Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Vanguard: Issue 195: The Ring of Eon.


The Nazi Uber-mensch and the Japanese Imperial Guard had been vanquished! 

Before Vanguard and the Liberty League could exchange words, the Ring of Eon awoke.

Slate felt it, and produced the ring from his pocket. Weird energy emanated from it.

Some distance away, similar energy suddenly coruscated in the middle of the sky, as if in answer to the Ring. It was the tear in the fabric of time that brought Vanguard here in the first place. To judge from its identical energy readings, the Ring of Eon must have been its cause!

“Incredible,” murmured the golden age Doc Rocket.

The golden age Mystic said to Vanguard, “It would appear you’ve little time.”

Slate looked at Doc Rocket and the rest of the Liberty League, longing to ask them about their adventures, to get to know them as he knew them now, but he also knew they had little time, or did they?  If the Ring could control time, or give them a choice in when they returned, they could go back to an earlier time.  He wasn't sure about the paradoxes of time travel; he'd read that the same being could not inhabit the same space, and that if a time traveler met himself it could cause problems, but they should be able to buy some time, maybe going back a few days before they left to recover and then gather some of the artifacts.  Returning to the tower immediately after they left.  
He turned to Mystic to see if this would be possible.  They might only have a short time to make a decision, but ‘when’ they would go could make all the difference. "Mystic, would it be possible to change the target time of this vortex to a few days before we left?  That would buy us some time to recover, when time is really the one thing we don't have.  Cthulhu is coming, and we have to stop him," Slate looked expectantly from face to face, his large eyes reflecting the gathered heroes.

The golden age Mystic said, "I've no experience with this artifact, so I can't predict its power or abilities."

The golden age Sentinel said, "Allied intelligence learned that Dr. Swastika had launched an expedition to fabled Atlantis in search of another ancient superweapon to help the Axis win the war."

The golden age Sgt. Stone said, "We cut in, stole their precious treasure, and commandeered a SKULL sub to make our getaway, when you lot showed up."

The golden age Doc Rocket said, "I doubt the Ring has magical properties," casting a dubious glance at the Mystic. "We've just acquired it and have not yet had time to study it."

The golden age Agent America said, "Hey, I couldn't help but notice but the superheroes from the future are all Americans. Looks like we win the war!" He clapped American Eagle on the back with a smile.

Slingshot said, "Understand that you are all legends. I'm proud to have known you in your prime. Keep fighting the good fight. It's all worth it."

Menagerie thought, ‘So many questions so little time. While the Ring of Eon might control time, no one knew how to control time.’
He said, “I know for myself the idea of manipulating time to heal would be wonderful but is it worth the risk of trying to control the Ring of Eon? Look where it led Dr. Change.”
Then he said to the Liberty League. "It was an honor to meet every one of you. The Liberty League has grown from a group fighting the good fight to the standard of what it means to fight for good. Thank you."

When Menagerie had mentioned Dr. Change, Doc Rocket's eyes widened. Vanguard knew that Dr. Change was rumored to have been in action covertly since the Victorian Age (or perhaps had traveled back in time with the Ring of Eon before it drove him mad?). But Vanguard never heard that the Liberty League had encountered him, or even knew of him.

Doc quickly recovered and joined the Liberty League in sincerely thanking Vanguard and wishing them well.

The golden age Sentinel said, “Our mission was to make sure this ancient superweapon doesn’t end up in Nazi hands. Giving it to you heroes of the future completes our mission.  God speed, Vanguard.”

The two superteams of different centuries shook hands and said their goodbyes.

Slingshot said to Doc Rocket softly: "Doc, I couldn't help noticing that you reacted when we mentioned Dr. Change. Is there anything that we need to know about him? I fully expect him to show up at the most inopportune time. Anything to help fight him would be of serious help."

Doc murmured, “I’m afraid I have nothing of use to offer on this matter. I was surprised to hear he was still active in the 21st century.  I hope my future self would have learned his weakness, but I expect that if he did, he would have told you.  Or is it, "will have?”

The modern age Sentinel whispered to Mystic as they clasped hands, “Events in this mission confirmed my suspicions that my powers were at least partially based on mystic energies.  It seems you sensed that and disrupted them.  I can’t afford to let that happen again and imperil my team or the mission… can you tell me what you did and how to prevent it?”

