Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Issue 71A: The Lair of the Primate!

Vanguard’s Inhuman!
The Saucer Craft. Over the Congo.

Inhuman continued to talk to the Owl while receiving medical attention in the ship’s sickbay: "I think I remembered another possible weakness of Symbiote." Inhuman tapped his chin with one of his long fingers, "there may be an inability to duplicate mystical abilities, does anyone on our side have some of those?"

Not that I’m aware of,” said the Owl absently as he tended to Inhuman’s wounds. The seaborne scientist noted that the Owl’s goggles had a telescopic feature that he was employing during treatment."As a general thought, how much of the base has electricity to it? Lightning Strike, unlike real lightning, does strike in the same place more than twice."

“All of it,” said the Owl. “You will receive a tour when we arrive.” Inhuman said, "If CHESS believes that Phase 2 is worse than Phase 1, all that running away is going to do is to buy them more time to call in more resources. I have to assume that Phase two is more powerful than setting off nukes, after all you left one behind." Inhuman gives the Owl his most determined killer whale look "Is there any other resources you are willing to let me know about now so that I can have more time to plan? Time is rapidly becoming the enemy."

Without looking up from his work, the Owl said, “Phase Two involves an Ani-Man that is far more powerful than the Pachyderm. Do not fear,” he smiled wickedly.

The saucer craft reached the Volcanic Island and began a vertical descent. From the portholes Inhuman saw the viridian jungle cloud forests that covered the volcano chain surrounding the massive inland lake. The volcanic isle was in the north of the lake and wild gorillas were visible on its slopes. There were no signs of man this deep into the wild.

The saucer lowered into a waiting hangar bay that was a marvel of modern engineering. Inside was another Ani-man, Snow Leopard, a ferocious woman with amber eyes. (see image)

The Primate disembarked, and it was the first time he had been seen in hours. He appeared weary but defiant and proud. “The last hours of mankind are upon us, brothers,” he stated and Inhuman felt that amazing charisma and force of personality wash over him again.

In time, the noble Primate departed with the Owl, Snow Leopard and Monarch.
As the Owl left, he said to Centipede, “Give Inhuman, Slugg and Ratman a tour of their new home. Then you and Inhuman please join us in the Lab.”

The Centipede writhed understanding, and began the tour. (See map and key).
The facility was beyond state of the art and the Centipede showed them everything except rooms 15, 16, 17. All the technology seemed designed for ease of use. They saw no other individuals.

Actions, questions, replies before you report to the lab?

Current Condition: Inhuman: Hit Points: 15 Power Points: 60


Inhuman uses his hydrating sense to get a feeling for the SR of the Walls if possible. As well as scanning any bare patches of ground for items that do not allow his sense to pass through them even if he is next to them. He will draw 1 gallon of water from the surrounding air to pick up any loose, pebble like items that exceed his sense even when in contact (SR 14+ IE Diamonds....). Then using his hydro control to discreetely deposit them in his suit. Inhuman will look for the approximate use/function of each room (erm, pic is not really legible could you send the list independantly?).

Assuming 2 is Jungle Defense Station I will point out the connecting power cables and suggest a surge detector with cable cutting attachments connected to a small mine on a 3 second delay. (simply put, the surge from presumably LS/SB is detected, the cable gets cut then 3 seconds later BOOM the mine goes off). Of Course the surge detector would have to be battery/solar powered but it could make them more cautious, unless they are really over confident, then it could be downright deadly....

Examining 14 Inhuman remarks if there are any flaws in particular that Vanguard could utilise to escape.During the tour of the infirmary Inhuman will cursorily examine the medical supplies with an eye towards chemical compounds that could be usable in subduing others, Chloroform, etc....

Are there signs of a secret passageway from 11? any signs of lava tubes to allow close access to the base that do not appear to have been monitored? Inhuman during the tour will ask The Centipede the following questions (if he does not get intelligible answers he will repeat them to The Owl later).

"How long can the Jungle Defense Systems operate without power?""Are there interior defense systems?""what are the current plans for when Vanguard attacks?"


GM Replies:
Sorry for the low res jpeg. Here's the Map Key:1 square = 10 feet
1. Workshop
2. Missile Defense Station
3. Infirmary
4. Computer Center
5. Communications Center
6. Volcano Core: Catwalks
7. Hangar Bay
8. Living Quarters
9. Guest Quarters
10. Private Quarters of the Primate
11. Conference Room
12. Volcano Core (Power Station) (The volcano powers the installation)
13. Docks
14. Holding Cells
15. Private
16. Laboratory
17. Library

The natural caverns near 10, 11 and 17 are unknown to you.

Before I answer the rest, and move on to the next issue, one question:

To judge from your last post, I would guess that Inhuman is really on the side of the Primate at this point. Is that true?

Please share Inhuman's thoughts with me.



Inhuman is in some ways torn. Like having two friends who seem to fight no matter what, Inhuman sees there is Good in both of these, as well as a terrible potential for Evil in both.

Perhaps this is Iron Age Sentimentality seeping through and may be in direct conflict with Jeff Dee's original Alignment notes but Inhuman thinks he can come up with a resolution that is satisfactory for both.

