Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Vanguard: Issue 180: Mysteries in New Jersey!

Vanguard held a team vote to determine their next move in their desperate Quest against the coming of Cthulhu and the ending of the world.

They voted to ally with the SSS in order to improve their chance of success, to use scientific or magical means to expand Menagerie and Sentinel’s senses to locate the artifacts, and to study the artifacts of power and use them in the field.

Vanguard used the next two days to heal, gather intel, and attempt to expand Sentinel and Menagerie's sensory ranges to locate all the artifacts. Then they would re-engage the quest, teleporting quicker (and at a lower Power cost) to the artifacts.

These decisions dramatically altered their plan. The power levels of the Magi would be taxed much less, and they would no longer be the “bottleneck” of the quest.
Decided on their new course, Vanguard sprang into action!

The Mystic, Archimedes, Oracle, Avatar, Menagerie and Slingshot studied the fragment of the True Cross in the Special Projects room. In two days, they could not begin to understand its powers, nor detect any link between it and the other artifacts, nor the individual members of Vanguard.
Menagerie and Slingshot were desperate to find a way to use the Cross in the quest, to help the team, miraculously heal them, anything.

Clone's body-language immediately betrays his once concealed dislike for the way the 'Objects of Power' were being handled. His head moved back and forth slowly as he made eye contact with each of the other members of Vanguard and said, "This is wrong . . ." His tone became deeper and more assertive as he continued, ". . . the objects we are being led to are sacred and holy relics; they were never meant to be in the hands of ordinary men, so please do not treat them as if they're mere baubles or trinkets. These sacred relics are beyond our understanding and comprehension, and should be treated with care and respect."

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After two days of study, the Mystic, Archimedes and Menagerie cast a ritual spell of “activation.” They, Oracle, Avatar and Slingshot focused their energies (Power Points) at the Cross and called upon it, and what it represented, for help.

Suddenly, white energy erupted from the cruciform reliquary, rocking through the very walls of Vanguard Vault!
VRAM! When the massive shockwave had dissipated, Vanguard had been healed!
The True Cross was silent.

Slate secretly monitored his personal computer to check its progress decoding the hieroglyphs found in the Lost Lands. Before the two days ended, it had found something. The creature engraved in the Lost Land temple that resembled his father, Slingshot, was identified in the hieroglyphics as a “Spawn of Nyarlhotep.”
Via the internet, Slate found an image of Nyarlhotep, a black shapeshifting deity, a twisted image of his father.
Nyarlhotep, the crawling chaos, was said to be an evil, mad god of the Cthulhu pantheon. He told his father what he had found.

(OOC: Reply Slingshot?)

Lightning Strike, Slate, Symbiote, Doc Rocket, Shelley and a legion of Clone lab assistants, attempted to invent an amplifier for the sensory powers of Menagerie and Sentinel. It was called the Janus Matrix.

It took three days.

On the third morning, Slate opened his eyes, 7:00 flashed on the alarm clock beside his bed. He rolled over looking up at the ceiling, playing back the dreams that had haunted his sleep… Vampires with glowing red eyes, Nyarlhotep morphing into his father, calling him to join them, human sacrifices he’d seen on the news and internet… Analytically, he played the dreams back, but it was like they were mist, fading away when he focused on them. He could not understand how he dreamed, and why he couldn’t recall the dreams with the clarity he could remember every waking moment since his birth.

He got dressed, wearing his uniform under some sweat pants and a hoodie. He thought about the sunglasses on his night stand, but he didn’t feel like he needed them anymore. They had been a way to hide who/what he was, and that didn’t seem to matter here. Everyone seemed to have accepted him. His thoughts retuned to the Janus Machine, and how they could tap into Menagerie and Sentinel’s senses… Their senses had to be based in the Parietal or Temporal lobes. He’d recommend doing CT scans on each of them while using their detection powers… if they could identify where the powers were located in the brain, perhaps they could augment the signal they “felt” with, like a bat using echolocation, they could boost the active signal they produced, and tie it in to the satellite system. Slate began to get excited and ran for the door, almost running right into Nanite who was standing in the hallway, as if waiting for him.