The golden age Mystic said, “It was an incantation to Dispel Magic. It only worked because I knew Lancaster long enough to deduce the source of his energy.”

Kirk stated, “I have a bit of a dilemma here.  Everything speculated about time travel highlights the hazards of affecting the time stream adversely.  However in our brief actual experience we have actually been able to affect the future for a better outcome.  Had Vanguard not experienced the positive effects our efforts before I wouldn’t question the conventional wisdom… but our personal experience makes me think harder.  But I was wondering, noticing the effect seeing us has already had on some of your team, are you planning to take action after we leave to prevent the League from remembering what they have learned here today.  Not that I approve of it, but if so I have little reason for me to think further on this moral dilemma.”

The golden age Mystic said sardonically, “Allow me to assume the burden of this moral dilemma for you.”

When the Sentinels shook hands, Kirk said, “You are going to crash hard in a little less than an hour, be sure you are in a situation that can accommodate that safely.  If you have any questions for me that you think I can safely answer I’d be happy to do so.”

Lancaster said, “No.  Your mere existence answers the most troubling questions I have.”

Kirk said, “Thank you for everything.  I am who am I today because of you.”

Lancaster said with a sincere smile, “I greatly look forward to our next meeting.”

Kirk said to the Liberty League, “It has been an honor today to meet all of you.  I just wish parts of it had gone a bit differently.  What you do during this time will inspire the generations to come.  Keep fighting the good fight to preserve our future and we’ll do our part to ensure its continuing.” He looked at them wanting to say more, “And never underestimate the capabilities of your worst enemies or their ability to hide and endure where you least expect.”

Agent America shook the modern age Sentinel’s hand last. “Well it’s reassuring to know that even in the future, there will always be a Sentinel making speeches!”

With a warm laugh, the teams parted; each in a flying energy sphere of their respective leader.


Away from the Liberty League, Vanguard discussed their next move as they slowly approached the time hole.

Menagerie said, "I vote for leaving now and getting back to the Vault. We can have the Mystic teleport us to China. I am also ready to get rid of this Ring. I have been a hero for only a short time but it has appeared way too often and caused too many hardships.”

Sentinel was frustrated that he couldn’t warn Lancaster about Dr. Swastika's abilities and what was going to happen to Miles (Agent America). He thought, I’d surely love to undo that injustice... but the ramifications of meddling in history have to outweigh it.
Then he asked his team mates. "Do we know the 'rules' for time travel?"

Slingshot (and his Multiverse Theory skill) said, “Even though this is Vanguard's first experience travelling through time, we’ve witnessed its results at least twice:
“The first was the Primate.  Oracle's powers allowed Vanguard to psionically "see" the future, so that our foreknowledge could avert it by changing our actions. 
“The second was the Omega Universe.  This dystopian future was created due to events around Slate's birth and Silas Caine's Presidency. And it was averted here due to what Vanguard learned when we were in the Omegaverse, which enabled us to alter the future and prevent the Omega-verse from happening here, so far anyway.
“So, it seems that the future of a given timeline can be changed. But I caution us all that we do not know our future and we are not aware of what we are trying to avoid in the future. For example, when we averted the Omega-verse future, we ushered in the Coming of Cthulhu.  Likewise, we may be avoiding the future where we win while healing. Although healing is likely something that will actually help the team greatly.”

Slingshot looked at the tear in space pensively. He looked at Ethan and gave him a brave smile. If it was up to him, he'd jump through, but his son is here. He might look and behave like a teen, but he's still less than a year old. He beckoned to Slate and when he came close, Slingshot hugged his progeny for what seemed like a long time.

Slate said, "Uh, Daaad. Will you cut it out.”

Slingshot used his hands to envelope the Ring in his son's hand and whispered with eyes closed, "Ring, send us where we are needed, with our bodies from 3 days ago."

Nothing happened!  No one save Slate noticed what he had attempted.

Avatar said, “I think that the use of the ring to gather artifacts is a fantastic idea.  I've been stumped since the start as to how we're going to gather up everything in the allotted time, and that might be the only way.”

