Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Vanguard: Issue 191: Out Of Time.

In Vanguard Vault, after the Manta Craft took off for the Atlantic Ocean, a duplicate of Clone peered out of his quarters and went to speak to Mystic.
Clone said, “I think we both know that it’s time we stopped playing it safe and started thinking a bit more proactively." The look in Clone's eyes suddenly got darker as he concluded his thought, "I think it’s time we send me back to Moscow.”

Mystic said, “If that’s what you wish.”

“NO!” shouted a woman’s voice. Both men turned and saw Oracle standing in the doorway to Mystic’s chambers. “It’s suicide. Clone alone against Doctor X and the Soviet Super Soldiers!”
Mystic replied, “It’s his choice. If he succeeds, our cause stands much to gain. If he fails, we lose little.”

“A risk-reward analysis?!” snapped Oracle. “I’m talking about a man’s life!”

“And I’m talking about every life on Earth,” said Mystic. “The hour is late. We’re running out of time. None of our options are desirable now.”  Mystic returned his attention to Clone. “With Vanguard flying to the next artifact, I am rested and can cast a gate spell right now. Where, specifically in Moscow, would you like to go?”

Oracle pleaded, “Clone, don’t do it!”

Clone looked at Oracle with a gentle look of understanding in his eyes as he responded, “I appreciate the concern Oracle; but as Mystic has already explained, the world is at stake here . . . my life is meaningless in the grand scheme of things.”  Thoughts of his dear, sweet Rachel ran through his head and he thought to himself, “If by some miracle I survive all of this, I’m gonna somehow make things right with her.”
With a devilish grin on his face, Clone continued, “Besides, who says I have to go alone? If we could
somehow ‘procure’ me some body armour and assault weapons . . . we could send an army through that gate.”

Mystic said, “Your best chance for success is stealth.  Besides, if you were found in Moscow with CHESS equipment, we’d have a nuclear Armageddon to contend with. One apocalypse at a time, please.”

Clone turned to Mystic and, with the wink of an eye, said in a determined tone, “Okay. Next stop  . . . Moscow.”

Clone shared all the jumbled memories of his time with the Soviet Super Soldiers as Alexi, the Collective, the Rogue Clone and Clone. After a few hours, they estimated the best possible coordinates: beneath the Kremlin!  When Clone recovered the Spear of Destiny, he would use his communicator to contact Mystic who would gate him back. The World Storm had most satellites down, so it could take a while for Clone to contact Mystic.

Just before Mystic was ready to cast the gate spell, he produced an old revolver from his robes.  It looked like it had seen action in WWII. “One more thing. Take this. If you’re in danger of being captured, kill yourself. You’ll disintegrate and re-assimilate with your Clone collective, and escape captivity and torture…  Any questions?”

[OOC: Reply Clone? Are you okay with all the details this plan? If not, this is your last to change it.]


Vanguard descended into the cold ocean depths.  It was immediately apparent that their best speed would be made within Sentinel’s energy constructs. 

Sentinel engulfed everyone, save Menagerie, within an energy sphere that had a breathable atmosphere. With the large hammerhead swimming beside it, the sphere “flew” downward into the bottomless fathoms of the Atlantic Ocean.

Eventually, the sky’s light failed and they continued down through the darkness with flashlights and the glow of Sentinel’s energy construct as their only illumination.
Following the direction of the artifact’s aura, Vanguard descended.

Menagerie’s shark sense detected life forms below. Lots of them! A thin trail of bubbles rose past.

Then they saw it.  A dark silhouette beneath them.  Its size was hard to gauge. Its shape resembled a submarine. Sentinel [and his History skill] saw that it shared some similarities with a WW II era German U-boat.

Surrounding the sub were the life forms Menagerie had detected: dozens and dozens of hammerhead sharks!          

 Sentinel dimmed the brightness of his energy sphere, and Vanguard extinguished their flashlights. [I assume]

Menagerie and Sentinel detected the artifact of power within the submarine! It had the familiar energy signature of the Ring of Eon!

A school of hammerhead moved to suddenly reveal, emblazoned on the hull of the sub, a swastika!  And entwined in its twisted limbs, the symbol of SKULL!
Vanguard knew that SKULL is a worldwide subversive terrorist organization dedicated to global domination. It is the most extensive, powerful, and dangerous such organization in history. They are steeped in mysticism and have access to rare technology and considerable wealth. Their legions are fanatically loyal. No SKULL agent has ever been captured alive. The origin of SKULL is still shrouded in mystery! Some can date it back to the Knights Templar.]

Vanguard also knew that Eon is the evil, time-controlling, galactic celestial who led the alien invasion of Earth, ending the second age of superheroes. The Freedom Force [the 1980's pre-eminent superhero team] stopped the invasion and went missing. Vanguard found the Freedom Force member Nemesis who had been lost in time.  They also encountered Dr. Change, the shapeshifting scientist supervillain who was the archenemy of the Freedom Force. Apparently, Change had been present at the final altercation between Vanguard and Eon, for the sole purpose of acquiring the Ring, the source of Eon's incredible temporal powers. Change succeeded in his mission but the ring lay dormant as Change was trapped in Limbo for so long, he forgot his true identity. Vanguard last saw Dr. Change and the Ring of Eon [in Issue 145] when the ring awoke and Vanguard temporarily controlled it, transporting it and Change back to Limbo.