“And just where are you off to,” she asked. “Down to the labs, I think I’ve got an idea that can help.” He replied. “Let’s get you something to eat first,” Nanite smiled at her son, taking his shoulders, turning him back toward the kitchen. Slate was torn; He needed to go; They needed his help, but he could not deny her. His shoulders slumped a little, and he agreed, nodding his head.

Nanite sat across from Slate watching his every move, her feet tucked under her, nursing a cup of coffee she hadn’t even tasted…
“So, tell me about these trips; are you being careful?” She looked into her cup.

Slate flashed back to the battle. Rats, vampires, Slingshot staring at him with eyes that didn’t know him… these he could not/would not share with her. “Yes, I’m being careful… and dad is there.”

“It’s been lonely here without you and your father,” she began.

“I know mom, I miss you too, but have you seen the news? Someone has to do something. We have to do something. This could be the end of the world!”

“I know, I know, Scott said the same thing. I just wish you didn’t both have to go,” she sighed. She came around the table and wrapped her arms around his shoulders; he felt warmth emanating from her. He felt at ease, everything would be OK… maybe he should stay… he shook his head… he needed to go, she was in danger. Everyone was in danger, and he could help. He gave her hand a quick pat. “I’ve really got to go,” he said.

“I know," she frowned, reaching around and taking his bowl… “Go. Shoo,” she said with a grin, and he was off, pulling on his sneakers as he headed out, never looking back to see the tear in his mother’s worried eye.

On the third day in the Vanguard Vault electronics lab, their incredible invention, the Janus Matrix, was finished. Gigantic twin chairs sat back to back. Over them hung helmets arrayed with webs of neuron sensors.

“Now to test it,” Doc Rocket said gravely.

Sentinel and Menagerie were seated within the technological behemoth, one facing east, the other west.

Doc Rocket advised, “Prepare yourselves, gentlemen.”

Symbiote threw the switch.

The twin chairs roared with electrical power and Menagerie and Sentinel felt their consciousness expand violently! Their minds reeled from the hammering overload of the infinite!

Sentinel could see every extranormal on earth. Via his telepathy, he could hear their thoughts. All at once.

Menagerie’s mind drank in the impossible scope of every living thing, of nature itself, on a planetary scale.

It was all they could do to keep from being swallowed up in the psychic tidal wave that threatened to bury them alive.

Vanguard helplessly watched the two heroes convulse in the psionic amplifier chairs.

Menagerie and Sentinel struggled to stave off madness (via their Willpower defenses and high Charismas) and focus on what they were looking for. Each hero’s mind’s eye frantically searched half a globe for the answers they sought, before they were overwhelmed.

Shelley yelled to her brother, “Look at their EEG readings! We’re going to damage their brain function!”

Lightning Strike cursed, “The damned fool! I told him!”

Symbiote shouted, “Everyone get back!” and pulled the emergency override!

KA-BOOM! The control panels exploded!

Menagerie and Sentinel were pulled out of the flames. The halon systems extinguished the destroyed controls.

Doc and Symbiote roused the two heroes.

“We’ve got it,” rasped Menagerie.

‘We know where they are,” murmured Sentinel.

“The middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Northern France. The Lost Lands in Antarctica. Moscow,” said Menagerie who had faced East.

“Northern New Jersey. Nevada desert. Northern California. China,” said Sentinel who had faced West.

They had precise coordinates for each of the eight remaining artifacts of power.

Sentinel slowly regained his composure and said, “Now that we have the locations we need intel on them to decide.
“With Slate and I on the computer skills, and other team members assisting, and Ajay and our trusted Chess tech team, let’s get the current satellite scope on these locations, along with known usage, owners, etc as well as any possibly associations of the locations being used for illegal activity.  It shouldn't take that long to glean all available intel on these locations. Once we have this we can determine which might be in more friendly vs less friendly hands.

