Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Issue 72: Disaster… Doubled!

24,000 feet above Athens! Night!

In the last amazing issue of Vanguard!...

Symbiote slapped his palm on the rampaging rhino creature and the Harper Harness activated!! It was painful this time. His form contorted like never before! He grew in scale and weight! His costume tore open at the chest, revealing skin that was rapidly thickening into thick, grey hide plates! In horror, Hal felt his intelligence dwindling as his brain and skull assumed the physiology of the Pachyderm! The gigantic mirror-image monstrosity that stood in Symbiote’s place roared an echo of the Pachyderm’s rage!

Vanguard saw that Hal’s intelligence and perhaps his personality were gone!

The Pachyderm couldn’t believe his eyes! The mighty man-monster stared at his terrible twin and then roared louder, pounding his massive chest in defiance and provocation! “ROOOOOOOAAAARRRR!”

The two titans squared off in the eye of an icy hurricane as the automated PA counted down the seconds the ship had left!!

The savage Pachyderm roared again and charged Symbiote! KA-SLAAAMM! The grey goliath’s fist was like a runaway freight train! The earth-shattering impact caused the damaged hull floor to suddenly collapse with a sickening groan of bending steel and the twin titans plummeted, ready to slam away at each other all the way down! Vanguard, descending much slower, saw the colossal combatants rocket by!

Then they looked beyond them, to the darkened skyline of Athens! Pachyderm was plummeting down to the city all over again, only this time he had a twin! They might still strike the AEGIS Spire, or worse, a building filled with innocent bystanders!!! And Sentinel lacked the energy to create another slide-chute to divert them!

Now, this issue!...

Forester suggested to Oracle that the Pegasus follow Pachyderm. “If Symbiote is losing his intelligence, and now prone to a savage rampage, he may need Vanguard's help gaining his composure and returning to his old self after the fight!”

Oracle nodded and ship began a sharp descent, keeping the Pegasus spotlights on the plummeting titans! From now on, the Pegasus would shadow Symbiote!

Kairos exited the cockpit and rode the Pegasus’ wing down through the darkness! The speed and danger was madly exhilarating to the cosmic champion! With cable in his one free hand, the soldier of Fortune itself hoped the matched mammoth monstrosities would separate, and waited for his chance!

Lightning Strike, from the sensor system within the Saucer Ship, saw the two berserk behemoths hurtling towards Athens with no seeming way to stop them! The digital defender diverted himself to the navigation system and took control of it (OOC: one action to seize control of electrical system)

The Saucer Ship suddenly altered course and began a dead man’s plunge, accelerating straight down!

Slingshot and Sentinel coordinated their efforts. First, the rubbery rough-houser dropped Crab Man and Jellyfish into the open Pegasus! "Crab Man, take care of her and make sure nothing happens to my fellow Vanguards, and I'll owe you one."

The unlikely undersea ally said, “If yer goin’ up against Packy, we better say our goodbyes now.”

Sentinel likewise loaded more Ani-Men onto the Pegasus, reabsorbing their energy construct parachutes back to his shield “aura.” With the unconscious Hyena, Viper and Cockroach piled in the back, the six-man craft now held eight! But the beacon of liberty had no choice if he wanted to keep pace with the plummeting Pachyderms!

Slingshot and Sentinel fell downward after them! Sentinel formed a wall-sized paddleball racquet energy construct and fired the bounceable black brusier off it! The balled up Slingshot slammed into the grey tangle of limbs that were the lethal leviathans! BOUNCE! He pushed the Pachyderms off their trajectory and ricocheted back toward the flying racquet of Sentinel in an incredible mid-air maneuver!

Symbiote-Pachyderm yelled above the icy wind as he fell to Earth locked in mortal combat with his deadly doppelganger! “RAAARRGHHH!!!! Symbiote will smash Elephant Man!! Symbiote will smash his stupid face all the way down to the ground!! Symbiote smash!!”Symbiote fists struck his foe like a thunderclap and the air rippled from the shock wave! BA-DOOOMM!

The Pachyderm responded in kind! The awesome abomination smashed back savagely! KA-THOOOM! (OOC: 32 points! No invulnerability, 7 to power points, 25 to hits! …Unless you want to take all to hits. Also, Pachyderm’s combat effect weakness activated!..)

The impact of the bone-shattering blow was directed downward, increasing the acceleration of their fall! The gigantic juggernauts roared in rage, oblivious to the rapidly approaching Earth!

