Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vanguard: Issue 111: Astounding Adventures Apart!

Avatar heard Otom thunder: “I, Otom the Seer, worthy, wise and deserving, do hereby challenge you before the all-seeing Pantheon for the sacred mantle of Avatar of the Twelve Olympians!”

Those words triggered a memory in John’s amnesiac mind. Those words… a ritual… an ancient pact that must be honored. Suddenly John felt those magic words change him! He lost his ability to manifest the Pantheon… until this mighty contest was decided!

Otom threw one spear hard at John, lengthwise, not to attack, but to arm a fellow soldier.
KRAKA-BOOM! roared the heavens. Panic rippled through the crowds as the giant Cyclops roared back over the wind and the rain and the thunder! “Now let us see, at long last, who is worthy to be called Avatar!”

John raced forward at the cyclops, spear in both hands. "I feel that I've a destiny to fulfill before the mantle is passed to another, Otom, though I know not what it may be. Until that time, it is MINE!"
As he closed, John feigned with the spear's point and then swung the butt of the weapon around hard, striking Otom’s single eye! WHAMM!

Otom staggered back, holding his large eye with one hand. “Well played and well struck,” he smiled. Then he slowly stood straight and removed his massive hand from his temporarily blinded eye. “You have forgotten much, old friend. You have forgotten that Otom is not called Seer for nothing.”
His one big eye started to glow with red otherworldly light!
“My mystic vision tracked you across the world. It will help me find you now!”
The giant regripped his long spear and assumed a fighting stance. He looked directly as John through the scarlet magic energy. “I can see you, AVATAR!” he thundered!

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Clone heard CHESS Director Grey say, “Alex, what you said about giving your life. Were you serious?”
He cleared his throat. Agent Drake and Doc Rocket looked uncomfortable.
“Through unofficial channels, the Soviets have contacted CHESS. They’ve proposed a trade. The USSR want one of your duplicates… in exchange for your family.”

Clone asked, “Is the Kremlin telling you of what they are wanting with my Clone?” “No,” said Grey without pleasure. “We figger they’ll put him back in the Program, re-indoctrinate him, and start building up the ranks of the Soviet Super Soldiers again.” “Are you trusting them comrades?” “In this instance? Maybe,” said Grey. “For their national security, they need extranormals to replace what they’ve just lost. Weighed against that, your family doesn’t matter much to them. It’s an easy call on their part.
But we’ll insist on a live, simultaneous trade in a neutral location just the same. If it’s what you want.”

Clone just stood there for some while. Then he kissed the crucifix that was around his neck, whispered something and divided in two. The three C.H.E.S.S. agents had their answer.

Grey said, “Okay. Remember I said unofficial channels? We’re the only four that know about this. Uh… five.
Doc is going to take this Clone and work with him. Make it so the Soviets can’t re-indoctrinate him, maybe. Right Doc?”

The elderly Brit nodded gravely, “I’ll certainly do everything within my powers.”

“Best case, we end up with a mole inside the USSR who defects back to you.” Grey said, not entirely convinced.

Within 24 hours it was arranged. The exchange would take place in two nights at the Berlin Wall!
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Lightning Strike reviewed the case file of his own murder in a dark alley with Detective Archer and said: “I have heard of this case. I can understand your interest in this being that it was family but what made you think that I would be interested? There are many murders in this city. I can't possibly investigate them all, God knows I would like to, but even a man of electricity can't be everywhere."

“Really?” said Lightning Strike’s uncle with the calm patience of a man who interrogated liars for a living. “You got nothing you wanna tell me?”

Strike replied, "Obviously you know more than you are telling me Detective Archer but it is safe to say that I have a very personal interest in this case. I have been conducting my own investigation but have turned up no concrete evidence although I have lots of suspicions. Some very powerful people wanted to see these people killed. I want to see them brought to justice, any way necessary.”
"If there are any leads that you are not able follow up in an official capacity, I would be willing to track them down for you. I am certain I can get information that you can't or won't track down due to departmental policy."

Detective Archer said, “It’s likely our suspicions are the same. In fact, I think I know who you really are.”

