Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Vanguard: Issue 95: At the Temple of Terror!

The Lost Lands, Antarctica! Morning.

The stone temple seemed like something out of time and space. Ages ago, hands that were not human built it in this hidden valley where now Antarctic cold is kept at bay by volcanic warmth! An entire ecological system from prehistoric days survives.
In this valley, within a swamp, before the temple, Vanguard battled the Soviet Super Soldiers!

Accelerator touched Slingshot again and transferred more velocity into the pliable powerhouse! ZoooOM! The two encountered less obstacles this time and crossed a great distance, rocketing across an open meadow before hitting a tree! KPOW!! (11 points damage, Slingy rolls with 7 and takes 4 from hits)
“I can keep this up all day, rubber-fer-brains!” the newly communist criminal said.

Talon felt something shift. The bloodlust, the battle frenzy consumed him once more! (Low Self Control weakness was triggered! See your sheet for details!) The bestial birdman cut through the sky at Mother Russia and clawed at her with his bare hands! The attack might have severed a normal man’s jugular but this woman’s skin was like steel. She was hardly affected as Talon readied for another strafing run!

Soldier confirmed that Forester was unharmed and then flanked the Soviet Super Soldiers! Looking to help a friend, he leapt at Polar Bear and grabbed the creature’s right arm with both hands, executed a hold on it and ended up immobilizing it!

Avatar saw his opening. Standing within the shadow of the savage Polar Bear, he thrust his spear out from behind his mystical, summoned shield! GSHTK! A direct hit and deep! Crimson blood stained the white fur of the human ursine! Polar Bear growled at his two assailants! “You’ll pay for that, Americans!”

Forester saw Sentinel enter the mysterious temple and ran after him through the unnatural portal!

Echo brought aid to her comrade! She opened her mouth and said, “You’ll pay for that, Americans!” at a decibel level that would shatter eardrums! The sonic energy was focused into a barely visible beam that struck Avatar from behind! Unaware of the attack, he could not use his shield against it!
(or his Heightened Defense! 10 points of damage! All off hit points! Avatar does not lose consciousness!)

Polar Bear snarled in Russian, “Leave them to me, child!” at the sonic Soviet.

Echo nodded, rebuked, and flew silently after Forester, into the antediluvian ruins!

Lightning Strike helped Talon against Mother Russia! KRAZK-KOW! Electricity flew from his fingers and struck the anti-American amazon! She felt that! (Talon softened up her Invulnerability)
Then the scientific superhero addressed the group: "A prolonged battle serves no purpose here. We are both investigating the same things. We should be working together, not beating each other up. There are other forces at work here with powers greater than ours. They are the real enemy."

Mother Russia threw a big punch at Strike even as she asked defiantly, “Who are the real enemy?!”
ZAKT! Strike’s electrical defense fouled the attack, but the breeze flew Strike’s cape!
Mother Russia had her hand up, ready to ward off another attack from Talon!

Polar Bear roared at Avatar and Soldier! “You puny Americans! I will crush you!” He slashed at Avatar in close quartered combat, dragging Soldier with him. But his immobilized arm and Avatar’s magic shield proved too much this time. Hampered by the patriotic powerhouse, the massive mutant’s heavy claws raked across the Shield of Hestia! The Bear prepared to get Soldier off his arm.

Symbiote and Clone, in a spinning tangle of limbs, wings and words, fell from the sky at nearly freefall speed and crashed on top of an unexpecting Siberian! And Symbiote got in a gratuitous slash with his new claws! KRASH! SLASH! (Each takes 6 points falling damage!)

Siberian’s ice armor took the brunt, but not all, of the impact. “Idiot!” he yelled in Russian to Clone. Then he turned to Symbiote, in English and with icy intelligence: “I understand you are a scientist. When I have brought you back to the Kremlin, we will pry from your mind the secrets of that wondrous device you have.”
SHWOOOSH! Frozen white ice exploded from the hands of the frozen fiend! (21 points of damage! 8 from Power Points! 13 from Hit Points!) Now Symbiote was encased alive in a block of ice! It was heavier than his carrying capacity! Immobilized by its weight, he would continue to take damage from the frigid cold!
The cryogenic communist laughed cruelly!