“If we are going to ally with SSS, let's give them the location of the hardest to secure, that would cause incident.  At this point before getting the other intel I'd say let them go for China.  They can cause the international incident with the Chinese government instead of Vanguard....

“We will also make sure that our searches are secure so enemies can't get discover the locations.  With Slate and Strike here, I'd think we should be good on that front.

“Once get the intel on the locations, we’ll know how to proceed.”

Slate built a quick model into his communicator to track the coordinates of the items locations.  Per Sentinel’s direction, he will change the search program on his computer that had been researching the Hieroglyphs to identify facts, and rumors around these locations.  He will carefully code the search so that it cannot be hijacked or piggybacked by anyone outside the Vault, and tether his communicator to the base computer.  He’ll also inspect the firewalls and other hardware in their internal systems to ensure Vanguards systems are secure.

As to contacting the SSS, Slate will recommend, “We should share locations with the SSS as items are retrieved. Moscow is the already identified Spear of Destiny.  I agree that China would probably be best for them next, then Northern France.”
 He'll again look to the team to see if there is anyone else they can enlist to assist them, surely there are other heroes out there.  He'll recommend reaching out to Mother Russia to break the ice and begin communication.

For Vanguard, he’d recommend New Jersey, then maybe the mystics could transport them to Nevada, and then to Northern California.  That should give Vanguard four items, and the SSS two or three.  At that point, they could determine who would be going after the Mid Atlantic/Antarctic items.  For selfish reasons, Slate wants their team to go to Antarctica to hopefully gather some additional information/data on the book he’d found, and relatedly anything that might be related to his father.

As Vanguard prepares for the next encounter, he’ll be back in his Indiana Jones attire, including the backpack of equipment he’s prepared to face the supernatural, and his fedora..

CHESS had contacted other superheroes to support Vanguard in the quest.  Because of the global crisis ( world storm, power outages, riots, fires, occultic murders, etc) they are all active, in the field in their respective cities and regions, supporting emergency personnel to help civilians. And have been doing so, without rest, for days now.  The situation is escalating, so there's no chance this duty will slow down. CHESS Director Grey isn't ready to pull them from this critical duty to support Vanguard yet. But that could change.

Vanguard was sitting in the War room. On the screen was a world map with each of the locations with an item of power.

Slingshot spoke, "We need to be methodical and efficient about this. We need to do a bunch of hit and runs. We cannot waste time, effort fighting our way through all these items. We will not be able to survive eight encounters like we had with Black Bat."

Slingshot mused, "These items of powers seem to be in the possession of powerful people. We need to expect opposition of one sort or another." He looked at Mystic and the owl, "Now that we have exact coordinates, can you teleport us in and then back out in short succession?"

“I can,” replied the Mystic.

The malleable man of might continued the thought, "I think that if we focus on being stealthy, fast and agile, we should be able to get in, grab the item and 'port out of there, before we need to engage into too much of a fight. I can take a hit and as long as there are enough material, I can regenerate most damage. I think we should be in a position to be able to do most locations without involving SSS. The only issue with that, is that I would wait until the last item before hitting SSS. They are a large group and with serious firepower. I would leave them for last.”

On the subject of research, Slingshot gave his input, "Let’s research most locations. Let's focus on the New Jersey location for now, that should leave CHESS enough time to gather intel on the other locations.
"Some fast information on the New Jersey location?"

Clone listened as his friends begin to discuss the information gained through the use of the Janus Device, Then he mumbled back to himself the locations of the remaining artifacts, " . . . The middle of the Atlantic Ocean, Northern France, The Lost Lands in Antarctica, Moscow, Northern New Jersey, the Nevada Desert, Northern California, and China."