Meanwhile, Athenians heard the sounds of the cataclysmic clash and wondered if the old gods had returned again to make war in the sky in what was surely the end of the world!

(OOC: Next action round! Two, count’em two, “issues” of combat in this digest of doubled danger!)

Vanguard waited for their chance to act! The twin titans were still locked in a Brobdingnagian brawl!

Pachyderm crashed another roundhouse into his colossal counterpart! KRA-BOOOOMM!! (OOC: 40 points! 15 from Invulnerability, 6 from Power, 19 from hits! …Unless you want to take more to hits) The beastial brute roared triumphantly!

Symbiote savagely struck back in the titanic battle of the goliaths! His big fist landed like the hammer of the gods! DA-WHOOOOMM!!! The incredible force of the blow separated the monsters momentarily!

Sentinel bounced the superball Slingshot back into the rampaging rumble! BOIIIINNNGGGG!

Slingshot saw his chance and struck the savage Symbiote square in the chest, pushing the powerful protagonists away from each other! Then the stretchable superhero bounced out of there, back toward Sentinel, who was racing to keep up with the falling fray!

Kairos saw his chance! As Forester directed the Pegasus closer and closer to the dangerously deadly duo, Kairos loosed his grapple cable! It wrapped around Symbiote’s forearm! Kairos tied off his end of the cable to the Pegasus’ hull!

Oracle almost matched Symbiote’s velocity and pulled the nearly weightless mammoth away from Pachyderm! VRZOOOOOOOOMM!

Lightning Strike saw his chance! The electrical avenger directed the Saucer Ship’s path down as the countdown to engine overload continued! “5… 4… 3… 2… 1…” The cyclopean circular craft slammed into Pachyderm as its engines exploded!! KRAKA-KA-BOOOM! Flames ignited, illuminating the night sky! Massive, fiery debris rained down harmlessly toward the Aegean Sea!

There was no sign of the Pachyderm among the falling, flaming wreckage! Lightning Strike suddenly materialized in the Pegasus! ZZZTTTT! The Pegasus craft was overloaded and compromised!

“We need to cut Symbiote loose,” said Oracle as she strained against the controls!

“He’ll kill us all,” growled Crab Man. Sentinel directed the craft toward Athens’ city dump!

Kairos and Forester loosed Symbiote’s cable from the Pegasus! Oracle began sharply decelerating! The savage Symbiote, filled with insensate rage, plummeted to Earth! KER-RAASSSHHH!!

(OOC: Damage calculation: Symbiote is falling faster than 130mph when he hits! Damage = impact velocity in inches (600 points of damage!) Halved because the ground’s structural rating is less than Symbiote’s basic hits = 300 points! (The ground takes the other 300 points of damage, forming a massive crater!) 300 divided by Symbiote’s full Invulnerability score of 15= 20 damage to hit points!)

The impact was an orbital railstrike into the dump, detonating like a small nuke! Windows shattered for a half mile around! In the junkyard, automobile husks waiting to be crushed were thrown hundreds of feet! The rumbling shockwave toppled iron mountains of refuse! Twisted steel and junkyard cranes were swallowed into the smoking crater formed by the fallen titan! Dust and dirt flew into the atmosphere, obscuring the crash site from the air!

Then all was silent. Nothing moved in the apocalyptic landscape of the wreckage yard.

Oracle, still shadowing Symbiote at the amazing archer’s suggestion, brought the Pegasus closer to ground level to see better. The overloaded ship handled poorly.

Kairos read the Greek language signs indicating the wreckage yard was a steel reclamation facility.

Forester’s keen perception noted they were not attacked by birds when they re-entered Athens!

All was quiet. Then… “RRAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!”

Symbiote’s rage-roar came from somewhere inside the smoking crater of broken earth and steel!

(OOC: The battle and impact have activated Symbiote’s absorbed weakness, Savage Rampage!)

Oracle said, “Your friend can’t be left to rampage across Athens unchecked!”

To be continued!

OOC: Actions please!

