Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Monday, November 2, 2015

Vanguard: Issue 206: Turnabout!


Lightning Strike reluctantly gave up the search in Mexico and teleported to the Chess Omni-carrier to assist in any way possible. SHAKOW!!! He told Vanguard that he had tracked Slingshot’s father as far as Mexico City.

Clone said, “Comrade Grey, I am remembering something I am thinking I am knowing. I am remembering that one of my copies is returning to Russia to take back some of these artifacts, but it is that I am not knowing what it is that has happened to him.” With a look of comical cunning and dramatic flair on his face, Clone continues, “Perhaps it is that we are contacting Russia and making a most official of diplomatic inquiries into where it is that I am.”

Grey’s remaining eye almost popped out of his head. “WHAT???!!!”

“Da, Comrade Grey!” Clone said with a look of cool confidence on his face. “You are being most surprised at the amount of skills I am making with helping, Yes?” Before Grey could respond, Clone took the opportunity to respond for him, “ Da! You are most excited, I am seeing this in your eye!” Clone’s facial expression then turned to one of joyful satisfaction, “I am going to explain my most excited of plans to you.” Clone’s facial expression then changed once again, this time he had the look of an experienced and excited narrator and storyteller. “It was just happening as soon as Vanguard is leaving for France. I am taking opportunity to leave copy of me in our base: which is gone now in most largest of explosions of course, and working with Comrade Mystic to use a most clever of magic portal to travel to Kremlin. When I am there; it is as Comrade Menagerie is saying, I am seeing all of Artifacts that it is that we are looking most carefully for.” A look of disappointment then crossed over Clone’s face as he continued, “Doctor X is there too, but that is all I am remembering now of this most special of super-spy plans I am doing.”

Confidant that he has just impressed Grey and the others, Clones sits back and throws his up arms over the back of his chair and says through a cocky grin, “I am seeing by the look that is on your face that you are most impressive by this plan. It is not unlike greatest of American super-spies that I am seeing in American documentary films – James Bond.” Clone than winks an eye and makes a gun gesture with his hand. Clone than pulls the trigger of his imaginary gun and says, “Phew! I am to be shaken, not stirred!” He than throws his arms back up over the top of his chair and says confidently, “Very much like double-O’s and seven. You are most impressed, no?”

[reply anyone?]

Sentinel said to Doc Monster: ““Adam, I didn’t realize you’d just acquired the sword.  That being the case and with you having no special affinity for it, I think it best for Avatar to be in possession of it to safeguard it.  Also, if it could be wielded in battle he would be the most suited of us to do so.  That being said, I’d like you to keep eyes on him and the sword at all times.  In fact, at least the two of you, if not three of us should have eyes on it at all times given its critical value at this time.”

Doc Monster willingly handed the magic sword to the myrmidon of mythology.

Aperture asked the android, Nemesis, “Do you remember how you came to be in the temple in the Arctic? We found a book there that had pictures of someone that looked like my father in it.”

Nemesis replied, “I was sent back to the dawn of time by Eon the Eternal. There I shut down and waited for time to pass until I reached my present.”

“Time travel…” said Doc Monster, “… of a much slower variety…”

Aperture said to his father, the malleable man of might, “I have an idea for a Digital Pulse Cannon, it would be similar to the way a electro-magnetic pulse works, except instead of knocking out all electronics, it would charge the air with Digital particles, which should be detrimental to Magic/Magical beings.”

Slingshot thought about this and said, "Would the effects be directed at a single opponent? Or are you talking about an EMP effect that covers a large area? I had something more focused in mind. I care that this would cut Vanguard in half, but if what we are able to do is limited, then so be it."

Aperture replied, “I was thinking about it as a gun... initially I thought we were looking for an area effect weapon, but based on your response I was limiting it somewhat.” 

Aperture selected Teleportation as his nanobot hybrid power, to be able to transport Vanguard anywhere on Earth.

