Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Issue 69A: The Law of the Jungle!

Vanguard’s Inhuman! Flashback!

Inhuman reported to the top deck of the Primate’s Saucer Ship. He entered the high-tech bridge with an incapacitated and anguished Slugg in tow, being carried by animate water! There he faced the hyper-intelligent Owl, Monarch the butterfly man, Centipede the writhing ghastly multi-limbed horror, and Ratman the back-stabbing little twit. None of them looked happy.

Monarch said, “What have you done to Slugg?”
Centipede rasped, “Looks like he’s killed him!”
Ratman smirked, “Inhuman is still working for Vanguard.”
“Silence,” said the Owl with cool authority. “Ratman, watch Inhuman. Monarch and Centipede, help me finish the procedures for saucer separation. Then we’ll get to the bottom of it!”
The three Ani-Men returned to their navigational controls.

Shortly, the lower saucer was away, racing Web, Pachyderm, Hyena, Gator, Jellyfish, Cockroach and Crab Man to ambush the unsuspecting Vanguard!
The upper saucer headed due south to Congo, the Primate’s home, 12,000 miles away.
“Prepare to break the sound barrier,” cried the Owl over the building noise of the engine.

The Ani-Men turned to the Owl to witness his "justice."
“Now,” said the Owl to Inhuman. “What did you do to Slugg and why?”

Inhuman washed the salt from Slugg’s skin, easing his pain and salinating the water he controlled hydrokinetically. “He attacked me under orders from Jellyfish. I suspect there is a larger plot afoot,” Inhuman said to the Owl with a knowing gaze.

The Owl turned his baleful oversized eyes at Slugg and said menacingly, “Is this true? You’ll have one chance at the truth with me. One.”

Slugg hesitated and then groaned wetly, “Jellyfish wanted to put a scare into the fresh fish. Teach him his place. That’s all. I wasn’t going to kill him.”

The Owl considered things for a tense moment. Then the judge, jury and executioner smiled slightly. “I guess Inhuman taught you a lesson then, didn’t he? They’ll be no more of this. We have work to do. Inhuman, release that water into a sink somewhere.”

(OOC: Replies if any?)

An hour into the flight, Monarch said: “Owl, I’ve lost contact with the other saucer!” Owl and Centipede joined the human butterfly. They tried to raise the other ship without success. A hush fell over the bridge.

Then the Owl said calmly, “Inhuman, you said that you were willing to brief and train us how to combat Vanguard? I think that time has come.”

To be continued!

OOC: Replies?
Also, the flight will last just over 15 hours. What else do you wish to do during that time?
You’re well rested, sleep-wise, from having dozed in the brig during the Atlantic crossing.

Current Condition: Inhuman: Hit Points: 10 Power Points: 60 (rested back during the last hour)


Inhuman looked at the varied _expressions on his associates, he knew this wasn't going to be easy however it had to be done. "I have to know the Strengths and Weaknesses of you guys" expecting an immediate show of resistance the Fishy Fighter hurried on "If Symbiote, who may be the most powerful of the Vain-Guard, duplicates any one of you guys a less difficult way to bring him down when he has the powers and weaknesses of you guys may be necessary"

Inhuman glared at them balefully like a whale "They do have the Chess resources, they may have interesting devices or concepts to nullify myself and Ratman." " In addition I can't train you guys on how to defeat them until I know how they would defeat you." sensing a possibility of immediate conflict inhuman held up a bracing hand "However I can and will help set up the base defenses to maximise our effectiveness. I have a few plans on setting up something for the Lazy Lightning Lad and the Sneaky Slinger, depending upon base construction of course."

Inhuman looked directly at Owl "The faster I can get an inventory of what we have at the base that I can use trapwise as well as a base layout the better, assuming you guys aren't ready to share. After all," Inhuman smirked "Can-guard only defeated them with a 7 to 6 ratio against...." (paws for comments)

"Owl, any sign of something unusual in the animal world that could be construed a coming from Black Bat? or is the Bold Bloodsucker being canny?" "Speaking of training up for these guys, do we have a way to heal up before we meet with them? I'm a little Crispy from the Slugg here and Slugg would probably be happier if he wasn't hurting so much."

OOC: Inhuman continues playing with the water trying to see if he can get that concealed communicaion idea going (using water to form words visible to the eye only). "Owl, Without any specific surprises in the power/weakness lists here is the best breakdown I can see....

" Slingshot is a rubbery, flexible individual, strong as well as tougher than normal the recursive rubberman has a construction based past that he can use to alter the environment and thusly the tactics of the situation.

Forester does wisely use his entire repitiore of arrows wisely. he only carries 16 or so but they all pack a whallop, the parachute arrow he appears to use as an entangler/distraction, as well as a sonic arrow that has a screech like attack, and several normal arrows

With Sentinel the best thing here is to hammer at his shields as rapidly as possible and don't give him a chance to reform them otherwise you have to deal with it all over again, he once made the comment that he is the toughest stack of tissue paper ever made or something to the equivalent. That I can believe.

Kairos, his staff and Chakrams do not appear to be anything more than an additional boost to his damage don't make the mistake of thinking it is anything more than that. he is lucky as well as providing some sort of inspirational defense to others.

If Sam Drake is along he is probably no more than a gun-weiding thug perhaps leading him into a situation wherin he can indirectly harm others (say by shooting at persons behind who are others screed from him by foilage?)

Ratman vs Slingshot: give Ratman intel on Slingys construction/deconstruction ideas. How about leading him into a place that if he colapses an area it will likely damage him too?

Centipede vs Forester: Getting the drop on him and disarming him? He is less powerful without his arrows than with but I wouldn't count him out until he is completely down.

Monarch vs Sentinel: in character comment "Not at all certain this is a good idea, but I don't have a better one. Do we have any ways to make this more even? Does he have a way to not only float but sting too?"

the Owl Vs. Kairos: he is far luckier than he has any right to be.

Inhuman Vs Lightning Strike: I have my own "Short" list of plans

I guess Slugg vs Symbiote: See if you can't get him to absorb your powers then feed him that salt just like I did. perhaps putting it in a ziplock bag and hiding it someplace?

Primate, the Owl, Inhuman, Ratman, > Monarch, the Centipede and Slugg

*considers using lines akin to those in the castle assault scene from the Princess Bride: Now, if only we had a Holcaust cloak, that would be something...*