Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Issue 63A: Supervillain Standoff!

Vanguard’s Inhuman!
Aboard the ship! Night!

As the Owl interrogated Inhuman, the aquatic adventurer scanned the hydration levels of his adversaries. Slugg, Jellyfish and Crab Man had unusual hydration levels, due to their physiognomy.

The Owl had metal devices on his person, beneath his feathery cape. Inhuman’s hydro-sense could not penetrate beyond the hanger-like chamber (OOC: extranormal senses that pass though solid objects get their range reduced by the object’s structural rating). Inhuman gave a brave, smart and bluffing reply that ended with his most shark-like grin as he spread his hands in as open and non-threatening of a manner as possible, “Any questions?”

“Yes,” the Owl said skeptically. His eyes were as sharp and deadly as surgical instruments. “I’ve questions. Plenty of them. You say that today you’ve just decided to end relations with Vanguard? How serendipitous for you. You’ll understand if we’re less than trustful. However, you do seem useful. Come. Prove your treachery to us. Tell us all about the so-called superheroes that CHESS will send against us. And, by the way, you can relinquish that communicator to me now. I’m sure it has no value to you, seeing as how you’ve no loyalty to Vanguard anymore.” He smiled sardonically.

The other nine villains watched closely. The tension was palpable. No one spoke. No one moved, except Slugg (pictured below), Jellyfish, Gator and Crab Man who did take a half step backwards.

OOC: Replies? Actions?

Vanguard Vault won’t be refreshed until you rejoin Vanguard or are dead ;)

Current Condition:
Inhuman: Hit Points: 25 Power Points: 51 Water: 100#


OOC: Extra Sensory Questions:
1. the Owl Has devices under his cape, can my Electro sense determine if they are charged/powered/active? Can I use my Electrosense to determine if he has some sort of energy field surrounding him? (ie a force field, electro defense, magnetism defense, etc...)

2. where are they on the owl? Are they all clustered together under his cape or are some on his arms, one on his leg and several on his belt or what?

2a. what shape are they? ie is one a box+tube on an arm indicating a weapon projector of some sort are they mostly featureless objects of some sort of shape, keypads, wing shapes ect...?

3. is the Owl wearing a full body suit costume, a speedo and cape or something in between?

4. you state my Hydrosense cannot penetrate beyond the chamber does this mean that cannot penetrate more than 1" beneath me or that I cannot penetrate even the surface of the area beneath me? Can I determine if the surface beneath me is SR 15 or higher using my sense?

5. Theorem: the Owl seems to be a highly educated individual of the superscientist mold. Thus he may have been recognised in the past for academic brilliance and/or weirdness then later if he was captured and unmasked he would have caused a great stir in the halls of academia. Therefore based upon this unsupported line of reasoning Inhuman would like to use his Academic Subculture Skill to determine if someone who fits the general parameters given in the above theorem matches the MO of the Owl, thus possibly id ing the Owl and some of his history. As a secondary use of the skill if the Owl is using a common enough debate/analysis/logic structure Inhuman would like to identify the strengths and weaknesses of that particular style/structure and attempt to use that to my advantage in further debate.

6. I would like to ask for, in addition to regular combat stats, a count on the number of Hydrokinisis creations currently controlled. Am I currently controling 100# ready for a water shield + a drop of water for manipulating my watch or do you have a differing count?


OOC GM Replies:
1 and 2: You can get some info from water content. The objects you believe to be metal are on his belt. It could be the belt itself. Exact shapes are hard to determine. It's possible that they are tools.

4. You were levitated into a hanger-like chamber. Beneath the floor is the ship's hull and then open air, you presume.

5. Good use of a skill on your part. You do not recognize him as a specific person, but your recognize his type. Using an appropriate debate structure for that type will get you bonuses in his reaction mods toward you. But this doesn't take the place or roleplaying an actual debate of course.

6. I'll include that from now on. I also count ~100 lbs of water at this point.


"I have already made several peaceful overtures, specifically by making certain my communicator is not broadcasting my location since from before I left the prison yard" Inhuman began undoing the strap to the communicator by hand "In addition I was planning on using this to communicate my severance of employment with CHESS, after all no one can serve two masters."

Inhuman casually tossed the communicator over to the Owl "If I don't sever such a connection with them under my own violition they may be more agressive with others of our group" Inhuman gave an eel like grin here "or in our persecution than if I do, it should aid our cause, transfer attention from others to myself, and after all there are niceties to be observed even in our league" Inhumans eyes glittered with anger "besides you should be concerned with my turning back to them, if I resign that will make it far less likely."

"As far as Vanturds information goes," Inhumans face slipped back to a more 'normal' look "I'll only release some information about them, after all that is one of the advantages I am selling. you don't trust me and that isn't going to change for a while, I'm not such a fool that I think that you will give me credit for giving all my information to you and then not have me killed or overlook my contributions."

