Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Vanguard: Issue 115: Separate Sagas of Senses-Shattering Surprises!

Avatar battled the Cyclops, Otom the Seer, in midtown Manhattan in a cosmic challenge to determine who would wear the mantle of Avatar! Blinded, Otom, could only mystically perceive Avatar.
The big Cyclops said, “This is not a game, boy. I have waited an eternity for this moment. Think of the Pantheon! You’ve lost your memory. Something went wrong with your reincarnation. Do you think I am the only one who can see you since you’ve manifested?
“Others will come. They have waited a long time. And they will take your power for evil. With your memory damaged, you could not hope to survive them… but I could survive them.
“I will use the power for good. Give me the power of the Avatar, for the sake of the Pantheon!
“Manifest the wisdom of Apollo… the selflessness of Artemis… or else all is lost!”

Avatar shrugged, "I guess we play this game your way, then."
The two mythic warriors clashed again beneath the rain, the wind, the lightning and the thunder! KRAKA-BOOM! The crowds were fleeing the battle and the storm. Cars were abandoned and police were keeping people away from the area. A lightning strike hit a lamppost a block away! SHAKOOOM!

Avatar lunged through the wind and rain with his spear and struck true! GASH! (Luck Point to roll damage twice and use the higher roll). The massive giant was wounded but not gravely.

Otom swung his big fist into Avatar’s face! KRAK! (13 points of damage! Roll with 6. Hits take 7)

Avatar surmised that luck, speed and accuracy were on his side. Experience, strength and size were on Otom’s. A battle of attrition against the giant would work against Avatar. This had to end sooner than later! And the storm was increasing in intensity!

(Replies?! Actions?!)

Clone had told Grey and Drake that he was willing to trade one of his duplicates for his family. Now, during a covert, live exchange at the Berlin Wall, the human collective wasn’t so sure anymore.
His family marched to freedom and he, back to enslavement. When everyone thought the exchange was over, the six Clones disguised as soldiers took aim on the guard towers! The undisguised Clone drew his pistol, got his hand around Sickle’s throat and put the barrel against her forehead. Like CHESS, the Russians were taken by surprise! The four Special Forces soldiers and Hammer all took point blank aim at Clone!
Sickle yelled, in Russian: “STOP! Hold your fire! He is to be taken alive! Doctor X commands it!”
“Let her GO!” roared Hammer with visible emotion from behind his big handgun.
“Silence!” ordered Sickle. Then she looked down Clone’s arm into his face and smiled with contempt. She said sardonically, “Well, well. What now, little Alex?”
It was a standoff. Silent tension. The six disguised Clones slowly formed a column, a living bridge, across the death strip. They lowered their weapons while Clone spoke to Hammer and Sickle.
“Hold your fire!” repeated Sickle. Then, quietly to Clone, “Little Alex, you are signing your family’s death warrant. Do you think we will ever stop?”

In a blink, the gun that rested squarely upon Sickle’s temple fell harmlessly to the ground, its wielder nowhere in sight. Sickle quickdrew her pistol and opened fire! Her brother, the men in the towers and the Special Forces joined in! BUDDA! BUDDA! BUDDA! BUDDA! The Clones reabsorbed each other simultaneously all the way back to the far end of the death strip, a magic trick of instantaneous collapse! (Action: Evade. Movement: Re-absorb existing Clones). It almost worked.
Two rifle shots in that hail of bullets hit Clone! (The first bullet for 10 points. Rolls with 4, 6 off hits. The second bullet for 8 points. Roll with 4, 4 off Hits.) The final Clone leapt through the gate, taking cover behind the Berlin Wall! He heard engines from the Soviet side of the Wall!

“Come on!” yelled Drake as he pulled Clone to the waiting CHESS Jeeps and his family. Grey slammed the gate shut and got in behind the wheel. They were racing through the night city to the airport. Grey and Clone and Clone’s parents in one Jeep. Drake and Clone’s siblings in the other.
Grey was furious at Clone, “That wasn’t the deal! You said you’d make the trade!” he yelled as he raced the car through the dark streets of West Berlin! Clone saw headlights in the Jeep’s rearview mirror!

(Replies?! Actions?!)

