Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Inhuman Character Sheet!

While studying the genus A
rchiteuthis in deep sea explorations off of the coast of Hawaii, Carl Greenlove discovered something that forever altered his life… literally! He knew the deep-ocean dwelling animals could grow to a tremendous size, but he had no idea that the creatures were seeking humans for their own dread studies! Carl died that day while being dragged down to their otherworldly laboratories, where a genius of the alien species revived and then altered Carl to better survive his new environs. Carl escaped, only to discover that he was slowly becoming more beastlike and that he could never return to his former life as a scientist or teacher! Struggling with his own mind, cast out of every form of society he once knew, Carl had one possibly future left… as the extranormal hero, Inhuman!

Secret Identity: Carl Greenlove
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Height: 6’
Weight: 205 lbs.
Origin Type: Designed
Personality Archetype: Horrified, haunted scientist
Level: 1
Experience Points: 1500
Player: Alex

Super Powers and Super Skills:
1) Animal/Plant Powers: Fish (+ 4 to Endurance, -4 from Agility)

a) Water Breathing: Inhuman can breath water as easily as air. PR=0.
Hydro Filtration: Inhuman has an unusual ability related to his capacity to breathe underwater, he filters everything out of the water converting it to raw power and exhaling only pure H2O. This can cause his aquatic allies some distress (since most creatures need more than just pure water). Inhuman can draw one power point from the surrounding water for every 1” area he cleanses with his gills. 5 hexes may be cleansed per turn.

b) Heightened Senses: From his altered physiology, Inhuman has:
· Sonar giving a bonus to Detect Hidden and Danger at x3%
· Nictitating Membranes that halve all chances of eye damage or blindness
· Ambivalent Electro-sense that enables him to detect living creatures in the water up to 1 mile away.

c) Aquatic Communication: Inhuman may speak with any amphibious, aquatic or semi-aquatic life form. This powerful communication ability also gives him the ability to generate in himself and those he leads Charisma+ defense irregardless of the respective Charismas involved. And lastly, once per session Inhuman may attempt to gain an ally of some sort and once per level he may attempt to upgrade the loyalty/utility of an ally.

2) Psionics: Hydro-kinesis: This is the ability to move water without touching it at a range of 15” / 75 feet (Int x Level). Inhuman’s "Hydro-kinetic Capacity" equals 750 lbs. (Int x Level x 50 lbs). This is the maximum weight of water that Inhuman can move at once. As one gallon of water weighs 8.5 lbs., he can move ~88 gallons.
Used as a defense, Hydro-kinesis utilizes the Ice Powers defense table, takes one action and one PR to set up, with one PR per attack repulsed thereafter. This takes up 100 lbs. of Hydro-capacity (to form the water “wall” or sheath), or the weight of the attacker/weapon, whichever is greater.
Given enough water, Inhuman can hurl waves of water at his opponents attacking on the Ice column for 5 PR per shot with a range of Int. doing damage based upon the number of pounds employed (not expended) in the hydro manipulation, this may be less than the characters maximum if the hydro-kinetic capacity is being employed in other activities.
Inhuman can manipulate liquid mass/volumes by expending one action, 5 PR and making a successful roll to hit to gain control over the desired volume of water, manipulating the water thereafter only takes movement and the Hydro-kinetic capacity is reduced by the amount of water controlled. The speed with which these water ‘sculptures’ can be moved equals the remaining amount of Hydro-kinetic capacity divided by 10, rounded up, in inches per turn. Once control is established it lasts for Int. number of turns before fading and expending 5 PR will extend control for Int. more turns. Using controlled water to attack costs no additional power and does damage based upon the waters weight and velocity as per a thrown projectile. Use the HTH column on the combat tables for this style of attack not the Ice Powers Column.
In this way, Inhuman can also manipulate living beings to become immobile by making their own water obey his commands. Roll to hit on the Paralysis Ray combat column and expend one action and 5 PR. He can only make this power work on those primarily composed of water or surrounded by it, and his Hydrokinetic capacity is reduced by the weight of his target(s).
In addition, he can use his Hydro-kinesis to stop most watercraft simply by preventing the watercraft from interacting properly with the water. Reduce the Hydro-kinesis capacity by 1/10th the vehicle’s weight for those that who do not use propellers, and 1/100th the vehicle’s weight for propeller driven watercraft. His ability costs 5 PR per attempt and has a range of Int. inches.

3) Patron: Vehicles, base, mundane gear and weapons are all available through an employer.

1) Low Self Control: Transformation: Carl is in the middle of an uncontrolled, unwanted transformation. The number of years the transformation will require and its end result are unknown to Carl. In addition to the physical ramifications of this, there are several psychological ones as well, including dread self-loathing, depression and social isolation.

2) Unusual appearance: Can’t pass for human easily. No secret identity possible. -1 to all reactions

3) Special Requirement: Water. After Endurance hours out of the water, Carl will act as Fatigued.

4) Patron: Character may be required to perform tasks and duties at employer’s request.

Strength 15
Endurance 21
Agility 9
Intelligence 15
Charisma 10

Hit Points: 25
Power Points: 60

Carrying Capacity: 562 lbs.
Hand-to-Hand Damage: 1d8

Accuracy: +0 to hit
Damage Modifier: +1 to damage

Detect Hidden: 39%
Detect Danger: 51%

Movement: 45” ground, 45” water or faster with Hydro-kinesis

Healing Rate: 2.4 hit points per day

Occupation: former Marine Biologist, former Professor
Skills: Oceanography, General Biology, Marine Biology, First Aid, Research, Academic Subculture, Teaching

Luck Points: 1

Background: After his "creation," Carl wandered the vast gulfs of the Pacific and eventually encountered the amphibious extranormal, Aquon. Carl recognized him as a once-famous superhero who had been a member of the Freedom Force. Unlike Carl, Aquon looked perfectly human. Pitying his plight, Aquon gently agreed with Carl that he would never fit in with the human race, nor even with the human-appearing Atlanteans with whom Aquon resided. No, there was one place left on Earth where Carl could find kinship and perhaps even a purpose for his new life. Aquon contacted Director Grey of CHESS (the Central Headquarters for Extranormal Surveillance and Security) in the USA. CHESS was building a new team of extranormal superheroes to replace the mysteriously missing Freedom Force. They are called Vanguard. Carl would be welcome there.

Description: Before the remarkable changes that forever ruined his life Carl was a vigorous but bird thin sea loving professor. Big nosed, brown hair and sparkling dark eyes, sun tanned, proud of his goatee and full of his obsession the professor could deliver volumes upon volumes of the information he had at his disposal about the Giant Squids he was pursuing as he lectured others he encountered whether they wanted to or no. Now his nose is more beaklike and there is a Kraken cast to his features, his hair has fallen out and he smells faintly of iodine. As time passes he thinks he will begin taking on more and more of the appearance of his former obsession and now curse, the mysterious Architeuthis.

His personal motto: “You are no higher than your basest argument.”