Slate said, “Since the Liberty League was actually from a time prior to the FF, this, (when) we are now, is actually the first encounter with the Eon ring, and removing it from this timeline could impact the timeline... or maybe not, seeing as the team has been able to impact the actions of the ring in the past corporately, I'm guessing we could send it back here after using it, but to follow this line of reasoning…
“Perhaps leaving the ring in the past is the best way to ensure events unfold the way they should.  Maybe Vanguard needed to come back to this time to save the Liberty League from the combined might of the Ubermensch and the Imperial Guard.  It appears the ring may be sentient, gently guiding the steps of Vanguard.”

"Dad, if we take the ring, we could screw up the timeline so that Vanguard never even exists.  The Liberty League could have fallen today without our assistance.  Maybe as it has before the Ring brought us here to save them and keep the timeline intact.  If so, we need to leave the Ring with the Liberty League as we go through the rift into the future, accepting that the Ring will send us where we need to go.  It will be out of Cthulhu's reach, here in the past, I don't think we can make it any safer than that."

Slingshot pulled back slightly and looked at his son. "Is that a fact? You highlight a serious problem. Are you sure that they kept the ring longer than up to this moment? If we can confirm that he League has the Ring past this time, then we can leave it behind and I would be ok with it.”

Menagerie looked at Slate. "That is linear thinking. You are assuming that history has already happened. Vanguard could have always saved the Liberty League and to preserve our attacking their stolen sub is the reason none of our friends told us they knew us before. We could take the Ring with us because that is how it happened before in our current timeline of history."

Slingshot nodded to Menagerie. "So if we can collectively remember it, the Ring stayed with them longer than this moment - We can leave it behind. But I'm betting that we should bring it with us."

Slate used his Heightened Sense of Comprehension to piece together the history of the Ring of Eon, to figure out Vanguard’s next steps. The team’s other superhero historians (Sentinel and Symbiote) helped him:

The Ring of Eon was first acknowledged in the battle with Eon the Eternal in 2004.  Eon, the black celestial, led an alien invasion of Earth by the evil, star-spanning S'Korian Empire (the enemy of Paladin, the cosmic-powered, armored Freedom Forcer).

The Freedom Force, Earth's mightiest heroes from the 1980's, came out of retirement and joined forces with their arch enemy, the supervillain Dr. Change, to save the Earth. They destroyed the S'Korian fleet and defeated Eon but not before Dr. Change seized the Ring of Eon, and Eon scattered them all across space and time.

The whereabouts of Freedom Forcers Dynamo, Pulsar, Paladin, Onyx and Pathos remains a mystery to this day.

The android Freedom Forcer, Nemesis (the "son" of IT, "half brother" of Nanite, and "uncle" of Slate) was sent to the Dawn of Earth's history where he voluntarily shut down until he was found by Vanguard in the Temple of Terror in the Lost Lands in Antarctica.

Dr. Change was sent to Limbo where he and the now-dormant Ring of Eon were trapped for time immeasurable.  This isolation broke Dr. Change's mind, resulting in him believing he was actually his archenemy, Dynamo, the leader of the Freedom Force. His shapeshifting powers subconsciously altered his outward appearance to match his mind's mistaken belief.

Vanguard encountered Dr. Change in this state when they fell into Limbo after trying to escape the Omega-verse via a jury rigged Tesla gate, when the "receiver" of the gate was destroyed by Vanguard Omega on Earth "Alpha."

Vanguard's combined mental effort enabled them to use the Ring to bring them and "Dynamo" back home. They defeated Vanguard Omega and then Dr. Change remembered who he really was.  Vanguard once again combined their mental effort to commandeer the Ring, resulting in it and Dr. Change being sent back to Limbo.

Vanguard now encounters the Ring in the 1940's, where Dr. Swastika has sent an expedition to fabled Atlantis to discover an ancient superweapon from a fallen, advanced civilization to use in the war (not unlike Swastika's Nazi expeditions to the Lost Lands for the same purpose).

Vanguard has no recollection of the Liberty League ever encountering the Ring of Eon (let alone Vanguard!).