Lightning Strike had met his uncle, NYPD Detective Hank Archer at his request. Detective Archer shared a police case file on the murder of Lightning Strike’s alter ego, and his wife! Archer also exhibited knowledge of the classified CHESS report. He might have been granted permission to read it as the lead investigator of the Luddite case, but Archer didn’t say.
Archer did say, “You know that Caine’s wealth will make sure he never sees the inside of a court room. I know Caine’s whereabouts but he is not currently ‘engaged in criminal activity.’ So now I know where you stand. Sorry to have wasted your time, Lightning Strike.”

Strike pursued Archer out of the alley. "I will investigate and follow-up on what you have told me. Although it is against my better judgment, I will see what Caine is up to. I will investigate but do no more. I will not fabricate evidence. We should not stoop to their level."

Detective Archer begrudgingly gave Strike Caine’s current whereabouts: the Four Seasons. Penthouse 1.

Lightning Strike followed Archer’s lead and found nothing there! Strike raced back to the alley where he had left Archer moments ago! The detective was gone!

The high voltage vigilante transformed himself into living lightning once more and transferred himself to Detective Archer’s apartment! KRA-KOOM!! The place was a mess, even by bachelor policeman standards.

The bed was disheveled, the sheets pulled off in the night. A week’s dishes were piled in the sink. Empty scotch bottles were piled in the garbage can. Old photos of Steven Archer (aka Lightning Strike!), his wife and his dad were laid out across a paper-strewn desk. Wedding photos among them, one with Hank dancing with the happy bride.

On a pad of paper near the phone was the faint etching of what had been written on the page over this one: “Caine - 11pm-3am - Ritz Carlton”. Strike recognized his uncle’s handwriting.

It was 2am. Next to the pad on the desk was Detective Hank Archer’s badge!

(Reply?! Actions?!)

Menagerie and Pachyderm hiked north across the savage Canadian wilderness for days to relocate Pachyderm safely away from mankind. Menagerie hunted periodically to secure new incentives for Pachyderm. The elephantine extranormal slowly grew accustomed to Menagerie’s presence, in all its forms, and the wizard of wildlife learned the colossal creature was more beast than man. Pachyderm did not speak words and seemed supremely isolated in the world. He hunted on his own, once surprising a mighty elk. But he had a liking for fish, and perhaps for company. So he followed Menagerie across the days and distances, sometimes letting a mile lay between them, but always returning.

At last, Menagerie and Pachyderm reached their destination! They hadn’t seen the follower for over a day. The sun was setting over the Chinchaga Wildland. Pachyderm found a roaring freshwater river and Menagerie was some distance away making preparations to return home when he saw the follower emerge from a forest to the south. She seemed to be half human and half cat. She had a backpack and was dressed for hiking this terrain. She was walking toward Pachyderm.

Menagerie moved to intercept her. He called out a greeting and an inquiry to her purpose in coming here.

Without a word the woman changed her trajectory for Menagerie. With unexpected speed she closed the distance between them and pounced! SLASH! Feline claws on her fingers tore open Menagerie’s chest!
(14 points of damage! Rolls with 6. 8 off Hits)

Pachyderm, some distance away, turned and squinted his eyes at Menagerie and the woman.

The fatal feline hissed, “I’ll ask the questions. Who are you, what are you doing here, and what do you know about him?” She nodded her head, indicating Pachyderm, but her eyes never left Menagerie. She held her claws out, ready to strike again if an answer wasn’t forthcoming.

Menagerie sensed that the disturbance in the natural order, that had led the shaman-sorcerer to Pachyderm, echoed faintly within this savage woman!

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Sentinel had stopped the bombing of the Odyssey Club, but at a grave cost! His shields were damaged, his energy waning. The beacon of liberty used his constructs to throw the Mask of Red Death westward to the closest body of water, the Central Park reservoir!

As he took off to follow, Sentinel looked down and saw the REACH fundraiser guests still fleeing the brownstone. O’Malley and Doyle were doing their best but the crowd was frightened, panicked and confused. Sentinel peered westward and saw that the Mask’s trajectory would soon reach the reservoir!

Vanguard’s leader stopped and spoke to the crowd, turning what would have been a nightmare for REACH and its guests into a moment of inspiration! (made your Charisma save)

Flying after the Mask, Kirk activated his communicator and reported his situation to CHESS.

