Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Issue 12: Chapter 2: Fishing Expedition!

Lightning Strike
6:30 am EST, Atlantic Ocean. 18,300 feet below sea level.
Time until Tsunami Machine Activation: 5 hours 30 minutes.

Then, in the darkness, there was something. It was weak and faint. It was far below him. But it was there. Lightning Strike had a direction that he could follow through the black, cold, silent water!
He swam down, deeper and deeper to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.
He swam down for what might have been an hour, and with each stroke, the sensation grew stronger. The light mounted on his pressurized suit illuminated little. At times, vertigo threatened to overtake the electrical avenger. But the electricity he detected became his true north, a compass point he followed onward and onward, deeper and deeper down into the fathomless depths.

Lightning Strike was exhausted. He thought his eyes were fooling him at first, but then it was clear there were lights beneath him. He slowed and continued.

Then Lightning Strike found the light source, and his mind couldn’t take it all in.
Below him was a colossal leviathan! A monstrous, star-shaped mass that might have been bigger than a city block! Impossibly, the thing was moving… slowly through the depths.
The light source was violet organic phosphorescence!

Stranger still, Lightning Strike could tell that the mammoth starfish-behemoth had electricity somehow within it! IT was the electrical source he had tracked!
Not bioelectricity, but industrial “man-made” electricity! Yet not nearly enough to power it. If this alien, otherworldly wonder was a machine, it had some other energy source fueling it.
Could it be some kind of underwater spaceship?! But… it seemed to be alive!!

Its true nature was concealed by the endless layers of barnacle and coral that had built up on its surface over unknown years.

Strike stared in wonder. Then, moving shapes caught his eyes and they refocused. Impossibly dwarfed hammerhead sharks orbited the starfish leviathan. They were almost without number.

To reach the strange, star giant, Lightning Strike would first have to navigate his way through the sharks!



Lightning Strike:

Lightning Strike weighed his options. He could go back for the others and lead them back here but there's no guarantee they were able to handle U-Man or that this Leviathan will be trackable. Plus, he has no way of knowing how much time has passed and if there is enough time left for the round trip. On the other hand if he goes forward, will he be able to get past the sharks without alerting the inhabitants and giving them time to set up their defenses?

"Damn, they didn't pick this mission for the faint hearted." he mutters to himself. Lightning Strike decides to live by his name and try to get in the ship as fast as possible. He heads through the sharks trying to keep them at bay with a diffuse electrical charge and then when he is close enough to the ship, transform into electrical form and enter through where he senses an electrical port of some sort. There is a lot of risk involved, such as the numerous sharks and the danger of transforming underwater even if it is for hopefully a split second.

OOC: Assuming I can get inside, I will try to determine the power source for this ship and find some way to send a signal to the others, bright lights, fire a torpedo, set off an explosion on the ship, whatever is possible. Finally, if I can accomplish all of that, I will attempt to trace the unique energy signature of the Tsunami device.