop the fake but Luddite and the Silent Killer have appeared as backup. Luddite has drained the area creating a blackout. Zephyr's suit is drained and Nanite is down. I still can't find Lightning Strike! We have to assume his is MIA and out of the fight."



OOC: Thanks Tom.

Not sure what you mean by “holding Voice.” Menagerie, in his Spider form, is still on the back of the Voice’s neck, as the Voice plummets to the street!

Flies, like those emanating from the Fly, are not predators. And Menagerie hasn’t spent an action to activate his psychometry ability. The flies have a similar aura as the Fly. They, and he, are anathema to the Natural Order.

Menagerie can’t tell through the rat what Slingshot was attempting to do, or if he succeeded. It looked like he put his open hand on the other Slingshot’s chest, maybe to say “stop.”

Menagerie is falling from a height of 100 feet (20”). His web’s range (1”) cannot reach any nearby buildings/structures. Spider’s agility is 18, so he’ll take falling damage.
The T-Max would cause damage to the street from this height. Even if you transform at the last second, the Spider’s velocity would be transferred to the T-Max.



OOC: I'm hoping the new timing works for everyone. And again Jeff uses every comic book twist ever created. Nice!
Also, just to make sure, the president was removed from the War Zone that is the basement by one of the clones, right? Trying to get priorities - Nanite, President, Innocent Bystanders, etc...

IC: Slate watched as the events unfolded, his father appearing and facing his doppelganger, all the clones pouring into the room, and two new villains appearing. When saw the villain appearing from the shadows, he quickly accessed the memories of his father’s battle with the Luddite in Silas Caine’s office… He continued to cross reference mentions of the villain, leading him back to the original “death” of Nanite.

As the police image of his mother lying in a pool of some liquid like some anonymous murder scene came to memory his eyes began to sparkle looking familiar to anyone who had ventured to the digital world, it was what IT’s power manifestation had looked like. Slate stood from where the alternate slingshot had knocked him. As the Luddite’s abilities knocked out the power in the area, Slate felt something within him change. Organ’s that hadn’t been functioning suddenly jumped to activity. He felt blood pulsing through his veins, and again the anger that these villains had come against them on this day, a day that was supposed to be a joyous one for his family. The Luddite had seemingly killed his mother before, and had started the consequences that had led to IT’s almost taking over this dimension.

Neither of those things was going to happen if Slate had anything to say about it. Before the lights went out, Slate and the Luddite had been toward the end of the room together. Slate might not be able to see him, but he knew where he had been last.

Slate determined to digitize the Luddite. Their powers would seem to be almost opposites, Slate’s changing matter into a digital representation, and the Luddite’s removing all trace of technology. Slate used his heightened comprehension to determine where the Luddite should be based on the direction he had been moving, his velocity, and the space available. He then attempted for the first time to digitize a sentient being, unsure of what the affects might be. He reached out with his mind to find his target, and let his power flow.

OOC: OK, now I'm probably overly paranoid... but, Since there is a Slingshot doppelganger...

IC: Slate calls out into the darkness, "Clone, do you have the President, is he safe?"



IC: Menagerie silently focus his mind. "I have only one chance to do this right." He thought-sends to Vanguard to clear out the area below The Voice. "I am coming down and coming down BIG!". He quickly crawls around The Voice's neck to where he is in front of his body. Menagerie wills himself to change into a Terrordactyl.

OOC: Menagerie's goal is to change into a large flying creature to stop himself from smashing into the ground. He is also attempting to get The Voice on his back so his descent is stopped as well.

Viva Vanguard



May I make an attempt to pull Overdrive free of the web and hit Web with Overdrive, possibly doing damage to EACH of them? I will spend a Luck Point in this endeavor. Perhaps you will allow me to spend the movement AND the action for a greater chance AND still have the action being the smiting of Web with Overdrive since it's all one thing that I'm attempting to do?

Too many things happening around me right now but I have to protect the kid AND try and take out the villains closest to me who are threats to the boy as well as Avatar. Hate leaving Clone to the mercy of another villain but I can't handle all three simultaneously.

If the above request is amenable to you, then that's what Avatar will do.


Seeing the threat to the child, Avatar summons up a mighty resolve to save the boy. Instead of keep pressure on Overdrive, he flexes his divinely-fueled muscles and attempts to pull the stuck speedster free of the webbing and use him as a bludgeoning weapon to strike Web!

"Run, child! You are in terrible danger here!"


OOC: No two actions on a Luck Point, but...
He's already hugging Overdrive, so Movement to attempt to free him and an Action to slam him into Web.

If he fails his Strength save to pull Overdrive free AND his second (luck point fueled) saving throw attempt, then what does he do with his action?



