Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Issue 54: So Falls Darkness, So Fall the Heroes!

Big City. 9:00pm

Morgue was dead and Black Bat had sent half of Vanguard to eliminate the Five Bosses’ Overboss… Silas Hamilton Caine!

At Black Bat’s bidding, Lightning Strike and Symbiote had transformed into living electricity and vanished into the TV wires! Slingshot had hurtled himself from the chamber into the catacombs!

Moments later, at Caine Corp Citadel, Lightning Strike, Slingshot and Symbiote woke from their trances as they crashed into the penthouse offices of Silas Hamilton Caine (pictured above)! Lightning Strike coolly took in the room and noted there were no computers in this office! Furthermore, the shelves, desk, spiral staircase, rugs and wall treatments were all antique, like the building itself.

Detective Hank Archer was there, along with the murderously deranged extranormal, the Luddite (pictured above)!

Lightning Strike and Slingshot recalled the dense and relentless scribbles from the Luddite’s journal:

“…over the last 90 years an insidious invasion of what is benignly called technology, most dangerous of all the so-called internet revolution, is in actuality a malignant and guided transformation of human nature itself, preparing it for its dark fate…”

“…through my abilities, I have been chosen, blessed and cursed to stand alone against this secret enslavement of mankind… all technology is my enemy now…”

“…this new technology is most often employed to entertain, distract, blind and appease humanity…”

“… the unwitting, deluded and seduced millions do not understand that I labor to save them and so, mind controlled by their secret masters, they are all directed against me…”

Slingshot and Strike both yelled for Archer to turn around and see the Luddite! But before he could…

Symbiote launched himself at Archer, knocked him down and out of harm’s way yelling, “Hank! Get down!” The two hit men hit the floor behind Caine’s desk.

Lightning Strike said to the Luddite: "The time has come for retribution. You will pay for what you have done and I will enjoy watching you burn." Electricity erupted in the vigilante’s hands and leapt toward the Luddite striking him square in the chest! KRAKABOOM!!

The Luddite smiled as he absorbed the electricity into his very being. He looked stronger!

Detective Hank Archer was a weary big man whose face was a cross between a Bassett hound’s and an old shoe. Unaccustomed to talking to masked men, but not put off by it either, he grumbled to Symbiote: “Who the hell’er you?” He wriggled around to try to see who Vanguard was warning him about and…

The lights went out!
The Luddite, the living shadow, had floated forward. His weightlessness explained the dynamite-trapped floor of his lair!! He concentrated and everything in the room lost power as he absorbed the electricity into himself! The lights went out! The flashlights that Vanguard still had from the sewers were dead. Their communicators were useless. Cell phones out. And worst of all… Symbiote’s Harper Harness deactivated!! But he still had Lightning Strike’s powers! (OOC: unless that isn’t how you see the harness operating, Greg)

In the darkness of the night, the shadow man was invisible!

Slingshot bellowed out into the darkness: "Your Master is done and there is NOTHING you can do about it, unless you can stop ME!” He positioned himself near where he last saw Archer and widened his body to act as a shield.

“Then, unwitting tool,” said a cold voice from the darkness, “there is everything I can do about it.”

(OOC: Actions?)

Meanwhile, moments ago in Morgue’s underground stronghold…

The Black Bat said calmly to those that remained: “Magnificent. Soon Vanguard will have eliminated all my rivals. As for you, I told you there will be no epic confrontation. I have nothing to gain from it. I’m immortal. I don’t have to defeat you. I’ll do to you what I did to the Freedom Force: I will simply outlive you.”

Kairos said: "Gentlemen, now is not the time to fight. A good general knows when to fight and when to retreat and this is a time for retreat… Let's leave here now. We can accomplish nothing as we are, but time is on our side more than his, though he knows it not. I'll not rage futile war and perish for naught when the foe himself gives me ample time to recover and gain strength and plan against him. Chronos is on MY side and Nike will bless ME with victory, of that I have no doubt. Farewell, Black Bat...I will be seeing you again."

The avatar of the ancients withdrew into the catacombs to find a way to the surface. (see below)

Black Bat said, “I look forward to it, old soul.”