Sentinel heard everything being said, quietly taking it in (likely to Strike's surprise) and then spoke out strongly, clearly frustrated, not at his teammates, but at the entire situation.  It was apparent that the physical and emotional toll of the last few hours was beginning to show, and Kirk was frustrated as the clock was running out and the odds of completing their mission in the time frame continued to mount against them...
"Or maybe we were supposed to come now and take the Ring back to the present!  Or maybe we take it to the present and send it back when we are done with it!  I'm sick of may-bees." 
And as he spoke he looked to each of his teammates ending with his eyes lastly locked on Avatar, whom they looked to as their key strategist with Soldier on leave, and Strike, who always played Devil's advocate.  

"Here's what we do know.  We had a plan. We came here to get the ring.  We paid the toll...  We take the damn ring!  And we worry about fixing time anomalies, if any, later because at this point without the ring I don't think it’s going to matter.  I'm asking you now to think this through for an opinion as to how to proceed here.  Looking at what has happened since this started and what lies before us and how each non-stop mission takes a piece out of all of us, does it seem like we can gather the artifacts in time?  Even if somehow we get them all, will any of us be able to stand against the ultimate end game... and you know there is always an ultimate endgame.  Our true enemy here since this started has been time.  We now have the means to take control back from that enemy," and he raised Slate's hand up holding the ring.  "We are going to lose on the path set before us!  It's time to take control.  Instead of following, we lead.  We dictate the terms.  Who's with me?"

Avatar said, “We should take the Ring with us and use it in our quest. If we are successful, we can always return it to this time period.  If not, then things are going to be bad enough, anyway.”

Menagerie agreed.

Slate voted to leave it in this timeline, looking down at the waters of Atlantis. “Two wrongs won't make this right. We can't endanger the world to save it. None of the other artifacts have proven "useable", as you seem to think the Ring will be.
“I'm quite sure Dr. Change felt the same way about using it to rule time and space. We have to respect this as a force of nature, not a tool to be used by men.”

Avatar said, “It IS a "force of nature" to be respected but these are not normal circumstances, not by any stretch of the imagination, and we must do whatever we can to weigh the scales in our direction.  Also, we are not mere MEN...we are all that stands between mankind and the apocalypse and only a few of us can truly be called "men", anyway.  We are in the position we are in because we have been fated to stand here and we have all been given gifts beyond those of most of mankind so that we can defend and protect them from things like these Elder Horrors.”

Lightning Strike said, “Damn, I agree with both stances.  However, at this point I fail to see how using the ring could possibly make the circumstances any worse for us, and it seems virtually impossible to get the remaining artifacts in the little time remaining.”

Slingshot voted with his son. Leave it.

Vanguard was decided. They would take it.


Sentinel’s energy sphere flew through the time hole! VRASHHHH!  Light flared through the orb, longer than a lightning flash and without the sound of thunder.
Suddenly, they were on the other side, back in the “present.”  The dark waves of the mid Atlantic crashed beneath them as the World Storm raged in the heavens. Lightning crackled and rain fell. One could scarcely discern day from night.

The rift in time closed and the Ring of Eon fell dormant again.

Vanguard tried their communicators, but the satellites were still down due to the World Storm.

Menagerie contacted Archimedes through their bond.

Suddenly, BOOM!  Mystic’s gate opened before them, and the mysterious mage stepped through it and hovered in mid air.

"You brought the Ring,” said Mystic. 

His eyes held the unknowable secrets of the universe, and they regarded Vanguard. 

“The less said to your friends about what transpired in 1943, the better.  Come, there’s much work to be done.”

Mystic led the way, guiding Vanguard through the spaces between space, and home.

Everything was as they remembered.  The timeline had survived their visit to the past.

Shelley, Agent Drake, Archimedes, Doc and Sarge welcomed them home.

Manetti said, “We lost the Manta Craft. If we live, this is gonna mean a lot of paperwork.”

As they greeted their friends, Vanguard couldn’t help but notice how the two Liberty Leaguers had aged.

Neither of them betrayed any knowledge of what Vanguard had just experienced.

Mystic wanted to gate the Ring of Eon to his pocket dimension for safe keeping with the other Artifacts of Power.  When Vanguard shared their plan to use it, he said: “None of us fully understand the Ring’s powers, or the ramifications of its use…  But these are desperate times.
“If I don’t need to pierce the dimensions to contain the Ring, I’ll be ready to gate you to your next location in 30 minutes.”