Current Conditions:
Forester: Hit Points: 18 Power Points: 50
Kairos: Hit Points: 27 Power Points: 45
Lightning Strike: Hit Points: 18 Power Points: 30
Sentinel: Hit Points: 5 Power Points: 30 Energy: 62 Shields: 37
Slingshot: Hit Points: 39 Power Points: 72 Invulnerability: 8
Symbiote: Hit Points: 197 Power Points: 60 Invulnerability: 0 until ish 74 Charges: 9


Forester has watched Symbiote activate his DNA-replicator more than once. He hopes this will be good enough to attempt a risky maneuver.
The observant archer will try to take hold of the device and force his elephantine ally to absorb Forester's own DNA, thereby losing his
Pachyderm powers, and returning him to his amicably intelligent self.


"Guys, Oracle is right. Symbiote can't be allowed to go unchecked but we can't hurt him too much. We need his power for the fight with Primate. I think disabling or taking the harness is the only way. Easiest way to do that might be for Sentinel to slip energy tentacles under the harness and just take it off of him. Other than that, we'd have to get close enough to fight him and that's not something that we probably need to be doing right now...."
Kairos looks around at the others, waiting for ideas or buy-in.


Forester still wants to try forcing Symbiote to absorb his own un-powered DNA before an attempt is made to remove the harness.
Here's why. Sym uses the harness to replicate super-human DNA. Once that process happens, the powers and weaknesses seem to stay in his body for a set amount of time.

Forester isn't sure if removing the harness will immediately get rid of powers/weaknesses that Sym has already acquired. His body may stay altered until the process runs its natural course.

If Forester's attempt fails, then by all means remove the harness.
But if the harness is removed first--and that doesn't work--the heroes will have a heck of a time re-attaching it and trying Forester's strategy.


(OOC: Sorry guys, but Jeff and I agree I probably shouldn't be too out-of-character helpful until this is resolved. Good luck).
IC: RARRGHH!!! Puny Vanguard are major buzzkill, separating Symbiote from Elephant Man just as he was about to pound Elephant Man into a mudhole and then stomp it dry!! Symbiote really mad now!! Symbiote sees flying bathtub over had Hot Greek Action Boy and Robin Hood Dude in it, the two who tried to tie up Symbiote's arm!! Symbiote will grab nearest junked car (or any other item of similar size nearby) and throw it at flying bathtub!! RAAARRGGHHHH!!!


GM, Private to Symbiote:
Forester had an interesting idea, if he can get Symbiote to unclench his fists to access the grey goliath's palms. Also, Forester only has skills! But it was a clever solution if he did it with someone with DNA-powered abilities. Your suggestion (and Kairos' plan) begs a question: Is the Harper Harness actively holding Hal's new DNA is place for ten minutes? Or does the Harness transform Hal's DNA for a limited time period of ten minutes? Honestly, I thought it was the latter. When Crab Man special-attacked the Harness, I imagined he damaged it, causing a malfunction that actively transformed you back to human. Your thoughts?


Symbiote, Private to GM:
Like you, I figured it was option number two. Remember in the fight with the Luddite when the harness's power was drained but Hal retained Lightning Strike's power long enough to finish the battle?

Along these lines, two things to I want to think about for the future...

Long term: Ever read the "Tower of Babel" story line from "Justice League?" I only skimmed it myself, but you mentioned having been a fan of Morrison's run on that book so I'm betting so. Anyway, it turned out that Batman had stored in his computer the means for neutralizing the powers and abilities of most if not all Leaguers (the Flash gets some form of epilepsy that makes it impossible to use his super-speed, Aquaman gets a catastrophic fear of water, etc, etc). He did this as a potential countermeasure against the League getting mind controlled some day, but of course, it led to all manner of trouble when Ra's Al Ghul broke into his computer.

Vanguard has encountered two major villains with mind control power (Dr. Swastika and Black Bat), both still at large. I could see Hal doing something similar. As an example, he might install a "circuit breaker" in his harness that will actually trap Lightning Strike's electrical form inside it if he tries the move I described earlier. In the interest of fair game mechanics you might allow him periodic saving throws to escape. Let me know how possible things like this would be.

Shorter term: Assuming that we get out of our current situation and then head on to the Congo, Hal would like to--surreptitiously if possible--download any info on Sam Simeon/The Primate from Aegis Spire. Specifically, he wants data on how his intellect was "upgraded," and possible means of reversing the process ("After the battle is over and Primate defeated, Symbiote subtly injects the villain with a hidden hypodermic when nobody's looking. When the Antagonistic Ape awakens, his hyperintelligence is gone!"). Hal figures this is going to be the best way to neutralize the Primate permanently, short of killing him. Again, let me know if possible.