Sentinel saw this and said: “Ethan, you can?  If you can create a portal then what about the dimension Mystic used to store the artifacts?  I’ve watched his motions, examined the energy fluctuations.  Can we go there and retrieve the artifacts.  He had no reason whatsoever to believe we could get there even if we survived the explosion so they should still be there. “
Kirk offered use his powers to recreate Mystic’s opening the portal with an animated solid construct.  Kirk would show his energy perception of the events... along with what he saw on the other side. 
“With Aperture’s heightened comprehension perhaps he can figure a way to get us there.  It would be a coup if we actually pulled one on him and obtained the artifacts back.”

Slingshot overhead this idea and it made a lot of sense. "If we could acquire more of these items, then we would be able to do certainly more."

Aperture said, “I do like Kirk's idea of opening a portal to Mystic's "pocket universe"  I'm sure that's not something they'd be expecting, and it might give us the upper hand.”
He'd be looking to Slingshot for direction, and based on the priorities, he'd be leaning toward trying to open the pocket dimension.

After thinking about if for sometime, Aperture believed he could invent a Portal to Mystic’s pocket dimension!

Slingshot said, “From a surprise perspective, going for the item cache is way better, assuming it's in there.”

The planning session was nearing its end.
The timeline was displayed on a wipe board:

End of the world: 56 hours.

Rebuilding the Janus Chair: 29 hours + one hour for every hour spent on the below:
Aperture inventing a Dimensional Travel Portal from his modular nanotech power: 6 hours.
Aperture inventing a Digital Pulse Cannon from his modular nanotech power: 6 hours.

Lightning Strike volunteered to replace Aperture on the Janus Chair project so that it could continue on schedule, despite Ethan’s nanotech inventions.

The team got to work.

Meanwhile, Menagerie said to Grey, in private, “There should be another way to find Mystic or the Sacrifice Site other than the Janus Chair.”

“Yeah?” said Director Grey around his cigar. “Then what is it?”

"Me." Having said all he was going to the Director, Menagerie turned and walked back to the rest of Vanguard.

Menagerie joined the members working on the Janus chair. "I am going to find a quiet place to meditate. Call me when the chair is ready for me to take my place." Menagerie doesn't believe he will add much to the construction of the device so he is going to work on a different plan.

Menagerie quietly took Clone to the side, "I am sorry my friend but Snowball is dead. Trust me, when I tell you I will avenge this senseless and barbaric travesty."  Menagerie bowed his head in silence to remember their dearly departed then silently walked away. No one saw the single tear running down his cheek.

Menagerie joined Slingshot and Aperture. He silently thought to himself, "So the child has upgraded himself into manhood." Menagerie looked at them both, "I believe I have a way to locate Mystic, please have this Digital Pulse Cannon ready and a means to transport it when I contact you. This may be our only chance to save the world from this magical calamity."

As Menagerie left them he reflected on what has now has become Aperture. He thought to himself, "Don't make me regret not killing you on the day you were born."

Menagerie located Sentinel and said, "I feel like we are drawing plays in the sand for our final Hail Mary. I have one more to add. I am going to see if I can locate Mystic. Whether we take the fight to him or stay to protect the Sword is your call. I want to make sure we have every option available."

Menagerie found a quiet location where he could cast his spell. He used his Nature Sense Spell to track Mystic. Menagerie focused his willpower, called on his keen intellect, summoned all his charisma, and poured his energy [Spends 1 Luck Point & Half of Power Points in this one shot invention] to extend his Nature Sense as he had never before, calling on all Predators in the Physical and Spiritual Worlds to seek out and locate his prey. The living totem has the power to telepathically communicate with Earth’s predators within his range. He sends out the word, and they all pass the urgent request along in an exponentially- growing web that eventually covers the world. It may take days, but it might work in time!

Menagerie commanded: "Find Mystic! Tell me the location of the man who walks your pathways. Uses your trails. SEEK! With your senses, RUN! FLY! HUNT! Predators unite to find my PREY!"

After six hours of hard work, Aperture had successfully invented a nanotech Dimensional Portal that he believed could reach Mystic’s pocket dimension, where the artifacts of power were believed to be cached!
[expends 1 Luck Point]
He believed it would work, but he hadn’t tested it yet.

The timeline now read:

End of the world: 50 hours.

