Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Vanguard: Issue 212: Friendly Fire!

Former members of Vanguard have suddenly turned hostile and invaded the CHESS Omni-Carrier!

Vanguard hears Grey’s voice on the monitor: “What the hell?!”
Another voice near him: “Sir! Hip Hop has been sighted!...”
Vanguard knew Hip Hop was a young, celebrity-conscious superhero with the power of teleportation.
“They have no ship! They flew in under their own power!”

Fighter jets are burning on the flight deck!

ZARK! Suddenly the wallscreen went dead. Communications too. The lights were next. The constant hum of the engines suddenly can’t be heard. Nor can the ever-present vibration of the rotors.

Alarm claxons blare throughout the decks! Backup generator lights kick in and bathe the room red.

Suddenly, the floor begins to tilt. Furniture and equipment slide across the projects room as the CHESS Omni-Carrier starts to plummet out of the sky!

[OOC: Above is the map of the CHESS Omni-Carrier.
·       The Blue V is Vanguard (in the Special Projects Room, formerly the Computer Support room, or the Battle Command Center directly above it).

·       The Red VR are the Vanguard Reserves, last seen at the front of the ship, on the flight deck.

·       The bottom half of the map are cutaway views from the front of the ship to the back.

·       The carrier is 1100 feet long. To calculate your character’s movement into feet, multiply the number on your character sheet by 5. So 60” = 300 feet per turn. One turn is 15 seconds and usually includes a move and an attack.

·       The PCs don’t know the Omni-Carrier’s layout well. Trying to get from point A to point B will require an Int save on a d20. Every point higher than your Int that you roll, means it takes an extra turn (15 seconds) to reach point B. A 20 means you’re lost.]

Clone braces himself for the CHESS Omni-Carrier's eventual free-fall! One of the Clones turns on his Vanguard Communicator and shouts out, "It is seeming that we are not having of electricity, perhaps Comrade Lightning Strike can be changing of this!"

Lightning Strike looks up from the disassembled Janus Chair and says into his communicator. “I’m on it.”

“Wait!” says Symbiote. “I’ll come too. Vanguard, we’ve got this. Protect the Artifacts!” The superpower simulator activated the Harper Harness and touched Lightning Strike’s shoulder.
Suddenly - SHAKOW! SHAKOW! - Both heroes were gone!

Nemesis says, “I shall attempt to transfer my consciousness into the mainframe,” as he flies out of the room!

Sentinel says, "If my shields are taken out, everyone needs to take an Artifact into their possession to guard and protect. Unless you feel it more prudent to take one now."
When no one volunteers, he forms a spherical energy construct to shield the artifacts and himself!

Aperture, still in the special projects room, turns to his computer console and finds it dead! The ship has no power except auxiliary lights!

Avatar manifests the godly powers of Aphrodite (+15 to Charisma!) and readies himself to hunt the Vanguard Reserves in the Omni-Carrier. Menagerie transforms into a rat and prepares to leave with him when suddenly…       

With a small pop and the rush of air being displaced, the Vanguard Reserves suddenly appeared in the main meeting room, with Hip Hop! The space-shifter is glancing at his iphone.

[OOC: Combat turn begins now!]

Without scanning, Sentinel detects no aura of these heroes!

Avatar addresses his fellow heroes:  "Brothers, what are you doing?  You are HEROES, not villains!  We are fighting for the very survival of our race against other-worldly powers, not among ourselves!  Don't you see?  Something has you under its influence!  We should be friends and allies, not foes!  We should be fighting side-by-side, not each other!"

Slingshot waits and watches to see if Avatar’s words have any effect.

“Hah ha hah,” says Soldier. “Kill these damn jackasses and take what we’ve come for!”
The voice, the inflection, the manner of speaking, the dialect, the body language; none of it looked or sounded anything like the star-spangled superhero Vanguard knew!

Lighter objects on tables and workspaces begin to rise into the air, from the Carrier’s freefall!

And the Vanguard Reserves leap into action!