Kirk hurtled to the reservoir and saw the Mask swimming for shore! ZARK! He blasted her from maximum range, scoring a direct hit! Her scarlet shield flickered with the impact!

The Mask returned fire ZAXXK! And missed! Sentinel was just beyond her range! She swam faster for shore!

Sentinel fired again! ZARK! Another hit to her crimson forcefield! She was slowing.

The Mask scrambled desperately onto dry land, over the fence and under the cover of trees, out of Sentinel’s eyesight. She had lost her cape and moved like someone injured.

Kirk had been beyond the range of his energy sense. If he wanted to continue the battle the trees would force him to closer quarters, certainly within range of her blasts. He was wounded, but now so was she.

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Slingshot laid a trap for his mysterious mirror image. His construction experience quickly helped him locate steel drums of diesel for fuelling the generators at the construction site. There was also the site gopher’s beater car that he bet he could throw. The elements of a trap were forming, but his quarry was nowhere to be found! And Scott couldn’t see it in the moonlit skyscraper skeleton. Minutes passed as he waited. Then…

“Hey you!” yelled a policeman who was peering into the construction site through a loose plank in the wooden perimeter fence. “Whaddayou doing in there?!!... Oh, it’s you, Slingshot. I didn’t recognize ya. What’s going on, big guy?” asked the cop as he walked toward Slingshot.

Slingshot couldn't trust anyone. The policeman could be the mimic. Doesn't mean that he's not the real thing either. Scott called to the cop, authoritatively: "Stay Back! I've been attacked by a villain. I've lost track of it for now and I'm not sure where it's going to come from. Stay out of the way. He's incredibly powerful." Slingshot put up an interposing giant hand to illustrate his intentions.
The policeman froze. He nodded and backed up through the fence. Scott couldn’t see him anymore.
WHAMM! From the ground level of the unfinished skyscraper, a black blur flew out and crashed hard into Slingshot’s head! The mimic had been coiled like a massive spring and fired itself at our hero, to almost no effect! (17 points of damage! Invulnerability takes 8, roll with 6, lose 3 from Hits)
The deadly doppelganger repoured itself into a standing position a few feet from the diesel drums, and Slingshot saw his chance! The malleable man of might grabbed the site car and hurled it at the drums!
KRASH! Vwa-BOOOM!!! Slingshot hit the dirt as the car and the drums went up in an orange fireball that consumed the mimic! Black smoke roiled up and the fire burned so bright, Scott couldn’t see into it!

Suddenly out of the flames flew a misshapen ruin. Pink and black, its form was melted and miasmic and yet ambulatory. It looked like Slingshot fused with a woman that wasn’t Maria Girucci …and it was on fire.

SPLAT! It landed screaming on Slingshot’s head and upper body!(14 points fire damage! Roll with 6. 8 off Hits!) From the waist up, Scott was stuck in the sticky, flaming horror! Slingshot was blinded, suffocating and on fire!

(Replies?! Actions?!)

Soldier and Manetti were behind enemy lines of a mysterious armed camp in the Venezuelan jungle near the Patriot's last known location! Their plane had been shot down, with Dr. Ashe aboard! The pair of agents saw the enemy encampment through the thick foliage. Ancient ruins near a small brook, illuminated by torchlight. Tarps and tents around it, all beneath thick jungle canopy. This ruin wasn’t on their map. A skeletal force of armed men stood watch; they likely emptied the camp for the search of the plane crash.

Other people were present in the camp, non-combatants. They looked like indigenous people. Women, children and the elderly were among their number. The Patriot’s transponder was inside the ancient ruin.

Soldier whispered quietly to Manetti, “I want to check out the far side of the place. I’m going to try to work my way around the perimeter, and see if I can spot an entrance to the ruins. If I’m not back within the hour, let the team and my family know what happened to me.” With that, he quietly work his way through the underbrush.

Soldier circled around and more equipment unlikely for this native army. High tech radar equipment. CHESS issue. Soldier recognized the array from the Manta Craft. This is how they detected the cargo plane.
Soldier incapacitated a guard, he had no choice, and found the entrance to the ruin. All senses alert, the patriotic powerhouse crept inside. Incan carvings etched the wall of the tunnel. Flickering light ahead. The tunnel opened into a large torchlit chamber, a sacristy in ancient times. Inside were CHESS issue weapons and equipment, food and gear for a small army, a table with maps and walkie talkies on it, and the Patriot!

