Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vanguard: Issue 123: Swords and Sorcery!

Vanguard had awoken from a madhouse into a strange, otherworldly landscape where they now fought the Crimson Coven for their team mate Avatar! The epic battle was total chaos!

The Witch spied Zephyr, who was the closest hero to her. The wretched old crone mumbled an ancient curse and pointed at Shelley!
Zephyr gasped in surprise! “Guys, something’s wrong. I can’t see. I.. I’m blind!”

Avatar hurtled at the Warlock with the blinding speed of Hermes! Avatar’s deadly sword, forged with the skill of Hephaestus and guided by the strength and skill of Ares, slammed into Warlock’s sorcerous screen of cobalt energy! SKRAASH K-k-k-k-kkkk. The energy shield shrieked and flickered (like a light saber when it hits a light saber). "Why do you seek your own doom?" the manifestation of mythology said.

Talon continued his aerial combat with the Fallen, slamming into her with speed, and raking at her with his claws! SLASHH!! His deadly talons sliced open her black, battle-damaged plate armor at the shoulder, revealing nothing behind it but absolute darkness!

Le Fou laughed and leapt up onto the chest of another Clone and gleefully crowned him between the eyes with his short staff! KRAK! The Clone fell over unconscious. Le Fou rode him down, and ended up comically pirouetting on one foot upon the unconscious Clone’s chest. “These men are made of balsa wood! They are one man, spread terribly thin. Bred, it would seem, to be victims of my tender mercies. How delightful!” The demented dwarf’s sadistic smile was a terrible thing to behold.

Demonoid barked at Sentinel like a rabid dog! “Come on, ya virgin. Let’s see how tough ya are!” The two were alone, away from the unseen pentacle, when Baron Samedi came screaming over them across the sky! Demonoid laughed so hard he had to catch his breath. Then he breathed fire at Sentinel! VROOOSSSHHHH!!!! (10 points of damage. Sentinel elects to take it all off shields!)
“You bloody wanker, come down here and fight me like a man!”

Soldier began to race to shield Zephyr from the Witch with his augmented frame! “Zephyr, I’ve got you, just stand where you’re at for a second.”

Black Dragon intercepted him in mid action! His right fist was enveloped in magical, translucent black energy that flowed like slow moving flames! The mystic master of martial arts had identified his nearest foe. The Dragon leapt, and in one motion struck Soldier in the chest with the black hand of the Dragon! ZVWA-POW!! (25 points of damage! 8 off Invulnerability. Roll with 7. Take 10 off Hits!) The dragon fire was extinguished upon contact! VOOF!

Soldier flew back 25 feet but remained conscious! Shaking off the blow, the patriotic powerhouse continued to shield Zephyr! Once positioned between them, he targeted her mouth at point blank range with his smart pistol to cease her spell casting. “Try chewing on this, you old hag!” BLAMM!
The special, taser-like round hit its mark and the wicked bride of Satan let out a red scream as she writhed on the ground! “RAAAAGGGHHHH!!!”

Symbiote tried to not rush to his sister’s aid. Instead he positioned himself to attack Black Dragon from behind with a lightning bolt so that his Dragon Fist attack could not be used again! SHAKOW! At the last second, the Black Dragon, turned and tried to dodge the lightning bolt!
But the lightning was too fast even for him and he was pierced in mid-air by the jagged arc of white hot electricity! The Black Dragon was injured. Breathing slowly, he resumed a defensive stance, facing Symbiote!

Superstition smirked as electricity from Symbiote’s attack again arced back at him! KRAKOW!
(12 points of damage again! 7 off Power. 5 off Hits!)

Zephyr said, “Thanks Ma-, uh, Soldier!” Then she put her arms at her side and concentrated. The wind shifted around her slightly. “I… think I’m okay!” Then she seemed to notice Plague, reforming.
“This guy again?!” she said as flew around Soldier and blasted Plague with another hurricane force gale, scattering his swarm form into the wind! “Bug off!” she yelled happily. Two superhero zingers!

The Fallen, meanwhile, met Talon’s fury, blow for blow! Her black blade struck the avian antihero as the two were locked in deadly aerial combat above the battlefield! KER-RANG! (14 points of damage and an additional 10 points off Power! Rolling with damage, Talon takes a total of 16 to Power, and 8 to Hits!)
From within the infinite blackness of her iron helm, the damned woman’s voice hissed, “Merely human.”

