Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Issue 14: Chapter 2: Inside Man!

Lightning Strike
Time: Unknown.
Atlantic Ocean. 18,300 feet below sea level.
Time until Tsunami Machine Activation: Unknown

From within the Star Giant’s techno-cyberspace, Lightning Strike disabled the Weapons Systems. He monitored the other heroes’ progress via exterior security cameras, which he likewise rigged to prevent further alarms from being raised.

Strike watched Forester fire an arrow into the Star Giant’s technology structure. The arrow must have had some corrosive element to it, as it burned a small hole into the exterior hull, activating alarms across the facility! In time, the area was isolated, shut off, and hull integrity was restored. During this diversion, the heroes approached the Star Giant from the other side. Strike saw they had U-Man with them, bound and helpless. They were near the airlock that Strike had gained access through, staring in wide-eyed wonder at the horror of the Star Giant. (OOC: Actions, Strike?)
While Strike was in the system, he looked for telltale signs that may provide a source for this monstrous creation.
Among the man-made technology, Strike recognized two similarities:

One was with the Doomsday Robot that terrorized Manhattan mere hours ago!

The other similarity was subtler. Strike recognized a tell tale design pattern that he had encountered once before, in his previous investigations: that of Silas Caine!
Caine owned several technological manufacturing concerns. They were at least partly involved in the creation of technology that adorned the Star Giant!

(OOC: Any further actions at this point?)

Then Strike began to investigate the more alien aspects of technology, looking for repeated patterns to see if he can detect how things might work. Strike began learning.
Within that alien technology, Strike detected something new. A presence. An intelligence. Something was there, in the Star Giant’s cyberspace, with Lightning Strike!!

OOC: Actions, please!
-Ye Editor


Lightning Strike:

Once Strike sees the remaining heroes at the air lock, he attempts to open the airlock to allow them entry into the ship. IF it is possible he would like to isolate the airlock from the rest of the systems so that it can't be detected as being opened, in a sense creating a feedback loop so that it looks like the airlock remains closed.

He tries to put the designs to memory so that he can trace which manufacturing unit they came from to somehow obtain evidence against Caine. He will bring that man to justice!!!

Finally, he will attempt to track the presence he senses. Perhaps that will lead him to the Tsunami Device. He will attempt to communicate with it if that is even possible and if not, he will meet back with the others at the airlock. Perhaps now is the time to strike as a team.


GM Reply:
Lightning Strike succeeded in all of these things but one.

He opened the airlock and set up a feedback loop to show the airlock never opened.
He committed the designs to his near-eidetic memory, as future evidence against Silas Caine.
He attempted to communicate with the presence he detected with him in the Star Giant’s cyberspace, and failed. It did not reply. Upon closer inspection, he thought it did not appear to be electrical in nature, like Strike was. It felt more like Venus’s presence when she created her telepathic link. The presence did not answer.

Strike left cyberspace to join the others!