Sentinel said, “I feel all the different forms of energy around us… and from the moment I’ve felt your presence I’ve known you simply don’t belong here! You are an affront to the very nature of everything around us. I don’t think our universe wants you here! I believe with all my being that there us a basic universal energy and from it stems all other energy and matter. My gift is that I’ve tapped into that energy, the energy of our universe. What does the touch of this energy mean to you?!” And with that his hands blasted forth bright white beams of liquid energy! VOOM!!

Black Bat evaded the deadly blast of raw power!

Inhuman called out in a language none could comprehend as he moved water with his mind! He formed puddles across the floor, altering their surface tension to increase their slipperiness, as he bolstered his hydro-defenses!

Forester, slowed from his injury, said to the vampiric villain, “You’re not only long toothed, you’re long winded!” The amazing archer fired a Sonic Arrow at the earthen ceiling directly above Black Bat! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! WHAMM! It hit the mark and caused a detonation wave!


The ceiling exploded and triggered a mega-collapse of earth into the chamber and onto our heroes!

“Until we meet again,” smiled Black Bat as he disappeared into thin air. Sentinel modified his construct in the nick of time to shield his comrades! He, Forester and Inhuman were now within a golden sphere that was now slowly being crushed by tons of earth and stone!! (30 points of damage to shield this issue!) The construct would not hold out for long and Sentinel didn’t know if he could move it with all the weight upon it!! There was plenty of air in the construct, but our heroes were buried alive! Beyond the glow of the cracking construct lay only stones and darkness.


Kairos, as luck would have it, had avoided the cataclysmic cave-in because he was ascending in a steel vertical sewer pipe. He encountered no one and in time reached the surface where a CHESS hovervan waited for him! The pilot shouted through the side window to the fated fighter, “What happened! We tracked Slingshot as he flew to the top of Caine Corp Citadel but he won’t answer his communicator!”

(Replies, actions?)

Current Conditions:
Forester: Hit Points: 15, Power Points: 65
Inhuman: Hit Points: 7, Power Points: 34
Kairos: Hit Points: 15, Power Points: 55
Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 18, Power Points: 52
Sentinel: Hit Points: 3, Power Points: 38, Creation Points: 76, Shields: 48
Slingshot: Hit Points: 26, Power Points: 86, Invulnerability: 8
Symbiote with Strike’s powers: Hit Points: 13, Power Points: 29, Harness Charges: 0
Ye Ed!

OOC: I'd like to alter my construct into a working earth borer/drilling mechanism and just take off cutting through the stuff. We'd stay in the middle of the creation being protected. By altering the shape it should cut down the damage the construct is taking since I'm no longer trying to support the earth, but just tunnel through it.

I'm assuming that only the room caved in, so Kirk could just head towards the area where he comes out into the one of the tunnelways and they could leave of their own power like Kairos did once clear of the room. Since it is an animate construct with movement, I would think that the movement would be ample to supply the motion needed for the mechanisms to do their job and to propel the creation forward. Any reason this wouldn't work?


"This can't be happening," Forester says, almost as if addressing the universe itself. "That sonic attack was supposed to bury the Black Bat and leave us in tact. My arrows have never had this strong an effect."

"I am very sorry," he tells his trapped teammates. "I don't have the power to help us escape."
The bandaged bowman will cooperate with any plan that Sentinel or Inhuman engineer; when in doubt, he will evade (if possible) and stay out of their way.

OOC: When the Black Bat disappeared into thin air, were there any sensory details we might have noticed? Did he turn transparent and fade out (as though becoming invisible)? Did he seem to become gaseous and turn into the air itself? Any flashes of light, peculiar scents, sounds, or other evidence of teleportation?

Legends aside, Forester is trying to assess what powers this particular vampire seems to possess. Thanks.


OOC GM Replies:
Seth/Sentinel wrote: "Any reason this wouldn't work?" (meaning the giant drilling "machine")
GM Replies: None that I can think of. Cool idea.
FYI, More than just the room was caved in, it caused a chain reaction in these ancient catacombs. Which just means it might take longer to burrow through.
(Kairos escaped upward in a large vertical sewer pipe. Somehow, luck is always on that guy's side!)

James/Forester wrote: "This can't be happening," Forester says, almost as if addressing the universe itself. "That sonic attack was supposed to bury the Black Bat and leave us intact. My arrows have never had this strong an effect."
GM (The Universe) Reply: ;)
Forester arrived late in the fight, but over the course of several issues, the ceiling was repeatedly described as slowly losing its structural integrity due to the extranormal combat in the room (slamming into walls, etc.). Sorry pal.