He was alone and held a scanner in his hand, but no weapons. “Good,” he said. “I hoped they would send you.” The big man was calm and unharmed. “You have questions. Here are the answers. I wasn’t captured. I abandoned my post, when I realized that CHESS and the Pentagon, weren’t serious about the mission. We can overthrow Chavez. Think about that. These Venezuelans are part of a resistance force against him. Armed properly, and with my help, they can win.

“But the Pentagon wouldn’t give the okay. They lack the vision to see what must be done. They lack the courage to do what must be done. Their weakness is a betrayal of our country, its safety and its future. If you’ve served, you’ve seen it. We’re asked to fight with one hand behind our back or, worse, not to fight at all. “ The Patriot paused. “It’s a dangerous world. We can’t not act any longer. So… are you with me, brother?”

(Replies? Actions?)

Symbiote was eighty stories above nighttime Manhattan, hanging onto Gadget Girl for dear life! The ingenious ingénue of invention had stolen the Harper Harness and was in the middle of her getaway, bursting out of the Vanguard Vault atop the Empire State Building!
VROOOOMM! They hurtled down toward the streets, pulling up at the last instant, barely avoiding the roof of a moving car! ZOOOOM! A big loop the loop and then straight up, corkscrew-spinning all the way! She was trying to throw him off, to his certain death. Hal’s left hand was losing its from grip around Gadget Girl's neck!

His fingers sliding, Symbiote crashed his right hand, with the tool, down on her skull, just behind her right ear! KRAK! She was out cold!
VOOM..Vom..SPUT.. SPT spaaaa… The jetpack sputtered out! It must have been under cybernetic control! Symbiote and Gadget Girl were plummeting from a height of 700 feet!

Hal removed Gadget Girl's mask, revealing her beautiful face, and quickly slipped her mask over his head, feeling cybernetic contacts interface with his own scalp. He hung on tight and attempted to fire up the jet pack and…

Nothing happened!

The cybernetic controls must only work for Gadget Girl! Symbiote and Gadget Girl were plummeting from a height of 450 feet!

(Sorry, man! Replies?! Actions?!)

Talon’s date with Mother Russia was interrupted by her jealous former teammate, Accelerator! Another Saturday night shot to hell. An extranormal bar room brawl broke out and Mother Russia yelled, “Both of you, stop it right now!”

Talon cut Accelerator good and then the villain of velocity suddenly stopped on a dime, right next to Talon. With one finger, he touched the avian antihero, transferring all his velocity into him! ZOOOOOOOMMM! Talon flew backwards at blinding speeds, crashing through the bar’s big front window and into a telephone pole on the street! KRASSH! WHAM! The wingless birdman fell to the sidewalk, hard! WHUMP!

Growling in frustration, Talon stood and tore open his jacket to unfasten his harness. With a flap of his big black wings, he soared over the stampede, and the bar! A quick circle turns up nothing. Talon touches down at the bar’s back door and enters to check on any patrons that might still be inside.

The place was cleared out, except for Accelerator and Mother Russia. They were arguing, their faces less than a foot apart. Accelerator’s back was to Talon. Mother Russia saw Talon enter, but didn’t look again for fear of tipping off Accelerator. There were mirrors in the bar that could betray Talon’s presence, but so far Accelerator didn’t see him.

Accelerator yelled, “Defected?! What was all that stuff you told me in prison?! About the glory of the Soviet system?!”

Mother Russia couldn’t help but glance at Talon again.

Doubt crept into Adam’s mind as he notices Mother Russia's second glance in his direction. "Was that for me or him?" he thought to himself as he flapped his ebony wings to close the distance between them!

Mother Russia said nothing as Talon took Accelerator completely by surprise! Talon soared in behind Accelerator, grabbed him without stopping, and flew out the broken front window with him grasped in his claws! Talon gained altitude, flying in the direction of the Vanguard Vault! Talon said, "That was a nice shot, Commie. Kinda makes me think about dropping you onto the pavement from about a mile up. But I guess I'll have to settle with just kicking your butt all the way into a cell back at The Vault."