Menagerie, in Hammerhead form, spoke to the swirling legion of sharks in their own language.  “Greetings, hungry brothers,” he began. He learned that the hammerheads have seen no other metal fish. They did not recognize a description of the Star Giant. They would not attack the “metal fish” with Vanguard. Their orders are to stay near it.

The largest Hammerhead said: "Our master, U-Man, told us to stay near the big metal fish."

Menagerie telepathically shared that with Vanguard.

Vanguard knew that U-Man was a former member of the Ubermensch [Over-Men], a Nazi supervillain team from of WW2! Their ranks included:

Dr. Swastika:  The mad Nazi scientist with a heart as twisted as his name!
Blitzkreig:  The lightning warrior!
Panzer:  The human tank! 
The Aryan:  The perfect man, except for his soul! 
Baroness Von Zero: Ice flows through her royal veins!
U-Man:  The human torpedo!

Vanguard had faced them in their first mission, onboard the Star Giant.  It was unknown how most of the Uber-Men were perfectly preserved after 70 years.

Blitzkreig wasn't there, having died in captivity in 1947 of old age, due to his hyperactive metabolism.

Swastika's head was all that remained of him, in a life support tank.  He kept a "body farm" of subjects that he could somehow place his consciousness into. After "possessing" Director Grey and launching nuclear weapons in a bid to trigger Armageddon, Swastika's consciousness escaped.

The Aryan murdered U-Man before Vanguard's eyes.

Panzer, Aryan and Von Zero were last seen unconscious in the Star Giant's control room as it flooded with sea water.

Inside the energy sphere:

Slate said, “I could probably open some holes in its hull, might force them to surface. Especially if we did it close to the engine room.”

Slingshot said, “There are two options with the sub here. Go in through the door or pound it dead. I would like to make sure we don't leave them to die once we get into the sub to retrieve the item.”

Sentinel said, “At this point the sub is basically a mobile terrorist attack unit/base of ops. I see no reason to leave it functioning, and every reason to make it uninhabitable.  I say we use forcing them to abandon the sub as a means to prevent all or most of them from interfering with our mission to obtain the Ring of Eon.
Menagerie and I can use our senses to guide the team to target the Ring of Eon and the engine room, so we don’t waste time moving through the interior of the sub.”
He looked to the team. “I’m open to all suggestions to improve on the plan or point out problems.”

Clone listened closely to the team as they begin to make suggestions as to how to best tackle the sub and started taking mental notes as to everyone’s overall objective. With a sharp clearing of his throat, the Duplicating Dynamo offered up another suggestion to the group, “What if Sentinel simply formed a Force Field either under or around the sub, purged the water from inside of it, and then guided the sub to the surface with his makeshift lift-bags?” His tone than changed slightly as he raised an eyebrow and said matter-of-factly, “On the other hand; if we did do that, he would have to manage the assent carefully . . . raising the ship too quickly could kill or permanently maim the crew inside.” A twisted look quickly washed over his face as he continued, “ . . . “The Bends” can be a real bitch.”

Symbiote said, "Let me try something.  Sentinel, can you form an “airlock” in the sphere to let us out?”

[OOC: actions begin…]

Sentinel did so, forming a separate chamber within the sphere, and two doors.

Avatar, Slate, Slingshot and Symbiote swam out of the sphere’s “airlock.”  Clone and Sentinel stayed inside it with Ortiz and Manetti.  Communication between the two teams would be difficult underwater.

Avatar had already manifested the powers of Poseidon. He could breathe underwater as he swam effortlessly out to the Hammerhead that was Menagerie.  He planned to ride the shark closer to the sub, and battle!

Menagerie used his hammerhead senses to scan for all living things within a 1 mile radius. He found nothing out of the ordinary.  Then he transformed into a Megalodon, a 60 foot long, prehistoric shark dinosaur! An apex predator from a world of apex predators. [OOC: no Power Point cost, thanks to  Water Breathing B]

[OOC: Megalodon Menagerie stats:
Weight: 30,000 lbs.
Agility: 4
Ferocity: 22
Hit Points: 54 
Power Points: 66
Accuracy: +1
Damage: 3d10
Movement: 140” per turn swimming

-Heightened Senses: can detect living things, or blood, in the water at a range of 1 mile.
-Waterbreathing B:
-Weakness: Special Requirement: Water. Will “drown” without it.]
Over a dozen hammerhead scattered at the arrival of the Megalodon!

Slingshot wore a underwater rebreather and morphed his body back into the shape of a giant manta. A group of hammerheads charged him aggressively and the malleable man of might stretched his fins into large fish nets and tangled up all five of them!

Slate fired a white “static” beam from his eyes, past the shark swarm, at the hull of the sub near the engine room!  BZAT!!  The ray disintegrated a “tunnel” of water between Slate and the submarine, but didn’t reach the sub!  The scion of cyberspace’s heightened comprehension told him he needed to get closer to the sub. At this range he was just disintegrating seawater. But how could he get past the remaining sharks?
[OOC: fyi, Disintegration Ray loses one point of damage per 5 feet of water between user and target.]