After pondering the possibilities for a few moments, Clones started to 'think out loud', "Moscow is of course the location of the Super Soldiers and the artifacts they've collected, but what about the others? The middle of the Atlantic Ocean, possibly a ship or perhaps the mythical Atlantis? Northern France, a cathedral with a hidden secret maybe? The Nevada Desert, Las Vegas, Area 51? China, the ancient burial mounds maybe or another Super-team perhaps? The Lost Lands in Antarctica, could that ancient temple be our 'end game' location? And then there's Northern New Jersey and Northern California, more collectors of rare antiquities?" Clone shook his head slightly; snapped himself out of his own deep thoughts, and then looks towards the other members of the team, "Perhaps we can start off with the one closest to home, Northern New Jersey."

Slingshot mused, looking at the map. “Middle of Atlantic Ocean?... How much are you willing to bet we are talking about the Starfish?” Then: “I vote that we not join with the SSS.”

Clone's face betrayed his concern as he voiced his opinion on the subject, "I think deciding at this time to exclude the possibility of joining up with them at this time is a bit premature. If we want to try and get the artifacts on our own first and then consider whether or not to join forces with them - fine, but to absolutely rule out the possibility with three days still remaining sounds short sighted to me. That's just my opinion though - I don't like to 'burn bridges' or limit my options."
Menagerie suggested that CHESS Director Grey use the channels he used to liberate Clone’s family in order to communicate with the SSS and inform them that China has an artifact.

Menagerie agreed with the hit and run tactics. No time for prolonged fights.

Menagerie doesn't converse much other than what is necessary. His experience with the Janus Machine almost overwhelmed him. He was focusing his willpower and contemplating all that he had experienced.

Menagerie would use what little time remained before they leave to meet privately with Archimedes. He would ask for any words of wisdom or advice he would have for him.

“Time’s against ye lad,” said Menagerie’s spirit guide. “Pride is a luxury we canna afford.
“I’ll repeat the advice I already gave ye, thick as ye are: If ye and the Soviets could put petty politics aside and join forces, our odds would be greater to save the whole of the World. Yer governments are drops in an ocean, compared against the timeline of Life… of Nature itself. It is that which ye and I are sworn to defend.
These mads gods, against which we are pit, care less about the differences between the US and the Soviets than ye do about the difference between red and black ants.”

In the war room, it was becoming clear that CHESS intel on all eight locations would not be coming soon. Normally it would but given the global crisis, CHESS was overwhelmed.  Vanguard's task is critical but will still take longer than normal. (World storm obscures satellite imagery. Power outages. Rioting, etc) Perhaps a day. 

Sentinel was frustrated, “Never thought gathering the info on the locations would take that long.  We CANNOT spend a day.  Ajay, you and your team work on it, and as we get pieces we can adjust plans accordingly.

“We move out now to the next location.  At first I was thinking NJ since it was close and we can do it on our own power, but for that reason, unless intel tells us otherwise, we should save it for last. 

“Since our mystic guys are fully powered up, let's teleport.  And my choice at this point is Antarctica.  We know at least particularly what to expect there and seemingly if any of these locations were a 'place of power' that we know about with the lost temple there this one is it.  Its presence puts it as the best likely spot that we know about that could be used for a summoning.  I say we go there.

Slingshot voted for New Jersey as the next mission. “I propose we do one hour of research on that location. Ajay and his team can start to research the other locations while we are gone.”

Symbiote said, “I vote for the Lost Lands next.”

Menagerie said, “I agree on Lost Lands being next. I am willing to investigate for 6 hours but no more.”

Vanguard voted once more.
Clone, Slate, Slingshot and Strike voted for North Jersey.
Menagerie, Sentinel and Symbiote voted for the Lost Lands in Antarctica.

North Jersey was next!
One hour of intel on the location was all they needed to learn almost everything about it.
The North Jersey location was a large, exurb, public storage rental facility called “U Stor.”