Accelerator apparently had no fear of falling but, unable to run, he wasn’t storing up as much velocity! The slacker of speed threw an awkward punch behind his back at Talon’s head! POP!
(Only 8 points. Talon rolls with 5 and takes 3 off hits)

“Mother Russia is just using you, bird brain!” Accelerator spat as he wriggled, trying to squirm free!

(Reply? Actions?)


Have fun.
Viva Vanguard,

Current Conditions:

Avatar: Hit Points: 28, Power Points: 55

Clone: Bodies: 1, Hit Points: 9, Power Points: 36, Hit Point Pool: 9

Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 43, Power Points: 47

Menagerie: Hit Points: 18, Power Points: 60

Sentinel: Hit Points: 3, Power Points: 37, Creation Points: 74, Shields: 73

Slingshot: Hit Points: 55, Power Points: 56, Inv: 0 til Issue 117

Soldier: Hit Points: 55, Power Points: 71, Inv: 8

Symbiote: Hit Points: 16, Power Points: 56

Talon: Hit Points: 32, Power Points: 52



I knew it! Skin Deep!
My next actions are twofold. I'll pry Skin Deep off of me and throw back into the general direction of the fire. If I'm successful at throwing her away, I'll use my PDA and dialout the emergency call.
"Slingshot to HQ! I'm under attack from Skin Deep and she's trying to subsume my identity. Be careful. She looks and sounds just like me. She has all my powers as well as my weaknesses. I've firebombed her. The intense pain will reveal her identity!"
My follow on actions are as follows, as many as I can feasibly:
If I've recovered my sight, I'll assume there's a sand pit or some form of dirt pile and I'll try to put out the fire that way.If I have any actions left (assuming that the above is mostly "movement") then I'll hit her with a pilon or something heavy so I don't get burned from touching her.


Talon's wings beat furiously as the two foes quickly ascend skyward. He extends his claws, digging them into Accelerator's chest and increasing the grip on his enemy.

"She can use me all she wants as long as she makes me like it. It's not like I'm a major player in the super hero game, buddy, so you can spew that high school trash at me all night but you won't hurt my feelings."

Talon rolls and drops quickly, spinning through the air to let his claws tear at Accelerator as the velocity pulls them through the acrobatic aerial movements.

"If you keep fighting I'm gonna drop you so I can hack at you all the way to the ground."

OOC: Adam will continue to spin and alter his velocity to keep Accelerator from punching him. If Accelerator manages to hit him he will drop him and fly close to him while he slashes and punches him to try and wear him down. As they draw near the ground he will catch him and continue the action until they reach the Vault.

Viva Vanguard,


[OOC] When Menagerie changes form does he bring the damage with him. Currently he has 18 hit points after losing 8 from Half Cat attack. If he changes into cougar form will he lose 8 off his 11 hits points?

When I submit my next move, can I submit two actions on the off chance I win initiative for the following turn?



Hoo boy. I am down to exactly one, very lame trick.

Hal was working in the lab and, presumably, wearing a lab coat when all this started. He'll try to angle his fall so that he can snag the tail end of it on a flag pole or building outcropping, slowing their fall so that they can hit a covered awning that might be conveniently jutting out at street level.

That's it. Not much, but it's all I got.

As I may have mentioned in my last post (can't remember), Superman was in the exact same situation in a recent issue of Justice Society of America--fighting an opponent over the skies of Metropolis when suddenly his powers (and those of his enemy) were "turned off." He rolled to break his fall but still spent several months in intensive care (this storyline led to an alternate universe, one still playing out).

If this turns out the way it's looking like it guys will sign my body cast, right?

Viva Vanguard,


Thomas/Menagerie: When you transform from one shape to another, the damage is transferred as a proportion. If Menagerie has half his hit points when he transforms into an animal, that animal will have half of its full hit points. So it won't be 8 points.



“What do I know about him?

“He is the beast behemoth called Pachyderm.

"He has been the harbinger of the destruction of the Natural Order.
He has been the death knell which signaled the start of the Animal Revolution.

“But now and forever more he will be the friend of Menagerie! Roar!!”

Menagerie charges the half cat/half woman creature turning into a Grizzly Bear.