The big tired man exhaled wearily. “Or at least I thought I did.”
He indicated the case file with his bleary eyes. “You know the victims were my nephew and his wife… my only brother’s only son. Their killer was that Luddite freak, but we all know Silas Caine was pulling the strings.
I read the classified CHESS reports at the end of the Five Bosses Massacre. Says Black Bat put you in front of Caine, with the perfect out. You could have killed that bastard Caine and gotten off scott free. But you didn’t.”
(As seen in the now classic Issue 53: The Devil You Know. –Ye Ed)

“It was then I figured maybe I didn’t know who you were. Anyway, you just said yer willing to bring the guilty parties to justice. Any way necessary. Beyond any official capacity.
I’m interesting in hearing what that really means, mister. Because I know where Silas Caine is right now.”

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Menagerie’s mystical perception suddenly jolted back to his surroundings! Pachyderm was glaring at him! Looking him directly in the eye, perhaps in a display of dominance over the cougar. Or perhaps it was something else… because the lethal leviathan grunted in a questioning tone, as if in disbelief!

The cougar slowly retreated and then transformed into a man; Menagerie! Pachyderm roared in surprise. The colossal creature grabbed a mature maple tree by the trunk and effortlessly hauled it out of the ground for use as a weapon! KER-RIPPP!

The shaman-sorcerer said, "Sorry, I didn't mean to interrupt you. Just checking on a few things. If it is okay with you I will leave." Menagerie transformed into an eagle and took to the night skies! “SKRAAA!” The massive maple hurtled past the eagle, missing him by a few inches!

The eagle began a search pattern. Its keen eyes noted that Pachyderm was not following him. There did not appear to be people in the immediate area, but darkness had fallen. A mile or two out, fire truck and park rangers worked to direct the lightning-borne forest fire.

Suddenly, the mysterious Menagerie walked among them! The druidic defender tried to convince the Rangers to quarantine the area to provide Pachyderm a safe place to live and not be disturbed, for its sake and theirs!

The ranger talked instead of listened. He said, “Who the hell’re you? …Pachyderm?!” Then to another ranger, “Get the police on the radio.”
When that was done he into the radio, “Who’s this? …Carla Jean, this is Llewelyn. Some big sumbitch extranormal’s been sighted out here past marker 57. Better send some folks up. Might wanna get word to the military while yer at it. That’s right darlin’.”
Then the Ranger said to Menagerie, “Now why don’t you tell us what you’re doing up here?”

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Sentinel saw a woman dressed as the Mask of Red Death at the top of the stairs over the costumed ball at the Odyssey Club. She was laughing unpleasantly from behind her skull mask. When she had everyone’s attention, she said, “Ladies and gentlemen. You have eaten your fill. You have eaten this country’s wealth. And its heart. But don’t fret, you well bred masters of the universe. That time is done. From now on, you shall be the prey. This nation has no need of you slave masters anymore.”

Sentinel smiled and clapped his hands applauding, "Bravo! BRAVO!" As he spoke he began to walk above the crowd of guests as a spiraling red staircase appeared seemingly from nowhere always a few steps ahead of him to accommodate his casual walk upward towards the mysterious intruder. "You certainly know how to make an entrance and how to entrance a room my dear, but you have me at a disadvantage with the mask and all, and I'm afraid I've been a bit lax in my duties as the host of this little soiree I haven't properly met or welcomed you, Ms ..."

“Don’t you recognize me?” said the Mask. “I am Death, especially for those in attendance here tonight.”

Murmurs and gasps rushed through the crowd. Doyle and O’Malley quietly urged people to exit calmly.

Kirk continued to distract her with the rouse of conversation. The scarlet steps formed a small landing which Kirk reached "I'm shocked by what you say! Even startled. Perhaps you can enlighten me further about the company I've been keeping..."

The Mask of Red Death said, “The time when we are ruled by these parasites has ended. The New World Order is finished. We are free now. If there are any survivors tonight,” she called down in mocking delight, “I encourage you to spread the word. Tell your friends. We will not rest until you are all hunted down and exterminated like the vermin you are.” Five percent of the guests had fled the ballroom.