Clone evaded, ready for action!  [I assume, so you don’t lose the action]

Symbiote could also breathe water, thanks to Inhuman’s power template and the wondrous Harper Harness.
The super-scientist used Inhuman's ability to communicate with aquatic animals to send one simple message to the surrounding hammerheads.  "Leave, for your own safety.  It's bad here, you could get hurt.  Swim far away, now!"

Ten hammerheads heeded his warning and fled.

Suddenly VWOOOOSHH!  The submarine fired a rear torpedo into Sentinel’s sphere!
KA-BOOM!  The impact rocked the sphere but its integrity held!
[OOC: 21 points of damage to the sphere!] 

[next turn of combat…]

Another torpedo fired into Sentinel’s energy sphere! 
[OOC: 24 more points of damage to the sphere!] 
The beleaguered construct showed cracks across its surface, but didn’t burst open.

Sentinel turned to Clone, Ortiz and Manetti and said, “Hang on.” The sphere hurtled through the remaining hammerheads at the sub’s hull, near the location of the Ring of Eon!

SMASH!!  The impact breached the hull!  [OOC: and also caused the sphere another 11 points of damage! It’s still together!]

There was an explosion of air bubbles near the fissure! Sentinel and Clone could hear sirens going off from within the sub!  They sounded like old German-style claxons, circa WWII.

Clone saved his action!

Slingshot still held his netted sharks. Their desperate thrashings were slowing down. Slingshot knew sharks needed to move in order to breathe. Immobilized, the hammerheads were asphyxiating. He retracted his net tentacles and the five sharks swam off.

Twenty hammerhead sharks remained!

Slingshot swam through them toward the sub!

Seven sharks attacked Slingshot! Four succeeded in biting him with their razor sharp teeth!  [OOC: 7, 9, 8 and 5 points of damage respectively.  Slingy rolls with most of it, and takes 2 from his Invulnerability.]

Slingshot reached the top tower of the sub, and using his incredible strength, tore the iron hatch clean off! A volcanic explosion of air bubbles roared up past him, carrying the noise of sirens!

Symbiote used his newly loaded hydrokinesis power to create a watery vortex in the center of the cluster of sharks, hopefully convincing them that yeah, they REALLY need to leave.  The roiling water cyclone battered the twenty remaining sharks until they broke out and raced away.

All the hammerhead sharks were now gone.

Slate, his path now cleared, swam in his CHESS-issue scuba gear to the submarine. He reached the hull near the engine room and nearly pressed his face against it as BZAT! he fired his eye beams into it, disintegrating a five foot hole into the side of the hull! VROOAR!! Air bubbles gushed out the sub’s latest gaping wound!

Menagerie dove below the crippled, crumpling sub, with Avatar still catching a ride. Menagerie swam up at the belly of the wounded target, gaining speed.

Avatar let go of the Megalodon in the moment before impact. [Costs 2 PP but no action, like “hitting the deck”] The myrmidon of mythology saved his action, waiting for enemies coming out of the damaged sub.  They would find the eternal warrior ready for them… with his spear!

Menagerie accelerated his titanic form and rammed the sub’s underbelly at full speed! 

KRASH!!! The force of the blow, after the combined onslaught of Vanguard’s attacks, tore the sub apart in a sickening groan of bending iron.  An explosion of air bubbles raced to the surface as the metal ruins of the sub slowly sank downward into the darkness below.

From the air bubbles emerged light and motion!
Figures moving!
A familiar golden light!
The energy of the signature of the Ring of Eon, along with other energy sources… some of them very familiar!

Vanguard regrouped in a loose battle formation, preparing themselves for what was about to come!

Avatar readied his spear…

Vanguard couldn’t believe what they saw.

It was…

The golden age superheroes of WWII, young and alive, just as they were back then!

The Original Sentinel!  America’s beacon of justice, and the beloved leader of the Liberty League!  He formed a glowing energy sphere that held most of his team mates.

Agent America!  The star-spangled super spy, escape artist, and master of disguise!  He was wearing a retro high-tech scuba suit, criss-crossed in a web of pouches, holsters and sheaths.

Lady Liberty!  America’s super-strong sweetheart!  She stood beside Sentinel inside his construct, her eyes full of stormy rage.

Doc Rocket!  Britain’s greatest scientific mind, at the prime of life! His flightsuit was fitted with a Flash Gordon-style “futuristic” fishbowl bubble helmet and he swam alongside Agent America. Doc’s rocket pack apparently worked under water.
Sgt. Stone!  The fighting footsoldier with skin of granite and a heart of gold!  He was also standing in the sphere. He looked markedly different from the Stone that Vanguard knew. Full of life and energy, he was relishing all this.  Sentinel and Menagerie detected the Ring of Eon with him.

American Eagle!  The human bird of prey! He stood with the original Sentinel, itching to mix it up.

Blazing Glory!  The fiery flyer!  She was inside the sphere, and clearly a young girl of 16 or 17. Hesitant but putting on a brave face.

The Mystic!  Enigmatic sorcerer and sometime ally of the Liberty League!  Strangely, he looked exactly the same!