Sentinel used what remained of his fading energy constructs to throw Demonoid away from him and the battle! “Cowardly little @#$%&*!” the hateful hell creature spat as he hurled away!
Sentinel tried to reach Vanguard on his communicator and found it not working. There were no satellites in whatever place this was!
With that, the beacon of justice flew off in the direction of the mysterious energy trail he had detected! Sentinel’s ability to fly came from his energy constructs, which were now perilously low. He was not making great speed! From just above the ground, he turned around and sensed…

The Wraith, silently and invisibly coming for him! It seemed the intangible specter floated at a slow pace as well. She was gradually closing the distance, but could not attack at this range!

Lightning Strike stalked Demonoid! The electric avenger couldn’t locate any conductive materials, just broken masonry and stones! So he ran to where he lay wounded on the broken ground where he had landed from Sentinel’s throw. Demonoid saw Lightning Strike’s boots and looked up as SHAKOW! Lightning Strike blasted him, electrocuting the bestial devil into unconsciousness!

The Warlock, clearly concerned at the raw power facing him now in the form of the Avatar unleashed, snarled “I do not seek my doom, Olympian. I seek my transcendence…. my immortality!”
VOMMMmmmmm BOOM!! Blue energy exploded out from the Warlock’s forehead again and blasted the myrmidon of myth (18 points of damage! Roll with 4, take 14 off Hits!)

Menagerie stared at Mirage and snarled. Then with a quick spin, the man in wolf’s clothing focused his senses and will on Superstition! He sprinted and pounced up at her! His lupine jaws snapped hard on her torso and his weight pulled her down from her levitation to the ground, hard! WHAM!
“Merde!” she cursed as the big black wolf stood over her bleeding form. Menagerie tasted human blood and realized that a real wolf would now burrow his sharp jaws into Superstition’s soft exposed stomach!

Mirage was motionless and silent. Then he blinked out of existence.

Clone swarmed over the Golem again with all fourteen of his bodies! Blinding its vision, tangling in its trunk-like legs, throwing it off balance, the human flash mob managed to topple the Goliath a second time, this time steering him onto Le Fou!

Le Fou looked up as the Clone beneath him vanished, reabsorbed into the collective. The merry maniacal midget’s jaw dropped as the shadow of the man-monolith covered him. “Le yipe!” he said and then BOOMMM! He was crushed beneath the lumbering leviathan! Two of the many Clones that rode the Golem down hit their earthen adversary with sticks and stones, to little avail!

The Golem slowly, methodically pulled himself up again, revealing the unconscious and smashed Le Fou at the bottom of a Golem-shaped impression. Now the Golem was getting mad! The living mountain smashed a massive fist down onto a Clone, crushing it into unconsciousness! KRA-POW!

Slingshot meanwhile felt sickened by what he had done to Baron Samedi, but through the sting of the pain, he had reacted without thinking through the consequences. "Can't believe that I've just did that!" He said to Soldier, "They are setup to attack our weaknesses! I can handle electricity well, help Clone or someone else. I have to go after the Cajun."

Slingshot grabbed at a column in his patented move. He looked at Okmenhotep, "You and I, let's fly." He threw his other arm at the Egyptian and entangled him in it, and then launched himself in the air after Samedi! BOIINNG! The malleable man of might hurtled up high with the ancient Egyptian!

Okmenhotep calmly said something Slingshot didn’t understand, and then disappeared! The mystic left only vapors of dark green smoke that dissipated in the rushing air!

Slingy shrugged and gazed ahead to find Samedi, to save his life. He saw Sentinel far below him, travelling in the same direction. Then Scott looked ahead. In the distance, rising above the moonlit mists, he saw a pale silhouette. It seemed to be the soaring towers of a mighty city!

Avatar, meanwhile, continued his unrelenting assault on the Warlock! The blade of Hephaestus crashed down again into the cobalt shield! KRAASH K-k-k-k-kkkk. The energy shield moaned again and wouldn’t stop flickering. It wasn’t going to withstand much more of this!

The Warlock knew it. He yelled, “Crimson Coven! Now! Strike as one at the Avatar of the Pantheon, and the promised reward shall be yours!”

The Black Dragon glanced in the Warlock’s direction.
The Witch cried “Mine!” through bloody broken teeth!
The Fallen hissed “Mine!” from inside that terrible helm!
The Golem roared unintelligibly.
Sentinel saw the Wraith hesitate for a moment.
“Mine,” said the disembodied voice of a man.
Superstition, from beneath the bloody jaws of the wolf, cried, “Mine, curse you all!”