[OOC] Menagerie is going to go claw to claw with her. He is counting on his weight and strength to overcome her agility by keeping the fighting in as close as quarters as possible. If he is on the losing end, he will change into a eagle to escape and recover.

[OOG] Nice twist, Jeff! I don't think I will be able to talk my way out of this one. Not with her stiking first blood like that. I really love the character that we created together but I am not sure how capable of a fighter he is, now we get to find out.

I sure hope I didn't choose incorrectly. I had a difficult time choosing between his human, cougar, and grizzly forms. I am guessing that while cougar is fast and agile, Half Cat will be faster and more agile. So that left human or grizzly. I am hoping the superior weight, strength, and claws of the grizzly counteracts Half Cat's speed, agility, and claws.

This is wonderful!


OOC: Hey, everyone:
In case you didn't know, the creators of V&V seem to have gotten the copyright back. They've just released a pdf of the 1980's rulebook, with new art, typos corrected and a few small additions. If you ever needed a digital copy of the rules we're playing, now's your chance. Just $7.50, here:

Thomas/Menagerie: Thanks. Grizzly makes sense to me too.


OOC: I had a pdf copy of the rules but went ahead and bought the new release yesterday after I got back from vacation. There's some new artwork and some rules tweaks that seem to be (as far as I can tell) decent. It's well worth $7.50, IMHO.

Honestly, buying hardcopy of the "old" rules is very worthwhile but I'm a packrat and love having this stuff in physical form.


Kirk's strategy bore fruit. His adrenalin was pumping, so much so that he barely felt his injuries. He could taste victory. His every impulse was to plunge into the trees to continue his direct attack.

Then he heard the voice of Lancaster in head, "Never get lost in the moment and lose sight of the big picture." He realized he was just about to let that happen here. With the Mask's death threat against the Odyssey Club members thwarted, the focus now needed to be on information and determining just who 'the others' were involved in this and what this was all about. At this point if his pursuit failed he had nothing in that regard; Kirk wasn't going to let that happen.

The strategy of hiding amidst the trees was a good one, and would have leveled the playing field for the Mask, even given her the advantage ... with most opponents. Hiding amidst the green wouldn't work against someone who could perceive her as if she was wearing a red glowing beacon. But Kirk could use her chosen hiding place against her.

Kirk's energies changed to reflect the colors of a mix of the trees and sky and camouflage his approach. He would come closer from the height of the trees using the distance to blend in and the trees to work as additional shielding should the Mask discern his approach. He focused his senses towards the wooded area fully prepared to avoid her blasts (Kirk evades) and gets firmly in mind a grid of the area with his energy sense supplementing what he can physically see. Upon locating the unique energy signature of the Mask (which should stick out like a sore thumb amidst everything else) he determines his best approach to remain undetected and as soon as he can get close enough he uses his telepathy to get a mental lock on the surface thoughts of the Mask.

OOC Assuming Kirk gets this far and actually gets the mental lock, this should give Kirk advance warning to avoid any more of her blasts. It should also give him time to pick up on thoughts about her support system, others involved, what else she knows about the Odyssey Club, her escape route - possible headquarters, etc. Once Kirk gets some of this info and determines what she is up to he can determine if its possible to take her out with his blasts and capture her here or if he should allow her to think she has eluded him and follow her escape route keeping tabs on her, etc.

Before going in, Kirk goes on silent mode informing Ajay that the target has taken cover in the trees beyond the Central Park reservoir and he was going to attempt pursuit. He informs Ajay that contacts should be via text so as not to give away his position.