Vanguard decided their next target as they were treated by a small team of CHESS medics,
[In 30 minutes, Vanguard can gain back all of their Power Points and one Healing Rate of Hit Points, if they don’t exert themselves.]

Lightning Strike drew power from the generator [to heal Power Points].
Slingshot absorbed plastic and rubber scrap to regenerate [and heal Hit Points].

Vanguard had the Splinter of the True Cross, the Sacrificial Dagger of the Maya, the Stone Idol of Cthulhu, and now the Ring of Eon. Five Artifacts remained, and Vanguard knew their locations thanks to the Janus Chair:

  • Northern France
  • The Nevada desert
  • Moscow (This is assumed to be the Spear of Destiny, in possession of the SSS)
  • Northern California
  • China
Avatar voted for the Nevada desert as Vanguard’s next target.
Lightning Strike voted for France.
Menagerie voted for China.
Sentinel voted for the Nevada desert.
Slate voted for France.
Slingshot voted for China.

[OOC: It’s a three way tie. Clone and Symbiote abstained, so to break the tie I rolled dice to randomly generate their answers:]

Clone voted for France.
Symbiote voted for Moscow. He wondered why Clone didn’t.

Vanguard’s next target was in France.
The cities of the world were rioting. All the other superheroes on Earth were working with CHESS and law enforcement to attempt to save lives and restore order in the global crisis. Electromagnetic interference from the World Storm had taken down the internet and all satellite communications. There would be no high resolution satellite imagery of the next target site.  Nor thick CHESS dossier on the location.

Vanguard went to the Vault’s library.  Beneath the emergency generator lights, they poured through oversized atlases and tomes.

Slate’s computer-like mind calculated the coordinates received from Menagerie and Sentinel’s use of the Janus Chair. “Paimpont Forest. In Brittany,” he said.

Avatar peered over his shoulder at the map of northwestern France.  “It’s Brocelïande,” he gasped. 
[pronounced  “bro SAY lee ahnd”]

The hero of ancient history explained.  “According to Arthurian legend, Brocelïande is a mystical forest deep in the heart of Brittany, France.  The Lady of the Lake dwelt there.  And it was the final resting place of Merlin.”

Avatar pulled down several more volumes, paged through them and found himself stopping at the reproduction of a painting of questing knights entering the mysterious wood.

Time was up.  Mystic stood ready to gate them to Brocelïande.

It was noon.  Two days and 12 hours until the End of the World.

To be continued!

OOC: Actions please.  What’s the plan?
Some of you mentioned using the Ring of Eon to travel back in time to heal more. 
(fyi, see Current Conditions, below.  Sentinel and Menagerie are the most injured. Clone, Strike and Slingshot are fully healed.)

If the majority agree with this, how far back in time do you attempt to travel?  Do you attempt to travel geographically as well, or just travel to an earlier time in the Vault?  How do you attempt to activate the Ring?

Fyi, The last time Vanguard glimpsed the Ring of Eon was in 2011, in Issue 145:

Current Conditions:
Avatar: Hit Points: 27, Power Points: 85, Manifestation: None
Clone: Bodies: 3*, Hit Points: 11, Hit Point Pool: 23, Power Points: 67
Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 41, Power Points: 85
Menagerie: Hit Points: 9, Power Points: 66, Form: Human
Sentinel: Hit Points: 7, Power Points: 70, Creation Points: 140
Slate: Hit Points: 19, Power Points: 73
Slingshot: Hit Points: 79, Power Points: 92, Invulnerability: 8
Symbiote: Hit Points: 28, Power Points: 83, Charges: 14, Activated: None

*Clone’s hit points: Clone from WW2: 12, in Vault: 5, in Moscow: 5. Power Points are full for everyone.



"Mystic’s revolver?” Doctor X said. “After all these decades?” 

Clone knew that Doctor X had allied with the Liberty League in World War II when their nations fought together against Nazi Germany.

“No,” commanded the Soviet supergenius.  “Bring it here. I would examine it now, Comrade Collective.”

Clone released his grip on the vault door and walked slowly towards his “master” as he said, “You are right Comrade Doctor. This item belongs in your hands.”

Clone walked unchallenged through the ranks of unsuspecting gunmen to Doctor X, with the revolver in his outstretched hand.  Suddenly, Clone closed his hand, rushed past him, placing Doctor X between Clone and the six masked soldiers.