To be continued!

Replies/Actions for one round of combat please. Avatar gets two attacks, due to Heightened Speed.

Below is the 'End of Issue' Map, with continued thanks to Tom!
The map marks your placement at the end of Issue 123, but not which way you are facing.
Sentinel, Lightning Strike, Slingshot, Demonoid, the Wraith and Baron Samedi are off the map, to the “north.”
Okmenhotep and Mirage’s placement are unknown to almost everyone.

Have fun!
Viva Vanguard!


Current Conditions:
Avatar: Hit Points: 50, Power Points: 36, Manifesting: Heightened Strength and Speed
Clone: Bodies: 13, Hit Points: 1 each, Power Points: 30 each, Hit Pool: 13
Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 36, Power Points: 61
Menagerie: Hit Points: 14, Power Points: 48, Form: Wolf
Sentinel: Hit Points: 19, Power Points: 19, Shields: 28, Creation Points: 38
Slingshot: Hit Points: 44, Power Points: 74, Invulnerability: 8
Soldier: Hit Points: 19, Power Points: 67, Invulnerability: 0 til issue 125
Symbiote: Hit Points: 25, Power Points: 70, Charges: 13, Copied: Strike
Talon: Hit Points: 38, Power Points: 45
Zephyr: Hit Points: 13, Power Points: 59, Charges: 10, Armor: 25, Blind!


The Warlock yelled, “Crimson Coven! Now! Strike as one at the Avatar of the Pantheon, and the promised reward shall be yours!”

OOC: I don't like the sound of that!

As the Crimson Coven members look like they are going to attack me en masse, I'll try and slip around behind The Warlock, hopefully timing things well enough and being fast enough that any ranged attacks might have a chance of hitting him (looking at the map it seems that, if I'm behind him, he will be between Avatar and everyone else).

I'll try and grab him as an action, hopefully after his shields are down and I can actually touch him but, if not, then around the shields, and pick him up and run at Heightened Speed toward Golem, hopefully smashing into him with The Warlock and damaging both of them.

If that tactic doesn't seem to have a chance of working, Avatar will continue to work at the shield with his sword, still trying to keep The Warlock between him and the rest of the CC, still hoping that ranged attacks might strike the CC leader rather than him.

In any case, Jeff, have both of Avatar's actions focused on neutralizing The Warlock along the lines of those tactics. If it doesn't work initially, then Avatar will grab The Warlock as soon as the shield is down and attempt it later.


Symbiote will again lash out at Black Dragon (especially since Superstition seems to be otherwise engaged with taking a piece of Avatar's skin at the moment).

IC: As Hal becomes more agitated, the Bronx begins to come out in his normally controlled voice. "Hey, Kung Fu!! I ain't done with you yet! Ya hear me?!? I'M TALKIN' TO YOU!!!"

With that, he hurls another lightning bolt at the Malevolent Martial Artist.

OCC: Native New Yorkers on the mailing list: I hope I got that right. Please feel free to correct if necessary.


OOC: Perhaps you should speak in OUR native dialect for them, Greg?


OOC: "Y'all done opened a meth lab full of whup ass!!"

Nah, just doesn't flow as well.


With all the villains making their way over to Avatar’s position, one of the Clones will turn to the others and say,”Our friend is in needing of us comrades!” At which point they will all start running over that way as well. Ultimately the goal of the ‘Clone Mob’ is to keep Avatar from getting mauled ( given Clone’s weakness ). He’ll intentionally throw himself in-between any ranged attacks aimed at Avatar or even act as a human shield for him if he can against HTH attacks. While running over to help Avatar , if the Clone mob can get a ‘cheap shot’ off ( a side or rear attack, aka - trampling, run-by haymakers, etc. ) against Black Dragon ( unless Symbiote has already taken him out ) they’ll do so. Judging from the map it looks like a side attack may be possible, but I’m not 100% sure of that. Any Clones that are not knocked unconscious, actively blocking attacks, etc . . . will attempt to attack The Warlock ( armed with sticks and stones . . . in order to break his bones lol )

OOC: Just for the record Jeff – the Clone’s are done trying to take out The Golem lol – that boy is just too damn tough – I can’t even scratch ‘em lol. Also – I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this ( although you’ve been doing it any way ), if any of the duplicates get knocked unconscious, the others will automatically try to reabsorb him into the collective.