James/ Forester wrote: When the Black Bat disappeared into thin air, were there any sensory details we might have noticed?
GM Reply: Forester makes his detect hidden roll! He did not detect the aroma of the other dimension that Penumbra can apparently access.
He did see Bat appear to transform into gaseous vapor before he disappeared beneath the black avalanche!

Kirk was clearly aggravated by their encounter with the Bat. To say it had not gone well would be an understatement… and his feelings about the anti-energy continued to disturb him, as did the fact that he never got the opportunity to test his theory; Vanguard still had little facts to separate the actual threat from the well-played bravado of the Bat… and the team had been decimated, without taking out the Bat the revenants threatened the city, apparently Strike new much more about things than he was sharing with his teammates, and, oh yes, what remained of Vanguard was about to be crushed into non-existence!

“Until we meet again,” smiled Black Bat as he disappeared into thin air. Amidst the chaos Kirk tried to keep a hold on the energy readings of the Bat to see if he learned anything more and at least knew the direction he had headed; anything different than what would be expected here?

Sentinel modified his construct in the nick of time to shield his comrades! Kirk was pleased that despite his current physical condition and his ineffectual attacks against the Bat that some of his training still empowered him; he had saved Vanguard almost as a reflex action, his energies responding to their needs almost subconsciously. Kirk felt the weight crushing in on them and knew he couldn’t hold it off long and a plan of action came to his mind to get them out of there.

“Stay close,” he said to Forrester and Inhuman, “and get ready to move, I’m going to try to tunnel us out of here and hopefully my energies will be up to the task.” As he said this, the three of them were centered into the middle of a construct which morphed into a burrowing-type mechanism that began to cut through the debris and earth that was around them as they headed towards safer space (surface or non-collapsed tunnel area).

"This can't be happening," Forester says, almost as if addressing the universe itself. "That sonic attack was supposed to bury the Black Bat and leave us in tact. My arrows have never had this strong an effect."

As they were tunneling out Kirk responded, “There’s been a lot wrong with the universe in recent hours especially starting with our encounter with the undead. You did great back there, and it’s a tribute to the man you are that you dragged yourself to our side after the injuries you took in our first encounter with the revenants! I’m just glad you’re alright. And you were the only one back there to actually touch the Bat; without you, we might have believed he was the god-like being he was claiming to be; we got to him – we know it,” and a smile crossed Kirk’s face despite the situation, “and he knows it.”

Turning to Inhuman, “Thanks for your heroic efforts back there, we might not even have defeated Morgue without your presence.” Kirk tried to fill Forester in on the rest of the battle and events he missed including;
“The situation for Vanguard is grim and our casualties heavy. All of the Clones were destroyed in the battle and popped out of existence; however since there wasn’t any remains of the original, I’m hoping that he’s out there somewhere safe and it was only copies with us, although we can’t be sure at this time. Poor Ghost was killed by Morgue before we took him out and turned into one of his undead; he fled with the rest of them when we destroyed Morgue. We have to find him and somehow help him. We can’t abandon one of our own. When we first met them it appeared you knew them. Was it by reputation only or might you have knowledge to help them here?”

“We also have to determine where to act next. We’ve got to find out where all those revenants fled and round them up before they become more of a threat. I’d hoped if we took out the Bat, it would’ve ended their threat. And although the Bat got to half our team sending them on that Silas Caine killing mission, he also apparently got to Kairos somehow since he took off in the thick of things knowing all of this. It seems pretty obvious to me that if source of evil behind everything happening is ready to cut and run it’s to our advantage prevent him from doing so.”

Upon reaching the surface and making contact with Chess (assuming nothing else comes up first to prevent such) Kirk would try to discuss/request the following as time and events allow:
(1) Basic update of the threat encountered – have Chess work on gathering additional information related to the Bat’s activities as cross-referenced by the areas/information he had given us. Kirk requests a full declassification to Vanguard on all known information on the Bat! Included would be information on Stentor and his activities as well as further information the Cat.