“What?” said Ortiz in disbelief.
Manetti said, “… that thing! That thing we flew through!”

[Flashback! From issues 189 and 190!:

“Mayday! Mayday! This is CHESS five zero six niner…”
 “Everyone, your parachutes are under your seats. PUT THEM ON!”
 “7,000 feet and falling.  6,000 feet. 5,000…”
“Pull up! PULL UP!”
“Something won’t LET IT!”
Light flared through the cabin, longer than a lightning flash and without the sound of thunder.
“Can’t keep her up! I’ll put her down in the water! Brace for impact!’
The Manta Craft crashed across the surface of the ocean a few times before its momentum finally gave out. The craft settled atop the ocean waves and rocked like a boat. 

Vanguard and the pilots climbed up out the hatches and stood on the wings of the craft as it floated atop the calm waves. Something was wrong. The storm had lessened in strength. No rain or lightning, just cloud cover. The sky was lighter. It should be noon, but it appeared to be afternoon. And it was too warm for the season.

“What the…” Manetti said, looking at the sky.

End Flashback!]
Manetti swallowed hard.  “Somehow, we’ve traveled back in time!”

Manetti and Ortiz saw where this was going. They evaded and put on their pressurized helmets.

Sentinel, Symbiote and Slate [Vanguard’s resident superhero historians] recognized this League’s lineup was circa 1943 or ‘44. By then they were battle-hardened from years of brutal warfare. Looking at them now, it wasn’t hard to believe.

The Liberty League was charging toward Vanguard with a wild ferocity and recklessness that Vanguard had never imagined possible from all those warm, sepia-toned stories of the golden age heroes.

Vanguard tried to yell at them to stop. But being underwater, with little light, in all that chaos and battle fury, their pleas were unheard.

[OOC: Verbal communication underwater may only occur between people with Water Breathing or Adaptation powers, or between people with communicators in air-filled helmets on the same frequency. It appeared that none of the League had Water Breathing or Adaptation.  Doc Rocket and Agent America had air-filled helmets, so it was possible they could talk to each other, or to any wrist-radio worn by a Leaguer in the Original Sentinel’s air-filled energy sphere.]

Only Avatar, Menagerie and Symbiote [due to their Water Breathing powers] could hear what was being said within the energy construct of the original Sentinel. [Everyone, please keep in mind what your PC knows]

“Who are these goose-steppers who eighty-sixed our U-boat?” said American Eagle.

“And after we went through all the trouble of commandeering it,” cracked Sgt. Stone wryly. “These spoilsports just ruined our getaway.”

“I don’t recognize any of them,” seethed  Lady Liberty. “Except one.”

“Looks like Swastika’s been busy. Another evil clone of Sentinel!” Agent America’s voice crackled over the League’s wrist radios. “This one’s more handsome than the original!”

Doc Rocket’s voice crackled: “Thomas, they’ve come for Eon’s Ring of course.”

The Original Sentinel said with a careless smile, “Well, they’ll have to kill us first. Liberty League! Underwater Bravo X-Ray Tango! Shoot first and ask questions later!  We’ll get all the answers we seek from the interrogation that follows our victory.”

“Yes, sir!”  replied the Liberty League.

“It’ll be our pleasure, chief,” Sgt. Stone smiled grimly as his giant hands became fists.

As one, they shouted: “For Liberty!”

The Liberty League launched their attack!  [OOC:  fyi, We’re still in the same combat round. Most of the League saved their actions until the sub imploded]

Agent America was first to act. The super spy swam to Vanguard in his retro high-tech, spy scuba gear, pulled something that looked like a grenade from one of his many pouches, armed it and hurled it between Slate and Symbiote!  The speed of the throw was affected by the watery battlefield, but not its accuracy!

WHA-WHOOM!!!!  Symbiote escaped the grenade blast, but Slate was hit! [14 points of damage! Rolls with 7, takes 7 from hit points. Slate remains conscious.]

Doc Rocket quickly followed up on his friend’s attack. The heir to the mantle of Tesla jetted forward on his rocket pack until he was within point blank range. He unholstered his famed Rocket Gun and fired at Symbiote!
ZARK!  The beam evaporated a thin, five foot long tunnel of water between Doc and Symbiote before striking Symbiote squarely in the chest!  [OOC: 15 points of damage! Symbiote rolls with 8 and takes 7 from hits. Symbiote flies back 15 feet and is still conscious. He doesn’t lose any Power Points due to Water Breathing B.]

The Original Sentinel glanced at Lady Liberty and Sgt. Stone.

Lady Liberty and Sgt. Stone quickly moved to an “airlock” that suddenly formed inside the Original Sentinel’s energy sphere. The door looked like it came from an old fashioned submarine, complete with the large wheel shaped handle. Lady Liberty and Sgt. Stone each took a deep breath, held it and exited the sphere. 

Lady Liberty swam with strong powerful strokes, nearly flying through the water, at the Manta-shaped Slingshot. She slammed into him with both fists and all her momentum behind them! KA-POW!
[OOC: 22 points of damage! Slingshot rolls with 6, takes 6 from the last of his Invulnerability and takes 10 hit points damage.  He flies back 30 feet but remains conscious.]

