Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Vanguard: Issue 213: The Best of Enemies!

Vanguard faces off against its former members, and Hip Hop, aboard the CHESS Omni-Carrier!

[OOC:  Map:   
Every square = 5 feet or 1” in game scale.
Right hand outer wall has portholes.
Left hand ‘outer’ wall has 4 doors into other side of the Omni-Carrier.
E=Industrial elevator
Lower left hand corner is a nuclear missile silo]

Avatar addresses his fellow heroes:  "Brothers, what are you doing?  You are HEROES, not villains!  We are fighting for the very survival of our race against other-worldly powers, not among ourselves!  Don't you see?  Something has you under its influence!  We should be friends and allies, not foes!  We should be fighting side-by-side, not each other!"

“Hah ha hah,” says Soldier. “Kill these damn jackasses and take what we’ve come for!”
The voice, the inflection, the manner of speaking, the dialect, the body language; none of it looked or sounded anything like the star-spangled superhero Vanguard knew!

Lighter objects on tables and workspaces begin to rise into the air, from the Carrier’s freefall!

The Vanguard Reserves leap into action and Vanguard remembers that they are facing some of the fastest superheroes in the world!

Blue Comet nods to Soldier, says “On it!” and blasts cyan flames from both hands at Sentinel’s force shield! VROOSH!  (OOC: 17 points of damage! Shields are now at 83%)
Comet chuckles in wonderment at his amazing powers! “Heh. This is incredible! I can shoot fire from my hands! And I can fly! It’s just like they said! Hail SKULL!”

Viper shrieks, “Serve SKULL! Sanctify SKULL!” as he lunges at the Sentinel’s energy barrier that protects the artifacts of power! WHAM!  (OOC: 11 points of damage. Shields take the damage, and are now at 72%!)

Talon says, “I can’t wait to see what these claws can do in real combat!” SKRAASH!!!  
(OOC: 15 points of damage. Shields take it and are at 61%)

Avatar manifests the godly power of Hermes! (OOC: Heightened Speed) The myrmidon of mythology is certain that Soldier doesn’t sound like Jim Harrik, AKA the Mercenary.

Forester complains, “Sure. You guys get the cool stuff like wings, flames, super strength! What do I get? A lousy bow and arrow set!” as he expertly looses an explosive arrow right between Slingshot, Dr. Monster and Sentinel’s shields. KA-BOOM!
(OOC: 17 damage to each. This counts as heat damage, and is doubled for Slingy. Sentinel shields at 44%)

Soldier barks at Forester, “Be thankful for what SKULL has given you, brother! And keep up the pressure! We’re almost there! Ha ha!” The cyber-spangled hero steps back and fires his smart pistol that only works for Soldier’s biometrics! BLAM! BLAM! The two exploding rounds catch Sentinel’s shields and Avatar! (Soldier must not have noticed Menagerie in his rat shape!) BOOM! BOOM!
(OOC: 16 points damage. Sentinel shields are at 28%)
“We’re there!” laughed Soldier. “This hole’s big enough! Start reaching in! Grab and go!”

Sentinel barely disguises a smile as he closes the hole by reforming his powerful energy shields! VROM!

Soldier frowns. “All right, people! Plan B! Serve SKULL!”

Sentinel reads the energy signatures of all these heroes, and they all match previous readings!
The hero of yesteryear renders his shields nearly transparent, and speaks into his non-satellite based communicator to Lightning Strike, alerting him to Hip Hop’s phone.
From cyberspace, the electric avenger replies: “zkkk-I have no active phone in your vicinity, over.”

Suddenly, the rodent Menagerie scurries around the room’s perimeter, behind his foemen and leaps up behind Hip Hop, snatching the iphone right out of his hand!
Hip Hop shouts, “Hey! What the! Eew! A rat!”                                                                                      Holding the phone in his jaws, the shapeshifting super-shaman scampers into a vent in the floor, away from anyone’s reach. Then, in the darkness, he reads the glowing screen. Like all phones, this one has no connectivity due to communications satellites being impacted globally from the World Storm. But an app is running on it. One that can somehow detect the magical signatures of the Artifact of Power, within a range of 1500 feet. It’s how they located them on the Omni-Carrier!

Clone races all his bodies into the Meeting Room (M-1), to defend the artifacts of power! He finds them away from his grasp, behind Sentinel’s shields! (OOC: This will be a Saved Action, useable at the top of next turn)

Slingshot throws a super-long round house at Hip Hop and almost puts the kid down for the count! BOOM!

Hip Hop, reeling from the flexible fists of the malleable man of might, teleports inside Sentinel’s reformed shields -pop!-  and starts grabbing up the artifacts there! “More power!” he chortles gleefully.

Aperture straps down the Digital Cannon he is working on to protect it from the imminent zero g environment, and moves across the hall to the Meeting Room. Seeing Hip Hop protected by Sentinel’s shields, he considers other opponents.
(OOC: Aperture now has a Saved Action, useable at the top of next turn)

Nanite races from the Special Projects Room (S-2) to join Nemesis in the Computer Mainframe Room (C-1) in attempting to interface with the powerless Omni-Carrier mainframe!

Dr. Monster is taken aback, “…these heroes… your friends… they are possessed. …I cannot bear to harm them…”

Inhuman smirks, “SKULL was kinda counting on that gruesome. The hydrokinetic hero concentrates in Dr. Monster’s direction and the science-borne revenant screams in agony, holding his head!
“Serve SKULL, traitor. Serve SKULL,” says Inhuman. He looks at Sentinel, “Now that the prodigal child has been taken care of, you’re next.”