(2) Have Chess try to pick up the locations of Ghost and Clone (hopefully) via their Chess communicators(

3) Was Chess able to track the trail of their teammates as they emerged from the catacombs? If so, it would appear unless the revenants are an immediate cause of concern, Kirk would recommend to Forester and Inhuman we pursue their location. ***

(4) Declassification of activities of Silas Caine from the Chess files – are they aware of his activities or had suspicions about him, etc?

(5) Did Kairos check in with Chess and do they know his current location?

Unless something new is revealed or comes up of greater magnitude (ie immediate threat to the populace), per (3) above, Kirk would feel tracking down and reigning in the mind-controlled rest of Vanguard (since they don’t know they are out of his influence) would be of primary importance. Kirk would recreate his creation at (current) full power before going into a perilous situation assuming he got the chance. It seems unlikely they will have any time to “rest” since the rest of Vanguard got to Caine’s tower so quickly, but given his shields are at less than 50% and his current hit points at three, he knows its likely that one blow that gets past his shields takes him out of the battle.


Inhuman Looked at Forester with eyes that had seen too much and Said:
"Don't feel bad about the Roof caving In, Black Bat may have intended that from the very beggining, all you may have done at worst was save him the minimal effort of wrecking the room himself".

OOC: I want to try to rescue some of the "dead" If I think I could operate independantly I could try to effect a rescue of some of the fallen,
then move asap to team up. I think that even the dead may be used against us and who needs someone like Morgue turning into Black Bat?

Speaking of which who is around us unconsious or dead? IIRC a few of our unconsious opponents were near our positions hopefully I could at least grab three of them and haul them out with my "Hydralic Strength" (Psionic water control)

I was wondering If I could alter surface tension since something has to enable myself to manipulate the water to generate pressures of 800+/- Lbs.

I was somewhat assuming that I could make a water bubble with no air inside (incuding my air system) that then i could mentally operate as a 'submersible' since water does not compress.... I may be a tad bit presuptuous by assuming that i could use hydro jets to cut obstructions then wash them out of the way.

Could I create bellows by taking a water construct and creating an air filled void inside the construct and then altering the size of the void and/or apeture? Could I create a version of a stethoscope by creating a vibrationally sensitive plane or some similar manner?

Did the clones really pop and disappear?

And just to make it completely clear i understood that Sentinel is the man of the minute (if not hour or day) by saving us but I still want to help others if at all possible.


OOC: No problem on my end here. Anything that works for the betterment of all is aces in my book. And if there's any way some of the bodies could be retrieved I'm all for it. From Jeff's description of the "crushing effect" and the damage being done it didn't seem like we'd have that much time to play around down there, but perhaps most of it was from the initial cave-in and not ongoing. If we could get Morgue's body that would be best since I'd like to be sure he isn't returning from the dead a second time with the whole "touch of death" power.

I did think that Chess would have to set up some sort of operation to excavate the area given that in addition to the crime bosses bodies, in the lower chambers where Kirk had flown towards the coffin there were tons of bodies (including women and children) that were more like husks like the energies had been drained (I'm going from memory here) and that might help further identify what we are ultimately dealing with here (plus close a zillion missing persons reports).


OOC GM Replies:
Alex: Thanks. To clarify: I think you can alter surface tension to make someone slip, but not to have a water construct hold up tons of earth.
Again, I don't see the power altering the properties of water, like making it solid or something that can support massive amounts of weight.
Water can't be compressed but there's plenty of places for it to go here. The earth-fall isn't air tight.
Power washing can blast away rock (as per the damage it inflicts.)
Maybe blasting up could support some weight (like a geyser blasting Yogi Bear straight up.) Your water capacity is 750 lbs. So it would be around that.

The three closest bodies were Morgue, Dexter Sinister and Poker Face!
None are visible at this point.

The Clones did evaporate into nothingness when they "died."

I don't know if Sentinel is the man of the minute, but his powers are just different from Inhuman's. I don't know if I would think of Inhuman's power as "constructs" as you say, or solid energy illusions for that matter. If Sentinel is like Green Lantern, I think Inhuman's water control abilities are like Fathom of the Elementals. She was the most powerful Elemental to be sure, but I don't think she could support tons of weight like that. And even Sentinel's solid constructs are being crushed by the massive weight that has fallen here.

If you want to recover the bodies of the villains, it's going to be a very dangerous operation. But then again, you guys are heroes. And keeping track of fallen bad guys is always a good idea, so the deadly risk may be worth it. (cue ominous music)
Thanks guys.