While she spoke, Sentinel silently scanned the ballroom with his Energy Sense! The beacon of liberty found four energy signatures that seemed out of place here. Electronic devices. Each sat just behind the grate of an air vent in the four corners of the ballroom. There were no extranormals in the crowd.

The Mask of Red Death held a small electric device in her palm. Invisible energy coursed around her, of a type Sentinel did not recognize. And she was an extranormal.

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Slingshot asked Maria Girucci, “What do you mean, ‘I have enough?’"
Maria’s eyes returned to normal. She stood up in the coffee shop and said, “I’ll tell you outside,” again without her thick accent. She went out the side door and Slingy followed, looking for answers.

The alley was empty and the sky growing dark. Maria said, “What I meant was” WHAM!!!!
Maria, or whatever she was, hit Scott with a speed his eyes couldn’t follow. There was a blur and then blackness. Scott couldn’t see or move! He felt tightly constrained, like he was just swallowed alive! Whatever was containing him felt warm… and living!

Slingshot wasn’t sure what was happening. With some misgivings, he proceeded to put his full strength combined with his plasticity and expand to the maximum of his capacity in an attempt to break this jail or find a crack that will let him out of these confines!

The malleable man of might’s maximum stretch was over 900 feet in one direction! In three directions, like a cube, each side would be over 200 feet long! Given the size of the alley, Scott decided for the former! The pliable powerhouse pushed his shape straight upward! But his organic prison stretched with him! Not far beyond the halfway point, the fleshy bonds offered resistance! Scott paused and pushed upward with all his super strength! He heard a man groaning and then cry out in pain! The voice was Scott’s own!

Slingshot burst out of the top of his organic confinement to discover that it was… himself! Scott had been contained by the elastic epidermis of someone who looked and sounded just like him! The two entwined twins were stretching to a standing height of 50 stories high!
The other Scott said, “What I meant was, I’ve sampled enough of your speech patterns... such as they are.”

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Soldier, CHESS Agent Manetti and Dr. Ashe flew south to Venezuela in what appeared to be an average cargo plane. Soldier noted that Manetti’s firearms were not his usual CHESS-issue energy blasters.

Soldier reviewed the Top Secret dossier on Nicholas Armstrong, aka The Patriot. Born with nothing in Texas trailer park. Pulls himself out of there with his own two hands. West Point scholarship. Graduated top of his class. Military History degree. Then Army. Special Forces. Green Beret Colonel. Wounded in Iraq.
Selected by CHESS and Maas Biolabs for the Project.
Psych: Disciplined, serious, driven, smart. Leadership material. And can follow orders.

Since then, CHESS and the Pentagon have been using him for what some might call Black Ops. Cuba. Mogadishu. Beijing. Moscow.

Current assignment: investigating rumors of Venezuela’s Soviet-supplied nuclear weapons program. Missed scheduled contact with his handler in Caracas.
His subcutaneous transponder currently places him in a remote jungle over 100 miles south of Caracas. Venezuela was hostile country for Americans, given its leader Hugo Chavez.

They were two hours out of Venezuelan airspace. Soldier’s assets were passports, ID, clothes, weapons, food, gear, the plane, Manetti and Ashe, both of whom could fly the plane.

It was 5pm local time when Soldier closed the dossier.
Manetti looked at the star spangled superhero and said, “Well. What’s the plan?”

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Symbiote had found Gadget Girl in the Vanguard Vault Electronics Lab! And she was wearing the Harper Harness! Hal grasped a tool that would help him quickly deactivate the Harper Harness. (It’ll take a special attack.) Symbiote charged her with the tool and missed!

“Not so fast,” Gadget Girl laughed. She was enjoying this. Then the lights came on.

“Hal, what was so damn important that you’re yelling for me on the intercom?” asked a perturbed Shelley who was standing in the doorway with her hand on the light switch. “Um... Uh oh.”

