Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Vanguard Verbatim Letters Page!

Faithful Ones,
Ye editor always welcomes ever-lovin' letters, manic missives and crazy correspondence from all True Believers! But our sensational letters page doesn't even have a name yet, thanks to our heroes changing their name from Freedom Force to Vanguard!

That's where you come in, oh frantic ones!
Send me your idea for the best moniker and the winner will get a genuine, original, one of a kind No-Prize, first class in the mail!
Submit your names now, keepers of the faith!
The winner will be announced with the release of Issue 40, a startling blockbuster of bona fide beneficence you won't want to miss!

And keep those letters comin'!
Now, here's a letter from our mailbag, from Harold / Kairos:

"I love histories of gaming worlds, especially when it's good history and/or history that was actually gamed out. In addition, I like seeing V&V characters. My V&V gaming days were sporadic since my group was far more interested in AD&D than in hero gaming. Only a couple of us liked comic books and we have always (even to this day) bemoaned the fact that no one ever wanted to play V&V because there was SO MUCH that we could have done.
What do some of the above-mentioned characters look like on paper?
What powers did Pathos, Dynamo, and Marksman have?
Harold / Kairos"

Frantic One:
Dynamo was an agile, nearly indestructable agent of chaos. Heightened Strength and Agility, Natural Weaponry (from Dyno-Tape), and Invulnerability via his costume. On and off leader of the Freedom Force from the very beginning, he was the most human of them all and the most dangerously uncanny!

Marksman was a blind Zen archer. He had arrows quite similar to Forester, was blind and had incredibly heightened senses that enabled him to more than overcome his loss of sight. Marksman is now a pretty active NPC in this campaign, thanks to Forester!

Pathos was a cloaked enigma who gained his powers when SKULL (that's right!) kidnapped several hapless human guinea pigs and "dipped" them into another reality they discovered, called Dimension X. When Allen Barry came back to our dimension, he was from then on and forever, Pathos!
His features-obscuring cloak was an alien and otherworldly denizen of Dimension X that attached itself to the base of Pathos' skull during his short visit there. This living symbiote granted Pathos Telepathy, Invulnerability, Empathy and Telekinesis.
In fact all the human guinea pigs gained extranormal abilities, which they used to overthrow their SKULL captives and take over their orbiting satellite station where these terrible experiments were occurring. But their victory was short lived!
It was onboard that satellite that they witnessed the S'Korian invasion of Earth, which was lead by the Black Celestial, Eon the Eternal.

Pathos and Dynamo are both currently mysteriously missing from the world, along with all active members of the Freedom Force (Dynamo, Nemesis, Onyx, Paladin 2 and Pathos) who helped defeat the S'Korian Invasion, but then went mysteriously missing right after. More can be found on this among the first 10 posts of the game webpage.

Keep those letters comin', and don't forget our Letters Page Namin' Contest!

-Ye Ed


I can't believe I called myself Allen Barry.

Quick thoughts for the letter column are
Vanguard's Vault
Vault of Vanguard
Vanguard's Voice
Vanguard's Vocals
Dream Vanguard
Elite Thoughts

though the Voice of Vanguard is cool.


I'll live with just about anything, but I think "The Voice of Vanguard" sounds more like a newsletter than a letters page. Here are some other ideas.
Vanguard Voices
Van-Mail (sounds like fan mail)
V-Mail (sounds like e-mail)



My entry (the first I sent was for Jeff only, it seems. Thwarted by the reply button!)

Vanguard Verbatim
Avant-Garde Page
L'Avant-gardiste (yes, it's French, very froo-froo).
The ForeRunner

I'll come up with more.


Contest Results!
The Winner of our mighty ‘Name-The–Letters-Page Contest’ is Vanguard Verbatim!
The genuine No-Prize is on its way to Stephane/Slingshot!
Runners up: Vault of Vanguard! V-Mail! And Vanguard Voices!
Winner of most inexplicable entry, hands down, is: ‘Dream Vanguard!’ Nice job, Seth!
Thanks to all who entered!

-Ye Editor