OOC: Aren't we right next to the entrance to the Lower lair of Black Bat (the area housing his coffin)?
Personally this may the point at which we decide which way to go, see if the coffin room is stable or try to make it to the entrance and the main tunnels.
I was wondering how you felt about my powers and also I need to get a handle on how the powers would work in various situations, thinking over it until my hydro powers are strong enough, i only have the ability to only hold up a little (relatively speaking, right now he can probably hold up 3x more than an average (10)guy! ). One day i may be able to hold up tons of earth (at this level I might be able to hold up some) but not now (say when we are at lvl 7+)

Although not the time for specuation Could I carry things by floating them along? then presuably i could perform actions like Magneto lifting up metal to form barriers against various attacks.
Allright here is another idea for the Gm to consider: Could I take raw materials and build "sun bricks" (mud bricks)? for structuraly integral items? Simply making mud then drying the bricks by removing the water? Or Sandstone in essence?


OOC GM Replies:
Alex / Inhuman wrote: Aren't we right next to the entrance to the Lower lair of Black Bat (the area housing his coffin)?
GM Reply: Yes.

Alex / Inhuman wrote: Personally this may the point at which we decide which way to go, see if the coffin room is stable or try to make it to the entrance and the main tunnels.
GM Reply: Makes sense, depending on if you are looking to recover bodies or not.

Alex / Inhuman wrote: Although not the time for specuation Could I carry things by floating them along? then presuably i could perform actions like Magneto lifting up metal to form barriers against various attacks. All right here is another idea for the Gm to consider: Could I take raw materials and build "sun bricks" (mud bricks)? for structuraly integral items? Simply making mud then drying the bricks by removing the water? Or Sandstone in essence?
GM Reply: All this sounds feasible.

Having officially learned humility, in no uncertain terms, Forester is definitely going to follow Sentinel's lead.

If we are attacked, Forester will stealthily fire a normal, razor-sharp arrow at the opponent. (No special attacks.)

If time is available, Forester will investigate the area, looking for any clues about the direction Black Bat, the Cat, or any of the other escaped villains may have gone . . . or any magical markings/omens that might shed more light on the magic behind the mayhem ... including any one-dollar bills lying around (I'll elaborate if it comes up).


Kairos will take the news given to him by the agents and request that they take him to Caine's building immediately.


Well, this is a revoltin' development....

Symbiote will roll off Archer's body. "Stay down Detective Archer. This being is dangerous," he'll say, slightly deepening his voice so that Archer will hopefully not recognize it (he'll come up with an excuse for knowing his name later, if it becomes an issue). Hal will then create an arc of electricity between his fingers to light up the darkened room.

Other than that, not much. Doesn't seem much point in throwing a lightning bolt at the Luddite if it's just going to make him stronger. Hal will watch the situation, looking for any kind of weakness in the Technophobic Terror that might be exploited. If the Luddite has to become corporeal to attack Hal might pick up a chair and swing it at his head or something like that. He'll also keep an eye on Caine, preparing to zap him if he pulls a weapon on the heroes or some similar maneuver. Hal is painfully aware, however, that at the moment it's the members of Vanguard that are actually breaking the law. Unless Archer knows something we don't and was about to arrest Caine anyway, he's officially a law abiding citizien. We're trespassing in Caine's office and we've destroyed his property (albeit under the Black Bat's control). So if the man tries to escape the room Hal will probably just reluctantly let him go.

In other words, other than serving as The Human Monofilament Light Bulb, I'm pretty much delaying my actions this round.


