Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Issue 66A: Running with the Pack!

Vanguard’s Inhuman! Flashback!

After a shower, Inhuman joined the Pack. The Owl gave him a tour of the amazing Saucer Ship as Inhuman tried to memorize its layout: Bridge, cargo hold, sleeping quarters, engines, projects room.
Inhuman met most of the others onboard and then was given free time, albeit on a short leash.

Over the next few hours he quickly learned the inner workings of his new allies. Like a wolf pack, there was a strictly enforced social hierarchy, a hard and cruel survival of the fittest. There are constant challenges in the middle and lower ranks, in order to confirm status and dominance. There are no challenges to the upper ranks.

The Primate is at the top of the order.
He is the alpha male and the lawgiver and none dare challenge his rule. Inhuman gauged his weight at 500 lbs. The super-intelligent simian’s inner circle is fiercely loyal to him, and the newly freed prisoners owe him their freedom. If there were any doubts of his authority, they were quickly squelched after his terrifying assault on mankind through his mastery of the animals of Earth! His return from the chemical dungeon of Men is seen as nothing short of miraculous. He is Christ resurrected, the Phoenix reborn and Osirus returned from the Land of the Dead!
Inhuman doesn’t see the Primate again and hears he is often occupied, apparently concentrating his efforts on leading the animal kingdom against humanity.

Directly beneath the Primate is his inner circle:

The Owl is the circle’s leader and intensely loyal to the Primate and is his right hand. While not physically threatening, the Owl is hyper-intelligent and a master of technology; he designed the Saucer Ship and more! It is whispered the Owl was the first one to be mentally contacted by the Primate when the Primate was held in CHESS Castle. The Owl has worked tirelessly since then to free the Primate and make preparations for his coming!
Inhuman noted that the Owl is the most human of the Pack, his wings are cybernetic, but he is clearly an Ani-man since Primate contacted him telepathically.
The Owl questions Inhuman about his scientific background, eager to speak to someone of intelligence.

Web is the Owl’s lieutenant and like many in the inner circle, can navigate the Saucer Ship. A cunning and quick spider hybrid, he says little in Inhuman’s presence, perhaps due to suspicion of Inhuman.

Pachyderm has not been seen yet by Inhuman. He is rumored to be a gigantic titan of unbelievable strength. He is not a true part of the hierarchy due to his low intelligence. But no one messes with him because of his incredible power. It sounds like the Primate uses him as an awesome weapon (dropping him on CHESS Castle) and loves him as one would a slow child. Inhuman knows that pachyderm is a biology term encompassing elephants, rhinos and hippopotami.

Monarch is the butterfly man. He seems vain, self important and proud of his ability to fly.

Centipede is the ghastly and writhing multi-limbed human centipede. He is loathsome, alien and otherworldly in appearance and personality.

Directly beneath the inner circle are the newly released prisoners of CHESS Castle:

Jellyfish is the only female in the group and is using all her wiles and cunning to maintain her social position. She has Crab Man wrapped around her little finger and uses him as her muscle. She has an evil streak, tinged with sadism and gleefully teases Inhuman about having paralyzed him.

Crab Man is the crustacean powerhouse. His personality is surprisingly regular for such an extreme appearance. He is loyal to Jellyfish, perhaps due to their alma mater, the Sinister Sea Squadron!
Gator is a tough, street smart customer. Black sense of humor, hard boiled, mean.

Cockroach was a deranged American cold war scientist, studying the cockroach’s ability to survive even nuclear Armageddon. Believing that humans would need to evolve to survive massive levels of radiation, he transformed himself into what he believed was the perfect species.

Slugg is a lazy, slothful, messy monstrosity. He had worked with Gator and Cockroach before they were all captured by the Freedom Force. They are sticking close to each other.

Hyena is a mocking, leering jackal of a killer. A member of Homicide for Hire, the extranormal executioner was captured by Vanguard and there’s no love lost there. He is something of an odd man out now, in that he has no pre-existing allies here.