Of course some folks--probably Sentinel, particularly--may have ethical problems with this ("You just took away his intelligence, his very soul!! Who are you to play god?!"). This is why Hal wants to do this on the down low, if possible. Hal's a decent guy but he considers himself a scientist first and a hero second--his first instinct is to solve the problem, maybe not always in a way others would approve. Sort of my way of adding a little darker edge to the otherwise amiable Symbiote.



Symbiote had his harness deactivated in battle just recently and it turned him normal human again, but that doesn't necessary mean that simply removing the device would do the same so Forester's plan would seem the more prudent course to remove the threat, of course its a totally unsafe course for Forester. And makes much more dramatic comics then Kirk removing the harness from a distance (which was certainly my first thought also).

One of Symbiote's punches could certainly destroy Kirk's shields and beyond with current power levels, but Kirk would play backup and be prepared to run interference and try to pull Forester out of harm's way any way he could if it seemed like his attempt is failing and he was going to be pummeled by Symbiote. Depending on what else is happening when, he could try to redirect via an energy slide the mass Symbiote hurls at the Pegasus.

Some other stuff to consider - Pachy was influenced by Primate, Symbiote may now share that influence (although with his current rampage it likely wouldn't make a difference), but that might explain why no birds attacked us in our descent (unless the craft was involved in amplifying or relaying Primate's 'influence' and its destruction ended his influence in the area which would be better for us).

PS: Another quick thought, Kirk did spend much time in the lab with Symbiote and showed interest in his work. Kirk's primary concern was related as to whether his work made him aware of the 'energy signature' Kirk discovered and Kirk's nature wouldn't have him pry beyond what was being offered in explanation by Symbiote particularly as they were establishing their friendship, but if Kirk did learn any additional information about the device or its workings from discussion or observation, he would certainly share it with Forester here to help his attempt.

You and Greg can discuss if anything that might help here is known to Kirk from that time period. My guess would be that unless Greg says he would have spoken about something in conversation, likely Forester's keen perception would have observed more than Kirk even though Kirk had more opportunity with the additional exposure from the lab, but if I do know anything to help, I want to share it.


Here are a few more thoughts about the team strategy.

Given the fact that Forester has completely ordinary DNA (and a broken super-bow), there's no harm done in trying. With his willpower weakness might protect him in case things don't work.

In Symbiote's enlarged, altered stage, his reaction time (aka
Agility) is probably lower than every else's. That means that even if
Forester's plan fails, the rest of the team might still be able to try snatching or deactivating the harness before our rampaging friend squashes the yin out of Forester's yang. In other words, we have nothing to lose.

One of the few arrows Forester still has left is the Scented Arrow, which creates a powerful animal musk that could attract/distract animals. As tempting as it might be to use that arrow to lure the elephantine Symbiote into a trap, Forester rejects his own idea. He refuses to treat his teammate as an animal-thing.

Ok, that gives more concerns. I thought you had something 'super' that we didn't know about. We are back in the situation that we don't know if it will have any effect. When the harness has 'failed' to duplicate a super-power Hal was unaffected (this happened in Kirk's case and I believe with at least one other (was it Ghost?). So there is nothing to trigger the transfer with the harness, then prior results show an unaltered state not a duplicate of the 'unsuper' state, which means that likely he'd stay Pachy. You would think that unduplicatable DNA (ie supernatural) would work the same as normal DNA (ie nothing to activate the change); again, an assumption, but a reasonable one.

Unless, we got lucky and found out you had some currently unknown super-DNA (Kirk found out his wasn't), it would seem the prudent course would be for someone with a super-power that we know will activate the harness should go for it, of course, we then have the problem of whether they know enough of how to activate the harness or are smart enough, although perhaps we know enough to tell them.
Further thoughts???



Actually, I don't think that will work. Forester has no powers. The harness only transfers superpowers. It has been shown that any other types of powers (magical) are not copied.
I'm going to go with the assumption that no powers means no copy either.
Unlike Forester, I may not be able to trigger the harness from memory, but if someone can tell me how to, I could trigger it and have him copy me. I can also take a hit (barely). If he templates my powers, that should get rid of the intelligence reduction and bring him back to us.
Alternatively, LS might be able to disable the device from a distance.


Symbiote, Private to GM:
Oohhh, they're getting close!! (Assumes Bugs Bunny voice) "Ah, yer red hot, Doc!" They almost have it!