I-man has run several mental simultaions with certain focussed outcomes. He does not see true good coming from one or two. Though if he cannot succeed at three he definately leans to 1, but will change the selling of 3 as a more merciful option than a pure Result 1.

Inhuman suspects that he may find similarities to the Star Wars episodes 4-6, he is Luke and the rebellion is CHESS, the Owl is similar to Vader and the Primate is identifiable as the Emperor.

1. CHESS wins: the Animen lie defeated

a. Since it is now determined impossible to keep the Primate in any form of prison the next easiest answer is to kill the Primate, his cronies spend years, if not the rest of their lives in prison.

b. In addition his allies, especially those in the outer reaches of humanty are summarily executed. this is BAD because it exacerbates the precarious ecological situation Earth is in. Man may have been inconsiderate before but this is NOTHING compared to outright war humanity can wage even unto the point of Phyrric Stupidity.

2. CHESS fails: The Animen win

a. Humanity falls beneath the blows of Phase one and two, though there are attempts to reverse this, the cataclysmic aftershocks (and humanities ultimately futile attempts to resist their death scene) could easily spiral out of control. As Humanity though removed from

b. Both Cambridge and Berkley (beloved of the Owl and Inhuman) their loss mirrored in hundreds of thousands of educational establishments instead of containing ever flowing founts of wisdom instead lay forgotten crumbling ruins to reason, thought and learning that is now lost forever.

3. Inhuman Interferes with the intent of stopping the war long enough for ideas to grow.

a. To CHESS: Inhuman agrees the easiest solution for dealing with Primate is his death. However there is another concept in law that may provide benefits to both sides. Exile. This would remove a level 5 threat from the planet.

I. There has been 6 'interesting items' spotted from the planet Earth that may be capable of supporting life. By giving Primate a reason to ignore this dangerous war and start fresh with a whole new planet he would have little reason to come back and great reason to leave/stay away.

II. I have a plan to gain financial support from the industrial community.

III. This would provide a safe haven for the threatened ecology of the Earth, few disasters are so large that they could destroy both locations in a single blow.

IV. Should humanity ravage this planet past the point of no return something of our hearth and home would survive. And should a necessay item disappear/become extinct it may be found there even when it cannot be found on our planet.

b. To the ANIMEN: Victory over Humanity is easy from here, however this is just the beginning. Cleaning up the planet after this calamity is not the easiest task on the planet to perform. The earth has been ravaged to the point of near worthlessness. Instead I propose that we leave here, by converting our technology to get us to one of the six 'interesting items' in space and take an Ark to convert one of those to a new eden.

I. We could negotiate for peace with CHESS and the World for enough time and reources to leave with say 1% of the necessary animal data as well as our allies.

II. for Some of us leaving behind all the evil of Humanity even the memories is a good thing. In addition it prevents us from destroying the few good things humanity has done and that we may love.

III. this is a new challenge that serves our planet even better than trying to clean the junked mess of our previous home. a new regime on a new planet with no history is the best possible thing.

IV. It prevents unecessary waste as well as minimising the risks to ourselves and our allies. Though it may not have been coming out recently, Inhuman still believes that "You are no higher than your basest argument" and few things are baser than murder.


GM Replies:
a) When will Inhuman begin discussing this with anyone? Who will he start with, knowing his time is short?

b) Where does Inhuman see himself. On Earth or on the exile world?

c) What are his short term plans? Right now it looks like he's helping the Ani-Men defeat Vanguard with as few casualties as possible, to then try to force a truce?

d) How will Inhuman prevent emotions and thirst for vengeance from destroying his plan?


a) Hopefully at the upcoming meeting, He will suggest a show of power from the Animen by offering mercy to humanity and sell it to CHESS as part of his attempt to negotiate leiniency for the escaping metahumans that cooperate.

b) paradoxically, both. Should this world go too far and destroy itself Inhuman will try to flee there. His reason for staying would be that he can make sure the humans keep their end of the bargain with the Animen. b1) no one knows how long Archeuletius live, Inhuman may have a dramaically longer lifespan than most humans, thus he needs to keep the world going as best he can and having a back up plan in case Earth goes to crud is not a bad idea.

c) Inhuman sees a better chance for a truce from the prisoners of CHESS rather than the other way around (besides being labeled 'traitor' is a way to get a new Disad [prejudice] that Inhuman doesnt really want :) ). However he MUST gain as much trust as he can from the Animen in order to get his radical plan to float. Keep in mind, if Human society is destroyed it does terrible things to the odds of getting off planet.

d) this is where his low Charisma really hinders him. However he thinks that since CHESS is probably more trustworthy (as well as having better reasons to 'get rid' of the Animen) the Animen are slightly less trustworthy (Evil seems like it will betray us even at a greater cost to themselves). Inhuman is no fool, he is unwilling to be a frog that carries either scorpion across the river. the Fishy Freedom Fighter will try to use his Charisma powers to cut off Primates control from as many Animen as possible in order to weaken his control over the group. He hasn't done this yet as his position is too weak to succeed yet. Inhuman has little chance of succeeding without being able to bring both sides to the negotiation table. If at all possible he will try to get the lines of communication open, without being a traitor to either side. He still walks a narrow tightrope of fraying silk over chasims of fate, willing to die but not betray.