Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blue Comet Character Sheet!

The Blue Comet!
When disgraced superhero, Tornado Man, was released from prison
, he turned to the only friend he had left, Blazon, a fellow charter member of the FF! Tornado Man convinced the retired hero that he would make a good heir, so the two worked to combine their powers, and then disaster struck! From the fiery lab accident, "The Blue Comet" was born! But he was truly born anew: the Comet suffers from amnesia! Now, the hero without a past searches for answers as to who he was and who he shall become… as the Blue Comet!

Secret Identity: Unknown to self, Edward Matthews, aka Tornado Man
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Height: 6’
Weight: 180 lbs.
Origin Type: Accidental Scientific
Personality Archetype: Unknown. Amnesiac!
Level: 2
Experience Points: 2000
Player: Chris

Super Powers and Super Skills:
1) Flame Power: Integrated nano-biotechnology gives the Blue Comet his flame powers. As an attack: Range: 39” (195 feet), 1d12 damage, PR=3. Fiery defense costs 3 PP and movement to activate. When defense is activated, the Comet can fly. PR=1 per hour of flight.

2) Heightened Speed: The Blue Comet can fly incredibly fast. Adds 600” to flight movement. Adds 20 to initiative.

3) Heightened Physique: (+3 to any four statistics)

1) Psychological Limitation: Amnesia. The Blue Comet remembers nothing from before the accident. He doesn't recognize a soul from his old life. He also experiences 'memory blackouts' from time to time.

Strength 18
Endurance 21
Agility 21

Intelligence 15
Charisma 10

Hit Points: 43
Power Points: 75

Carrying Capacity: 714 lbs.
Hand-to-Hand Damage: 1d8

Accuracy: +4 to hit
Damage Modifier: +4

Detect Hidden: 14%
Detect Danger: 18%

Movement: ground: 60” per combat turn. air: 2263” per turn ( 515 mph) (One inch equals 5 feet)

Healing Rate: 2.4 hit points per day.

Occupation: Unknown to self, was once a reporter for a great metropolitan newspaper
Skills: Writing, Research, Contacts, Political Subculture, Corporate Subculture

Luck Points: 1.9

Note: Blue Comet is saving up his Level Two Advancement for later.