Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Issue 68A: Slugg-Fest!

Vanguard’s Inhuman! Flashback!

In the noise and chaos of the ship busily preparing for saucer separation, Slugg attempted to assassinate Inhuman! Slugg caught up to him in the empty galley and moaned, “Where do you think you’re going, minnow?”

Inhuman flipped on the sink faucet and secretly seized control of the water pouring from it, via his alien hydro-kinesis. The range of his awesome mental power extended through the faucet to the ship’s 100 gallon drinking water tank!
Then the seafaring scientist looked at where Slugg had touched him. The burning sensation was abating. Inhuman suspected it was an acid.

The scion of the sea growled, "Last chance to quit this Slugg, or else we play the desiccation game...." as he poured a one pound canister of salt over his body, in effect making himself poison to the touch for Slugg!

Slugg gasp-groaned, “Very clever, small fry.” The muscular mollusk monstrosity grabbed hold of the kitchen counter and tore it out. RRIPP! Then he hurled it at Inhuman with a thick grunt of exertion! The corner of the heavy missile hit Inhuman! KRA-SMAASSSHHH!!!
(OOC: A glancing blow, only 11 points of damage. 4 from power. 7 from hits)

To judge from the direction of Slugg’s ghastly eyestalks, the refrigerator was next!


Current Condition: Inhuman: Hit Points: 10 Power Points: 41 Water: 750 lbs.


OOC: Do I have an idea of the separation points?Have I seen anything that could possibly contain Slugg as well as drop him somewhere harmlessly off the ship?

GM Reply:
Skip: do I have an idea of the separation points?

GM Reply: No.

Skip: Have I seen anything that could possibly contain Slugg as well as drop him somewhere harmlessly off the ship?

GM Reply: The cargo bay, where you entered the ship. It has a personnel tractor beam, and it has a floor airlock where Pachyderm was dropped out of to hit CHESS Castle. There is also a guidance system for targeting Pachyderm (or who/whatever is dropped).
But that's in the saucer's bottom half, and the top half of the saucer is going to Africa shortly!

Please give me 2-3 sets of actions.
The 1 action maximum is necessary when I've so many players, but I think we can move along faster.


Water is being used as a defense currently, correct?Action One: Evade, Movement preferences: use water to pick up salt, run away upwards. Action two : Take salted water, smack him with it and try to remove the water from the salt leaving the salt behind on Slug if i hit. Run away upwardsLather rinse repeat. try to keep Slug tossing things at me and see If i can't "accidentally" find an engineering room that he can rip out /damage the engines. keep up defenses, get to topside, but try to not kill Slug


Inhuman took the water he controlled hydrokinetically and forged it into a whirling waterspout around his body to defend himself from Slugg’s attacks!
(OOC: One action to seize water, one action to create water defense)

The circular, roaring waterfall washed the salt from his body and into the cascading shield!
Then Inhuman fled the kitchen, trying to climb upward into the top saucer half! The engine room was beneath him, so he could not descend to it without hurting his chances of boarding the saucer destined for Africa!

Slugg lifted the refrigerator into his wet hands and hurled it down the corridor at Inhuman! KRA-SMASSHH! The deadly missile shattered against the steel wall, missing the mercurial merman by millimeters! Inhuman’s abhorrent adversary slithered forward, stalking his prey!

Inhuman evaded and raced on, desperately trying to make his way to the top saucer level before separation was initiated! He passed no one! Everyone else must already be in position for the procedure! Inhuman came to a separation point: A double airlock system that would let him pass up to the higher level. He frantically worked the security keyboard!

Slugg finally caught up to Inhuman at the airlock! It wasn’t opened yet and the loathsome horror moaned gaspingly, “Nowhere left to run.” The muscular mollusk monster hurled a steel rod that Inhuman recognized as a stairway banister he had passed. The ends were misshapen from acid! KTANNGG!! The rod was deflected by the vertical whirlpool that surrounded Inhuman!

Inhuman turned and fired a jet spray of salt water from his roiling aqua-shield! SWOOOOOOOOOSSHH! Then he retrieved the water, leaving the salt to coat Slugg who stiffened spasmodically and let loose with a bloodcurdling scream! The pain must have been unbearable! His skin was drying and wrinkling! He fell to the ground and writhed in complete agony!
Inhuman completed the keyboard sequence and both airlocks opened! An automated voice on the PA began a 60 second countdown to separation!!

Actions? Do you take Slugg with you to the upper half, where he is expected to report, or leave him?

Current Condition: Inhuman: Hit Points: 10 Power Points: 32 Water: 750 lbs.


No, I’ll go to Africa, Inhuman believes he can do more there. According to Suntsu do not give any information to your troops you don't want the enemy to know. He goes to the "go to Africa" side and takes Slug along for the ride carrying him via Hydrokinisis, i will report to the upper level and request the villan gets restrained. Will Cite that I have suspicions that this is a part of a bigger plot against the Owl. Just in case; watching him very closely, prepared to evade any attacks. if possibile i will reabsorb the salt into my water system and warn him I WILL do it again if he makes one move I don't like.
OOC: Heh have you ever though about running a "Suicide Squad" type series of adventures?