Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Forester Character Sheet!

Attention-craving showoff Fred Knobel was a trick-shot archer for a Renaissance Faire when he was approached by the blind, master Zen bowman (and former Freedom Force member), the Marksman. The Marksman opened Knobel’s mind to a larger world and to a greater understanding of his place in it through extensive training in Haven, the Marksman’s secret dojo in the ancient forests of the Pacific Northwest. A natural student with considerable potential, Knobel nevertheless proved impetuous and undisciplined, and his broke training with his beloved master. Now, Knobel combines his ethical imperative to help others with his deep desire for public adoration as Forester!

Secret Identity: Frederick Knobel
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 5’ 8”
Weight: 152 lbs.
Origin Type: Homemade/ Mystical
Personality Archetype: Zen Trickster (Class clown / Mysterious, metaphysical enigma)
Level: 3
Experience Points: 7750
Player: James

Super Powers and Super Skills:
1) Heightened Senses: “Zen Awareness: One With Nature”
· x3 to detect hidden and detect danger (vision/ hearing/ tracking)
· Willpower defense against all attacks, including telepathic and magical ones, including lycanthropy!
· +3 to Agility· +3 to Charisma (Will)
· Camouflage Ability: To detect Forester in nature, one must make 2 detect hidden rolls.

2) Heightened Expertise: +4 to hit with bow, and +4 toward all bow-related skills.

3) Special Weapon: Bow and Arrows: Range: 63” (315 feet). Quiver holds 16 arrows. +4 to hit.
· Razor Arrow: HTH +1
· Silver-Tipped Impact Arrow: Weighted, blunt head. HTH+d8. (Level Three Advancement)
· Tangler Arrow: 3” x 3” net. All struck targets who fail % save on Agility are tangled, and must use action to cause 11 points of damage to net to untangle.
· Flare Arrow: 2” radius. All struck targets must save vs. Intelligence on 2d20 or are blind until % save vs. Endurance is made between turns. 1st turn: save vs. Endurance. 2nd turn: save vs. Endurance x 2, etc. May also serve as an illumination beacon/flare.
· Sonic Arrow: All struck targets, within 1” of arrow’s line of flight, must save vs. Endurance on 2d20 or are deaf until % save vs. Endurance is made between turns. 1st turn: save vs. Endurance. 2nd: End x 2, etc. May also ‘special hit’ to destroy object.
· Cable Arrow: Magnetic/ suction tip adheres to any surface. 20” cable for scaling walls, anchoring to heavy object, or reeling in small objects.
· Parachute Arrow: when shot into the air, one-person mini-parachute deploys.
· Smoke Arrow: Creates 2” radius of smoke. All within radius are in darkness.
· Boomerang Arrow: As Impact Arrow and can turn up to 180 degrees to curve around obstacles or hit targets from behind. Targets save vs. detect hidden or are surprised.
· Extinguisher Arrow: Foam smothers fires. Targets with Flame Power who are struck are extinguished, and must spend action to % save vs. current Power Points to re-ignite and use powers.
· Corrosive Arrow: Acid tip. Ignores structural invulnerability. Causes 2d8 to any metals struck, and 1d8 per turn for 1-4 turns thereafter, or until removed. Doesn’t harm flesh.
· Scented Arrow: Releases a pungent, musk-scented arrow upon impact. The non-toxic oil may lure hungry predators, confuse other trackers, mark a 5-foot by 5-foot area, or tag an individual (especially invisible opponents, or sinister shape-shifters).
· Garlic Arrow: Works like Scented Arrow, but with vampires in mind. (Level Three Advancement)

4) Heightened Physique: +1 to Charisma. +3 to Endurance. (Level Two advancement, training)

5) Willpower: Special: Forester's meditation has mitigated the effects of the mystical disease that plagues him, lycanthropy. If he did transform, he might still retain some sense of his values--or perhaps halt the transformation half-way! (Level Three Advancement, training)

6) Patron: Vehicles, base, mundane gear and weapons are all available through an employer.

1) Minor Special Requirement: Forester must meditate for 45 minutes every day, or temporarily lose his Heightened Senses.

2) Physical Handicap: Forester is magically afflicted with Lycanthropy! His Willpower ability has kept it in check to date!

3) Patron: Character may be required to perform tasks and duties at employer’s request.

Strength 15
Endurance 18
Agility 21 / 18
Intelligence 15
Charisma 16 / 13

Hit Points: 31 / 27
Power Points: 69 / 66

Carrying Capacity: 371 lbs.
Hand-to-Hand Damage: 1d6

Accuracy: +4 (+12 with bow) / +3 (+11 with bow)
Damage Modifier: +3

Detect Hidden: 45%
Detect Danger: 57%

Reaction Modifiers: +2 from Good, -2 from Evil

Movement: Ground: 54” / 51”

Healing Rate: 2 hit points per day

Occupation: Performing Art, Scholar.
Skills: Performance, Occult Studies, Stealth, Tracking, Wilderness Survival, Bowyer/Fletcher

Luck Points: 2.5