Cosmonaut his armor still slowly dissolving from Forester’s acid-tipped arrow, fired up his jet pack and rocketed toward Mother Russia. “Help is coming comrade. If this one insists on behaving like an animal, we’ve no choice but to cage him.” He pointed his hand at the savage talon and a concussion fired from his forearm! A cable net, propelled on its edges by tiny projectiles, deployed and tangled up the fierce black bird man! The confinement made Talon even angrier!

Mother Russia gratefully said, “Thanks comrade,” in Russian.

Meanwhile, inside the Temple of Terror…

Sentinel descended into darkness that was almost absolute, with a tether-tendril of energy behind him as his lifeline. Stairs ended with a hallway where pictoglyphs (at Map point 1) told of religious rituals practiced upon this unholy ground. Things that were not human, things that predated humanity, worshipped here and they worshipped beings that came from the void. Things too terrible to imagine. (Sentinel saves against Charisma/Will and makes a Cool Roll to continue unaffected!) Stone calendars indicated this place was created thousands of years ago. He tracked the silent signal deeper in!

Stone architecture gave way to earthen warrens, claustrophobic, dank and unnatural. (Map point 2) The walls widened into a chamber (Map point 3) where mighty roots of trees were exposed, thick with age and twisted by the energy of this place. Among the roots there was a body!

The beacon of liberty illuminated the space and saw the body had lay here, entwined by thousand year roots, perhaps imprisoned, perhaps worshipped by the inhuman masons of the alien temple. It had not decomposed.
Sentinel recognized it among its tattered garments. It was Nemesis! One of the missing superheroes of the Freedom Force!

…And Nemesis was the source of the silent signal!

(to be continued!)

Meanwhile, outside the temple:

Shelley and Manetti, from their place of cover, opened fire with CHESS energy pistols at Cosmonaut!
VEET! VEET! The beams reflected off the space age armor of the technological titan!

Shatter’s senses noticed Soldier. The disembodied intelligence hovered toward the star spangled superhero and regarded him as one would a butterfly pinned to a specimen board. “You are a cyborg,” the magnetic monster mused absently. “That makes you especially vulnerable to me.” Shatter pointed an intangible hand of orbiting shards at the patriotic powerhouse. FWOOM! A blast of magnetic force crashed into Soldier and grabbed him! The invisible force pried him off Polar Bear and lifted him up into the air, 20 feet!
“I’ve never disassembled a man before,” Shatter said with cool fascination at the gruesome prospect.
“Promise you’ll tell me everything that you are about to experience.”

Meanwhile, away from the central battle…
Slingshot’s laugh rumbled. A shallow voice emanating next to Accelerator head's says, "It might be for you, but not for me. The results are going to be the same nonetheless." Scott started to tighten his grip on the speedster, "I'm here on a rescue mission and you're not going to be in my way. I'm ready for more, big boy, are you?" The malleable man of might crushed his prey!

Accelerator was injured! But he caromed Slingshot out again, absorbing velocity as they went! The ball of rubber and flesh ricocheted across the prehistoric forest and came to rest gently at the edge of a lake fed from hot springs. (no damage, thanks to ball shape being able to roll)
“Rescue mission, huh?” moaned the speedy slacker. “Open up and let’s talk this over.”

Then Slingshot heard something. He sensed vibrations in the ground. The extranormal of elastic ebony epidermis contorted his face around the surface of the rubber ball that was his body and saw looming over him a Tyrannosaurus Rex!
30 feet tall. Teeth like broadswords. The elongated skull of the Terrordactyls. It cracked its whip-fast tail and roared! VROOOOOOAAARRRRR!!!! It could see Slingshot clearly even though Scott was not moving!

Meanwhile inside the temple…

Sentinel was awestruck. His mind raced. Nemesis was an android, a synthetic man of unknown origin, and a great hero. He and the Freedom Force had been missing for almost two years now, ever since they freed the Earth from an invasion led by Eon the Eternal, a black celestial time traveler.
It was Nemesis that transmitted the powerful signal they had tracked to Antarctica. The one that matched the signal emanating from Nanite and every computer on earth. …The energy that now overwhelmed his senses.

Then Sentinel heard a rustling from the earthen hallways beyond this chamber, from the only door that led out from here. And then he suddenly felt something sharp slowly severing his energy lifeline!

To be continued!


OOC: Actions everyone?!

Talon does not make his Int saving throw between turns. His Weakness is still active!