Sgt. Stone was right behind her, displaying an effective if graceless underwater frog stroke. Stone hauled off and let Avatar have it right in the kisser with his best Sunday roundhouse! SA-LAM!
[OOC: 20 points of damage. Avatar rolls with 8, and takes 12 from hits. Avatar flies back 40 feet, is still conscious, and doesn’t lose any Power Points due to his Water Breathing B power.]

Avatar could tell from Stone’s eyes that the fighting footsoldier wished he could talk down here if only to crack wise about Avatar’s fancy get up.

The Original Sentinel made his sphere’s airlock disappear, and then sent a tendril of glowing energy from his sphere construct to the mighty Megaladon! Suddenly a third sphere appeared around the giant shark! It was tethered to the sphere of the Original Sentinel, which was rapidly losing size.
The Megaladon’s sphere started to cycle out water through its porous surface, and fill with air!  The Megalodon, deprived of water to breathe, began to suffocate! It writhed on the floor of the construct in agony.

[OOC: Per the rules, “Characters without a method of breathing underwater can hold their breath for Endurance turns [ie: Endurance x 15 seconds] at a Power Point cost of 1 per turn. If they are surprised at the sudden loss of their breathing method, they must save vs. Endurance on d100, or have their breathing time reduced to Endurance phases [ie: approximately Endurance seconds]. Once a character is out of air, they pass out and must save vs. Endurance on d100 every turn or die.”
   Megalodon Menagerie was surprised by the sudden loss of water to breathe.  He failed his d100 Endurance save.  He now has Endurance seconds remaining before he passes out.  That will be enough time to get him to the end of next issue, Issue 192.]

The Original Sentinel said, “That should take the fight out of that monster.”

American Eagle said, “Nice job, skipper.”  He watched the battle and instinctively flexed the golden gauntlets of Horus.  “Wish I could get in there and mix it up.”

The Original Sentinel replied, “Your wings make you too vulnerable in the water, old friend. And besides, I need your eyes here.”

The Mystic said to the Original Sentinel, “Let’s see if your evil twin’s powers work the same way yours do.”
The mysterious magician spoke in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and cast a spell at the modern age Sentinel!

Sentinel’s energy sphere suddenly disappeared!  Clone, Sentinel, Ortiz and Manetti were instantly underwater!
[OOC: Per the rules above, all four were surprised by the sudden loss of the energy sphere. All failed their d100 Endurance saves.  They each have Endurance seconds of air remaining before they pass out.  That will get them to the end of next issue, Issue 192.
Clone, Ortiz and Manetti are wearing CHESS pressurized suits. All of you have rebreathers.]

The Mystic said, “It worked!... Interesting…”

The Original Sentinel said, “Glory, follow up on Mystic’s maneuver, quick!”
Blazing Glory said, “But… I… I can’t… My flames won’t work underwater.”
The Original Sentinel said, “But you can also control heat, my dear. Try.”

Blazing Glory said, “Oh! Okay… I’ll, I’ll try.”  The teen concentrated with all her might and the water around Clone, Sentinel, Manetti and Ortiz slowly started to boil! The two heroes and two CHESS agents had enough time to figure out what was going on and swam away from each other.
Clone, Ortiz and Manetti avoided taking any damage. [She missed them all, due to their evasions.]
Sentinel was harmed by the scalding water! [8 points of damage. Sentinel rolls with 5 and takes 3 from hits.]

To be continued!
[OOC: Actions, please!  Avatar and Clone have saved actions, so please give orders for two actions, you two.]

Current Conditions:
Avatar: Hit Points: 37, Power Points: 85, Manifestation: Water Breathing B and Swimming skill, Saved Action
Clone: Bodies: 2, Hit Points: 11, Power Points: 66, Hit Point Pool: 22, Evading: -6 to be hit, Saved Action
Menagerie: Hit Points: 54, Power Points: 66, Form: Megalodon! Currently “drowning” in air!
Sentinel: Hit Points: 18, Power Points: 54, Creation Points: 108, Shields: 0
Slate: Hit Points: 24, Power Points: 63
Slingshot: Hit Points: 69, Power Points: 55, Invulnerability: 0 until of the start issue 192
Symbiote: Hit Points: 30, Power Points: 82, Charges: 12, Activated: Inhuman, Endurance: 26, Agility: 14

Here’s the map at the end of the issue: 


SHAKOW!!  Lightning Strike’s atoms rematerialized instantaneously, five miles away! The electric avenger was standing on the edge of the flight deck of a gigantic aircraft carrier! It was 1000 feet by 100 feet
(OOC: 200” x 20” gamewise. Strike’s position is marked by the red circle on the right hand side of the map).

Strike looked up and saw, emblazoned on the highest tower, a swastika!  And entwined in its twisted limbs like a lover’s embrace was the symbol of SKULL!  The deck had men crawling all over it like worker ants.  They were dressed in the uniform of Nazi SKULL soldiers, circa WWII! 

That was all Strike could take in because an experimental jet was hurtling down the runway directly at him, preparing for takeoff! The engines were deafening. Strike could see the white of the surprised pilot’s eyes. There was no way the pilot would be able to swerve in time to avoid impact with the high voltage vigilante!