Rebuilding the Janus Chair: 23 hours remaining.
Aperture’s Dimensional Travel Portal from his modular nanotech power: Complete!
Aperture inventing a Digital Pulse Cannon from his modular nanotech power: 6 hours.

Slingshot said, "We could do it all, with time to finish before the apocalypse. I think that we need to focus our energies on the dimension portal to get to those artifacts before Mystic thinks of retrieving them. This will likely cause an attack from Mystic as he will know what happened and while we are working on other things, we get attacked." He paused to let that sink in.

"Another option is to wait for him in the pocket dimension and take him down when he opens it. This has the option of us avoiding to do all this research and catch him completely off guard"

"What do you think? Do all these things?" Scott points at the whiteboard wall with the three options, Janus, Digital Cannon, Dimensional Portal," or just go with the portal and ambush?

Replies? Actions! 

Aperture the Portal is a “One-Shot Invention,” as per the V&V rules.

Countdown: 10:07pm EST.  Just under two days and 2 hours until the End of the World.

Current Conditions:
Aperture: Hit Points: 35, Power Points: 73 Nanotech: Dimensional Travel Portal                                                                                                            
Avatar: Hit Points: 31, Power Points: 85, Manifestation: none
Clone: Hit Points: 17/6, Bodies: 1/1, Power Points: 67/67, Hit Point Pool: 23 (Stats: NYC/Russia)
Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 33, Power Points: 75
Menagerie: Hit Points: 26, Power Points: 33, Form: Man                                                                                                               
Sentinel: Hit Points: 17, Power Points: 70, Creation Points: 140, Shields: 0%
Slingshot: Hit Points: 49, Power Points: 92, Invulnerability: 8, Fire damage that can’t be regenerated: 30
Symbiote: Hit Points: 28, Power Points: 83, Charges: 13, Activated: None


Standing nearby as Menagerie and Clone discuss the destruction of the tower and the loss of Snowball, he remembers when that little goat was his only friend, and wonders at the tear he sees Menagerie wipe away with the back of his hand, Menagerie appears to notice Aperture, and a curious look crosses his face. Wondering what the look meant, and how quickly his mood appeared to change. The human capacity of emotion/feeling again amazed him.

He reached out to Clone as he returned to the group, "If you can remember where Mystic sent the other you, I should be able to open a portal to that location. The other you probably wouldn't be there exactly. Once we got there, we'd need to find him and any of the items he might have recovered. I don't think we should go alone, we'll need to let the rest of the team help us, in case we run into the Soviet Super Soldiers.

OOC: Regarding the Digital Pulse Cannon, Aperture is pretty sure he can, "trick that out with a clam-shell holster. It comes with a leather carrying case. It's got a wadcutter and a full warranty". :)

He will try to accomplish his tasks as quickly as possible, and rest to regain power points until the team is ready to make its next move.




Clone said: “Phew! I am to be shaken, not stirred!” He than throws his arms back up over the top of his chair and says confidently, “Very much like double-O’s and seven. You are   most impressed, no?” 

Scott looked between Grey and Clone and back again, "Is it me? Because I understood about half or that and I feel the need to say it was the wrong half"

"What do you think? Do all these things?" Scott points at the whiteboard wall with the three options, Janus, Digital Cannon, Dimensional Portal," or just go with the portal and ambush?”

Slingshot explained his position on this decision. "My conservative side says to do all three and only then go for the portal and ambush. My rash side, says go for the portal first, retrieve the items, then continue to finish the work, but expect to be ambushed because of the items. My greatest fear is we go for the portal and the items are gone."

[OOC - I'm on the fence on this one. I'm barely leaning to go for the items right away.]



Scott looked between Grey and Clone and back again, "Is it me? Because I understood about half or that and I feel the need to say it was the wrong half"

Kirk interjected and said, "the only thing we need to understand at this point is that the artifacts are all gathered.  Either half are with Mystic and the other half in the Kremlin or Mystic pulled a sneak attack on them too and has them all. Given he knew their location from helping Clone, I'd say the latter.  And since for all intents and purposes this Clone, with her personality reversal,  isn't the Clone that hatched the plan to go to the Kremlin on his own discussing the merits of the plan or foolishness seems moot now and counterproductive.  And I for one, prefer the original; 'Good to have you back Alex.' As Kirk looked to Clone he offered a small playful salute beginning at his temple and ending with his fingers forming the gesture of a gun instead of the normal salute.