Two rifle shots in that hail of bullets hit Clone! The final Clone leapt through the gate, taking cover behind the Berlin Wall! He heard engines from the Soviet side of the Wall! “Come on!” yelled Drake as he pulled Clone to the waiting CHESS Jeeps and his family. Grey slammed the gate shut and got in behind the wheel. They were racing through the night city to the airport. Grey and Clone and Clone’s parents in one Jeep. Drake and Clone’s siblings in the other.
As the door of the jeep closed, Clone quickly reached for his parents and gave them both a big hug as tears of joy rolled down his face. Noticing that her son was bleeding, Clones mother quickly started to bind his wounds and began scolding him lovingly for nearly getting himself killed just to rescue his family. His father’s eyes darted back and forth between the views in the front and back windows. The look on his fathers face was one of great concern and it worried him. Clone turned to Grey and said remorsefully, ”Please to excuse me comrade Grey – I am sorry for changing of planes . . . err . . . plans.”
Grey was furious at Clone, “That wasn’t the deal! You said you’d make the trade!” he yelled as he raced the car through the dark streets of West Berlin! Clone saw headlights in the Jeep’s rearview mirror! Clones head then snapped back around towards Grey in epiphany. His thoughts rapidly shifted direction as his mind was inundated with flashes of memories and grim speculations. “Could it be?” he thought to himself.
He began to remember all the questions and debriefs he received from C.H.E.S.S. and his new friends Vanguard. He recalled all the hushed whispers he overheard from the other members of Vanguard when they discussed ‘moles’ and ‘traitors’ amongst the ranks of C.H.E.S.S. Careful to keep his hands out of Grey’s field of vision; Clone nonchalantly activates the Tracking Transponder on his Wrist Communicator.
( OOC: I’m assuming that the signal only gets picked up by C.H.E.S.S. bases and The Vault and not by individual communicators – if not, then I won’t do that – don’t want to tip off Grey or even Drake for that matter )
He then remembers Director Grey and Agent Drake explaining ‘The Program’ and the worlds view on ‘extranormals’. Parts of conversations then begin to echo across the shocked landscape of Clones mind. “For their national security, they need extranormals to replace what they’ve just lost. Weighed against that, your family doesn’t matter much to them. It’s an easy call on their part. But we’ll insist on a live, simultaneous trade in a neutral location just the same. If it’s what you want.” “THEIR national security? THEY need extranormal? Since when does a C.H.E.S.S. Director concern himself with the desires of the Soviet Government?” he thought to himself. “. . . your family doesn’t matter much to them . . . but they matter enough to a C.H.E.S.S. Director to shift the ‘balance of power’ out of the hands of the American Government?” he asked himself. Clone’s thoughts then darken with further suspicions, “. . . we’ll insist on a live, simultaneous trade in a neutral location . . . how was that a neutral location? The sheer number of soldiers they had on hand, and the machineguns up in the guard towers made it feel otherwise.”
“What was it again that Agent Drake told me about ‘The Project’?” he asked himself as he tried to recall the conversation the two once had. Clone struggled for a moment with his thoughts, “Ah yes . . . I remember now . . . ‘The Program’ is the USSR extranormal location and indoctrination system, to brainwash people to become patriots of the state. Founded after WW2, to counteract the bomb, and originally focused on psychic abilities, it was directed by someone known only as ‘Doctor X’.
Clone then posed the question to himself, “Why would Grey hand over something viewed as powerful as ‘the bomb’ to the Kremlin in exchange for a small group of simple farmers?” Clone then began to recall how easily Grey just let the remnants of the Soviet Super Soldiers wonder freely around Manhattan, “. . . The other Super Soldiers were likely victimized by The Program as much as you. We’ll monitor them closely, but based on what Vanguard is telling us, we’ll cut them loose. Even Mother Russia. Maybe she’ll lead us to Accelerator.”
Clones mind was already flooded with a deluge of questions, but somehow there seemed to be room for a few more, “How could he have just let them go like that? Knowing that they are under the control of the Soviets, why would he let them roam free through American streets? Because he thought Mother Russia MIGHT lead them to Accelerator?”
“None of this makes any sense,” Clone thought to himself. Only a second had passed since Grey barked out his discontent with Clone’s actions. His look of shocked disbelief then turned into a stare of calculated cunning as he replied to Grey, “I am most sorry comrade, but it is perhaps you are to be calling in more additional C.H.E.S.S. units – nyet? The Soviets are coming at our backs much quickly now, perhaps it is best to be even going to other check point for . . . how is it that you say . . . additional backings up.”
Clone now firmly believes that Grey has something to do with the whole ‘mole’ business that’s been plaguing Vanguard and now seems to be threatening the safety of his family. He doesn’t want to believe that Grey is the mole, but everything he’s seen and heard thus far has him convinced that he is. Clone is going to keep a solid eye on Grey and should Grey make any sudden move for a weapon that doesn’t seem to be in defense of the C.H.E.S.S. motorcade he’ll jump him and try to disarm him. If need be he’ll even try to wrestle control of the car away from him. For the time being – the ball is in Grey’s court.
If the opportunity permits – Clone will try to activate his wrist communicator without being noticed ( with an open mic ) should Grey start doing the ‘villain monologue’ thing. He’ll send the transmission out to all C.H.E.S.S. bases in range, The Vault, and to the other members of Vanguard if possible. Again – if there is a chance that Grey or Drake could pick up this transmission then he won’t do it. Clone is still on the fence about Drake’s involvement and is beginning to wonder what it was that Doc Rocket actually stuck inside his brain.
Talk to you all soon,