Avatar and Symbiote knew the location immediately. It was where Avatar’s collection of antiquities had been stored by the mysterious unknown buyer who had purchased it from the Sotheby’s auction.
Symbiote created a GPS tracking device and hid it deep among the books, crates and packages that were Jon’s collection. It had been at the storage facility since the auction.

The owner was a Philippino immigrant with no criminal record. He was a franchisee owner, and had run five locations in the tri state area since 2005.

It was after midnight. The owner did not answer his phone.

A map of the facility was available online, as well as interior photos:

The CHESS warrant arrived.

2 days and 23 hours until the end of the world.

Vanguard manifested their powers. Slate was carrying exploration gear and wearing an Indiana Jones fedora.

Teleporting there would not exhaust the Mystic, and would save over an hour of jet prep, flight time, and return. The three magi, Soldier, Doc Rocket, Sgt. Stone, Shelley, saw them off.

The Mystic cast a magic spell. Egyptian hieroglyphic equations of otherworldly geometry formed in midair in bright lines of gold and blue. An all-seeing eye, not unlike that which emblazoned Sentinel’s chest, grew within an expanding circle that then cut into physical space itself. The circle glowed bright as the sun and the air shifted as static electricity built up within the room.

“Fare well Vanguard! May the higher powers watch over you all!” called the Mystic over the wind and white light that blasted from the gate!

Vanguard advanced into the light.

Suddenly all went dark! The light, the wind and the noise were gone!

Vanguard stood near the storage facility, adjacent to a large wooded area. “U Stor” was a two story warehouse surrounded by an empty parking lot, whose perimeter was lined by a chain link fence with barbed wire. It was 1:00am and a steady rain fell from the overcast sky of the world storm.

Symbiote’s tracker placed Avatar’s collection within the two-story warehouse-like facility. The left center of the first floor.

Menagerie and Sentinel could detect the third artifact of power within, near the center of the building’s first floor. The two heroes also detected many other sources of magical power inside, near the third artifact. They were all less powerful than the artifact they sought. Neither hero detected anyone inside.

Lightning Strike detected electrical systems that weren’t out of the ordinary, including computers, alarm systems, and internal and external security cameras. The telltale systems of an office were near unit 3032, across from the building’s main entrance, in its southwest corner.
Vanguard was not currently in view of any external security camera.

Vanguard shared what info they had just learned and prepared to take action!

To be continued!

Actions please?
You have a warrant. How do you want to proceed?

Viva Vanguard,

Current Conditions: 
Avatar: Hit Points: 58, Power Points: 69, Manifestation: Hermes,  Duration: 24 minutes remaining 
Clone: Bodies: 1, Hit Points: 23, Power Points: 67, Hit Point Pool: 23 
Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 48, Power Points: 79, Lightning defense activated 
Menagerie: Hit Points: 26, Power Points: 64, Form: Man 
Sentinel: Hit Points: 30, Power Points: 61, Creation Points: 122, Shields: 100 
Slate: Hit Points: 35, Power Points: 73, carrying exploration gear 
Slingshot: Hit Points: 79, Power Points: 92, Invulnerability: 8 
Symbiote: Hit Points: 43, Power Points: 82, Charges: 13, Copied: Accelerator: 
1)    Heightened Speed: +500”, as per the rules. +17 to initiative.

2)    Absorption: Velocity: Accelerator can absorb velocity, store it temporarily, and transfer it to the target of his choosing, including himself.
Range=0”. Accelerator must touch what he is absorbing velocity from, and transferring it to.
PR = 1 PP per 100” of movement absorbed/transferred. Costs movement (1/4 of total) to absorb or transfer velocity.
Maximum amount of velocity he can store = 1000”. Velocity beyond that is lost. His stored velocity dissipates at a rate of 50” per turn.
When Accelerator absorbs velocity, the item he absorbs it from loses that amount of velocity. If the target has more basic hits than Accelerator (for example, he’s stealing velocity from a moving car) the target’s lost velocity is a fraction proportionate to Accelerator’s basic hits/ the target’s basic hits. Likewise if he transfers it to a target with more basic hits.