Hmmm I have a concern that Sentinel may be getting exhausted, thus going to the Silver coffin would be useful assuming most of that room held as a close place for Sentinel to recover, Sentinel may wish to see if the Silver Coffin area is stable, rest for a moment and reformulate shields then proceed to join the battle while i stay. In addition I know that Vanguard has had problems recovering some opponents so it may not be possible. I am not significantly motivated to argue needlessly over what to do (call it an "advantage" of being depressed :).
I will take whatever opportunities arise to:
1. recover the fallen
2. uncover/protect/keep clues
3. Make useful suggestions since "Inhuman glances quickly at the strain showing on Sentinels face" delaying serves little to no purpose.
4. If Sentinel will drop me off somewhere close in a reasonably secure location to start digging out the bodies and clues I have no problem staying and being a heroic sewer worker. However I think that Forester should go as he is the only person on the team to have sucessfully dealt with mind control before ( a la memonic arrow? is that right?).
5. as soon as Chess can take over ill leave it in their hands, and join my associates in the fight, I also have some ideas about dealing with BB.
6. If sentinel does not wish to check to see if the room is stable, just head for the surface I will stay with and aid allies as best as possible.
7. keep an eye out for BB and or signs of, memory check was there liquid vapor in the gas that BB turned into that I might have sensed? In future encounters will watch for said information. 8. stabilising the tunnel Sentinel leaves via mudbrick/sandstone keyway arches behind us to the list , thath should make it safer and easier to get back down here.

J/K How much Xp is there for staying?
Glibly Skip!


At this point Kirk is unaware of the full abilities and power potential of Inhuman. If Inhuman indicates that he can handle himself down here and get himself out on his own and that he wants to stay he wouldn't try to force him, he'd point out the facts as they know them per his prior concerns and add the following:

At this point, the Bat has already split our defenses, first with his outright mind control and then with Kairos taking off. Kirk has a great concern that if we continue to split up, that further weakens us and leaves us as potential targets of the Bat if he didn't take off and is somehow present and aware of our situation here. After our injuries and damage from the battle it is unlikely that any of us stands a chance alone against Bat. It's also unlikely he'd kill us; perhaps worse he'd take over our minds and actions on a somewhat permanent basis. He's already bragged about how he did just that with Stentor. After our last battle with Swastika and how Swastika's actions destroyed so many lives in just that respect, Kirk is hesitant to allow any opportunity for that to happen to anyone, let alone a hero, again.

Kirk is not adverse to checking the bottom chamber if it appears it can be done quickly (ie the burrowing is going easily and swiftly), but would be hesitant if that wasn't the case to fully divert their time given all the unknowns happening above them at this time (ie rampant undead & controlled assassin Vanguard).

Resting down there wouldn't be an option at this point since Kirk feels he has enough power to get them to the surface and that would the priority (unless they went downward and found stuff pertinent to the above concerns) (there isn't time for Kirk to spend a half hour resting to regain power with everything happening). The need to make contact and find out what was happening above would override his concern of being powerless once he got there - he could choose to rest once above, but at least they'd be updated on the situation and out of danger from the cave-in/buried alive peril and could exchange information with Chess on what they knew ... and both Inhuman and Forrester would be free to take positive action above, even if Kirk was powerless; and given Kirk's character, even if he didn't have a point of power left he'd strap on some Chess gear and follow you guys or the Chess Knights into action to help. I'm hoping that Kirk can make their way out with minimal continued loss of power so that if they reenter battle he'd have a reasonable chance of taking an attack or two against our opponents before one of their blows against him pierces his shields and takes him out of the battle.

Hope that covered everything. Thanks.


As the darkness fell, it dawned on Slingshot that this felt like a complete setup. Luddite was incorporeal and immune to electrical attacks. That pretty much nullified his comrades and himself right now. So there were a couple of options, all of which have nothing to do with attacking Luddite, he'll would be able to run, but Caine must be embroidered somehow. Scott needed a good idea.

Lightbulbs, of course! "Symbiote, LS! We need to be able to see! Grab a hold of lamps and energize them yourselves!"

A moment later, Scott said, "Wait! Luddite.. You say you fight for what's right. That Technology is the bane of humanity enthralling them. Then explain it to me! I'm listening. Show me this foe that you so willingly fight. Who do you fight! Why do you fight?"

I want him to keep talking while the others think of something to do. He's what I'm trying to do:
While I got him talking, I want to spread myself thinly to cover all the floor of the room. I'm not sure of the dimensions, but I'm going to assume I can do it. Then when I feel someone stepping on me that seems to be neither Symbiote/Archer/LS then I'll pounce and give him one good whack. Yes, that leaves Caine too, I'll call it a "Oops. oh so sorry". Most humans should survive one hit.


Lightning Strike:
OOC: Here is what I plan on doing. I will leave it to you to craft it into the game flow. Given that Luddite seemed to absorb energy, I want to try and turn the tables and absorb his bio-electricity from him. Since he seems to be an energy eater, perhaps I can eat some from him.