Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Aperture Character Sheet!

This unique life form is the son of Slingshot and Nanite, the nephew of Nemesis, and the grandson of the Entity, IT. Like his mother, he is a hybrid between our world and cyberspace. Unlike his mother, he is more human, one closer step in the evolution from machine to man. Upon birth, he quickly adapted to assume an adult shape, but still had the mind of a child. He was a tabula rasa. He was Slate. Now he is grown. Now he is Aperture!

Secret Identity: Ethan Brock
Gender: Male?

Born: 2011
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 200 lbs.
Basic Hits: 4
Origin Type: Mutant? Designed?
Personality Archetype: Childlike tabula rasa
Level: 4
Experience Points: 9,000
Player: Jon

Super Powers and Super Skills: 

1) Body Power: Human/Android Hybrid Body: Aperture is a cross between a human and an android!
-His natural healing rate is doubled.
-He can recover damage up to below negative Endurance Hit Points if his body is still in one piece.
-Immunity from some attacks on human biology, like Paralysis Ray and Death Touch.

a) Heightened Endurance: +15

b) Life Support: This power gives protection as indicated on the combat table, in addition to providing air, nutrition, and other essentials for effectively unlimited periods of time. Due to this power, and his Body Power, Aperture needs not sleep.

2) Heightened Sense of Comprehension: Can learn incredibly fast. Photographic memory. Skills may be added in minutes or hours, depending on the skill. Number of skills remains unchanged.
In some cases, this power can increase the success chance of an Inventing Roll, halve the time it takes to invent, increase the success chance of a Detect Hidden roll, etc.

3) Nanotech Superpower Invention: Aperture may form Device-based Superpowers with one action and 15 Power Points. He may only have 2 ‘Hero Points’ worth of these powers at a time (ie: one straight Super Power or two Super-Skills). Once the power is created, Aperture pays PR to use it just like he had the power.


1) Prejudice: Reaction modifiers on the Charisma table from characters on both sides become negative. Heroes subject to prejudice are looked upon by society as dangerous elements, perhaps even criminals. If their Charisma scores are high their allies and the people they protect will be convinced that "it's all part of some plot" and in fact the evidence will tend to become twisted to support this theory. The

percent chance of another character overcoming his prejudiced reactions to this character equals that character's Intelligence score. Each character encountered may make one check to see through his prejudice, with a failure denying any further attempts by that character until he is presented with better reasons than he had previously.

2) Special: Aperture is the “grandson” of the Entity, IT.

Strength 15
Endurance  25
Agility 15
Intelligence 18
Charisma 13

Hit Points: 35
Power Points: 73

Carrying Capacity: 470 lbs.
Hand-to-Hand Damage: d6

Accuracy: +2
Damage Modifier: +2

Detect Hidden: 18%
Detect Danger: 22%

Reaction Modifiers: -1 from Good, -1 from Evil Movement: Ground: 55” per turn.
Healing Rate: 5.6

Occupation: none currently.

Skills: English Language, Computers x2, Robotics, Martial Arts Philosophy, Vanguard Hand Signals, Vanguard History, Occult Studies, Pilot Manta Craft

Luck Points: 1.6 as of Issue 202

Slate used his Level Two, Three and Four Advancements to evolve into Aperture