3)    Weakness: Reduced Charisma/Will: -10

OOC: I'll reply to the other stuff, later, but with regards to getting in, We have the warrant, let's get going. I expect this one to be a booby trapped one. so I suggest we go in through an unconventional way. (the wall?). What say you?



OOC: I was thinking if Lightning Strike could get into the security system, he could get in via one of the camera's and shut it down, he'd also be able to see if there was anything else connected, as far as technical surprises.  

Having said that, as most of the encounters we've had so far have been more "magical/supernatural", perhaps having Menagerie do a once over might be beneficial before we just go busting in.



I've got an idea…

Why don't we go through the floor below. Get into the storage below, Have Sentinel or Menagerie pinpoint the exact location where the item is and  Slate uses his ray to punch a hole through the concrete ceiling and hopefully drop the item to the floor below?

I would have some people stay in front of the actual storage door (with either Sentinel or Menagerie keeping watch, whichever isn't downstairs) in case something happens.

“Slate secretly monitored his personal computer to check its progress decoding the hieroglyphs found in the
Lost Lands.  Before the two days ended, it had found something. The creature engraved in the Lost Land
temple that resembled his father, Slingshot, was identified in the hieroglyphics as a “Spawn of Nyarlhotep.”
Via the internet, Slate found an image of Nyarlhotep, a black shapeshifting deity, a twisted image of his father.
Nyarlhotep, the crawling chaos, was said to be an evil, mad god of the Cthulhu pantheon. He told his father
what he had found.

(OOC: Reply Slingshot?)”

Scott looked at Slate and at the image of the mad god. He looks back at Ethan with such love. He noticed that his father's facial expressions tended to become slightly exagerated, borderline cartoony, when he was highly emotional. He smiled at his son."I feel like I need to tell you at story. There was this man who became more than a man due to a freak accident. He decided he needed to do something with himself. Something good. He tried his best but he was a rookie and imprisonned. During his ordeal, he met this incredible woman. She was as shy as she was beautiful. They took it slow. Fate had other plans. They were separated by their enemy. She was pronounced dead, but the man persevered and found a way back to her. Their reunion wasn't without hardship. Unbeknownst to any of them, she was the child of one of mankind's greatest enemy. He didn't give up. He was able to find a way around this prophecy. Then they were with child themselves and that child was to be the fulfillment of that prophecy. At this point, even their most loyal friends were doubtful. That this child would bring us all ruin. The man never doubted for a minute. His belief in their union, his love for his unborn child, his faith in that goodness will conquer all, kept him going against all odds. That child not only didn't bring destruction, but was an integral part of the solution to saving mankind." Scott hugged Ethan.

When he let go, his eyes watery, Scott continued, "You know our story. Your story. This" he points at the image, "Is yet another twist and turn of our story. I'm not sure what to make of it. We need to understand what this means and take the precautions that we must. Forewarned is forearmed, after all. But here", Slingshot points to his son's heart," you cannot give up."

[OOC: If there's any time left for further research, Scott will do some with Slate.If not, we will continue with what's at hand]

[OOC: After rereading the description, the artifact is on the first floor, not the third as I assumed from the numbering on the map - My bad. So Scott will articulate the same plan, but coming from the second floor. Slate would desintegrate  the floor and then, possibly  Slingshot would extend an arm and snatch the artifact without triggering any boobytraps.]



OOC: Great stuff Stephane!


OOC: I agree.  Nice post Stephane.

Nothing like insomnia at 3:00am to get you caught up on the game after not reading the new issue for two weeks or any posts...