Inhumans gaze narrowed "No. Sorry, Vanduds information is worth much more than that, I think I'll have to negotiate directly with Primate over that information not one of his lieutenants, he doesn't gain access to my expertise until he agrees to my needs being met."

Inhuman leveled a direct gaze at the Owl "As far as the communicator goes, I really don't care just so long as you allow me to resign in some way, I think it is a wise move to do it my way but if you have a better suggestion by all means, let us do that instead." Inhuman paused then went on "I haven't asked for trust here, merely pointed out the advantages, I also have several benefits to individual members of your crew that even they aren't aware of. Since Chess is more than a collection of superpowered thugs with badges no matter how Vanguard behaves."
Inhuman casts a surriptious look around that definately includes Ratman. "it's just that this is really not your business, it is Primates at best and even then maybe not his. But if Primate is the way i think he is, he will be... Displeased that secrets were broadcast, even if they seem to serve no purpose. If Vanguard can question any of you as to what I told the Primate then they can put that to use. Simply put i am following the percepts of Sun Tsu's Art of War for the Primate until he and he alone gives me reason to do otherwise."

"I know Vanguard will be busy for a while cleaning up the prison, and i disliked that my call for teamworking was completely ignored but this is but a small part of my current displeasure with them. Crabmans offer and my subsequent 'removal' from the scene were indeed fortuitious but my decision to leave is based upon Vinescurds actions, not yours."

"Now then, I think I should not say any more wth this many witnesses, but perhaps I could be induced to share a few tidbits of things to improve my standing in your eyes, Owl...."

OOC: "actions" Assuming Skill use is Not an action: Use my Skills to analyze the Owl, to see if I can use his "type" against him for my benefit. See If I cannot track some particle of moisture in the air beneath us to get an idea of relative speed of presumed air flow to rate of travel.... I am currently debating with myself on grabbing a drop of water to have a weapon availible and slipping it on the Owl surriptiously but that would be an excuse to attack me at that point. I think though i will just rely upon Sentinel's trick at the moment and hold an action.


Inhuman parlayed with the Owl for his life. The other nine villains watched closely. The tension was palpable. No one spoke. No one moved, except Slugg, Jellyfish, Gator and Crab Man who did take a half step backwards. Using the Owl’s personality type against him, Inhuman took pains to show that he was intelligent and that he had respect for the Owl’s intelligence. He exhibited humility and pride in all the right doses.

Meanwhile Inhuman detected water vapor beneath his feet, outside the ship’s hull. To judge from its motion, he estimated the craft’s speed at hundreds of miles an hour! As Inhuman spoke, the Owl scrutinized his face and body language for any sign of deceit.

Finally the Owl said, “I’ll take that,” as he removed the Vanguard communicator from Inhuman’s open hand. “There is no need to broadcast your intentions to Vanguard. Best to keep them in the dark as long as possible about your new allegiances, don’t you agree? I know Sun Tzu would approve.”

“I must admit your requests to get the Primate alone rouses suspicion in me. However, the need for discretion in these matters is not unappreciated,” the Owl said with a sidelong glance at Ratman. “The good news is that I won’t kill you yet. The bad news is that I’m afraid I must isolate you for a short period from the others until such time that the Primate or I may meet with you privately. Don’t be alarmed. You won’t be harmed during your isolation.”

OOC: Inhuman’s assessment of the Owl’s personality type told him that he was likely telling the truth. It was possible that the Owl had some deranged moral code that existed primarily to elevate him, in his eyes, above others. Do you resist or acquiesce? If the latter, what do you do with your 100 lbs. of controlled water?


Current Condition: Inhuman: Hit Points: 25 Power Points: 51 Water: 100#


Inhuman without even a blink or ripple dropped his control over his water "Lead on or give me suitable direction Owl, I have never minded the solitude of my thoughts." Inhuman resisted the urge to call him 'Macduff' a possible insult too serious to be ignored in this tight situation.

OOC: Inhuman is prepared for probably some sort of closet or make do location possibly an airlock though up to a maximum security type cell he figures is well within reason, the better the location for holding prisoners the more his estimation of Primate will rise. He will continue using all his senses scanning the vehicle in as many directions as possible trying to determine an engine source, water/fuel source etc... as well as keeping a sense out for some sort of trap door he could be walked over to 'dispose' of him. He will try to monitor individuals behind him (his 'rear guard') and keep open to the possibility of an attack from behind.

If he is left unbound and alone he will experiment with his powers in various minor ways (including the suction cup idea below), significantly examine his environ but he will definately not do anything major even if convinced he is really alone.

He only has one chance at this and doesn't like dying in the attempt. If he is left guarded he will respond to overtures but not initiate any. -getting the Drop on him: if they decide to dispose of Inhuman, Inhuman will try to grab some nearby water (he'll probably sweat enough to do the trick!) and get or leap for the outside edge of the ship trying to grab the hull and try to use his hands and feet plus his water control to make suction cups, may not work but when you are facing death an idea is better than none. (and some people might have wondered why Inhuman tested out the parachute theory with his powers!)