Gadget Girl looked at Shelley and smiled. With Gadget Girl momentarily distracted, Hal made another attempt with the tool! "Read a little of your criminal file," he said, attempting to keep her from getting a firm grasp on him as he twists around towards her back.
"You're a great tinkerer and modifier, I'm impressed with some of the things you've been able to put together. But I think you forgot one principle of engineering...."

Hal raises his arm high overhead, the tool in hand. "...always know your blueprints from top to bottom. Always!" And he slams the tool into an almost imperceptible slot in the back of the Harness.

VMMMmmmmm sputter-sput-spt-spaaaa. The Harper Harness shut down!

“Damn!” said Gadget Girl as she cleanly unholstered a Tesla-esque futuristic pistol and fired in one motion! ZARK! Hal was struck by an electric beam that ran through him and grounded out into the floor!
(OOC: 14 points of damage! 7 from Power, 7 from Hits!)

“Looks like I’ll have to take this back to the shop,” Gadget Girl smiled as her rocket pack fired up and she hurtled for the door! Shelley tried to grab her and missed and Gadget Girl flew into the Bio-Chem Lab!

ZARK! She blew open the door into the eastern hall (see map)!
A few more seconds and she’d reach a window!

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“Talon! No!” cried out the man who was ruining Talon’s date. He reached into his coat pocket and said: “I’m a CHESS agent! We’re monitoring Mother Russia!” But all Talon could see at this point was red!

The bestial birdman was ready to fly into a homicidal rage but he maintained control through sheer force of will! (No Luck Point was required. You made the save.)
Talon snarled, "What did you think would happen if I noticed you following us in disguise?”

The CHESS agented growled, “We weren’t tailing you, we were tailing her! How the hell were we supposed to know you’re sweet on the commie convict?!”

Talon said, “Who walks around in a trench coat with a hat pulled down over their eyes? You and your friend can go back to the Vault. I'll keep an eye on Mother Russia. Let us enjoy a night out and I'll forget this ever happened."

“All right,” grumbled the agent. Then he spoke into headset: “Pull out. We’re done.”

Talon soared back to the rear of the building he exited, put his harness on, and tried to compose himself.

By the time he got back to the table, Mother Russia wasn’t alone. There was a young man with her.
They were talking quietly and stopped when they saw Adam coming. Adam recognized the man.

It was Accelerator.

Out of uniform, Adam knew him from the CHESS files. The slacker speedster had first met Zhanna (Mother Russia’s real first name) when they were both behind bars at CHESS Castle. Born into poverty, Accelerator liked the sound of her communist propaganda and by the time of the jailbreak, he followed her and joined the Soviet Super Soldiers.

Accelerator had his hand on Talon’s beer as he watched him approach.

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OOC: Have fun.

Viva Vanguard,

Current Conditions:
Symbiote: Hit Points: 18 Power Points: 64

Everyone else is full or close to it.


John was afraid that something like this might happen, though the blow had to be struck.

"So, "old friend", why don't you enlighten me about the things that I have forgotten?", John asks as he performs a standard attack against the cyclops.


Awesome stuff!!

[ooc] What is the general view of "capes" or superheroes in the world? Would explaining that I am a defender of nature be seen as crazy talk or only a little odd to the average person?

I know the timeline is different than that of ours, is there any unusual items or things going on the surroundings (i.e. the steampunk fire engine, zeppelin police vehicles. As mentioned in your write up on the Vanguard world)

Does it make sense to Menagerie that the Ranger said to call the Military and not CHESS?

How dark is it? Is it dusk or night now?

In the aerial flight, was Menagerie able to see/sense if any animals were in the area or was it as deserted as where he landed?

How large is the fire? Is it under control or does it look like it will take a long time to put out? Is its location an effective barrier to prevent them from getting to Pachyderm?

In the humble GM's opinion, if Menagerie left the foolish people to the error of their ways in dealing with Pachyderm, would that still be within the concept of his protecting the Animal Kingdom?

He has confirmed the Natural Order is not threatened and the animals in the area are all gone. It is not his calling to make sure that foolish Mankind heeds his dire warnings. Would you agree?

So, Menagerie is the Mysterious Mystical Avenger of the Animal Kingdom, but only a Messenger to Mankind.



