Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sentinel Character Sheet!

Kirk Gerard inherited the family business: Superheroics! Kirk’s grandfather was the WW II legend, Sentinel, the all-American superhero who smashed spies and the Nazi menace! Kirk inherited the mutant ability that runs in his family: the power to shape energy into powerful energy blasts, impenetrable force fields, or any form he desires! He’s also inherited the family’s sense of right and wrong! Now, young Kirk begins his journey to become this generation’s Sentinel, Guardian of Justice!

Secret Identity: Kirk Gerard
Gender: Male
Born: 1984
Height: 6’
Weight: 200 lbs.
Origin Type: ?
Personality Archetype: Square-jawed Defender of Truth and Justice
Level: 7
Experience Points: 28,500
Player: Seth

Super Powers and Super Skills:

1) Solid Illusions: Sentinel may create and shape energy into any form he desires. Creation Points = Current Power Points x 2. Costs 1 action and 8 Power Points to create one construct. Once created, Sentinel expends his actions to animate the constructs (shields, blasts, weapons, creatures, armor, fields, whatever). Every Creation Points gives the construct one hit point, or one armor point. Range: 30” (150 feet). Attacks as better of Power Blast or HTH. Movement speed and Attack damage depend on current creation points. Inanimate Constructs cost 2 Power points and movement to create.

2) Power Augmentation: Air is generated inside any created shape, permitting travel in outer space, under water, etc. No power cost.

3) Heightened Senses: Sentinel can detect energy fields, including those given off by extranormals. This ability aids his computer skills considerably. No power cost. Range: 100 feet.

4) Partial Telepathy:
a) Thought Shield: Sentinel can shield his thoughts from being telepathically detected, tracked, or read at will. Costs 1 PP per hour. He defends against Thought Probes as if his current Power score were doubled. (Level Two Advancement)

b) Thought Scan: Sentinel can detect and read surface thoughts within his range. Language can be a partial barrier. This costs one Power Point and an action to perform per subject. A person can be tracked by his thoughts. This requires continued "thought scanning" at least once per turn, with a cost of only one Power Point per person being tracked per hour. The prey is immediately lost if it passes beyond the telepath's Range. Unconscious, animal or nonsentient minds are all immune to the effects of telepathy. (Level Three Advancement)

5) Heightened Endurance: +7 (Level Four Character Advancement)

6) Heightened Charisma: +4 (Level Five Advancement)

7) Heightened Intelligence: +3 (Level Six Advancement)
8) Patron: Vehicles, base, mundane gear and weapons are all available through an employer.

1) Psychological Limitation: Sense of Fair Play: Inspired by the heroes of the past and the ideals of the past that have been lost, Sentinel always acts according to the highest moral code. Examples: Sentinel can never lie, and must always help a person in need. (This Weakness has been eliminated with his Level Seven Advancement)

2) Patron: Character may be required to perform tasks and duties at employer’s request.

Strength 15
Endurance 22
Agility 15
Intelligence 18
Charisma 23

Hit Points: 30
Power Points: 70

Carrying Capacity: 558 lbs.
Hand-to-Hand Damage: 1d8

Accuracy: +2 to hit
Damage Modifier: +2

Detect Hidden: 21%
Detect Danger: 25%

Reaction Modifiers: +4 from Good, -4 from Evil

Movement: ground: 52” per combat turn. Air: maximum of 240” per combat turn (55 mph, see chart).

Healing Rate: 2.4 hit points per day.

Occupation: Computer Specialist
Skills: Computer Science, History, Extranormal History, Law, Law Enforcement Subculture, Academic Subculture, English, Occult Studies x 2, First Aid, Vanguard non-verbal signal code

Luck Points: 6.9 as of Issue 165

Fearing what this information would do in the wrong hands, Sentinel spent a Luck Point to bury within his mind his ability to detect extranormals by their energy aura.

Sentinel used a Luck Point and part of his Level Five Advancement to form REACH, a charitable organization.