Clone turned and, using Doctor X as a shield, placed the gun to the back of his neck!

“What is this?!?” demanded Doctor X.

Clone nudged the barrel of his pistol up under the bottom edge of Doctor X's helmet and in a dark and sinister tone whispers into his ear, "Any idea what a bullet bouncing all around the inside of this helmet would do to that twisted little melon sitting on top of your neck?" Not waiting for a response, Clone barked at the Russian soldiers standing before him, "The four of you! Open that vault door nice and wide and let’s take a look at what’s inside."

"No!" commanded Doctor X.

The soldiers froze.

Clone gave the barrel of Mystic's pistol a sharp push into the base of Doctor X's skull and ordered, "Do it or I swear I’ll kill him right now!”

“I said, no,” repeated Doctor X.

The soldiers would not defy Doctor X, not even to save his life.

Doctor X said, “Alexi, what has become of you in your time in the West?  I’m truly sorry we had to send you there.  Sorry that you had to see the things that you did.  I had no idea it would transform you, warp you, destroy your very soul.  Had I known, I never would have let you from my side. Where is that sweet angel I once knew? That kind, innocent boy with the heart of a child. What have they done to my beloved Alexi?”

Clone quickly moved the gun down and aimed it at Doctor X’s kneecap. “This is what happened!”

Then he pulled the trigger!

Nothing happened.  The trigger wouldn’t budge. It was locked somehow!

Doctor X turned to face Clone, “When did they turn my boy into a cold blooded killer? When did your heart become as ugly as your face?”

The pistol flew from Clone’s hand and landed in Doctor X’s.  Doctor X had the power of telekinesis! [as per those wiggly lines around his hands in the illustration.  ;-)  ]

“Alexi, did you really think I would author a program to create superpowered men, and deny myself that power?”

The six masked soldiers aimed their automatic rifles at Clone.  Movement could be heard in the hall outside.

Doctor X said, “You come at an opportune time, my sweet Alexi.  If we are to survive this apocalypse, Russia must unite with America, as we did in World War II. 
“And to forge that alliance, I can imagine no one better suited than you.”

To be continued!

OOC: Replies? Actions?


Menagerie wants to go to France directly. He doesn't want to use the Ring yet. "We are not that desperate yet. We may only get to use it once, so lets wait until we truly need it. Let's leave now I believe I am about to meet Merlin."


Slate sought out his mother, he hugged her tightly.  His fathers words and touch had brought feelings he had not experienced in some time... He wouldn't acknowledge it in front of the others, but with her it was different.  

Burying his head in her shoulder he said, "I was so worried we would return and you wouldn't be here.  The thought of it was unbearable.  I don't know how we could manage it, but maybe you should find a way to the digital realm until things are safe here.  I don't think Cuthulu would have any desire to visit that universe, and I know Nemesis could protect you, I know he could."  He looked up at her.  "If you ask it of me, I will stay with you.  At least if something happens to you it would happen to me too."

OOC: So Slate's response is an if/else.  

If Nanite wishes him to stay, he will remain behind, and try to find a way to keep his mother safe.  Attempting to get her safely away to the digital dimension (Don't ask me why he thinks this is a good idea, but he felt safe the only time he's been there, and hasn't felt safe for a long time now.

If not, he will prepare for the trip to Britania, He will re-stock his supplies, getting rid of the underwater gear he had obtained, he will gather weapons of Iron, Silver, and Steel. He will obtain some salt, garlic, wolfsbane, and belladonna.  Picking back up his fedora and leather jacket... along with his whip.

Either way, this should be fun!



Thanks Tom and Jon.

Nanite would bring Scott into this discussion.  Should Nanite and Slate evacuate to the Digital Zone to avoid the coming of Cthulhu, and/or the potential temporal reorganization of this universe via Vanguard's use of the Ring of Eon?



Yes, she would.

Scott is very protective of them (as he has abundantly shown to date). He would certainly let them go and even be happy that they would be protected by IT. Knowing how time lapses in that dimension. I would see if Slate could dig up some technological goody to thwart the magical attack.

Damn! this is exactly what happened last time, except it was a IT. Could we recruit IT to neutralize Cthulhu somehow?


Looks like this issue won't be coming over the Holiday, so here we go.