Hi all!

Jeff - great stuff! More exciting than new comics day!

On Kirk's energy read of the devices, can he tell if he is dealing with a bomb threat or the release of a poisonous gas? From the location in the air vents it would seem a gas, but she could have just used that area since they would be out of sight and give full access to all areas also. It would seem if they were incendiary devices there would be a greater energy reading. Or can he just not tell at this point?

And I see other posts already ... looking forward to reading them.

A good weekend to all ... nice weekend weather projected here.




Oh hoh..

I'm in trouble! It's CLOBBERING TIME!

Assuming he/she/it has the same powers and weaknesses that I do.. What is around the area that I can use that has fire? Are there anyone that are BBQing close by? Some repair guy using a blow torch?

Anything that I can use to my advantage .. against myself!


Hi all. Thanks. Replies to OOC questions:

Seth, Sentinel can't tell if the devices are gas or explosives.

Stephane, Slingshot is about 50 stories up, so a blow torch at a high rise, steel girder construction site is fitting.

Tom, Menagerie knows the general view of superheroes in the world is mostly positive, but Menagerie is a complete unknown.

The fire engines are 1930's art deco in appearance, but up to date technologically from our POV.

A Canadian might call the military before CHESS which is a US organization technically.

It's night now and Menagerie sensed that most wild animals have fled the area from the fire. The fire is under control. It isn't a barrier between the men and Pachyderm. The fire line mostly runs east-west and the men and Pachyderm are both on the southern side of the fire line.

Since you asked, leaving the military to be slaughtered by Pachyderm, or vice versa, because of one short-sighted ranger might not be the best outcome for anyone. It's a four color game, where the PCs are the good guys. Menagerie has a high Charisma.
What are your thoughts?

Also, going forward, he'll need a reason to want to be with Vanguard and I don't know if I can include an animal or nature theme in every Vanguard adventure. Maybe his calling is widened? Or he needs something from them? Up to you.



As Soldier read over the dossier, he couldn't help but wonder exactly what it was he was getting himself into. How was it that this highly trained and dedicated soldier had gone missing, and what was his father's involvement in all of this? But he'd worry about that later as he had more pressing matters to attend to. IC to Manetti: "By the time we're over the target area it'll be dark. Since I don't want to have to deal with explaining what we're to the locals, you and I will make a low level parachute drop into the jungle, near the Patriot's last known location, allowing the good doctor continue on to a more secure location. Once we've established our position, we'll do a sweep of the area to see if we can determine The Patriots exact location, and what's happened to him. Once we get a chance to look around, we'll radio in to the doctor and let him know what we find. After that, we'll continue to check in with him every four hours. Doc, if we miss to consecutive radio checks, odds are pretty good that somethings gone wrong. Also, if I use the phrase, I can't wait to get home, in any of my transmissions, that's my duress code for trouble. Any questions?"


Then the Ranger said to Menagerie, “Now why don’t you tell us what you’re doing up here?”

“Protecting the people from the resource, and the resource from the people”* is Menagerie’s response.

“You have not heard of Pachyderm, so Menagerie will be meaningless to you as well. The name of Vanguard should be meaningful. While Vanguard was able to defeat Pachyderm, they were not able to capture him.

“How much of your military will it take to be stronger than Vanguard? Whose purpose will they serve? Will they protect the forests?”

“All the military will accomplish is the destruction of the resource and the people.”

After a significant enough pause for this to have effect, Menagerie will say, “All I have witness of Pachyderm is his living at peace with the land but I am unsure he is able to live at peace with man.

If this location is not a safe place for him to be alone then tell me where in the Great Wilds we can offer him seclusion. I will lead him there.”

[ooc * Hopefully this Ranger recognizes the characterization given for his profession – see Park-Ranger facebook and Wiki pages]


Damn. Can't let her leave with the Harness.

What sort of internal defenses against intruders does The Vault have? Would it have, say, something along the lines of metallic tentacles that pop out of the wall and restrain intruders, like I've seen about a million times at the Baxter Building and Avengers Mansion and LSH Headquarters? (Side note: Those tentacles always seemed to malfunction and pop out and attack a new recruit or a new ally, giving them a chance to fight and show their prowess from the start. You'd think the Acme Metallic Tentacle Company would have better quality control).