I confess, I'm getting a sadistic sort of enjoyment out of this. Wish they'd dropped me and Pachy in the same place though, and just let us hammer at each other...


Hal's device replicates the DNA of the person he absorbs. In the case of someone like Forester (or another non-metaphuman), Forester's unaltered DNA should clear out the absorbed powers of Packyderm.
That's been my understanding of the power. If it turns out I'm wrong, then the rest of the team can still deactivate/remove the device before Symbiote continues to attack. I'd rather try an approach that doesn't cause any damage to the device, at least at first, in case Symbiote may need to use it later in the mission.
Forester asks his scientifically minded colleagues to at least test his hypothesis that Hal's device will replicate non-super DNA--but simply gain no powers in the process.

"Perhaps it only seems like the device doesn't work on ordinary humans because Symbiote doesn't gain any super powers in the process," Forester says. "But since Hal can store only one absorbed
DNA pattern at a time, my standard DNA might wipe clean the DNA residue left over by Pachyderm."

"If it doesn't work," Forester adds, "by all means move in and deactivate or detach the device."


GM Replies:
Without saying whether or not the plan will work, here's some info:
Forester knows Symbiote samples DNA through a device on Symbiote's palm.
But Symbiote-Pachyderm, like Pachyderm, often keeps his hands balled up as fists.
If his hand isn't open, you'll need to pry open his super-strong hand in order to access the palm device!


Private, GM to Symbiote:
Sorry to get technical, but how exactly does the Harper Harness sample DNA?
Is hitting your palm on someone enough, or is that part of the process?
If the latter, what is the rest of the process?


Symbiote, Private to GM:
Jeff, my ability to remember game minutiae is legendary. Used to baffle and amaze Harold and the other guys from our old gaming group back in the day. If I allocated half the brainspace I've dedicated to gaming and comic book trivia towards more constructive projects we'd have the secrets to cold fusion, a cure for cancer and what exactly women want out of life.

The point being: I remember back during the first fight with Homicide for Hire, after everybody except Forester and Symbiote got sucked in to Penumbra's gateway. Symbiote (carrying Slingshot's DNA at the time) extended a rubbery forearm and shook hands with Forester. And of course, nothing happened.

Or, a theoretical scenario: Vanguard are rescuing innocents from a building fire. Symbiote (again, with Slingshot's powers) reaches in and grabs a little girl, intending to pull her away from the blaze. Does he then immediately copy her DNA, lose his powers and they both burn to death?

Have to believe touching somebody is only half the equation, that Hal also has to throw some sort of cybernetic command from his headset, otherwise his DNA would be switching back and forth every time he touched somebody, whether he wanted it to or not. Uncontrollable DNA morphing would be kind of a cool weakness (sounds like something one of the Morlocks from "X-Men" would have), but it's not really what we had in mind when we created the character.

Not trying to make things harder for the gang (OK, maybe a little ), but my opinion is that this wouldn't work.



GM, Private to Symbiote:
Hmm. Is it possible the second part of the process isn't a cybernetic command, but pressing a button on the glove with your free hand? That way the activation is closer to what's being activated, making a simpler design.


Symbiote, Private to GM:
I suppose that largely depends on how ingenious Hal really is and how far you want to push the whole "super science" concept. I know that personally I wouldn't want a system that took two hands to activate if it could be avoided. Too many things can go wrong in a fight, too big a possibility that the off hand will be busy or incapacitated. Example: Vanguard is in a battle with Homicide for Hire. The Mercenary, ever the master strategist, has noticed that Symbiote needs to touch the back of his "contact gauntlet" with his free hand in order to activate his device. So he shoots Hal through the forearm, breaking the bone and immobilizing the arm! Hal now can't copy any powers, even Slingshot's for the regeneration ability that could save him!

As I say, I don't know how far you want to push the science of it all. Although truthfully, we're entering into an age where it almost isn't that much of a push. Did you see this?

Amazing times we live in. Up to you on the extra-button-vs.-cyber-command thing, though I will say that if the boys DO figure out that sending Lightning Strike into the harness is a possible strategy, I vote that it would work perfectly. Strike has enhanced intelligence also, he's probably smart enough to know how to operate the harness internally.

And of course, at that point Hal will start thinking about ways to protect himself from that move in the future...

Best regards,


From the standpoint of physical strength, Forester is one of the weakest members of the team. If one of the other heroes is able to pry open Symbiote's fist--one way or another--Forester will proceed with his intended plan.

