Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Issue 73A: The Final Solution!

Vanguard’s Inhuman!
The Lair of the Primate. Volcanic Island. Congo.

Inhuman and the Primate discussed the fate of the Earth. Their mental chess game for mankind was played in front of the Owl, Snow Leopard and Monarch in the island’s futuristic lab.

The Primate raised an eyebrow at Inhuman’s unexpected words.
“I could delay the actions of the microorganism, but not for long. It is unnecessary however, as I intend a global result. One that will render human resistance futile. They will now be on our side at the most basic level.
I do not believe that the process can be reversed. Certainly not by apes. So yes, surprise is paramount.

The great gorilla kept replying to Inhuman’s points: “The mountain gorilla’s fur is thick enough to withstand temperatures of zero degrees Celsius. The last message I shall broadcast will be an order for a mass migration toward the equator. It is now September. There will be no great die off.
The next great task of the Ani-Men and I will be to ensure food supplies for the transition period.

““Primates battle at certain group sizes to ensure that new groups will form, genetic stagnation is averted, and that the fit survive. Nature’s plan is a desirable one, Inhuman. And I am confident in her healing powers. Human pollutants will be cleansed in time. Once humans are extinct.”

When Inhuman talked of exile on an alien world, Primate’s face grew serious.
“The S’Korian invasion proved life on other worlds. I expect CHESS has salvaged alien technology from the war. I offer an alternative to your thoughts, friend: As victory is clearly ours, why not propose to the human resistance that THEY leave Earth? Cast out of Eden, and perhaps wiser for it, they may take better stewardship of their new home. But they have forfeited the right to this one.
Also, I could never leave any of our kin in the animal kingdom to the tender mercies of their butcher, homo sapien! Nor, I hope, could you.

“Cambridge and Berkeley?” the super-intelligent simian repeated, casting an eye toward the Owl, who said: “The books would survive.”

“For all the wisdom they have imparted upon their creators,” spat the Primate as he turned back to Inhuman. “I worry that you have not fully accepted our new world, Carl. But your heart is in the right place. It is a large concept to grasp and you have only been among us for a few days. I understand that it can be daunting to the mind. But I appreciate the thoughts you have presented here.” The tone was that of a loving father addressing an especially willful child: firm but admiring his independence.

“As to your proposal, it would require a truce first; one I believe the humans will never accept. But I will entertain it. You may contact your former allies and propose to them what you have proposed to me: their exile on an alien world. Tell Vanguard to come here under a white flag so we may parley terms.”

The Owl produced Inhuman’s old Vanguard communicator from his tool belt. Its GPS system had been deactivated. The avian said, “With this, we have been monitoring their communications. They will be listening.”

The Primate handed the vial back to the Monarch. Inhuman’s hydro-sense convinced him the vial was air tight. The butterfly man carefully secured it to an isolation chamber where there were others.

The Primate indicated the communicator and said, “Proceed, brother. Do not tell them we are present. And do not mention the microorganism.” The tone of his voice left no doubt what would happen if Inhuman did not follow those instructions.

The Primate, the Owl, Monarch and Snow Leopard would listen closely to everything Inhuman said.



*Inhuman was briefly shocked as he realised Primate was suggesting CHESS had not considered that his Comm device had been compromised. But he swiftly mentally moved on like a striking Barracudda.*

"I wish to provide only enough challenge to find the best plan for all, not for the one most favored. Any truly good plan will survive and become greater by being challenged in a crucible that makes it purer or having been tested against the outer world and not just one of the mind alone. Without this challenge people would still think that what we call poaching today is not only good, but a divine right!"

"Are Books All that make up a college? a center of learning? One might as well argue a collection of Bones or Stones are the sum of knowledge. No Pile of Books of Building stones is the Heart of a community, whether of Scholars or Warriors they bear their true hearth with them."

"It is September and that means they are going to the warming up stages in Antartica, assuming we infected them, how would they get to any mainland to march north as Apes? And the same with anyone north of the Polar Circle as well as many islands the worst of which would be England and Japan with millions people and no room."

"It is quite impossible with modern technology to get humans off the planet at any rate above the human birth rate, the numbers are just too huge, part of the reason why I was suggesting a new place, for us. Easier by far to send a small dedicated group than a mass of unruly antagonisers, which a mass evacuation would easily become." "In addition I would like to know how you plan to defend the rather vegitatively destructive diet of the Mountain Gorillas, (if allowed to quickly google ) as well as fairly large range of the Gorilla compared to a human. The necessary ecological changes to support even 3 billiion would be on an order of change similar to terraforming another planet. Even someplace as relatively mild as most of Texas does get below 0 degrees Celsius every few years. Without Techological support those living even there would die. Much less someplace Like the Colorado/Denver Area."

"I Still need to know the extremes for the Animaliculum survival, otherwise I cannot guaratee Global placement for some of the more challenging areas, much less by rocket or similar transportation. Hmmmm, Have you considered using the anti-gravity technology, thin saucers to reduce radar awareness, plus a rotational system to keep the thing balanced then adding an asperation system to not only direct the saucers but also "

"There is another problem. You ARE eliminating a species whose environmental purpose we do not understand. As well as those animals now dependant on that Species. Doesn't this make you just as bad as any human who ever lived, if not WORSE because you not only know and understand you doing this but the potential consequences?"

Inhuman took the watch communicator but before he flicked it on he eyed the Primate with a look that a starfish could wear. "I Wish to be absolutely certain about how and what you desire to communicate with Chess and the World."

"Mistakes can easily happen, To be clear You are willing to agree to a truce, to leave this planet unharmed in the hope to make a fresh start elsewhere. IF I can get Chess and the world to agree you agree by your binding honor as a being greater than any human, above and beyond your needs and opinions as an individual, from animal to animal you will not lie nor cheat this agreement so long as humanity holds to its end of the bargain and is as fair as possible in it's dealing with you. No leaving the planet and dispersing the Animaliculum no other base tricks that would mark you as no better than a human and i will make sure that the other side does not betray us without appropriate consequences. This isn't a time buying trick, this is intended as a honest negotiation. Agreed?"

"Do you consent to them sending a repersenative here, or is there someplace close you wish us to meet?"
(If Agreed to)"Attention CHESS personnel, This is Inhuman. I Wish to arrange a meeting between myself and Kairos under the flag of truce at location (X, chosen by Primate as suggeted above). Please do not attempt to compromise this by additional personnel even a concealed Lightning Strike or others.

If Primate wishes to know why Kairos and why a Face to face meeting the simple answer is "because I NEED the greatest salesman in the world, and radio will not allow the level of interpertation of his reactions I have to have in order to be certain of his feelings. if you wish you may listen in, but I need to be there alone. Besides, he is confident enough in his abilities to do this alone."