Ratman is a sneaky, tricky little twit. He’s working hard to curry favor with the inner circle, to increase his position in the Pack. Ratman has the proportionate strength and speed of a rat and his claws enable him to walk on walls, leaving marks wherever he does. Inhuman catches Ratman watching him more than once and Inhuman sees that Ratman has possession of his cybernetic Whiplash Tail again.

Inhuman senses his social status is lower than the escaped prisoners right now. Inhuman doesn’t know if there are other extranormals working for the Primate but has detected none on the ship. Inhuman doesn’t know where mundane animals fall in this twisted social hierarchy.

(OOC: replies or dialogue to any of the above.)

During this time, Inhuman looks out portholes and sees they are over a Europe covered with black smoke plumes!

Before long, the Owl announced that the Saucer Ship will soon divide in two; the top level can separate from the bottom level.
The top level will take the Primate, the Owl, Inhuman, Ratman, Monarch, the Centipede and Slugg to the Congo to prepare for “Phase Two!”
The bottom level will remain in Europe with Web, Jellyfish, Crab Man, Gator, Cockroach, Hyena and Pachyderm to handle Vanguard and then rendezvous in the Congo!

“Report to your saucer halves immediately,” ordered the Owl.

Actions, dialogue if any?

Current Condition: Inhuman: Hit Points: 25 Power Points: 60 Water: 0#

(Inhuman has healed back all his Power Points)


GM Replies:
OOC: Hi Skip:
Lots of good stuff here.
Here are answers to your OOC questions:

The engine is based on an anti-gravity breakthrough of Primate and Owl's.
Water line might have been for drinking, showers, toilets, etc.

Challenges might be the wrong word. Struggle might be better. There is no formal system of challenges or "duels."
The new supervillains have just been thrown together and they are now informally sorting out who's top dog of the lower ranks and who is the runt. It's pretty rough and tumble.

Slugg has more H2O in his system than a human, but less than Jellyfish.



"Owl, what are your gadgets like if you are willing to let me know? They seem interesting from a purely inventive point of view, would you at least be willing to give me the basic principles behind them? I don't know if you are willing to discuss them but, well your multidiciplinary status is frankly, amazing!" (space for responses)I can see that you have a belt with gadgets And I wouldn't be surprised if you had another trick or three to keep the others guessing. Well ihope you would be wiling to share your ideas with another member of the intelligencia. Speak of which would you mind sharing where your normal education was from if any at all? just as a professional reference I can understand if you have a few shall we say skeletons in your closet for safe keeping

Re: Pachyderm: "Owl, Look, I would really like to meet him, after all I did think that someone had dropped someone on the Chess Prison during the hit, It's what I would have done!" Inhuman's face almost became angelic here "I would like to gauge what you felt was a combination of power and ability to drop him from space to the surface a reasonable tactic."(OOC: If the Owl questions me about why here is the following response) "There is a theory that perhaps hydration levels in the brain affects the cellular connections, With your and or Primates permission I would like to check this, perhaps he can be adjusted to better fit in our society with a little tenderness.... OOC: If I get in his area I'll check for stress fractures, as well as following through with plan B above, if he seems to be uneasy in any way I will try to use my alliance power. However it may not even have a chance. I'll also use my hydration sense to determine approximate weight if possible and medically does he appear to have any size relevant problems from his rather massive appearance?