If that is not possible, Forester will have to resort to plan B. In this case, as the other members of Vanguard try to deactivate/destroy the harness, Forester will throw down his scented arrow directly in front of our rampaging friend, in the hope that this will distract his animal intelligence into attacking a musk-scented stick instead of one of us.


Perhaps Slingshot could bounce at him and try to envelope him? Instead of punching him, the idiot-Symbiote would almost certainly end up opening his fists as he tries to get the Envoy of Elasticity off of him. At the same time, Slingshot could be trying to activate the harness or one of us could be doing so. Ideally, since Slingshot has some Invulnerability and can regenerate and since Kairos has a lot of hit points remaining and has a high agility and heightened defense, we could do it together with Slingy doing the enveloping thing over his head so that he's opening up his hands to tear him off and Kairos moving in to activate the harness. Afterward, the two of them could regenerate as quickly as possible using materials available in the immediate area and then we could go on our way to the Dark Continent.


Or I can simply slither myself in his palm if that's all that's needed to trigger the harness.


As Vanguard discussed battle strategy and prepared to act, Kirk was impressed with the fearlessness and quick thinking of his teammates and gave his input.

Then it hit him. Perhaps it was exactly the decisiveness of the others that had him thinking in the same vein initially, but Kirk's heart and spirit then came into play along with his knowledge of heroic lore.

At first he said it in an undertone to himself that perhaps the others couldn't hear. "This is wrong."

Then louder.

"This is wrong! This isn't Pachyderm, an unknown beast, we're dealing with here. This is Symbiote, it's Hal. And beneath whatever raging beast we see lies the heart and spirit of our friend. We need to reach him and bring him back." And he added, "think about other encounters with rampaging goliaths of similar circumstance, attacking them enrages them further, trying to trick them is a dangerous step down that same path; helping them to find their true spirit and reach past the rage is the roadmap to success."

At this point Kirk knows they do have to act quickly and if the team feels their method is best he won't argue further. He will continue with his backup support as originally outlined, but will do his best not to spend his 'action' in game terms unless it meant saving the life of his teammates. He will not overtly be involved i n the 'ploy' so that he can try his attempt to 'talk Symbiote down' if their plan fails.

If their efforts don't work then I've got a bit of Kirk's physical actions and dialogue worked out in my head to try to 'talk' Hal back to them and diffuse the situation. And his 'action' would be a mind read which would help him frame his dialogue, give him a sense of how its working, and also let him know if there is some direct influence of projected thoughts of Primate fueling Symbiote's current actions or not which may prevent Hal from reasserting himself. Since it will likely take me an hour of so to write it up, you can let me know if it ends up being necessary. If somehow Kirk's words sway the team initially and they want him to try to talk Hal down first, then I'll also try to put the scene together.

OOC I'm not trying to rain on anyone's parade here or prevent any heroic actions. Frankly, I'm disappointed that it seems like Forester's initial plan won't work just because it was so damn cool that our 'most human' hero jumps into the fray and takes down the beast that could take out our most powerful members at full power --- based on the gutsy move alone I'd like to see that work. But after thinking a bit, based on Kirk's normal motives and his knowledge of hero history, this is the move he would have to make here. I've no problem if he doesn't get the chance to do it a nd Vanguard's other plans solve the situation.


Lightning Strike:
Hi all,
This action is based on Strike's admittedly limited knowledge of Symbiotes device.

After materializing on the ship, Strike takes in the situation as quickly as possible. Strike says to the others "We don't have enough information to determine how to disable or shut off Symbiote's device. Were we to damage it, we may end up with Symbiote in this form forever. Since he takes this device into combat with him, we can assume that it is fairly rugged or else any villain would simply damage it and render him powerless. My assumption is that it doesn't have any way to interact with it wirelessly or it could also be disabled remotely by anyone who understands how it works, which is probably very few people so there may be a possibility for remote access."

Therefore, the plan LS has is to beam down near where Symbiote is rampaging at the moment, and then either probe Hal's device to determine if there is a remote data port and enter the device remotely and if that is not possible, then approach the rampage behemoth and enter the device manually by coming in contact with it. Once inside, Strike will look for a way to turn it off, thus transforming Hal back to normal. The main risk is that Strike's electricity is too powerful for the device (similar to beaming out of a cell phone which destroys the phone).

If anyone has any objections to this plan, let me know.