Current Conditions:

Avatar: Hit Points: 40, Power Points: 54, Manifestation: Hestia: Shield, -4 to be hit

Forester: Hit Points: 31, Power Points: 65, Arrows Used: Parachute, Scent, Sonic, Acid

Lightn’g Strike: Hit Points: 30, Power Points: 58

Sentinel : Hit Points: 28, Power Points: 55, Creation Points: 110, Shields: 67%, Evading til Issue 96

Slingshot: Hit Points: 50, Power Points: 72, Invulnerability: 0 until Issue 96.

Soldier: Hit Points: 43, Power Points: 71, Invulnerability: 0 until Issue 96.

Symbiote: Hit Points: 65, Power Points: 80, Charges: 11, As Talon: S:20 E:27 A:24 I:25 C:13

Talon: Hit Points: 28, Power Points: 67

Clone: Hit Points: 3 each, Power Points: 41 each, Total Bodies: 3

Simply attack Polar Bear again, this time trying to stay aware of what is going on around me.


My action is to attempt to break out of the ice. If successful and that counts as my "move," my "attack" will be to strike Siberian again. If the Bolshevik of Brrrrr has already been taken down by the time I break free, I'd go for Shatter, with the intention of copying his powers (all this assuming I break free and that Siberian is down).

Viva Vanguard,



What do we know about Eon's abilities and the final confrontation between the Freedom Force and Eon?

On the severing of the energy lifeline - do I think I can reinforce it without investigating at first? Do I know what sort of energy or force is severing it (ie physical, mental, type, etc) from sensing the attack?

Nemesis has enough energy to be sending this signal - at this range (knowing my powers have been messed up right now) does it appear that he has enough energy to be reactivated?

I'd like to find out more about Nemesis' situation before leaving him to encounter whatever is severing the lifeline but don't know if I have enough time to do that ...

and so far no more mental attacks like when Kirk first entered either?



Clone’s next course of action would rest completely in how many duplicates of himself that he could make. Jeff if you could give me that number ( not sure how you want to work the math ), I could give you my actions almost immediately. If I can make enough copies I think I may be able to squish this brawl that we're all locked into . . . I think . . . err . . . maybe . . . I hope? :-\

Talk to ya soon,

P.S. Sorry about the deep freeze Greg - thats not exactly what I had
hoped would happen lol :-(


GM Replies:

Thanks everyone.

Greg / Symbiote, Thanks!

Kevin / Clone, You can make 9 bodies total at this point. And
everyone, check out the site Kevin created for the game. Pretty cool.
Thanks, Kevin.

Seth / Sentinel, the final confrontation between the Freedom Force
and Eon is an unknown event. The FF set out to face Eon the Eternal
(imagine a cross between Darkseid, Galactus and Kang the Conqueror).
They never returned, but Eon was never seen since and his
space-faring fleet withdrew from Earth's detection.

Your energy lifeline seems to be severed by a physical thing. You may
strengthen it from your position without further investigation.

Sentinel doesn't know if Nemesis has enough energy to reactivate. His
proximity to the silent signal is fouling his energy sense.

No further mental attacks like when Kirk first entered.



"Answers!" thought Kirk to himself as he saw the figure of Nemesis before him. With a member of the missing Freedom Force before him, he couldn't not investigate further. "Answers."

Kirk will reinforce his link without investigating the cause as of yet. Should an attack come this round he will take appropriate action against the threat. If there is no attack, he will spend his 'attack' reinforcing his shields.

His action will spent in getting closer to Nemesis to investigate his condition and learning anything he can about what has happened to him. Hopefully his energy sense can be more focused and assist and Kirk will attempt a 'reboot' if that seems possible (his energy sense and computer skills and perhaps even hero subculture knowledge about Nemesis may assist in the attempt).

Kirk realizes that Nemesis may be rebooted as a possible threat being reprogrammed or controlled, but hopes that isn't the case and will be prepared. If he is awakened, Kirk will say something along the lines of "Nemesis, I'm a friend and a current member of what the Freedom Force has become today. You've been missing for some time. How can I assist you?" ... if things go smoothly he would add that "the team is investigating a new crisis at this moment which caused their discovery of him".

If Kirk's senses pick up a threat coming, he would add a warning to him before they are attacked. Kirk will try not to get overly distracted knowing he isn't sensing things as he normally would, etc.

A good weekend to all.