I hate to break up the team more than we have already, but maybe Slate can do more good than harm.

A couple of questions, from my last post, first what is the time differential with the portal, I couldn't find that.  Second, if this is side tracking the storyline, or making things difficult on you let me know and Slate can absolutely continue with the team as originally scripted.

I know that the digital portal in the Vanguard Vault was destroyed, but Nanite and Nemesis were able to create a portal, so Slate will want to use his ability to determine what would be the quickest way to go with creating a new portal... He'd also ask Doc Rocket to make sure there was a kill switch, preferably hard wired, not digital, in case something went wrong.  From his experiences with IT/Nemesis (conscious and unconscious), Slate has no fear of them, but understands the threat they pose to this world, and he does not want to make things worse.  He will attempt to make some type of digital communication with the digital dimension prior to attempting anything.


Per the post, with most of Vanguard healed not sure the best way to proceed.

The golden age Mystic said sardonically, “Allow me to assume the burden of this moral dilemma for you.”
Kirk replied with a small laugh, “It appears that whenever we meet we’re going to end up rubbing each other the wrong way unintentionally.  But ponder the possibility that I asked not because of my moral dilemma but rather to be sure you knew you had one before you.”

Agent America shook the modern age Sentinel’s hand last. “Well it’s reassuring to know that even in the future, there will always be a Sentinel making speeches!”
Kirk smiled and replied, “I hadn’t realized it was hereditary.  I may use that line in my defense with my teammates in the future.”   And he thought about recent decisions with Shel and what the future might bring for the legacy of the Sentinel.

There was pain hidden behind that smile knowing what would come for Agent America and the League.  He supposed that there was a difference between acting to change your own future and trying to alter that future of someone else which had already occurred for you.  And what if he somehow spared the fate to come for Agent America and instead Swastika ended up destroying another life for that same role?

Current decision questions – handled out of character:
At this point with the healing really most of Vanguard isn’t too bad off.  So:
(1)    Could we use the ring of Eon to ‘will’ the artifacts to us instead of us going to them?
(2)    If  not, if we are using the ring to pierce time, since we already took it out of time why not go back to the recent past and not only rest but perhaps retrieve the artifacts before they became such well-guarded items (ie at a time so not so close to their possible usage date)
(3)    Since most Vanguard is in good shape here, what about the pocket dimension Mystic is using to store the artifacts.  Would it be possible for us to go into that place to heal but then have Mystic retrieve us at this moment in time.  (so time passes there, but not here for us) (and as an aside Kirk would really like to check on things there – given how they continue to rub each other wrong he doesn’t trust him and wonders if he is a hero or opportunist)

From what I recall activating the ring took all of us focusing and was a difficult task.  It would seem that with most of the team well healed it wouldn’t be worth the toll merely to heal Kirk and Menagerie.  But if we could use it to bring the artifacts to us… or go to a time in the recent past to gather them without as much interference (while allowing healing time for those that need it) might be worth it.  Although there is no guarantee of knowing how far back might get us an easier retrieval… but it seems these ideas are worth discussion. 



OOC: Stupid me.  Should have read through the other player posts before sending.
I would like answers to the possibilities listed but given the health status of most of the team and Menagerie's reply that he doesn't want to use the ring yet Kirk would be fine with that if the balance of the team wants to go that route... unless we could somehow use it to bring the artifacts to us.



The Atlantic:

As the group discusses the possibility of time travel; the normally quiet Clone, unexpectedly makes a suggestion regarding its use, “I think it best that I wear the ring.”

As the rest of Vanguard looks towards Clone in surprise, the Replicating Russian explains, “Since none of us have any clear idea about how the ring may affect the wearer, perhaps I could have one of my doppelgangers use it. That way; if anything should go wrong, none of you would get hurt and I could simply absorb the injured duplicate . . . make sense?”

As the party of heroes ponders Clone’s offer, the Multiplying Mutant stretches out his hand as if to ask for the ring and says, “Next stop. Medieval France?”

( OOC: my gut tells me that the relic in France might be the Holy Grail, but I could be TOTALLY wrong )


Doctor X turned to face Clone, “When did they turn my boy into a cold blooded killer? When did your heart become as ugly as your face?”

