Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Issue 74A: Trouble in Paradise!

Vanguard’s Inhuman! The Lair of the Primate. The Volcanic Island’s Laboratory. Congo.

Inhuman and the Primate continued discussing the fate of the Earth. The Owl, Snow Leopard and Monarch watched with keen interest as Inhuman challenged the Primate! Leopard flexed her claws.

Inhuman said, "It is September and that means they are going to the warming up stages in Antarctica, assuming we infected them…”

The mighty silverback cut him off. “We will not directly infect the poles. I suspect humans will live there for sometime, isolated from the epidemic. I am willing to accept that, and expect no trouble from them. Already travel and communication is halted across the globe. Even if they had nuclear weapons, what would they target?”

Inhuman said: "It is quite impossible with modern technology to get humans off the planet at any rate above the human birth rate.”

The Primate said, “Then perhaps your plan is not feasible. How do you plan to move the animal kingdom from this world? Again, I’ll not leave my brothers behind to the tender mercies of Man! Yet you would, for your beloved Berkeley?”

Inhuman asked, "In addition I would like to know how you plan to defend the rather vegetatively destructive diet of the Mountain Gorillas…”

The Primate said, “Again, you speak of Phase Three. Let us keep focused upon Phase Two for now.”

Inhuman said, "There is another problem. You ARE eliminating a species whose environmental purpose we do not understand. As well as those animals now dependant on that Species. Doesn't this make you just as bad as any human who ever lived, if not WORSE because you not only know and understand you doing this but the potential consequences?"

The Primate’s patience was reaching its end. “And yet this plan will safeguard the survival of more of our brethren than any other. Your plan has us abandoning the majority of lifeforms to Man. On a planet that, left to Man’s control, will soon be uninhabitable to ALL lifeforms. Does that not make YOU worse than I? You share my convictions “friend,” or pretend to… but lack the courage to act upon them.”

Inhuman took the watch communicator. "I wish to be absolutely certain about how and what you desire to communicate with Chess and the World. Mistakes can easily happen. To be clear, you are willing to agree to a truce, to leave this planet unharmed in the hope to make a fresh start elsewhere.”

The Primate was growing angry. “No. I said that I may be willing to let Man leave this planet. You will contact your former allies and propose to them what you have proposed to me: their exile on an alien world. Tell Vanguard to come here under a white flag so we may parley terms. I will meet directly with all of them, here. Do not tell them we are listening in. And do not mention the microorganism.”

The tension was growing. Monarch and Snow Leopard were ready to act against this open defiance, and were clearly suspicious of Inhuman’s request to meet with any member of Vanguard alone.
The Owl looked deeply disappointed.

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OOC: Can I sense the Animaliculum in their container or the liquid they are suspended in?

IC: Inhuman Paused, the communicator off in his hand. Then he spoke quickly, sending his final arrow of rationality from his mental quiver of reason."Ah, your mentioning of the Alien invasion has opened the final discourse I needed, the good news is I don't need to prove to you that Aliens Exist."

Inhuman looked at the enraged and saddened fellow Animen. "This was to come out sooner or later, I Am not going with you for the following reason, Chess has just recently received intelligence that indicates a race of Aliens are after the vast resources of our planet. Primarily interested in heavy metals, their methods are demonstrably worse than the Humans if for no better reason than they are deliberate. They apparently intend to attack within 2 years. Unless CHESS/Humanity is weakened then they will attack faster. As a first step in their plan they will raze every organism from the planet to prevent any form of danger to themselves as well as satisfying their paranoia and bloodlust, beginning with a massive desalination of the planet. In addition to essentially turning the water of the Planet into pure poison for all sea life not built like I am they will also engage an ice age of massive proportions then proceed to smash anything left with their armies. They will use means most foul including things the size of our little friend" Inhuman Gestured to the Animaliculum "in order to be safe from our ecosystem that is so imnical to their own raping of the planet."

