Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Issue 72A: Phase Two!

Vanguard’s Inhuman!
The Lair of the Primate. Volcanic Island. Congo.

After the tour of the facility, Centipede brought Inhuman to the island’s Laboratory, as instructed.
(The lab is room 16 on the map. Inhuman detected a natural cavern through the wall of room 11 with his “hydro sense”)
The Owl met him at the door and agreed with Inhuman’s plan for surge detectors and timed mines.

Then he and Inhuman entered the immense laboratory and found a chamber of awe inspiring technology (see inspirational art). If the Owl designed this facility, he was an even greater genius than Inhuman had imagined.

Present in the lab were the Primate, the Owl, Monarch and Snow Leopard. The feminine feline just finished a status report to the Primate on the readiness of the island facility. It was 100% operational.
The Owl joined Monarch in operating equipment that Inhuman did not fully understand.

“The Owl said that you are to be trusted,” the Primate said. The great ape’s weariness was palpable.
“Control of the animal kingdom cannot be maintained indefinitely. Nor was it ever meant to be. It was only Phase One. Designed to throw mankind of the trail. As was my bombastic broadcast.”
“Vanguard shall soon be at our doorstep. A last desperate assault before humanity is finished. We shall offer a token resistance so that they suspect nothing. They will be permitted entrance to this facility. And then they will be exposed to this.”

The super-intelligent simian held up a simple, sealed glass vial.
“Phase Two. The most powerful ani-man of all. An airborne, infectious micro-organism. It will transform humans into apes by activating their dormant DNA and devolving them back into what they once were. Mankind shall become the very thing it despises most: a member of the animal kingdom.
Then shall Man, and this world, know peace at last.”

“The Owl said that you possess training in biology. We would have your assistance now in the preparation of the delivery of the ani-man.”

Actions, questions, replies?

Current Condition: Inhuman: Hit Points: 15 Power Points: 60


OOC: Hmmm, I have to say, interesting.

Inhuman Turned to the Primate "I thought a great many things this... this... was definately not one of them, an Animaliculum. However there are several questions I have about and some possible challenges with this plan if I may just point out what I see.

1. Just exactly how big of an effect were you looking for? Planetary? And do we know the survival as well as propigation conditions for the wee beasties?

2. Do you communicate with the Animaliculum? I.E. could you ask them to alter their release/change times to make he changes faster/slower or not occur at all for weeks, months or years?

3. Are the effects on the mass of humanity reversable as far as you are aware of? The CDC and WHO will jump right on this as soon as they are aware of the problem. The Longer we can keep it secret, the better.

4. If you give Vangaudy Ape shapes what guarantee do you have that they will stop fighting you, since by your own words you can only control the animal world for a short period of time?

5. Primates still battle each other after a certain group size is reached, yes you may eliminate many of the other motivations for the worst of Humanities excesses, but I do not think this is the utopia you desire.

6. Food supply and inhospitable climate for the new Primates of the Earth will kill billions until the presumed balance is restored. However these are just a few of the questions I would like to know if you have the answers to. I have a suggestion though as radical as it is please listen to me first then respond. Victory over Humanity is easy from here, however this is just the beginning of a long and hazardous project. I mentioned previously that this is quite possibly NOT the utopia you are looking for. After all killing billions of primates isn't why you are doing this, If I understand, your motivations correctly. Cleaning up the planet after this calamity and the calamity of Human Stewardship is not the easiest task on the planet to perform. The earth has been ravaged to the point of near worthlessness. May I suggest that we, from our position of Strength negotiate with the Humans for what would be to them Exile for us? I propose that we leave here, as there are 6 interesting Planetary Items recently discovered which with your level of Science here we could travel to, terraform a planet easily, and stock it with a suitable biosphere. IF humanity Survives then they will be worthy enough to be prosperous with us. If they atack we have the Animaliculum. If they die without our interference *Shrugs* then they were not worthy of redemption and the greatest revenge we could ever hope for is ours, a long happy life."

I. We could negotiate for peace with CHESS and the World for enough time and reources to leave with say 1% of the necessary animal population, 100% the bio data we need and our allies that wish to do so as well.

II. for Some of us leaving behind all the evil of Humanity even the memories is a good thing. In addition it prevents us from destroying the few good things humanity has done and that we may love. *inhuman gestures to include the Owl*

III. This is a new challenge that serves our planet even better than trying to clean the junked mess of our previous home. a new regime on a new planet with no history is the best possible thing. If we did release the Animaliculum we would still have 6 billion potentially hostile opponets on this planet, nothing 'I' would enjoy facing.

IV. It prevents unecessary waste as well as minimising the risks to ourselves and our allies.

V. We can negotiate with Chess that Since it is now determined impossible to keep the Primate in any form of prison the next easiest answer is to kill the Primate, his cronies spend years, if not the rest of their lives in prison.

VI. In addition should we lose control even for a short period, our allies, especially those in the outer reaches of humanty will be summarily executed. this is BAD because it exacerbates the precarious ecological situation Earth is in. Man may have been inconsiderate before but this is NOTHING compared to outright war humanity can wage even unto the point of Phyrric Stupidity.

VII. if we win and Humanity falls beneath the blows of Phase one and two, though there will be attempts to reverse this, the cataclysmic aftershocks (and humanities ultimately futile attempts to resist their end scene) could easily spiral out of control. As Humanity, though removed from control there would be difficult pockets of resistance, Antartica, the CDC, WHO all would be difficult resistors to our ultimate plans unless they were struck hard first.

VIII. Both Cambridge and Berkley (beloved of the Owl and Inhuman) their loss mirrored in hundreds of thousands of educational establishments instead of containing ever flowing founts of wisdom instead lay forgotten crumbling ruins to reason, thought and learning that is now lost forever.

IX. The Advantage in NOT using Animaliculum now is that once used, it is capable of being countered once the threat is realised.

X. Should Humanity betray us, If I know enough 'I' can spread our little ally thoughout Big city or the like in hours with 100% contact guarantee.

Note: Actions, Inhuman be prepared to hydrokinetically grab the vial (as A saved action) in case of some dramatic problem with it.
2. Inhuman will will calmly and deliberately attempt to identify all water sources in the room as well as refrigeration units and check the seals on the vial for leaks. Inhuman is NOT convinced that the 'causally held vial' is really the source of the contagion and suspects this is a test. In addition he will begin to screen out any possible hydro contaminants from the immediate air around him.