Lightning Strike knew the logical move would be to get out of the way and go down into the bowels of the aircraft carrier. But the hell with logic. Strike fired an electrical blast at the jet’s right wheel! SHAKOW!!!

The right wheel blew off and the jet pivoted to its right and spun around hard! The jet quickly accelerated away from Strike, who hit the deck to avoid being fried alive by its exhaust.
The jet rocketed straight into the carrier’s main tower!
The tower exploded! Burning roils of black smoke billowed out like something out of Pearl Harbor.

Sirens wailed, and they sounded to Strike like old fashioned, European claxons. Many Nazi SKULL soldiers rushed toward the fire, and many began rushing toward Strike, drawing their weapons and yelling in German!

OOC: Actions, please!
Fyi, you were surprised by the onrushing jet, and couldn’t act for half a turn. They were all surprised by your sudden appearance, and couldn’t act for a full turn. So this issue, you acted and they didn’t.
Your element of surprise is now over. Next issue, everyone will be able to act.  

Current Condition: 
Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 39, Power Points: 69


OOC: I am speechless from shock.


OOC: Jeff, to say I was shocked by the twist of events would be a huge understatement... always amazed at how you turn things around and surprise us. Great Job!

IC: Seeing the golden age heroes, Slate realizes what has happened. Being unaffected from being underwater, he will put his hands up in a symbol of surrender, and hold his action to see what happens.



A couple of things:
!) I have a few extra rebreathers as I asked last issue?
2) I'll convert back to a human form and I'll use non-verbal communication to Sgt Stone to show that I'm not hostile and that I want to give him a rebreather (by showing him mine and handing him one of my extras

At this point, I assume that Stone's military background would likely give him the most chances to understand the non verbal gestures.

Not sure if I can do the above as movement. If so, I'll add to entangle Lady Liberty and shove another extra rebreather in her mouth.


OOC: Being offered a revolver to blow my own head off was an interesting twist to say the least lol


OOC: Thanks everyone.

Slingshot: The answer to question 1 is yes.  All of you have extra rebreathers, as you requested.

Slate:  I'm glad it was a surprise.  Sometimes things seem obvious to me that aren't. Other times, things seem unfathomable to me, and end up being quite apparent.  Glad this one worked.

Clone: Come on, I thought Clone wanted to stop playing it so safe!  It'll only feel like dying.   ;-)



Hi Jeff.

Well you got me again.  Surely didn't see that coming... although I'd bet money that had it been SKULL or the Uber-Men in control of the sub our battle plan wouldn't have gone so easily and successfully :)

I'm pretty much on par with the posts thus far.  Fighting the Liberty League isn't going to help anything here its just trying to figure out how to convey we aren't the enemy in this environment. 

I'd thought about hand signaling so great thought by Stephane about Sgt Stone possibly 'getting it' and the idea with the rebreathers was excellent.  And Jon with putting up the hands in surrender had also crossed my mind.

So Jeff at this point please answer the following:

(1) anything prevent me from reforming my shields to my knowledge.  I don't think I'm going that route here but wanted to know.  Anything more you can tell me about my energy dispersing that could help here?

(2) surely Kirk asked Gramps when his mental abilities developed.  Can Lancaster read minds according to what Kirk knows about his development?  Although Kirk cannot perhaps he can try to project his thoughts and that would trigger Lancaster to come into his head... is that a possibility?

(3) did Lancaster mention this event when the Liberty League met heroes out of time.  Is there anything that Kirk can put together here from things Lancaster said that could help him to clear this up?  Perhaps he mentioned meeting some heroes out of time but didn't know it was Kirk (or at least tell him)... anything along those lines that he said that could help here?

(5) Can't talk, but how about Kirk forming a device with his energy to ping sound waves like sonar and transmit something like 'friends... peace...allies' of something along those lines?

(6) I figure Kirk does have an attack that would be so cool if it worked but really can't be used unless things go real sour because it would just make things worse... he could attempt to take control of Lancaster's energy and undo everything he is doing and thus switch the positions between the two teams... but that isn't really doing to help here... but might it be possible without wrestling full control to manipulate the energy on the bubble in front of Lancaster to 'write his message' of peace and this being a misunderstanding?  In other words, he would start to write on the energy bubble in front of him.

Let me know how some of these options sound here.

And now that Kirk realizes that they have been displaced in time, any clue as to how we detected the ring through time? 




Hi Seth.  Answers to your questions:

"Well you got me again.  Surely didn't see that coming... "

Thanks.  I live to hear those words.  :-)

"although I'd bet money that had it been SKULL or the Uber-Men in control of the sub our battle plan wouldn't have gone so easily and successfully :)"

Geez, even when your battle plans succeed, you're not happy!  ;-)

"(1) anything prevent me from reforming my shields to my knowledge."   Nope.

 "Anything more you can tell me about my energy dispersing that could help here?"

Sure. Ruleswise:   "Solid Energy Creations: The character can shape some energy type (sound, light, electricity, fire, etc.) into solid masses...  a successful appropriate attack to do so will disperse them immediately (examples: prism vs. light, water vs. electricity, water vs. fire, etc.)"