Slingshot said, “My greatest fear is we go for the portal and the items are gone."

"I don't think we can hinge our entire plan on the artifacts being there and wait to find out.  As soon as we can get there we need to do so and find out if the artifacts are there are not.  We'll be ready for an ambush and we'll see what we find and go from there.  And I suggest that I encircle the team in a protective shield as we port so that hopefully my shields can take the damage initially and protect the team while we get our bearings.  For all we know we could arrive to another explosion of sorts.  At this point it seems Mystic may have had decades to plan for this day and prepared for every possibility, even one as remote as this one, although I hope not.  It would be nice to finally get the upper hand on him after being played for all these days... "

Kirk goes into his room to meditate and prepare his mind (part of what was mentioned for his apartment visit) - he had been trained in the mental disciplines by Lancaster so their minds are familiar with each other... although Kirk's range may not allow their mental contact, perhaps Lancaster's range would and perhaps he is sensitive to Kirk's mental presence or keyed into it.  Kirk will try to speak to Lancaster mentally, even if it just means sending out an SOS type signal to see if Lancaster can engage him.  If he feels he can send a message along the line of "Beware Mystic Sneak Attack"

As a second follow-up to that, they are both also linked through the conduit of their energies - they both draw upon it and manipulate its energy.  Instead of merely pulling the energy out of the conduit, he can try sending a message to Lancaster into it while it is open, perhaps even combining the two powers.

OOC: Just a few out of the box thoughts to see if Kirk can communicate with Lancaster somehow or at least warn him of the potential threat.

If you need specific answers from me or anything more on my ideas from last reply or this one, let me know.




Menagerie told Clone it was good to have him back. He was missed. He started to say he was sorry about his family and snowball but wasn't unsure if that was appropriate or not so it came out as "Glad to have back little buddy, We really missed you Clone. Sorry about ... everything."

Menagerie spent his time in meditation working his predator hunt communications.

Menagerie broke his meditation when Vanguard needed him for other activities.


Menagerie said, “We really missed you Clone. Sorry about ... everything."

A large smile crossed over Clone’s face as he shook Menagerie’s hand and said joyfully, “Thank you, Comrade Menagerie, it is most good to be back.”

Menagerie bowed his head in silence to remember their dearly departed then silently walked away. No one saw the single tear running down his cheek.

A feeling of sadness came over Clone as he watched his close friend walked away silently. He thought to himself, “ He’s such a good man . . . I shall pray for him tonight when I say my prayers.”

Aperture said, “I don't think we should go alone, we'll need to let the rest of the team help us, in case we run into the Soviet Super Soldiers. “

Clone pondered what Aperture had just said, for a moment, and than replied profoundly, “Da comrade, this is good plan. You are seeming to be very much more smart since you are changing, but . . . well . . . if you are not minding me saying so comrade  . . . since you are changing, your English  . . . it is perhaps not so good as you are thinking.” He than placed his hand on Apertures shoulder and continued in a consoling tone, “I am fully understanding of difficulties of learning of this most hardest of languages, but with much practice you may one day speak it as good as I am speaking of it.” With a quick pat on Aperture’s shoulder and a wink of his eye, Clone smiled at his dear friend confident that he was able to help him.

Alex then relays all of the details of the Moscow Gate Location to Aperture.

Scott looked between Grey and Clone and back again, "Is it me? Because I understood about half or that and I feel the need to say it was the wrong half"

With a look of concern and understanding in his eyes, Clone said softly, “It is ok Comrade Slingshot. I am understanding of how you are feeling, but I am not knowing of these documentaries as well until I am watching them. When it is that we are having more time, perhaps we will be watching them together if you are still having same desire to understand of them.