"This is the reason Why I allied myself with Chess Intially and now you. You are not the only one after control of the Planet. That Race of aliens is hidden somewhere in the Oceans, wating for any weakness in man and/or CHESS, they are creating others like 'me' in order to take over the planet. Only by unifying my Human and Animal mind can I escape their domination." Inhuman Sighed

"They are well Hidden, when I surfaced I noted the stars in order to find their base again, yet neither I not Aquon were succesful."

"Even now, they take humans that can easily be lost at sea and, not unlike your plan, turn them into a mind controlled army of Slaves to not only destroy the humans but turn this planet into a barren wasteland. There are others who haven't broken free, nor can they." Inhuman gently set his hand on the Owls shoulder and incidentally placing the other Animen on the other side of the Owl "I was lucky, they weren't prepared for the subtle uses of my powers or my imagination."

Inhuman gently attempted to use his powers of + Charisma defense on the Owl in order to ease some of his suffering. "However the most Dreadful of their powers is that Even in DEATH, they will still be served by 'their' people for they brought ME back from the dead, intending to use me to gain knowledge of the hows and whys of humanity as well as being the first in their army of ecological destruction. Do you have anyone who can match that power? Or Primate are you just planning on sacrificing others like you did the Animen who faced off against Vanguard?"

Inhuman Shook his head to clear it of the impending rage "Let me be clear about this, I Do not propose leaving the animals to a fate worse than that of man or even that of subjugation beneath the heel of man, I propose that you leave and take some animals with you in order to give some of our fellow beasts hope, if not for themselves, that then their species will survive. This is more important than some sort of calling to save all, nay it is vital that Someone I trust, that have the capacity to escape this coming Armageddon Does so. You have a far more noble responsibilty to all of animal kingdom to save some in case Chess and Humanity fail. Your failure to see your responsibilities is a shirking of greater duties than mankinds failures of stupidity, empathy and reason."

"If Chess/Humanity wins, all fine and good, return and I'll help free all from the yoke of humanity. If they fail, you will not have enough time to flee for they are surely hunting you as much as every other Powered creature on the planet. Destroy the Humans and they Will attack, leaving you responsible for the death of every single organisim the planet. Even if every one of us could take out three or four of them, They will just bring them back from the dead or decide to turn your mountain gorillas into more allies, mentally weaker but easier to control."

"Don't you get it? If you Win, you play into their hands, damming every form of life on the planet. If you lose All of the earth shall lie in the Fooll hands of man. If the Earth is to Survive, I Need a fallback plan. If they decide to final strike us we can ask for your help in rebuilding. If We lose completely, someone survives far enough away they will not be a target. They, not I, have forced this Logical action!" Inhuman Idly wondered one question though, just exactly when did Primate tell or explain to me about stages 2 and 3 of his plan?

Note of Hidden actions.

1. Should Primate or others spring at or otherwise move to attack Inhuman (keep in mind after the third paragraph the owl will be the only one hopefully within easy HTH striking distance. Carl will grab every liquid source within his sensory reach, including the Animaliculum, interrupt his disagreement and raise his Water defense, Should he have the Animaliculum he will use his powers to keep them from escaping or infecting himself by having an air pocket around himself and keeping the water barrier tight and resilient enough to prevent escape. Rising majestically off the floor by creating a pillar of water if possible he will State the Following

"Betrayers! Follow the Path of Fools will you?!!? While you may think you can win against the Aliens and their army of Henchmen I shall have to prove bodily why that will never happen. I Call upon the Law of the Sea! I Challenge you you mangy dumb ape to a battle for control of the Animen!! When I win, all shall obey me!" Should I have control of the Animen I shall also add as a final plea "More Fool you, if I fall unconsious, your greatest weapon shall lie in ruins, splattered upon the floor, surrender! Lest all fall apart and the ashes of failure fill both our hearts and mouths!!!"