Blue Comet blasts again at Sentinel’s shields, with dazzling speed. VRROOOSSHH!  (OOC: -16 to shields)

Avatar holds the only artifact not in Sentinel’s energy sphere, Excalibur. He hefts its weight as he considers a target.
(OOC: You said he attacks, but didn’t say who. We’ll called this a Saved Action, useable at the top of next turn. So you need to outline 3 actions please, for the super-speedster. Thanks.)

Suddenly, everyone’s feet leave the floor! The deck has achieved zero gravity due to the free fall speeds of the CHESS Omni-Carrier!  (OOC: If you can’t fly, your speed is quartered as you push off walls and ceilings. All muscle-powered projectiles have ¼ range for purpose of Accuracy)

Actions?!? Those with Saved Actions, please post 2 actions. Fyi, Saved Actions preempt all other actions.

Please Note: Two maps follow below...

Current Conditions:
Aperture: Hit Points: 25, Power Points: 71, Nanotech: Disintegration Ray (default)
Avatar: Hit Points: 21, Power Points: 63, Manifestation: Heightened Speed and Charisma
Clone: Hit Points: 1/6, Bodies: 5/1, Power Points: 66/67, Hit Point Pool: 13 (7/6) (Stats: NYC/Russia)
Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 23, Power Points: 63
Menagerie: Hit Points: 16, Power Points: 63, Form: Rat                                                          
Sentinel: Hit Points: 7, Power Points: 52, Creation Points: 104, Shields: 84%
Slingshot: Hit Points: 22, Power Points: 82, Invulnerability: 0, damage that can’t be regenerated: 47


Another great issue! Thanks Jeff!

So we need to cut them off from the possession or whatever is the connection to the skull puppeteering them.

Any suggestions? Mystical? Scientific? Would the digital gun cut them off if it is mystical in nature? (I know it is not ready..)

OOC: Something seems odd to me, Jeff said, "Sentinel reads the energy signatures of all these heroes, and they all match previous readings!" so I went back and looked in the last issue

It says, "Without scanning, Sentinel detects no aura of these heroes!"  I'm not sure exactly how his ability works, but I'd think anyone would have some aura, especially with the kind of firepower these guys are throwing around.

IC: Aperture changes his power to Teleportation with his saved action.  I believe Teleportation is movement, so he'll go ahead and teleport inside Sentinel's shields.

A - if possible, he will touch Sentinel's shield and teelport Everything in the shields to the location the team has planned for their last stand.  
B - if not, he'll attempt to grab Hip Hop, and teleport the two of them to the same location, away from the fight.

Let me know if neither will work, and I'll come up with something else,




Thanks Stephane!

Jon, the reason why Sentinel didn't detect any auras last turn was because he wasn't scanning for them. (Seth had asked if he could read their auras without scanning.)

Hip Hop and the "Vanguard Reserves" have the identical energy signatures to whenever Sentinel had scanned them in the past. I hope that's clear.



I will try to take him out before he teleports, be it manipulating  my energies to attack or physically hitting him myself ... whatever works.  If the attack can come from behind to surprise him so he can't avoid it or roll with it, all the better.

If the board changes and something else would be more prudent or you save my action all that is fine too.



Menagerie thought sent to Vanguard, "Hip Hop's device is an artifact tracking!" Menagerie hid the cell phone in the duct work where it won't be found.

Menagerie returned the fight. He exited the ducts and looked for a hidden spot. Once he found it he went there and turned into a Honey Badger. If given the chance he will attack (in order of preference)

Hip Hop
Blue Comet



OOC: A mini-response for a mini-issue, just kidding :p

IC: Clone will use his saved action to Evade. Since he normally attacks last in combat situations (OOC: I really should work on getting his Agility up at some point lol) he'll simply attempt to pummel which ever 'villain' is closest to him/them with his/their staff(s). )

As the first Clone strikes out with his staff, he lets loose with an angry taunt, "Like my Grandfather is telling me when I am boy, If you are wanting to put nail in wood you do nothing fancy . . . you simply smash it with hammer!" - WHACKKK!!!



Hey Jon,

I have a clarification request:

You said: Aperture teleports out with Sentinel's sphere and everyone and everything inside it.

A 5' x 5' portal won't fit the sphere. And Aperture can only lift 482 lbs. He, Sentinel and Hip Hop weight more than that, and Sentinel's construct weighs thousands of pounds.

A tougher GM than I would say your action is impossible, and fails. But I'm a softie. I'll say you still teleport out with someone/something. So:

1) Who or what do you want to attempt to teleport?

2) If you want to teleport a character, and that character is unconscious when you act, do you still teleport out with them?




OOC: Glad you're a softie... lol.

1.  If only one, then Hip Hop

2. If he's unconcious then I think Aperture would go for artifacts to try to keep them safe.

Thanks for the opportunity to clarify.



Sorry for the late reply.

I just woke up with an idea and I can't actually act on it. Only Lightning Strike could. I'm thinking they are controlled through science - so I'm hoping that that an electrical shock would do the trick.hopefully fizzle out the tech that is doing it.

Scott looks at Dr Monster, "Damnit! you are right! They are our friends! We need to help them! But I don't know how they are being controlled!"

So I have two options - 1 - Tell Lightning Strike to do a spread shock, closer to a short span EMP (the room)

If Anthony does respond: 2- Rip out the wiring out of a wall and shock someone with it. doing that with my building/engineering should be pretty straight forward.