I say all of us that can scan do so as we approach (Strike-Sentinel-Menagerie) and if nothing suspicious we proceed into the facility.  Maybe a storage facility is just a storage facility... but we still have to be extra cautious.  Slingshot's approach sounds fine.  Perhaps with Slingshot's architectural skill he might spot an area in the structure via the roof or walls that seems an ideal entry point for super-powered beings to make an entry that normal beings wouldn't easily use (although that could be a trap too if the storage facility isn't a normal storage facility...)  Maybe Slate can just vaporize part of an entry wall or roof area with little damage and if off ground level shouldn't make easy access for anyone else to take advantage after we leave.

Just wondering, I'm guessing that the warrant gives us all-access here so if things go smoothly with retrieving the artifact (it could happen) if according to Sentinel or Menagerie reads if there are other magical artifacts that seem to be of a level that perhaps they could be of use, perhaps we can retrieve them too.  If nothing crazy is going no a door isn't going take but a moment for any of us to get open.  If electrical in nature Strike could just open the room(s) up.  Just a thought.



Thanks. I know that I haven't been elaborating on my stuff. There are a bunch of things that I need to address. I'll see if I can do so more often. Life is just so darn busy.

Seth, that's a good catch. Jeff, Let's include Scott's Engineering skills to review the blueprint and see if there are any hidden access/corridors, or alternate empty spaces. Or maybe someway for slate to do a surgical entrance, minimize damage and effort.


OOC: Sorry for the limited response, was on vacation last week, just getting back to things.

IC: Slate agreed with Scott regarding the need to continue his research, and mentioned the item of power in the Lost Lands. "Maybe we'll find something when we go there," he added enthusiastically.

OC: Slate will go along with the plans of Slingshot and Menagerie, he'll remove any walls/supports they feel will give the group the best access to the item they are looking for.  He agreed that having Lightning Strike check out the security systems would be a good idea before they go busting in...

OOC: I've been watching some of the original Star Trek Episodes, and the other day came across Charlie X, which is about a boy who was abandoned on a planet raised by another race that had substantial mental abilities, which they gave to Charlie to keep him alive... in one scene, Kirk and Spock attempt to lock Charlie in a room by putting him in a room with a force field blocking the door.  Charlie basically disintegrates the entire wall the door is in and warns them not to try that again... I thought it was pretty cool, I had expected him just to walk through the force field, but the disappearing wall was surprising. :) as hopefully will be whatever direction we come in, ceiling, wall or floor.



OOC: Heightened Speed activated.  Avatar will back up Sentinel for now in whatever he does.


Menagerie stood with his team as a loss as to what to do next. "If they are smart enough to set a trap at the door why wouldn't they extend the trap to the walls, floor, and roof"?

"I like the idea of Lightning Strike scouting ahead. Maybe Sentinel can carrying Slate above the warehouse. Slate make a double hand size hole in the roof and Slingshot stretch into the hole to see what it looks like"

Menagerie uses his senses to see if he can learn anything more about the contents of the warehouse area where the artifact is located.

"Anyway we can get the night guard to open it up using our warrant"?

Menagerie will support whatever is the team's decision is on how to enter the warehouse. Unfortunately he is unsure of the best way to do that himself.

Viva Vanguard


Lightning Strike:
Hi all,

I guess the consensus is that I scout ahead and look for electronic traps, extra security, etc.  That sounds good to me and I will zoom off when the group tells me to.  I assume there will be much more to this place than meets the eye.

That’s all for now.


I hate to say it, but I'm at a bit of a lose for a lengthy reply this issue - not much for Clone to do here other than to follow the group on its search.

Clone will split-up into four duplicates just in case something 'unexpected' should pop-up. When Vanguard does finally locate the correct storage unit, Clone will use his knowledge of Folklore and Occult Studies to help search the collection of artifacts for the next Object of Power.



OOC: Symbiote will wait for Sentinel's lead.  Since we've more or less agreed on "hit and run" tactics, he's definitely ready to provide the "run" half of the equation--he'll dash in and grab the artifact once identified and get out just as quickly, if at all possible.

Viva Vanguard,