The pistol flew from Clone’s hand and landed in Doctor X’s. Doctor X had the power of telekinesis! [as per those wiggly lines around his hands in the illustration. ;-) ] (OOC: For some reason I thought that was Mind Control waves or something lol )

“Alexi, did you really think I would author a program to create superpowered men, and deny myself that power?”

The six masked soldiers aimed their automatic rifles at Clone. Movement could be heard in the hall outside.

Doctor X said, “You come at an opportune time, my sweet Alexi. If we are to survive this apocalypse, Russia must unite with America, as we did in World War II.

“And to forge that alliance, I can imagine no one better suited than you.”

Realizing he didn’t have many options available to him, Clone thought it might be best to except Doctor X’s offer . . . for now.

Clone turned to the Russian mastermind and said simply, “You're making me an offer to form an alliance at gun point? I’m sorry Doctor X, but for me to even consider your offer you would have to make a gesture of good faith . . . please have your men lower their weapons and leave us alone to talk.”

( OOC: Assuming Doctor X complies with at least a part of Clone’s request . . . ) Appearing some what satisfied with Doctor X’s decision, Clone asked, “ . . . and assuming that I’m open to the possibility of being the harbinger of this alliance, what will you be bringing to the table? I mean you must know that Vanguard has already secured a few of the ancient relics, how many have you managed to obtain?”

( OOC: after the Doctor replies . . . ) Still curious, Clone than asked Doctor X, “. . . and what happens to this ‘alliance’ once we defeat our mutual enemy?”

( OOC: Should Doctor X ever seem reluctant to share information . . . ) Clone looked at Doctor X in an assertive yet puzzled manner and said, “You speak of alliance yet you hesitate to share information openly? Surely you would agree that a budding friendship between old rivals should be built on trust and openness . . . wouldn’t you Comrade Doctor?”

( OOC: Assuming that Doctor X appears to be sincere with his offer . . . ) Apprehensively satisfied with Doctor X’s intentions; Clone signals to Mystic to open the gate, he would have to discuss this ‘alliance’ with the rest of Vanguard before he could ‘seal the deal’. As the gate began to take shape, Clone looked up from his communicator and said to Doctor X, “I’ll discuss this with the others and get back to you with our decision. Good day, comrade.”


My apologies again for not letting you guys know that I would be away last week, and apologies again for mixing up the dates in my head – it sucks getting old.

Jeff, let me know if you need anything else from me –

Talk to you guys soon,



Lightning Strike:
Lightning Strike thinks that nobody should hold the Ring at the moment and that the pocket dimension is the best place for it.  We should use it only if it will save the world and nothing less than that.

That includes saving the life or lives of any member of Vanguard.  The stakes are so high at this point that only saving the world justifies using the ring.  We don't know what would happen if we were to use it but judging from history, nothing good can come of it.

All things considered we are not in that bad shape and we are not all that far away from getting what we need.

Strike is also against the limbo plan since hanging out in limbo is not likely to do him any good since he does not heal normally.

OOC:  Sorry for the delay and I will try to do better next issue.



OOC: Are there any Yes/No questions that would help us decide?  Avatar could use Cosmic Awareness to narrow down choices.


OOC: Tony:
The 'limbo idea' wasn't for the whole team.  Only those needing it (which seemed to be more than it is previously because of Strike/Slingshot's abilities to heal differently).  And it wasn't for limbo, it was for the pocket.  If Kirk and Menagerie could hop into the pocket dimension for one hour Vanguard time (the time for Mystic to be able to open another portal) but have them retrieved from the pocket dimension after they had fully healed, why not?  Plus Vanguard would know what was in the pocket dimension and how the artifacts are guarded (since Kirk doesn't trust Mystic).

Harold - on the cosmic question.  I'd been thinking about it previously (I think more to see if Mystic is trustworthy and the artifacts are safe in the pocket dimension) - but hesitated because the toll on Avatar is big to use the power from what I recall.  At this point Seth doesn't have the time to come up with a question... unless someone else does that you deem worthy of its usage.



Symbiote will go in with Accelerator's power set.  He agrees with the idea of Clone wearing the ring (or one of his duplicates).

Viva Vanguard,


Menagerie agrees to a Clone wearing the ring.



I have to reverse my initial thought and say "no" to anyone using the Ring.