Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Vanguard: Issue 224: At The End of All Things

The countless corpses before the temple mean that the ritual has begun.  Perhaps it has already been completed! Either way, only scant minutes remain before the stars are right and Great Cthulhu can return to Earth at last.

The Vanguard Reserves and the Soviet Super Soldiers had drawn off the Ubermensch and the Japanese Imperial Guard, that Vanguard can act freely.
Without hesitation, Earth’s mightiest heroes hurtle into the black maw of the ancient Mesoamerican temple, tracking the artifacts of power by their unique energy signature through ageless corridors.

Vanguard rockets over the timeless stones, painfully aware that time is running out… for them, and for everyone on Earth.

They burst into an open stone courtyard, six stories tall and open to the lunar eclipse of the winter solstice, and the raging World Storm.

There they find Mystic, the superhero wizard of World War 2, made prisoner in his own flesh by the mad science-sorcerer, Dr. Swastika, who cruelly possesses Mystic’s body now.

He has the artifacts of power.  In fact, he is wearing them:

In one hand he holds the Spear of Destiny from the Lost Lab of Dr. Swastika behind the Iron Curtain.

In the other hand, he holds Excalibur, taken from Broceliande Forest in France.

On his belt is the Sacrificial Dagger of the Maya, recovered from the Crimson Coven in New Jersey.

On a finger is the Ring of Eon, found with the Liberty League in the mid-Atlantic circa 1943.

On another finger, encased within a ring, is the Splinter of the True Cross, taken from Black Bat.

Around his neck hangs the Stone Idol of Cthulhu from the Ruins of Remorse in the Lost Lands.

Atop his head sits an Iron Crown of which Vanguard knows nothing.

The Green Gem and the Bronze Mirror of Ancient China are not visible.  Perhaps they are secreted beneath his cloak.

(OOC: Mystic/Swastika is the red “S.”  Vanguard are the blue “V.” One square = 10 feet.
The shape due north behind Mystic is a design in the floor.  Beyond that, an altar.
Vanguard had just travelled via M1, M2 and M8.)
Magical energy crackles around Mystic, the artifacts forming micro ley lines, a web of arcane power.

Broken, at his feet, are both factions of the Crimson Coven. The Warlock’s head has been severed from his shoulders.

There is no one else here.

A deafening peal of thunder heralds a fearsome crack in the sky itself, forming beneath the eclipse of the moon. Eerie, otherworldly light, in colors unknown to Man, shines from it horrifically, as the rift grows wider and wider.

Dr. Swastika makes Mystic’s mouth say:
“Vanguard. At last. Cutting it rather close, don’t you think? 
“Come. Let us battle, as it was meant to be. Now, at the end of all things.
“Come. Make my victory complete, before I ascend beyond all of this.”


Current Conditions: 
Aperture: Hit Points: 35, Power Points: 22, Nanotech: Invisibility
Avatar: Hit Points: 29, Power Points: 44, Manifestation: Heightened Speed, Weather Control
Clone: Bodies: 1, Hit Points: 23, Power Points: 67, Hit Point Pool: 23
Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 36, Power Points: 85
Menagerie: Hit Points: 26, Power Points: 66, Form: Man
Sentinel: Hit Points: 28, Power Points: 70, Creation Points: 140
Slingshot: Hit Points: 38, Power Points: 92, Invulnerability: 8, Damage that can’t be regenerated: 42!


OOC: So we need to use coordination in taking him down.  He will be all that he can be: fast, strong, impervious and deadly.

I assume this anti-magic cannon will be of great help. So I'll stay back and protect Aperture so he can attack accordingly.

I would like to see if anyone else focus on either taking him down or taking artifacts away from him.

Here are some Option:, as I'm slow, I expect Swastika to act well before me. I may not be able to protect Aperture as I expect I want to do.
1- Swastika disables Aperture somehow and we need to get the cannon in action: Slingshot will take the gun and go for it.
2- Slingshot will step in harm's way to absorb any hits destined for Aperture
3- Swastika hasn't moved against Aperture and Slingshot has an action at the end of the turn, I'll hold my action for next turn.


Menagerie has the choice of make a Devitalization attack, firing his pistol, or attempting to grab an artifact. He will be one of the last to act.

Which do we want to do on the first round? Everyone pound him or split between attack and grab?