GREG WROTE: As Hal becomes more agitated, the Bronx begins to come out in his normally controlled voice. "Hey, Kung Fu!! I ain't done with you yet! Ya hear me?!? I'M TALKIN' TO YOU!!!" With that, he hurls another lightning bolt at the Malevolent Martial Artist.

OOC: Native New Yorkers on the mailing list: I hope I got that right. Please feel free to correct if necessary.

RESPONSE: As a native Noo Yawk’a that works in, on and under the streets of Noo Yawk, ya might wanna go with someth’n like this: Ay-oh! F*$k Face! Yeah – I’m tawk’n to you! I ain’t f*$k’n dun wit you yet! Then as you come with in hand-to-hand distance and go to throw that big right hand ( or in this case – power up a big juicy wad of deadly electricity ) with a look of complete distain and rage . . . Lets go moth’a f*$k’a!!!

Yeah – lol – unfortunately theres a lot of F-Bombs being dropped in the streets of Noo Yawk. I’ve met a bunch of people over the years that have come from over-seas to live here in Noo Yawk and they almost all say the same thing – one of the first words they hear ( or learn if English isn’t their first language ) as they leave the airport terminal, is the F-Bomb lol. Oh and before I forget . . . its not ‘The Bronx’, its ‘Da Bronx’ lol

Talk to you all soon,



OOC: Awesome issue!!

[OOC] Okay, I need GM help. The way I visual the scene, Menagerie is standing with his front two paws on Superstitution's torso. His weight is holding her down (like a pin). She can turn her head and move her arms and legs. She is bleeding. Is this a correct assessment?

Menagerie is going to fight off his "wolf instincts" to burrow his sharp jaws into Superstition’s soft, exposed stomach! but he still wants to knock her out cold.

What is my best option of doing that?

I have considered biting her neck to suffocate her into blacking out, but with his wolf teeth, that may not work well.

I have considered striking with both paws. If I did that. would I still get full HtH damage? I am not sure, because that is not how a wolf typically fights.

If I choose to rake Superstition's torso with the claws on the front paws, would that still fit the 4-color image or is it the equivalent to attacking the stomach. What would the HtH damage be for raking?

I have considered having Menagerie change into his human form and deliver a right cross to Superstition's jaw. Would there be any attack bonuses since Superstition is prone on the ground and Menagerie is above (on top of her)? Since he is so low on the initiative totem pole, if I choose this option would I need to provide a few If-then responses in case Superstition moves/escapes? I wouldn't want to change forms if that happened.

Menagerie's goal this turn would be to minimize the attacks on Avatar as possible, He believes removing Superstition from the fight is the best solution since she is able to use Vanguards' powers for her purposes. He is willing to evalate the lethality of his attack to the appropriate level of the setting (4-Color Hero protecting a teammate).

If you don't feel like responding with details on all the options I have listed, providing the best attack on Superstition and the details with it is all I really need. I trust your judgement on which option is best.

Protect the Avatar!


Hi everyone.

Things have been hectic, so I'll just get things in order quickly since Kirk seems to be in a position here to have little effect and out of the range of things.

Given that Kirk doesn't know much of what his happening his first priority is to get to the source of the energy flowing to the Coven and disrupt it if possible. He will continue at 'top' speed towards that source and hopefully stay out of the range of the Wraith. You haven't given me an idea at this point of the time frame to reach it, and I'm hoping that it won't be so long that Kirk does nothing to help further with the Battle, but at this point, Kirk has no idea on that distance and no idea on the battle circumstance, only that he is close to being totally powerless from the Wraith's attacks.

If Kirk gets any further energy reads to help him to determine the best course of action here, he'd take them. If he gets close enough to Slingshot to let me know the situation with the energy he is tracking he would do so. If he gets within range of Slingshot and things changed so that he needed help, he would certainly do whatever he could, even at minimum effectiveness.

If nothing else comes up for Kirk's action, unless his action could be used to speed his arrival to the source of energy somehow (which I'm assuming not, since he only has whatever speed he has left), you can use his action to evade in case of a sneak attack or in case Wraith gets within attacking distance... however, if he can reach the source, his attack would be to disrupt it.