You'll recall a "special attack" means the character tries to do something special, and needs two successful "to hit" rolls to succeed.

Gamewise:  No one, not even Sentinel for some time, knew that Sentinel's constructs were made out of Magic energy. Without that knowledge, they could never attempt this "special attack." 
Clearly, Mystic knows. His "special attack" was done with his Dispel Magic spell.

"(2)  Can Lancaster read minds according to what Kirk knows about his development? "


"Although Kirk cannot perhaps he can try to project his thoughts and that would trigger Lancaster to come into his head... is that a possibility?"

No, unless Lancaster is actively trying to read your thoughts.

"(3) did Lancaster mention this event when the Liberty League met heroes out of time. "


"Perhaps he mentioned meeting some heroes out of time but didn't know it was Kirk"


"(5) Can't talk, but how about Kirk forming a device with his energy to ping sound waves like sonar and transmit something like 'friends... peace...allies' of something along those lines?"

That could work.

"he could attempt to take control of Lancaster's energy "

Kirk's not sure that's possible.  Kirk can only control energy constructs that he has created.  He can't control other forms of energy.
The one exception was when he controlled the energy constructs of Sentinel Omega, but that was because they were the same person.

"but might it be possible without wrestling full control to manipulate the energy on the bubble in front of Lancaster to 'write his message' of peace"

Kirk could do this with Kirk's own energy creations, ie: throw down a layer on Lancaster's translucent bubble and have the words appear in Kirk's layer.

"And now that Kirk realizes that they have been displaced in time, any clue as to how we detected the ring through time?"

Symbiote, with his ingenious scientific mind, or Slingshot, with his skills in Physics, Mathematics and Multiverse Theory, or Slate, with his Heightened Sense of Comprehension, could offer the following:

It's highly unlikely the Janus Chair could detect the Ring through time when it was amplifying Sentinel and Menagerie's powers to locate the Artifacts of Power.  Otherwise all the previous locations of the Artifacts would have been detected also.

And the Manta Craft certainly has no time travel capabilities.

So the Manta Craft must have flown into some disturbance/ fissure/ hole in the fabric of time, in order to end up in the 1940's.
The Ring's energy signature from the 1940's must have emanated through that fissure/ disturbance/ hole so that it could be detected in 2014.



Kirk grabbed his rebreather and placed it in his mouth and raised his hands as if to say 'surrender'.

Instead of immediately reforming his energy shields as much as his instinct told him to do instead kept them down as a gesture of peace to emphasize his next move and hopefully end this futile battle before more damage is done.  Kirk summoned his energy and words began to be written on Lancaster's shields. "Truce.  We thought we were attacking a Nazi occupied sub. We are heroes displaced in time and need your help. Let's talk."

As soon as it appears it can be done peacefully or if it appears his peace offering is rejected (hope not) he will have his energy travel back to himself in its normal protective mode.

Hopefully it leads to he and Lancaster stopping the battle and discussing things... and perhaps the greatest team-up of all time as Vanguard and the Liberty League team up to save the world.  If Lancaster tries to read his mind he offers no resistance.  Also he would immediately tell them about the situation above to see if they were meeting allies or if we have another battle about to start.

If the time rift appears stable perhaps the League can assist us with the final artifacts. (Hey, you put into place the JLA/JSA team-up here and the standard formula is several heroes from each team go together on the multiple missions - we can fight over who teams with who :) - we can use the manpower )



OOC: Since the chances are that Menagerie will be one of the last to act, here is conversation he will have in his C. Megalodon form.

Menagerie mind-spoke to Archimedes; “What the hell are Mystic, Doc Rocket, and Sergeant Stone doing here? I really hate the Ring of Eon but if they all ready had it why didn't you tell me! What game is Mystic playing here?”

“Wait, some of the others think we traveled back in time to WWII. So does that mean we need the stink’in ring or not?”

“Hey Archimedes, any chance this is THE Liberty League? Can you give me some kind of signal to let Mystic know he should tell the Liberty League to quit kicking our collective ass.”

<Menagerie will pass on the sign to any other PC that acts before him that is willing to make the signal, if not he will make the signal when he changes forms>

OOC: This conversation is after he changes forms.

Menagerie changes into human form and sits on the bottom of Liberty League Sentinel’s bubble. He is sitting in the lotus position and is prepared to hold his breath the split second the construct disappears. He speaks and thought sends at the same time.

“Okay, I am confused. The sharks told me their master required them to stay near the Nazi sub. I was sure that U-Man was in the sub, where is he?”

“Any chance it is the Ubermensch that are following you. It appears you had a shark lo-jack on your sub and you didn't even know it. Considering there were enough sharks here to stop that car-jacked Nazi sub they wanted you to lead them somewhere more than they wanted to get that ring back”

“Hey, wait a minute. You fired torpedoes on us when the sharks attacked us. Were you using the sharks to setup a trap or are you really the Liberty League? Who played center field for the Yankees in 1942? Anyone, don’t think about it, answer me now.”

Menagerie only thought sends this to Vanguard, “If they don’t say Joe DiMaggio, attack!!!”