Aperture will use his invisibility to get behind Swastika, and blast him with the Digital Cannon, hopefully disrupting the ceremony.


He will hold his action until the last phase (moment) of the turn. If Vanguard needs help stopping Dr. Swastika and the Anti-Magic cannon didn't work he will Essence of Life spell (Devitalization Ray).

If the Anti-Magic cannon worked he will use his pistol to shoot Dr. Swastika. unless no one is near him then he will toss a grenade.

If Vanguard is winning against Dr. Swastika then he will grab an Artifact and run in a direction away from anyone else with Dr. Swastika or Vanguard but no where near the WWII Super Villains.

If none of the actions make sense in the current situation then hold his action to next turn.

Menagerie said "Viva Vanguard! Save the world and lets stop this foul menace once and for all. It is the end of all things Dr. Swastika!"



OOC: At this point can we assume the broken bodies of the Coven are strewn around the room?  Do they appear unconscious-dead-or a mix-or can we just not tell at this point?

From energy read standpoints and vision - I know mystical energy has to be an insane level around Mystic currently - what about other areas of the room?  What are Kirk's perceptions?  Or primary concern"
(1) the altar
(2) the design on the floor (what is it?  looks like steps --- and when we dealt with the Coven earlier wasn't there something like that which actually led from one area to another?)
(3) what are the four images somewhat circular forming the edges of what could be a square of some sort?  Are they just stones in the temple or something new?  Can they be smashed and/or moved?
(4) What is the little item at the top left corner of the room?  (this looks really out of place - is this tech?)
(5) What were the four items with stars in the middle that way passed in M8?

... I won't ask about the other rooms since as PCs we haven't seen them ...
And here is a big question - does Kirk perceive any sort of high tech energy influences in the area?  They should stick out as a sore thumb in comparison to all the mystical stuff going on here.  Swastika has always been about the blend of science and 'magic' - maybe despite having the most powerful magical artifacts known science holds they key...

At this point once I get a read of what is around us I think one possibility is Kirk using his actions to disrupt the physical components of the room which would hopefully upset something Swastika needs here... or
What is the range of the anti-magic weapon?  Since the room isn't enclosed but open to the outside I'm thinking Kirk could take off upward at his top speed (yes, I know its not much) a if he is fleeing and giving up to distract Swastika from the others so that they can deploy the anti-magic weapon and hopefully he will get out of its range so he can return still with his powers intact and able to do something afterward.



OOC: Here's another thought. ZOMBIES

Would not be surprised if he's going to turn all the coven into Zombies and all of a sudden we have to deal with a dozen more enemies.

Anything we can do to clear the place fast?




Ok - time to go all superhero on this guys ass! Clone has a plan, it's last minute, risky, foolish, implosive, and probably not well thought out . . . but this is Clone we're talking about here, not Batman lol. Basically he wants Slingshot to latch onto the two pillars between Vanguard and Swastika, and literally form a giant slingshot in order to fire Clone at Swastika. If all goes according to plan, Clone will replicate as fast as physically possible in order to act as a shotgun blast against Swastika. Hopefully Swastika won't be able to take out all the duplicates flying at him and the Clone Collective will be able to knock him over like a bowling ball. If they're able to get their hands on him, the duplicates will start swarming him with more duplicates in order to bog him down. He realizes that this plan could go to hell in a heartbeat; but with the fate of all existence riding in the balance, he's ready to take that chance. With any luck, Clones shotgun swarm attack will distract Swastika long enough that the rest of Vanguard can get into place and put the beating of a life time on him.

Clone knows he can't beat Swastika with this move, but maybe he can buy the other members of Vanguard some time so that they can.

For all you X-Men fans out there, think of this as a crazy-ass version of Wolverine and Colossus's Fastball Special.


Clone quickly turns to Slingshot and says desperately, "Quickly Comrade Slingshot, you must be shooting me at him!"

Talk to you guys soon,



OOC: Ah! Now that's interesting! Slingshot is all about Fastball Specials. :)


OOC: Awesome! I was really hoping you would like that idea. Worst case scenario, the plan fails horribly and we all have a great laugh at Clone's expense lol


Avatar will try to smite Swastika with lightning prior to anyone else acting and then will hold an action to evaluate what effect everyone has.


OOC: If it appears the anti-magic cannon will be deployed and Kirk can get out of the range before it happens so he can attack afterward with his powers that would still work.