Anyway, even if there aren't such defenses in the Vault interior, I'd like to use a hero point to retro-create some (I hate burning up so many hero points against this opponent but as I say, can't let her have the Harness. Next advancement I'm definitely taking steps to keep this sort of thing from happening again).

IC (assuming Jeff allows this): Hal eyed the escaping villainess. He had only a few seconds. He barks orders out loud to the Vault household computer. "Computer! Fugitive Capture Protocol! Authorization Harper-3609!"

OOC: 3609 was Frank Gifford's career rushing yards. As previously indicated, Hal is a Giants fan.

At this point, hopefully force fields activate, tentacles come out of the wall, or whatever Jeff comes up with, entrapping Gadget Girl.

Viva Vanguard,

P.S. Sorry responses have been brief and infrequent lately, but my new job is eating my life. Training ends in two weeks, hopefully things will get better.


Now that Kirk had her attention he reeled in the swagger a bit as he began to realize just how over the top his adversary was; he figured taking it down a notch on his side might buy some more time and information.

"Now I do recognize you, Red." Kirk spoke. "We're from the same mold. We're both people with visions of change. That was what this evening was for me too. We're both people of full of passion... and we're both people of power."

Kirk continued with a tone as if he was having an intellectual exchange with rational colleague, "But if I'm to be an instrument of change, I want to get it right. What exactly is the New World Order you speak about? How long have they been in control of things? If they are as entrenched as you say, is there enough support to be sure change will come as you promise?

As Kirk had his conversation with the Mask he was never more grateful for his gift of energy sense. It allowed him to effective 'see' everything he needed to assess the threat, while to the Mask, it appeared his full attention was focused on her.

At the bottom of his red spiraling energy staircase, energy flowed clearly, almost imperceptibly from it, in a flow so thin one could be stepping on it and be none the wiser. Kirk guided the path of the energy to the four devices hidden in the air vents around the room. Upon securing entrance to the air vent the flowing energy gained mass growing in form and encircling each of the devices, securing them and insulating them from further contact with the outside world.

OOC: Jeff: At this point, rather than go for the trigger, Kirk is securing the devices. He is hoping this will prevent their usage. Once encircled, Kirk's energy should form a protective field that will prevent them from being activated (hopefully Kirk's energy will 'jam' whatever the signal is to activate the devices - Kirk won't let the sound or vibrations, etc get to the device). If this doesn't work for some reason, then his creation should be able to prevent the dispersion of the agent if a poisonous gas or something along those lines, or absorb the explosive force if they are physical bombs.

Also, if my limited understanding of games rules work, since these are an inanimate objects accomplishing this is almost a 'given' verses going for the trigger would require an attack on the Mask (and possibly be unsuccessful) and starting a battle. I'm not sure if you'll handle it that way or consider this his 'action' as opposed to 'movement', but that will be his first goal this round.

Kirk's primary goal here is to protect the civilians and is hoping to take out the major threat regarding that before it comes into play. He will continue to try to prolong the conversation as long as possible to allow more civilians time to escape.

If securing the devices is considered 'movement' and he has an action, he will try to begin a mental read on the Mask to learn more information and they speak, but he wouldn't try until he has secured the devices as he doesn't want to do anything to endanger that.

I don't know how far your planning the next round to go, but if Kirk is unsuccessful in keeping the Mask talking and she makes it apparent she is going to activate the devices, Kirk would likely choose to bring them all speedily up from around the room to encircle her so if they did go 'off', she would be at the center of the activity. Hopefully that threat would prevent her from doing so. Although I'm hoping things don't go that far yet.

If anything is unclear or you want to give me some other if...then scenarios for Kirk, let me know.



Thanks everyone!
Greg, I'll allow the Luck Point use. Those things are common in comics. It makes sense.
And I don't think it violates anything that occurred in the past. The only fight I can think of that happened in the Vault was when the Vault was already controlled by The Entity.