If they don’t answer but challenge him back wanting Menagerie to answer, he will say (and thought send), “No, that is your question but Charlie Keller played Left Field next to him. NOW ANSWER!”

If they answer correctly but challenge him back wanting Menagerie to answer what his number was, he will say (and thought send), “Uniform Number was 5, His Batting Average was .305, and He hit 21 HRs. He was the Yankees “RBI Champion” with 114 RBI and “Hit King” with 186 hits but Charlie Keller was the “Home Run Champion” of the Yankees with 26.”

“Mystic, Archimedes wouldn't appreciate the Lady of the Lake’s champion from the year 2014 being drowned by the grandfather of the leader of his team. Any chance one of my teammates will be allowed to hand me a rebreather before Golden Age Sentinel here decides to try to drown me.”

“Doc Rocket, what do you think about time travel? Do we risk destroying our time line or are we maintaining it?”

“Hey Sarge, I hoped you enjoy smashing Avatar! Trust me you really will enjoy it in the twenty-first century.”

“Wow, American Eagle, is that really you. You were my dad’s hero when he was a kid. Any chance I can get an autograph. My dad would love to have it.”

OOC: Jeff feel free to use as many or few and in any order that works best.

Thanks for the shock.


Avatar will try and use his Swimming skill and superior (?) agility to evade his opponent, being non-threatening and holding up his hands and making gestures of peace.  If he cannot evade within a limited area, he will take off in a straight line and try to use speed to stay out of reach.


The Atlantic:
Blazing Glory said, “Oh. Okay… I’ll try.” The teen concentrated with all her might and the water around Clone, Sentinel, Manetti and Ortiz slowly started to boil! The two heroes and two CHESS agents had enough time to figure out what was going on and swam away from each other.

Clone, Ortiz and Manetti avoided taking any damage. [She missed them all, due to their evasions.]
Sentinel was harmed by the scalding water! [8 points of damage. Sentinel rolls with 5 and takes 3 from hits.]

[OOC: Actions, please! Avatar and Clone have saved actions, so please give orders for two actions, you two.]

Realizing that there wasn’t much he could do to aid in an underwater fight, Clone took the reverse approach – protect the members of his group that could fight. While swimming as fast as he could towards Sentinel, Clone made sure that his rebreather was firmly in place as he purged any water that may have entered his mouth after being thrown about by the attacks of the Liberty League.

Reaching what he thought would be a good mid-way point between Sentinel and the members of the League, Clone turned to face the groups attackers and waved his arms back and forth as if to tell them to please stop firing.

( OOC: If any of the members of the League look like they’re about to attack him or Sentinel again . . . ) As >insert attackers name< readies his/her attack, Clone makes one last attempt to reach out to the members of the League by making a ‘V’ finger gesture on both of his hands and waving them back and forth at the Liberty League. He than thinks to himself, ”These were Earths greatest heroes? They can’t be this blood thirsty . . . can they?”

( OOC: If anyone tries to attack Sentinel, Clone will do his best to take the hit for his friend. Self-sacrifice = reverse Evade??? )

The Vault:
Clone shared all the jumbled memories of his time with the Soviet Super Soldiers as Alexi, the Collective, the Rogue Clone and Clone. After a few hours, they estimated the best possible coordinates: beneath the Kremlin! When Clone recovered the Spear of Destiny, he would use his communicator to contact Mystic who would gate him back. The World Storm had most satellites down, so it could take a while for Clone to contact Mystic.

Just before Mystic was ready to cast the gate spell, he produced an old revolver from his robes. It looked like it had seen action in WWII. “One more thing. Take this. If you’re in danger of being captured, kill yourself. You’ll disintegrate and re-assimilate with your Clone collective, and escape captivity and torture… Any questions?”

Clone hesitated for second and then reach out towards the pistol being presented to him. He cradled the antique fire arm with both hands and looked down at it with a look of uncertainty on his face. He thought to himself, “Maybe Oracle is right . . . this might be the single most craziest thing I’ve ever done. Can I actually do this?” The look of uncertainty resting soundly on his face was quickly replaced by a look of grim determination. His hands snapped closed firmly around the pistol as he thought to himself, “I have to do this!” Clone than looked up and said to Mystic; in a cold and confidant tone, “No . . . no questions.” The Master of Multiplicity than spun the revolvers cylinder around quickly like an old-west gun-fighter and took a mental note of how many rounds were inside of it ( OOC: Jeff, how many rounds are in the weapon? ). As he held the revolver at his side, a duplicate suddenly appeared next to him. He looked at the duplicate and then back at Mystic and said with a wink, “Just in case.”

OOC: The duplicate will be sitting back at the Vault – snug and secure .

Sorry for the late response - I know I said it would be out yesterday; but unlike my weekend, my Monday started off fast and furious. I need another weekend already . . . 

Talk to you all soon,



Lightning Strike:
Given that the flight deck now seems to be blown up, it is time to work on the rest of the ship.  Strike will move to the closest metal deck plate and transmit himself into it.  Once inside the ship, Strike will disable the following systems in this order:

Communications - to prevent them from reaching the rest of Vanguard
Navigation - to prevent them from finding Vanguard
Weapons - to prevent them from attacking Vanguard

Who said I never cared about the team!