Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Vanguard: Issue 216: Triage

Onboard the CHESS Omni-Carrier, as emergency claxons blare, Sentinel succeeds in rousing Viper, who suddenly reels, surprised to find himself where he is. The big, brawling roughneck automatically grabs the back of his head and looks with pain and terror into the eyes of his former allies as he croaks, “… Body… farm!…”

“…Dr. Swastika is alive!... He’s using his Body Farm technology to have SKULL agents controlling us… I’ve been controlled for years!

“And that isn’t all… Swastika’s placed his own mind inside the body of the Mystic!

“Help us, Vanguard…. Help…”

Avatar grits his teeth and continues to jam the transmission, preserving the Vanguard Reserves’ free will. But how much longer can he hold out??? [OOC: another -5 to Power Points]

Sentinel wonders how Oracle didn’t see this future and then realizes that Vanguard had travelled back in time to retrieve the Ring of Eon. That disruption in time, where they had encountered the Ubermensch of 1943, who no doubt would have made a full report to their master, could have altered the timeline, sending ripples of disturbance through the long decades until today, obscuring the future in Oracle’s eyes. In fact, it was right after their time travelling journey to 1943 that Oracle suddenly wasn’t seen. Soon after that, Vanguard Vault was bombed by SKULL (in the now infamous Vanguard Issue 200!).

Sentinel sees no other choice and tells his team mates what must be done. “Jake my friend, I am so sorry.  We didn’t know!  So sorry we failed you and let this happen. There is so much to say, but we have no time.  In less than a minute and a half my friend Avatar will die and you and the Vanguard Reserves will fall back under the sway of Swastika and SKULL.  If Vanguard falls, the world dies in less than two days. I’m going to remove the control device.  I swear to you; I won’t let him control you again.”

Clone softly recites the Lord’s Prayer.

Slingshot grimly concurs. He examines the implant on the back of Viper’s neck with his expertise in robotics and engineering and realizes the insidious implants are unaffected by the World Storm because they are not using communication satellites. They receive mental transmissions, which Avatar can disrupt because brainwaves are electrical impulses.

Slingshot shares his findings.

“Get them out,” grunts Viper.  “Do it… I don’t care… I can’t go on like this… please… I’m begging you…”

Sentinel nods gravely and assumes the lotus position. He extends razor thin energy constructs the implant in Viper’s neck and quickly extracts it as Jake stifles a scream.

Clone rips one out from Talon’s neck in a burst of blood.

Slingshot gouges out an implant from Inhuman with his bare hand transformed into a scalpel.

Menagerie carves one from Forester with his animal claw!

[OOC: Next turn…]

Avatar grimaces in agony. [OOC: another -5 to Power Points]

Sentinel surgically removes the SKULL implant from Soldier.

Menagerie savagely claws the last one from Blue Comet.

The war room is soaked in crimson. The Vanguard Reserves are losing blood.

Viper manages a weak smile and says, “…thank you…” before he loses consciousness.


Current Condition:

Avatar: Hit Points: 8, Power Points: 5, Manifestation: Hermes, Athena, Zeus
Clone: Bodies: 4/1, Hit Points: 1/6, Power Points: 63/67, Hit Point Pool: 13 (7/6) (Stats: NYC/Russia)
Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 23, Power Points: 63: Electrical form
Menagerie: Hit Points: 16, Power Points: 60, Form: Honey Badger
Sentinel: Hit Points: 7, Power Points: 46, Creation Points: 100, Shields: 72%
Slingshot: Hit Points: 3, Power Points: 65, Invulnerability: 8, Damage that can’t be regenerated: 64!

Countdown:  43.4 hours until the End of the World.


Avatar stops the electrical interference and rests


We need to stop the blood loss.  If any Vanguard has the skill to properly seal these wounds we do so.  If not perhaps Kirk can cause a temporary seal with his powers to stop the blood loss via small constructs and they can move the team to the medical facility of the ship to someone that can do so.  If that doesn't seem possible for some reason we can use something to cauterize the wounds.  I'd prefer medical treatment to do so if possible.

Assuming that no other attacks are eminent from another source at this point we can try to get power restored and aid in further stabilizing the ship.  We need communications and monitoring back online to be sure that the attacks are done, at least for now.

And we need to determine Slate's whereabouts with the artifacts, since it seems that Swastika can track them (makes sense and how else did he find us amidst the chaos of the world storm with us in motion).

Any chance we could use the devices taken from the Reserves to track Swastika and get the jump on him?

And just a comment on your in-issue comment about Oracle - she was more than not seen, she was listed as those found dead in the explosion.  She isn't missing at this point.  Or am I misunderstanding the situation and/or comment.



He checked on Hip Hop. Menagerie will use his claws to rip out Doctor Swastika's device out of Hip Hop.
Then he changes into a rat. He enters the vent he hid in. He retrieves Hip Hop cell phone he had hidden.

Menagerie returned to Vanguard with it. Menagerie takes the form of a man.  "Hip Hop was using this to track the artifacts.  We can use it to lead us to Slate and where he is hiding them".

Viva Vanguard


Not pretty.

Can Nan help here? She has some healing ability.

There are multiple type of foams that can block blood loss. ( Wondering if we would have something like that on the helicarrier.

[ooc]I've always wanted to do what comes next.. [/ooc]  Slingshot Inhales and prepares to project his voice and yells out, "MEDIC!!!"

Slingshot will use his maleability to put pressure on as many wounds as possible (extending a finger to each and plugging the wounds), Hopefully he'll plug them all.

Slingshot will keep all these receptor/to study for later.



Before Menagerie changes to retrieve Hip Hop's cell phone.  He checked on Hip Hop. Menagerie will use his claws to rip out Doctor Swastika's device out of Hip Hop.

OOC: Jeff once that is done use my previous email about Menagerie retrieving the artifacts tracker he took from Hip Hop.



Three of the four Clone duplicates split into additional duplicates (OOC: three more duplicates if possible) as they all scrabble desperately to help the bleeding Vanguard Reservist. Ripping sleeves off of uniforms and applying direct pressure to the gaping wounds in their necks, they do all that they can to keep them from dying.

The fourth Clone races to Avatar's side to check on his old friends condition and to provide him with whatever First Aid he might require. "Be hanging in there, Comrade Avatar. I am being here to be of help to you!" he says as he accidentally bumps into Avatar and causes the 'Master of Myth and Might' to wince in rage at his replicating rescuer.