This might be spreading myself a bit thin, but Clone will divide into 9 separate entities. Here are the actions for all 9:

Clone 4 and 6 will each grab a good sized stone and start to feverously chip away at the ice that’s holding Symbiote captive. They will try to uncover his face/ head first if it is covered in ice so that he can breathe and not suffocate. Should they be successful in uncovering his face ( or if his face is already uncovered ) they will start to work on uncovering the rest of him and say to him as they work:

Clone 4: For us we must to be stopping fighting!

Clone 6: Are you feeling good comrade?!

Clones 3 and 8 will each try to grab Siberian’s arms ( and secure his weapon if possible ) and say to him in Russian:

Clone 3: Comrade Siberian you must stop this fighting now – our people are getting badly injured! This fight is pointless! It serves no purpose!

Clone 8: You desire to be our leader, but unlike a true warrior of Russia you put your desires before that of the people! Help me end this madness while we still can!

Clone 7: Will run with his arms in the air ( as if surrendering and waving them off ) towards Shelley and Manetti and say in English:

Clone 7: Please not to be shooting!

Clones 1, 2, 5 and 9 will run over to the Avatar and Polar Bear fight and try to assist Soldier in breaking up the fight. Hopefully Cosmonaut won’t fire on an ally. These Clones will say the following things:

Clone 1: ( to Polar Bear in Russian ) Please comrade – stop this – this fight solves nothing!

Clone 2: ( to Avatar in English ) Please to be letting me help my comrade – please to be stopping!

Clone 5: ( to Avatar in English ) Please to be stopping fighting!

Clone 9: ( to Polar Bear in Russian ) Please comrade – stop this – you’re injured – stop so I can help you!

If nothing else hopefully the Clones will at least confuse everyone for half a second, making them pause and think to themselves – “What the hell is this crazy Russian guy babbling about? Can anyone understand a freak’n word that he’s saying?”

What ever it takes, Clone wants to stop the fighting. For a lot of reasons he doesn’t want to see it continue. If necessary he understands that he may have to let one of the Clones get seriously injured or ( worst case scenario ) even be killed to show everyone the folly of this fight. He’s entirely prepared to be a martyr – although he would for really real like to live . . . if that’s at all possible lol

Talk to you all soon,


Soldier looks at the rather hairy Russian foe dead in the eyes, and states "Well Comrade, what's it going to be?" Soldier will keep his guard up, but as long as he's not being attacked, he'll back off.


Avatar will allow the Clone clones to put themselves (himself?) between him and Polar Bear, if possible, while listening to what he/they have to say. He will use both h. defense and evasion for the present, not attacking at this time.


Hello Everyone,
Talon let out a gutteral growl as he struggled to free himself from the Cosmonauts net. As he tumbled and clawed within the net, his uncontrollable rage boiled within him. In frustration, he screamed at the Cosmonaut, "Let me out of this net, now, or the russian's will have to find another chimp to wear that suit!". He struggled to right himself and set his claws to rip at the net, and with a final burst of strength, he tried to tear himself free....."Rrraaaggrrrr!".

If I get free of the net and have control of my actions, I will have to give Clone's actions my consideration. But I will have to get my hands on Cosmonaut first! :)

Viva Vanguard,


Symbiote probably doesn't hear most of Clone's plea for a stop to the fighting (what with the being encased in ice and all), but once he is free if everybody else (particularly the SSS) stands down, he will as well.


Accelerator was injured! But he caromed Slingshot out again, absorbing velocity as they went! The ball of rubber and flesh ricocheted across the prehistoric forest and came to rest gently at the edge of a lake fed from hot springs. (no damage, thanks to ball shape being able to roll)
“Rescue mission, huh?” moaned the speedy slacker. “Open up and let's talk this over.”

Accelerator was done for, thought Scott grimly. It was just a matter of time. His attempts at distraction weren't going to help him at all. I haven't gone this far, worked this hard, to be stopped by a bunch of criminals.

The T-Rex snapped Scott out of his reverie. Seeing the situation, he speaks to the speedster. "We have a problem. Let's deal with it together, then we can talk." With that, he opens up Accelerator towards the menacing T-Rex. "We need to stop this before it decides we are lunch."


Lightning Strike:
Lightning Strike listens to Clone's words and slowly eases up on the attacks. "We need to be working together on finding what brought us all here. If we don't stop this fight now, we may never get to the bottom of this mystery. The answer lies in this temple."

Strike will then simply hold his action and will only attack when he is attacked. If the hostilities cease, he will head into the temple where Forester and Sentinel went.

That's all for now,