Grey said, “Okay. Remember I said unofficial channels? We’re the only four that know about this. Uh… five. Doc is going to take this Clone and work with him. Make it so the Soviets can’t re-indoctrinate him, maybe. Right Doc?” The elderly Brit nodded gravely, “I’ll certainly do everything within my powers.”

“Best case, we end up with a mole inside the USSR who defects back to you.” Grey said, not entirely convinced. Within 24 hours it was arranged. The exchange would take place in two nights at the Berlin Wall!

As he listened to Agent Grey explain what he had in mind; both Clone’s could feel that small ember of hope they held onto becoming rekindled, and they began to work on a plan. “Perhaps there’s a way to get my family out of Russia and at the same time deny the Soviet Government what they really want,” they each thought to themselves.

“Comrade Grey . . . in your words I am hearing small gears of ideas turning. You are having plan – no?” the first Clone asked the veteran C.H.E.S.S. agents with a tone of curiosity in his voice.

The second Clone then chimed in, “If there is way of having more of me during exchange at Berlin Wall . . .”

The first Clone then immediately continued the thought without a noticeable break in what was being said, “ . . . with our faces covered and in dress that is making us look different from others . . . “

The second Clone then completed the question, “. . . perhaps there is then way for more of me to be coming for exchange – yes?”

The two Clones then fell silent for a second and then quickly turned to face each other with a look of epiphany on their faces and blurted out in an excited tone, “Agents of C.H.E.S.S.!”

The two Clones would then try to work on the possibility of a plan with the three agents, of Clone splitting up into about a half dozen copies ( more if necessary ) and dressing up as base level C.H.E.S.S. agents. Wearing body armour, helmets ( to conceal their true identities ), equipment belts, weapons, etc . . . , and then accompanying Agent Grey ( and who ever else was scheduled to be at the exchange ) as their security detail. Two of the disguised Clones could even escort the Clone that was supposedly there to be exchanged, to the other side of the meeting spot.

Regardless of the exact details; Clone had no desire to go back to Russia, and he was willing to sit up all night if need be and work on a plan with the three agents. A plan where he could get his family to safety and where the Soviets would be denied what they wanted. If the agents were willing to work on such a plan with the Clone’s, they would slowly begin to feel a rush of adrenaline as they began to finally feel what it was like to be free. Free to choose what they did, how they led their life, free to think for themselves, and free to finally act out in a way of open defiance against their former oppressor.
As the night wore on, their goal would take on an added breath of life – freedom for their family, keeping Clone out of the Soviets hands, and ‘sticking it’ once and for all to the Soviet Government! Clone would of course do what ever Doc requested of him/them. If possible – he/they would also like to re-merge after he did what ever it was that he was going to do and then re-split so that all the Clones would have the benefits of Doc’s ‘anti - re-indoctrinate’ efforts. He/they would also prepare for the possibility of a ‘final split’. They would hold off on the final steps of the splitting process, and keep that as a last resort should their plan not actually go off as they hoped.



Jeff we never really touched on Clone’s ability to “absorb” ( for lack of a better term ) his duplicates memories/training/experiences – did you have any idea’s about how this would work? Should we work something out together? Did you just want to role play it out and deal with it as the situation dictated itself? Etc. . . . I ask because I’ve been thinking about this recently and I see a lot of possibility in it. -

1. For starters it could definitely effect how Clone trains/’levels up’ in the future ( all the dupes learning something different and then re-merging to combine their training ). For example – they could all decide to learn a different computer language/skill and within a month or so become a computer expert. As scary as that thought might be – it might serve as a useful way to get skills and stuff out to the group in an accelerated manner – skills ( and stuff ) that would otherwise take forever ( in game time ) to actually get out to the group. It might actually be fun to see them all reading one chapter of a book and then having them all merge ( once they’ve finished their individual chapters ) back into one Clone, with that one Clone then having the complete knowledge of that book. It would sure make reading War and Peace go by much quicker lol -

2. It might serve as a cool vehicle for a future Clone sub-plot. Sought’s like the Madrox/Multiple Man story and his rogue dupes. Let me know what you think