Wow, Great write up Kevin!

I so want to shout BUSTED!!! but like Phineas and Pherb, I have a feeling that Jeff is going to end up SO NOT BUSTED.



LOL Either way I think Clone is n deep!
BUSTED = Clone's family is still not out of trouble yet, and may be in more trouble then before. It also means Vanguard could have some SERIOUS personal and national security issues waiting down the line for them. S
O NOT BUSTED = Clone might accidentally jump to the wrong conclusion ( 2 + 2 = 5 ) and cause something completely not good for himself, his family, Grey & Drake, The United States and so on; to happen that might have some seriously bad repercussions down the line. Needless to say I'm a little concerned for our poor little Alexander at the moment lol ;-) Out of the frying pan and into the fire!


In before the deadline.
As Soldier stealthily continued to scan the area, he silently wondered, “Where the hell are they getting all this gear? Something wasn’t adding up. The equipment was restricted material. They should have been able to have access to it. Had someone in CHESS gone rouge, and sold out his county? And what did Patriot have to do with all of this?”

Upon encountering Patriot, he’ll prepare to defend himself, and save an action. But, he’ll listen to Patriot’s little spiel, before speaking. “I’m not sure what’s happened to you, or why you’re doing this, but I can’t let you do this. You’re soldier, and from what I’ve seen of your records, and outstanding one at that. You took an oath to follow the orders of those appointed over us, and you know that sometimes you’ll get orders that you disagree with, but you don’t have the option of picking and choosing which of those orders you intend to follow. The simple fact is I’ve been sent here to stop you, and intended to do it, one way or the other. You can come with me, of your own accord, or I take you back in shackles. It’s not too late. End this before it gets completely out of hand.

OOC: As he’s speaking, he’s also using his sensor systems to scan the area for anyone else who might be present. If patriot attacks, he’ evade, and use his saved action to try to defend himself.


John looks around the city to see what weapons it holds for him. There are many but his soul calls out to him to go to the high places where the brewing storm sends it's winds whipping around the heights and the lightnings rip open the heavens.

Time to head for the high ground, he thinks.

"Too many people here, Seer...time to make this a private discussion," John yells through the storm as he races away.

OOC: He will find some way to get to the top of a building of decent height, whether it's fire escapes, elevators, climbing a wall, etc. I am working under the assumption that John is faster and more nimble than Otom. If not, please tell me.

John reaches the rooftop and looks around, making his decision. While he had feared earlier that Otom would be killed by cars on the streets, he now thought that massive damage was the only way to defeat the cyclops.

OOC: When Otom reaches the rooftop, John lures him close to the edge. Hopefully the building isn't TOO tall.

"Why is it that a seer cannot see his own future?," John asks tauntingly.

OOC: Whatever Otom replies, the fight will have begun anew. John will attempt to either strike Otom with a jumping kick and drive him off the edge of the building, will grab Otom and throw him from the building, or will initiate a fight over the spear and then fall backward, letting go of the spear and letting Otom plunge from the building. We'll see if this works. I hate to do it but I'll spend another luck point in trying to make it work in whatever manner seems appropriate.


Lightning Strike:
Strike surveys the apartment and realizes that his "death" hit his uncle a lot harder than he ever knew. It appears that his uncle was about to take the law into his own hands. Strike quickly transformed back into electrical form and headed back to the hotel. This time he is not concerned with being unobserved but simply to find his uncle as quickly as possible and prevent him from making a terrible mistake. Strike will materialize in the lobby and simply find out if Silas Caine is doing an event there and then go to it and see if Strike's uncle is there. He will stop him from killing Caine but try to do it gently.