OOC: Continue squeezing and/or pummeling Overdrive (until he's unconscious is the goal, of course) while taunting Web.

"I can't believe you'd let him win that easily, wall-crawler. Not with victory so close. Of course, you still have to beat me. Clone isn't going anywhere..."


[OOC - I'm assuming I'm the one in the middle. Between the Luddite and the other Slingshot (Skin Deep).]

Slingshot can't believe the lack of luck that plagues Vanguard. The President unconscious moments before the real Slingshot appears.[ooc: Player gives the evil eye at GM]

Lack of light underground makes for poor visibility. In a small room like this, you don't necessarily need to see with Slingshot's powers. "Luddite and Skin Deep. I have a bone to pick with both of you." With that, Scott will do a tentacle attack in both directions, extending one arm at each of them (where he remembers them being) and spreading to splatter them against the wall and encompassing them until he has a firm grip on both. He will then squeeze HARD.

[OOC: I'm not sure if I have the right imagery here. I'm thinking an attack similar to what Clayface would do. The goal is to mostly make sure they don't slip by us while we don't see anything.]

Scott doesn't care about the Silent Killer at this moment. He's got two arms and two specific foes he wants to take to justice.


Now THIS is better! I tend to believe that a wide-range sonic attack will have more effect against a living swarm.

Hal twists in mid-air, opens wide and screams for all he's worth at the verminous villain, hoping to cause mass casualty on the insects that make up his form.

If he sees the Mosquito Menace fall apart, Symbiote will then immediately head for the cathedral.

Viva Vanguard,



Since currently Damocles whip is surrounding and touching Kirk's shielding he turns that to his advantage. It begins to morph into a swirling mechanism that rotates around the whip pulling it in, stretching it throughout the gears. The hope here is to either rip it off the armor or render it useless and perhaps cause Damocles to lose mobility as her armor is pulled against the construct. The construct would also morph into a shredder of sorts as this happens to further do damage. If it is at all possible to aim to do damage to the power source or remove it from the armor that would be a primary goal to take Damocles out of the battle quicker... hope that makes sense.

As an alternative or if things change in the situation, if Kirk becomes aware of the situation (perhaps gaining sight back or drifts within energy sense of things) Kirk would try to use Triceratops 'charge' against him waiting for the precise moment that he speeds up Kirk's energy would form a ramp/shoot beneath his feet to direct his attack towards Homicide Unlimited.



Lightning Strike:
Strike assessed the situation and realized that the president was out of harms way and he could focus on the Luddite.

He stays in character and says little, barely acknowledging the chaos and darkness around him. Since the room is pitch black, nobody would know who was attacking who so he could maintain his cover. He reaches into his pocket to pull out a bullet (his M.O.) which he will immediately launch at where he knew Luddite to be. I am hoping his power dampening doesn't affect magnetics or momentum, but I don't think it did in our previous battle.

Since this is the killer of his wife, Strike is not concerned about potential lethal damage to Luddite.

Take care all,


This is so exciting! The suspense is killing me!


OOC: Despite this one seeming to have taken less time to build up than some other plot lines, this one is REALLY an interesting one.

I am actually on the edge of my seat more in regard to the repercussions of this stuff than what happens right now. While Vanguard has "done some shit" in its day, direct intervention with a world leader hasn't yet been on the agenda. Not sure if we're going to come out of this tagged as heroes or some sort of danger to society.


OOC: The stunning answer revealed next issue in: Vanguard! Threat or Menace!




Fighting in complete darkness was something completely new to the regiment of replicating Russians. Using their empathic and telepathic link they tried desperately to reach out to each other in order to get a better feel for what was going on around them.

( OOC: because of the crowded conditions and lighting situation I’m not sure what Clone will and will not be able to do – I’ll just provided what he wants to do and you use what you think is possible Jeff )

The Clone next to Rachael Ray does his best to keep his celebrity date to safe ( i.e. taking her into one of the many side rooms in the basement, holding her close and acting as a human shield, etc. )

The Clone carrying The President will make his way as far away as possible from the darkness; but not near the crowds, and duck into one of the many side rooms in the basement. He will be followed by the Clone carrying Nanite.

Despite the darkness, the three Clones attacking Slingshot/Skin Deep will stand their ground and continue to attack the same last location they did last time.

The two Clones blocking the hallways will back up a bit if possible ( OOC: into the light ) and stand guard in the corridors that they’re currently in. Trying to keep the crowds back and the villains corralled.

The four remaining Clones will try to block the doors leading out of the room that Luddite and Slingshot/Skin Deep are currently in ( i.e. two on each door if possible ).

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