Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Clone Character Sheet!

Alexander Oleksienko was born on a Ukrainian farm collective inside the Soviet Union where his mutant powers manifested during infancy. His kind, good-hearted parents helped him understand and control his “special gift that must be used for good!” When Alex was 18, a group of Russian soldiers came to the farm to take him to the Kremlin and “his rightful place” among the Soviet Super Soldiers. After a long, heartfelt goodbye, Alex left his beloved family to begin his new life as the human collective, Clone!

Secret Identity: Alexander Oleksienko
Gender: Male
Born: 1986
Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 186 lbs.
Basic Hits: 4
Origin Type: Mutant
Personality Archetype: Protector of the Innocent and Defender of the Helpless
Level: 6
Experience Points: 20,500
Player: Kevin

Super Powers and Super Skills:
1) Body Power (x2): Multiplicity: Clone has the rather unique ability to create one or more identical physical duplicates of himself at will through binary fission. The designation of "original" in the following power description need not be constant, and any one of the existing Clones could become the new "original" at any given time!
When a duplicate is created, divide up the "original" Clone’s Hit Points equally among the duplicates and the "original", rounding off any fractions. For example: If the "original" Clone has 14 Hit Points and there are currently three duplicates in existence, then each Clone will have 4 Hit Points. Should another Clone be created, the Clones would then all have 3 Hit Points each.
To create duplicates takes one action and costs 1 Power Points per duplicate created. There is no cost to re-absorb a duplicate back into the "original" Clone, but it does require physical contact. When duplicates are reabsorbed, their Hit Points are equally redistributed among the rest of the existing Clones. The absorption process also integrates the memories, experiences, and skills of the duplicate into Clone’s own personal memories, experiences, and skills.
When created, each duplicate has a number of Power Points equal to the original’s Power Points after the Power Points have been spent to create them. The duplicate’s maximum Power Point total can never exceed the normal maximum Power Point score of Clone. Re-absorbed duplicates do not pass along any remaining Power Points to the others duplicates or Clone.
The maximum number of Clones ( including the original ) that can exist at any given time are equal to the "original" Clone’s current Hit Points ( before creating duplicates ) or the combined total of Clone’s Charisma and Endurance, whichever is less.
Duplicates have all the knowledge, skills, stats and powers of the "original" ( including the Multiplicity power ) and appear wearing the same clothing that the "original" is at the time of their creation.. Any equipment or items the "original" may have been carrying at the time of the duplicates creation do not duplicate however. The duplicates fight at the "original" Clone’s skill level and never gain experience.
If a duplicate is killed, it simply vaporizes into a dark puff of smoke that dissipates quickly and leaves behind a foul odor. Witnesses to this event have described the odor as smelling similar to burned human flesh. For 24 hours after the death of a duplicate, the maximum number of Clones that can exist is reduced by one. This effect is cumulative, so the death of two duplicates would reduce the maximum number of Clones by two for 24 hours and so on.

2) Heightened Endurance: +9 (Level Two and Three Advancements)

3) Training: Clone has reduced the Power cost of creating duplicates, as noted above (Level Three  Advancement)

4) Special Weapon: Duplicating Staff: +3 to hit, HTH + d4 damage. Can multiply with Clone. No PR.

5) Psionics: Shattered Psyche: Clone's conscious and unconscious mind have been the subject of so many attacks and alterations that not even he's entirely sure who the true Alexander Oleksienko is anymore. Bestows the following power and weakness:

a) Telepathic Defense: Telepaths attempting to Mind Probe Clone will have a difficult time navigating the various synaptic chasms that now litter the broken landscape of Clone's multifaceted mind. If Clone consents to the probe, the telepath's total of (Current Power x 2) + C must exceed Clone's Current Power + C. If the telepath's score exceeds that of Clone's, he may proceed in the Probe attempt, which attacks as Mind Control (+2 to hit). If the Mind Probe isn't consensual, the telepath’s Current Power + C must exceed Clone's total of (Current Power x 2 ) + C . If the telepath's score exceeds that of Clone's, he may proceed in the Probe attempt, which attacks as Mind Control (+2 to hit). In either case, a failure to successfully probe Clone for any reason will result in the telepath becoming so overwhelmed by the vastness of Clone's fractured psyche that he immediately passes into a trance-like state (unconsciousness), normal wake-up rules apply

b) Vulnerability: Emotion Control and Mind Control: Unfortunately for Clone the repeated psychic assaults have severely damaged and fractured his psyche and have left him extremely vulnerable to mental intrusion and manipulation. Emotion and Mind Control attacks are +2 to hit against him, and psychic attacks that specifically target a characters personality / identity are +4 to hit.

6) Heightened Senses: Empathic Link: Clone and his duplicates share a vague empathic connection which in the past has been used for a degree of control/coordination of the group. He has also demonstrated that this connection can be used sort of like a homing device to track dupes when they are close by, Range =  ( Cha + Int)  inches.
Should Clone or one of his duplicates die, the others would immediately become aware of it and feel a deep sense of mental and emotional anguish, Range = infinite. PR=0.  (Level Six Advancement)

7) Patron: US Government: Vehicles

1) Unusual Appearance: Clone’s face is smooth, vague and indistinct, as if it were ‘unfinished’ in some way. He has no wrinkles, nails or fingerprints, and his skin is pure white and completely hairless. NPC’s encountering Clone without his mask for the first time will most likely be caught off guard and find Clones physical appearance frightening and unsettling and suffer a -4 modifier to their initial Reaction rolls because of it. A successful saving throw on d20 versus Intelligence will avoid this penalty. Once a character has over-come Clones strange appearance by making a successful saving throw roll, all subsequent reaction rolls are unaffected by this modifier. His unusual appearance unfortunately also makes it impossible for him to have a secret identity.

2) Patron: Character may be required to perform tasks and duties at employer’s request.

Strength 10
Endurance 27
Agility 15
Intelligence 15
Charisma 15

Hit Points: 23
Power Points: 67

Carrying Capacity: 344 lbs.
Hand-to-Hand Damage: 1d6

Accuracy: +2 to hit
Damage Modifier: +2

Detect Hidden: 18%
Detect Danger: 22%

Reaction Modifiers: +2 from Good, -2 from Evil

Movement: ground: 52” per combat turn.

Healing Rate: 3.2 hit points per day.

Luck Points: 1.3 as of Issue 183

Former Soviet citizen

Occupation: Farmer
Skills: Agricultural Engineering, Animal Husbandry, Folklore, Occult Studies, English, Russian and Romanian

Origin Story: Alexander Oleksienko was born on a Soviet collective farm several kilometers outside of Kiev, along the northern border of the Ukraine. Although they never had much; Alexander’s family always had love, it was the one thing the world couldn’t take from them and the one thing they could always call their own.

Alexander's superhuman powers manifested themselves during infancy and by age two little he was already driving his parents crazy with them. Fortunately for Alexander his parents were kind and good-hearted people who helped him understand and control his abilities. His parents told him that God had given him a gift and that he should use it for what it was intended for – to do good.

At first he was content simply to use these powers to aid the other people of the collective; however news of his special abilities had finally reached government officials in Moscow. The Kremlin quickly dispatched a small group of soldiers to the farm with only one objective: to retrieve Alexander Oleksienko whom they thought of as a “human collective.” Seeing this as his chance to finally use his abilities to make a positive difference in the world, he went with them happily. After a long and heartfelt goodbye, Alexander left his family’s farm and quickly made his way to the Moscow Military District. His life would never be the same again . . .