OOC: Neither side has successfully surprised the other. No saved actions. Combat begins now!
Avatar and Soldier’s dialogue happens before anyone takes an action because talk is free in V&V.
Map of Omni-Carrier area near Vanguard:

Map:    Every square = 5 feet or 1” in game scale.
Right hand outer wall has portholes.
Left hand ‘outer’ wall has 4 doors into other side of the Omni-Carrier.
E=Industrial elevator
Lower left hand corner is a nuclear missile silo

Aperture:   Computer Room   C-2
Avatar:   Meeting Room   M-1
Clones:   Special Projects Room   S-2
               Special Projects Laboratory   L
               Computer Room   C-2
Doc Monster:   Meeting Room   M-1
Lightning Strike:   The Omni-Carrier’s ‘cyberspace’   Off Map
Menagerie:   Meeting Room   M-1
Nanite:   Special Projects Room   S-2
Nemesis:   Computer Mainframe Room   C-1                                                                                          Sentinel:   Meeting Room   M-1
Slingshot:   Meeting Room   M-1
Symbiote:   The Omni-Carrier’s ‘cyberspace’   Off Map
Vanguard Reserves:   Meeting Room   M-1
The Artifacts of Power:   Meeting Room   M-1

Current Conditions:
Aperture: Hit Points: 25, Power Points: 73, Nanotech: Disintegration Ray (default)
Avatar: Hit Points: 21, Power Points: 74, Manifestation: Aphrodite
Clone: Hit Points: 1/6, Bodies: 5/1, Power Points: 67/67, Hit Point Pool: 13 (7/6) (Stats: NYC/Russia)
Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 23, Power Points: 76
Menagerie: Hit Points: 16, Power Points: 64, Form: Ray                                                                   
Sentinel: Hit Points: 7, Power Points: 61, Creation Points: 122, Shields: 100%
Slingshot: Hit Points: 39, Power Points: 92, Invulnerability: 8, damage that can’t be regenerated: 30

Countdown:  44 hours until the End of the World.


John sighs inwardly and manifests Heightened Speed and will attack with Excalibur when he can.

Does "Soldier" sound like the Mercenary (or whatever his name is...the dude that we've encountered on at least a couple of occasions before)?  If so, John will call out the fact to the rest of the team.


"Matt?! What the Hell? You're Soldier. My friend. What's going on?"

At this point, the easy way to start losing Artifacts is Hip Hop, anyone else we can manage.

I know that I'm as slow as mollasses, but I'm going to scan to room for HipHop and nail him as hard as I can. He's on my short list to neutralize. If he's not available, I'll hold my action until he shows up.


IC: Seeing he is unable to do access the computers, Aperture straps down the Digital Cannon he is working on, and moves across the hall to the meeting room.

He will attempt to disintegrate Hip Hop's cell phone.  



I know ship-wide communications are out but not sure about our vanguard communicators; if working Kirk speaks into it, 'Strike, Hip Hop is using an active cell to communicate' knowing that he or Symbiote using his powers could follow to the other side and hopefully the orchestrator of things.

If you'll allow or as soon as possible if not already considered done Kirk would lesson the protective glow and color of his shields around the artifacts as much as possible so hopefully it will be a surprise that it is there. If Kirk was Hip Hop he would grab the artifacts and port out with them. I'm hoping if he tries that Kirk ends up along for the ride and to their enemy.

Kirk will use his energy sense to try to determine the true identify of their foes. If he can he will simply alert vanguard saying Soldier is Mercenary... and read a roll call as he identifies them.

I think those would be free and movement... for action, whatever makes most sense
(1) if ported out by Hip Hop he will be ready to attack be it Hip Hop or whomever he finds
(2) if they haven't all turned no him with his shields he would try to lock in and read the thoughts of one of them to determine who ultimately behind all this
(3) evade since he's toast once anything hits beneath his shields

Hopefully that gives you enough leeway to have Kirk act appropriately as the board changes since he is among the last to 'go'.



Menagerie will try to get behind Hip-Hop and snatch the cell phone. If he is successful he will run with it into the ducting. He will get it to Lightning Strike or Symbiote to use.

If Hip-Hop or the cell phone is disabled by his action. Menagerie will attack Solider from behind, jumping on the back of  his head as part of his attack. He will scream "Scree, Scree, Scree!" (Anyone understanding rat will know Menagerie said "You are not Soldier! You are not my friend!)

Via Vanguard



My apologies for not responding sooner, but work has been hellish and I'm right in the middle of buying a house (what a nightmare). My memory is a light fuzzy about what everyone has already stated that they're going to do, so I'm going to keep my actions for this issue simple . . .


Seeing that his friends are doing the best they can at restoring electrical power to the Omni-carrier and confronting the ships intruders, Clone goes on the defensive.

(OOC: If the artifacts are in several different locations - here's where some of that fuzzy memory comes it play) Clone divides into as many duplicates as possible (OOC: one per artifact if possible) and starts running towards all of the artifacts in an effort to protect and secure as many of them as he can (OOC: closest one first).

(OOC: If the artifacts are in all in the same location) Clone makes a mad dash for where the artifacts are being held and then sub-divides into as many duplicates as possible (OOC: one per artifact if possible) in an effort to protect and secure as many of them as he can (OOC: closest one first).