After a while, Alex managed to sneak away from the main group and find a quiet side room where he could be alone for a few minutes. Kneeling down on the ground he clasped his hands together, closed his eyes, and then bowed his head gently in humility as he began to pray. “Forgive me Lord, for I can not remember when last I said my prays. Much has happened in the world, an ancient evil has come out of the shadows and my friends and I have been busy trying to help and protect your children as best we can. If it is your will, we shall be successful in our duties as we are but your humble earthly servants. I pray that you look after my friends and protect them from harm if you can. It has been a long and difficult journey and many of us have lost family and loved ones along the way. Please hold their spirits in your loving embrace and forgive them their sins as they enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Clone than thought about Menagerie and continued, “Lord please look after and care for my friend Menagerie, he is a good man with a kind and loving heart. He has suffered a loss during our battle against the dark forces, and I fear his pain may be too difficult for him to endure without your love.”

With Menagerie’s pain still resting heavy on his heart; combined with the possible end of the world at being at hand, Alex thought it appropriate if he recited Psalm 23 from the Old Testament, “The Lord is my Shepard; I shall not want. He makes me to lie down in green pastures; he leads me besides the still waters. He restores my soul; he leads me in the path of righteousness for his name’s sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil  . . .”

LOVE the character interaction stuff! I have to admit it took me a few minutes to think of a proper Clone-ified response for Slingshot’s comment – lol Great Stuff!

Jeff, I didn’t place the above IC Stuff in any particular order – please “slice and dice” any and all of my responses as you see fit :)

Talk to you guys soon,




Hey gang,
Great roleplaying, as usual!

But I still don't know what the heck your plans are.  :)

As a GM, I try to let the players drive the plot, so you guys actually have to take the wheel.  :)

Good ol' Earth has just 50 hours left.
If you can collect all the Artifacts of Power in 50 hours or less, the Earth is saved.
You have 1 artifact out of 9 right now: Excalibur.
It doesn't look good for Earth.

What now? Here are some choices being bandied about, in no particular order:

1) Teleport to the Kremlin (with Aperture's new power) and rescue a Clone that is held prisoner there, and steal whatever artifacts the Soviet Super Soldiers still have in their possession.

2) Dimensional Travel (with Aperture's new power) to Mystic's pocket dimension and steal whatever artifacts he has stashed there.

3) Dimensional Travel (with Aperture's new power) to Mystic's pocket dimension and wait there to ambush him.

4) Take 6 more hours to create a one-shot invention of an anti-magic gun.

5) Take 23 hours to rebuild the Janus Chair which will enable you locate all the artifacts, if they are on Earth.

6) Take (unknown) hours to wait for the Predators of Earth to locate Mystic, via Menagerie's powers.

7) Other? Am I missing anything?

Vote now for one or more of these. Which action will you take next?

You can vote OOC. Just email the number of your choice. :)
When you've all voted, then I can figure out what you want to do, and then I'll tell you what happens next.


Viva Vanguard,

PS:  "Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others." -Churchill


OOC: I think I had made my choices clear, but I'll reclarify (and I apologize for coming up with all these options, but I can't quite help it)

I'm not for fighting the Soviets. I think that would be wasting our resources, if we could jump in, take clone and jump back, I would be more ok with it. (if popular demand requires we go there, I'm bringing the one shot I made early on that nullifies the teleportation power of one of them).

My preference:

2) teleport and steal the stash

5) Janus chair (would it be less than 23 hours if we also have lightning strike with his high Int?) - I thought that was for locating the nexus where the ceremony/spell would be cast, not searching the items again?

4) Anti-Magic gun

Go to ceremony location and scout it out to formulate a plan.


OOC: I agree with these three choices. They are mine too.


OOC: I'm good with this plan as well. If we get the artifacts, we don't need the Janus chair. I do think the Janus chair was for finding the artifacts.


OOC: We had bounced several ideas on how to use the chair. I had suggested using it to find our target instead of the artifacts. With still a long time until it is ready we didn't decide how to use it.



OOC: Yes. Port to hopefully take mystic artifacts next. Then depending on what happens we can decide.
If Kirk can get grey to head towards New York for their return that would be great.
If time to try the meditation and telepathy tactic prior to the port he will do so.



Lightning Strike:
OOC: Not that Strike has been following too closely on the whole Vanguard thing, but I vote for tracking the 8 artifacts. That is probably our only chance of stopping this disaster.