– Talk to you all soon,


Jeff & Kev:
Naturally this is between you guys to figure out, but one possibility might be to work it kind of like my last character from the western campaign (that failed to take off) whereby he had a certain skillset at his immediate disposal but others would be forgotten and currently lost to him with the idea that Clone could only 'hold' so much information before it slipped away (ie kind of like a computer with limited storage space, it can only contain so much data before some must be purged to allow for new data). Perhaps you could devise a system to access past forgotten skills again or to somehow rotate them back into his current mix at the expense of losing another skill (perhaps some sort of save roll or some limited exchange like luck points (so that it is something that costs Clone and he couldn't just manifest every skill as needed)).

I don't know if Jeff worked out any rules for it in the last game because we only played a few rounds and I don't believe we ever had him access another skill set, but I figured I'd mention it because it sounds similar and if Jeff worked out something in game terms then it might help with this (and likely he's forgotten my character already, but may have the game notes sitting somewhere). My character was an indestructible immortal that 'lived' countless lives and thus learned many skills, etc and that was how we planned to handle it ... although it certainly could be that more of him was defined and figured in my head than ever made it into the game - but I do think the handling of the 'forgotten skills' was something we had actually discussed. Hope that may help a little.

Best, Seth


Adam looks at Accelerator's hand on his drink as he closes the distance to the table where he sits talking to Mother Russia. With blood hammering in the veins of his temples and heat flushing across the surface of his face, he struggles to think of a reason not to pick a fight with the russian speedster.....But he can't.

"Well.....if it isn't the Kremlin's favorite coward! Let me guess.....your telling her some sort of sob story for the reason you ran out on your friends in a fight, and you needed a beer to cry you just...took...mine!"

Adam doesn't look at Mother Russia. He keeps his eyes on Accelerator. Knowing the speed he possesses, he wants to act first if he thinks he will put up a fight. "Give me one reason I shouldn't thrash you so you learn a little respect? OOC: Adam will give Accelerator a second to respond. If he is disrespectful he will get attacked. I plan on beating the crap out of him then taking him back to the Vault. If Mother Russia protests.....well.....I'll do the best I can.


Slingshot will try to keep the fight away from the population if possible. He will go no hold barred against the mimic. This turn, it's going to be straight slugging it out (Since he know he hurt the mimic last turn and has an advantage), if the advantage turns, he will use anything that's fire/heat based to inflict greater damage.He will continue to try to get more info from this person and figure out who they are.


Thanks Stephane. I hope everything works out.

Thanks Denny.

Seth: That lost campaign, Weird West, was in a system called Age of Empire, which was fantasy 1880s, with settings from Victorian London (Sherlock Holmes, Jack the Ripper, Jekyll and Hyde, Fu Manchu, Dracula, etc.) to the American wild west to deepest darkest Africa. Your guy had a power that let him have any skill at a mid level. I think it was written as "Jack of All Trades" but was modified to explain your Dorian Grey immortal. That was a promising rpg system.

Kevin: I'll write up a way that lets you perform tasks faster in downtime (like learning skills, etc) . I don't think it would be 19 times as fast. That would mean that for months at a time (downtime) you are permanently in 19 bodies. To Seth's point, maybe it's a factor of intelligence. Maybe Clone can learn skills at (Int/4) times faster? So three times as fast with his 12 Int?



Lightning Strike:
Strike pauses after listening to what Detective Archer has to say. It is a calculated pause, trying to ensure Archer that he is not too eager to find Caine and bring him to justice. Finally he speaks to Detective Archer. "If you know where Caine is at the moment and you have suspicions that he is engaged in criminal activity, then I will go and see what I can find. I want to see him brought to justice but I will not be a vigilante. He will be brought before a jury of his peers and he will be exposed for the vermin that he is. If I can make that happen, then perhaps your nephew can rest in peace."

Lightning Strike will wait for Detective Archer to give him the location and then he will head there immediately. Ideally, once Strike is given the location, he could tap into the Chess mainframe and look up whatever pertinent details there are about where Caine is, including electrical wiring, etc.