It Wraith catches Kirk and it appears he has no other choice before being rendered totally powerless he would try to time his attack with the exact moment Wraith 'makes contact' with him figuring that if Wraith can touch him at that point, Kirk would have his best opportunity to have a physical effect on Wraith and at that point, giving it a shot that 'resummoning his energy' might open a portal to 'short circuit' the Wraith is all I can come up with at this point.

If I missed anything, let me know, and if any other situation comes up, Kirk would respond 'as heroically' as possible.



Hey Tom,

Your assessment of your positions is correct.
The damage listed for Wolf is a bite attack. Paws / raking would be half that at best.
Thanks for considering the silver/bronze age feel of the campaign.
The Human-form right cross option works, and you get bonuses because she's prone. The transfomation could also surprise her, preventing her from rolling with damage.

Your initiative as Human or Wolf is the same, I think, so you may need if-then statements in any event. Thanks.



[OCC] Instead of doing a series of ‘If –Then’ statements, I am going to describe a situation and based on the situation give Menagerie’s action.
Menagerie is standing where he is and Superstition is still lying prone below him. Menagerie will turn human and deliver a right cross to Superstition’s head.

Menagerie has been knocked off Superstition and he is flying in the air from the knockback. He uses his action to turn into the Eagle. He will use his movement to get the best location to survey the battle scene and use his senses to try to find a weakness in the Coven.

Menagerie has been knocked off Superstition and he is lying on the ground from the knockback. If Superstition is next him, Menagerie will charge attacking her legs. His goals will be to bite her leg and slam into both legs, hopefully knocking her down.

Menagerie has been knocked off Superstition and he is lying on the ground from the knockback. If Superstition is not near him, Menagerie will charge attacking her legs. He will turn and look for the easiest target to attack with order of preference: Superstition, Witch, Fallen, and Black Dragon. He will move to attack from behind attacking the target’s legs. Easiest to target is more important than preference. Preference is to break ties.

Menagerie has been knocked off Superstition and he is lying on the ground from the knockback. If Superstition is floating above him, Menagerie will charge her after he leaps up into the air he will turn into the Eagle. He will fly into her face flapping his wings to disorient her, if slamming into her doesn’t count as an action but just movement then he does that.

Menagerie is standing where he is and Superstition vanishes, he will turn and look for the easiest target to attack with this order of preference: Superstition, Witch, Fallen, and Black Dragon. He will move to attack from behind attacking the target’s legs. Easiest to target is more important than preference. Preference is to break ties.

[OOC] Let me know if you have any questions on this.



Once Solider is able to get to his feet, he'll move toward Zephyr, continuing to try to place himself between any attacks. He'll call out, "Zephyr, it's me I'm going to take your hand, so don't panic, just stay close to me, and I'll do my best to get you out of here." As he does so, he' do his best to evade with Zephyr in tow, as he tries to get closer to the loose circle formed by his fellow Vanguard members, keeping Zephyr toward away from any possible attacks. He'll save his actions to respond to any attacks directed at him. If he's got time. He'll yell over to Clone, and ask for a little assistance, from one of his duplicates. "Clone, can you spare a body to give me hand?" If he can, he'll hand off Zephyr to one of his duplicates and concentrate on the Coven. In the event he's directly confronted, or another teammember is being attacked, fire a taser round at the attacker. If he still has an action, and can spot one one Crimson Coven along the outter perimeter, he'll fire off one of his explosive rounds trying catch them in the burst effect.


So unfortunately.. I should have been asking a bunch of questions regarding this mighty city before this. My bad.

Instead, I'll be looking for that poor shlep of Baron Samedi.

What I will also do is: 1) Look for is any indication of what that mighty city might be. Being in contruction, I should have an eye for shapes, building and such. So I should be able to recognize any well known city, architectural details to a degree or another (could it be a somewhat olympian style city?). That sort of detail while I try to get to the human before he dies from my irresponsibility.

Also, are the communicators working?


Talon will continue to attack The Fallen. He will press her in an effort to avoid her sword attack and claw at her armor, especially her helm.




Lightning Strike:
After taking out Demonoid, Lightning Strike looked around for another foe. He couldn't let them all gang up on Avatar so the best bet seemed to be to try to take more of them out before they coordinated the attack. Warlock seemed to be leading the group to some extent so Strike will target him with a blst of electricity. Hopefully the others will get discouraged if they see him go down.

Strike will take note of the city in the horizon but make no move to head to it yet. Usually cities mean some sort of conductive material.

Thanks for waiting.