Re: Crab Man: OOC:Skippy rather thinks that he loves her instead, it just feels that way, if I can get him alone for a minute I'll see if I can talk to him partially to see if he is willing to admit whether or not he truly cares for her or if there is some thing else going on. I will also attempt to use my power on him again. "Crabman, listen carefully If you truly care about Jellyfish then I have to say as long as you both are supervillans she will never ever be able to give you the attention you deserve... She has to use her wiles to manipulate others while she is in this supervillian game it is too powerful a tool to be ignored. She will ignore you while she believes that you are her thrall, if you give her reasons to believe that she isn't in total control of you her attention will swing back to you as she feels she needs you. But the only way she will ever be able to truly be attentive to your needs is if you both cease this life of conflict. I may be wrong... however you will never know if you don't try.... unless you are happy with how things stand now.
Re: Jellyfish I will attempt to do this after I speak with Crabman "Look Jellybrains,"as Inhumans face takes on a shark in full hunt look prepping an evasion, tracking where crabman is in particular and everyone in general and ready to use movement to keep her out of touch range "I'm afraid of one thing about you and one thing only, your stupidity is terribly frightning"(Pause for reply) "If I wasn't so busy being worried about what the Owl thinks of me I would take you out so fast your head would spin..." "Octopus before he died told me what a stupid git you were, fully expecting you to be so worthless he didn't even spare a thought as to getting you out of prison." a part of Inhuman plans to maybe take one or more down before they can all gang up on him. but he isn't looking for a fight in particular, though against her he will move/evade if possible to the showers or another availible water source.

If Crabman enters the fight I will avoid him if possible but if he managees to screw up royally before the combat is over and I can either rescue him or make him say fall out of the ship "on accident" I will do so. If Owl or Primate calls for the end of a fight then I will go totally defensive offering no offense for a long while.
Re: Cockroach: "Ah, Cockroach, I have a question for you, which sub aquatic races do you think would survive a nuclear disaster best?" Inhumans face seems to be taking on a fishlike cast "and do you stil believe that Nuclear Armageddon is still inevitable?" (pause) "Or is this merely a variant form of the incoming Armaggedon?"

Re: Hyena: Inhuman Sidled up to Henchman Hitman "Look Hyena, hear me out first i know how hard it can be to be the stranger in a strange land And you have the least reason to trust me, but the next time you are in combat with the Annoying Archer try taking his bow away from him, and if you are tired of struggling against the futily of the war for status you might be interested in forming a partnership with me as I claw My way to the top. Be sure to let me know... I could use someone who has actually faced down the Vain-Guard and no one else seems to appreciate that kind of struggle out there.

Re: Ratman: If there is a semi-private moment Inhuman will motion him over for a private conversation, If he does approach Inhuman will inform him with a blank fish face of certain concerns he has...."Ratman, I have a question or two about you, how long were you a prisoner of Dr. Swastika? I have noticed that there are several hmmmm... problems that seem to be creeping up with the various Prisoners of the Deviant Doc. I was wondering if you seem to be feeling an urge to do things out of the ordinary? Or perhaps you feel like you are getting headaches? After all the signs of brain cancer are very subtle to the casual observer, sadly that will be the one disadvantage of destroying the world to make it over in our image the medical advances that might make your problem curable that CHESS was going to offer you are soon going to be gone. But look on the bright side you only have to trust the Owl or Primate and their ability to perform brain surgery, and their desire to make certain you surive." then with a gentle attempt at being friendly with a pat on the back Inhuman will walk away, tracking Ratman with his hydration sense trying to sense if there is an incoming attack, ready to Evade then grab water if necessary to defend myself from his attentions. if he doesn't come over the Inhuman Icthyisaur will whisper to him "Get over here if you want to find out something important!"

After the review I will approach the Owl "Owl, I think we need to train before we encounter Vanguard," Inhumans Face took on the look of a swordfish, "after all, according to Tsun Tsu's art of war we should never underestimate our enemy, And i may have a few ideas about how to affect some of them better now that I have some idea of our various powers. What do you think?"

Before their forces are divided: Inhuman will try to quickly delay Crabman, Inhumans face will be full of concern and worry as he activates his alliance power If possible,"Crabman if you and one other are the last ones standing against Vanguard and or CHESS especially Jellyfish, I need you to subdue whoever else is with you, surrender, and tell Vanguard everything you know, you are the only one I have asked for trust but do this in good faith that it WILL aid our mission.

OOC: IF anyone else asks or mentions it I will reveal that If Vanguard thinks that I am still on their side then I may be able to pull our buts out of the fire by tipping the scales in our favor and turning their hope of victory to ashes in their mouths.