Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Zephyr Character Sheet!

Superhero fangirl Shelley Harper couldn’t believe it when her own brother became a superhero! Fuelled by the sibling rivalry that had steered much of her childhood, Shelley invented the Zephyr System Windsuit! Now, driven by her thrill-seeking nature, and the love of justice she got from her dad, Shelley fights with her brother, rather than against him, as Zephyr!

Secret Identity: Shelley Harper
Gender: Female
Born: 1984
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 135 lbs.
Origin Type: Homemade
Personality Archetype: Thrill seeking daredevil
Level: 4
Experience Points: 10,500
Player: NPC / Greg

Super Powers and Super Skills:

1) Heightened Intelligence: +7

2) Wind Control Device: The Zephyr Windsuit: 15 charges.

a) Limited Weather Control: As per Weather Control rules except Zephyr can only create wind effects. May create a blast of wind that attacks as per Tornado or Hurricane, except the damage caused is not hit point damage to a character. Rather, the 3d6 or 2d12 respectively are a Knockback Effect caused by high winds. Example: Zephyr rolls 2d12 against a villain, and gets a 10. Subtract the villain’s basic hits (4) and he is pushed back 6” as per the Knockback rules. 1 charge per use.
A defense may be activated by created high winds around Zephyr. Cost: 1 action to set up the defense and 1 charge per hour. Defends as per Vibratory. (Level Four Advancement to upgrade defense from TK)

b) Flight (half speed): Zephyr may fly at 117 MPH (515” per turn). 1 charge per hour.

c) Heightened Senses: Can sense air current patterns near her. Range: 10”. This essentially works like radar sense (she can sense objects and their movements by the way they displace air currents). Detects are x3. 1 charge per hour of use.

d) Armor: 25 points of body armor to protect her body from buffeting winds. Suit also has flight goggles for the same reason.

3) Heightened Physique: +4 Strength, +2 Agility (Level Two Advancement)

4) Patron: Vehicles, base, mundane gear and weapons are all available through an employer.


1) Special Requirement: Air: Limited Weather Control, Flight and Heightened Senses need an atmosphere to work (don't work underwater or in a vacuum) and may be reduced if she is in a natural weather pattern that already has overwhelmingly strong wind currents (a tornado or hurricane).

2) Super Power Limitation: Zephyr’s powers stem from the windsuit, which can be removed from her and possibly used by others!

3) Patron: Character may be required to perform tasks and duties at employer’s request.

Strength 13
Endurance 18
Agility 17
Intelligence 21
Charisma 17

Hit Points: 17
Power Points: 69

Carrying Capacity: 260 lbs.
Hand-to-Hand Damage: 1d6

Accuracy: +2
Damage Modifier: +3

Detect Hidden: 20% (60%)
Detect Danger: 60% (72%)

Reaction Modifiers: +2 from Good, -2 from Evil

Movement: Ground: 48” per combat turn. (One inch equals 5 feet)
Air: 117 MPH (515” per turn).

Healing Rate: 1.5 hit points per day.

Luck Points: 4.2

Occupation: CHESS Scientist
Skills: Physics, Robotics, Cybernetics, Electronics, Computers, Meteorology, Occult Studies, Vanguard nonverbal signal code, First Aid, Manta Craft Pilot, Tactics, Biology

Windsuit designed by Shelley with Hal's help.

Shelley used her Level Three Advancemen to learn the CHESS/Vanguard skill package

Zephyr quit Vanguard after the events of the Vanguard Omega Saga.