Vanguard Roll Call!

Vanguard Roll Call!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Issue 1: Top of the World!

"Yes, true believing fans, because you demanded it… The return of the Freedom Force! It’s 25 years in the making, and as great as the classic, ever-lovin’ FF was, I know these new members will captivate, surprise and astound you!” –Ye Editor

We begin our palpitating tale at the stroke of midnight! High atop the Empire State Building! A stately passenger zeppelin is moving into position with the spectacular skyscraper’s docking tower, one hundred stories above the city streets!… a regular occurrence, but still an awe-inspiring one, even in this wondrous age of technological marvels!

Meanwhile, in the moonlit shadow of the gargantuan aircraft, on the open-air observation deck of Empire State Building, four amazing individuals, each with powers and abilities far beyond those of mortal men, encounter each other for the very first time!!The Blue Comet, Lightning Strike, The Sentinel and Viper! What will happen next??!! Watch and learn, dear reader! Watch and learn!

There comes a time in every Marvel comic book of the 1960’s and ‘70s where great legendary heroes meet. And when they do, they immediately fight each other… at least for a little while.

Why? Well, it’s usually caused by a case of mistaken identity, arrogance, paranoia, swamp gas, mass hysteria, whatever, but the real reason is that it’s just fun to watch your favorite heroes do battle with each other, it shows you their powers, and it gives you plenty of action right up front. Works for me!
So in the spirit of those great books (and in the spirit of their fun), I expect a fun little fight to break out, at least for a little while. Why? Plenty of reasons; take your pick:

Viper: No one’s heard of this guy, but he’s themed after a snake! What kind of people are snakes? No good, untrustworthy snakes, that’s who! Also, he’s got a real tough-guy, surly demeanor about him (think Wolverine). He just looks like trouble!

Lightning Strike: This guy is known by the other three heroes! They don’t know his name, but a police sketch of him has been on the cover of the Daily Tribune for a week! He’s wanted by the NYPD for questioning about a double homicide! One victim was a woman! And the other victim, her husband, is missing and presumed dead! A killer if ever there was one! And get a load of that spooky get-up!

The Blue Comet: No one’s heard of this guy, but he looks kinda familiar. Wait a minute! He kinda looks like Tornado Man, an old-time hero gone bad: an ex-con and a crook through and through! There’s something different about the face though, maybe a disguise, and his costume is a little different, but it’s still blue, with the same mask and everything! This guy is Tornado Man, or maybe his brother! Either way, no good can come from this low down, dirty crumb bum!

Sentinel: This guy is dressed like an old Nazi-fighting superhero from WW2, the Sentry? The Centurion? The Sentinel, maybe? But all those WW2 heroes have been gone for 60 years! This guy is much too young to be the real one! He’s an imposter! A phony! He must be up to no good!

All: What are all these other guys doing up here? Is this a set up? Where’s Mr. Grey? Maybe these guys are here to kill him? Maybe they already have! What the heck is this??!
All: Tension is high, it’s the middle of the night and you’re all a little inexperienced.
There. That’s plenty of fuel for this fire. Have some fun guys, and don’t worry about hurting yourselves or each other. Any damage done here will heal in a hurry. I don’t want to punish good, fun, action-packed play. Thanks.
Oh- and have fun!


The city is aglow with activity, after all, this is the Big Apple... the city that never sleeps and at midnight, the city is just awakening.High above the glitter that is New York what appears to be a streak of light cuts through the skyline, ignored by just about all of the denizens. Although perhaps a few see it, and thinking it a shooting star, they make a wish... that promotion they worked so hard to get, that ground breaking role in the play they auditioned for today, hoping for that special someone to notice them, thinking about the dawn to follow this night with all its possibilities and the good that may come with it.

The streak of light continues across the city to its highest building, as if drawn to its light, as it towers above the rest of the city and all of the closest buildings. It circles around the height of the tower, once, twice, three times... coming closer each time ... and then the light disappears from the view of the few eyes that followed it; their hope that their wishes, their dreams, are fulfilled.
Having arrived just moments before midnight, Sentinel circles around the top of the Empire State Building. He circles several times checking the top of the building for his appointment, but sees no one. At exactly midnight he touches down atop the roof of the building across from its highest door, awaiting his appointment with Grey, ... and with destiny.

OOC:Face front true believers... the hardest post is done (the first) and I'm out there... your turn!


Viper makes his way to the Empire State Building with a slight buzz from the 'sparkling wine.' Passing a 24hr deli he looks in and eyes all the frosty beer in the refrigerated case.

"Not on the first date, Jake. Let's meet our new ring master before you show up to work with a six-pack."
Jake reaches the building and walks into the lobby. He heads toward the security desk, but before reaching it he stops to put on his new Viper mask. Jake smirks as he sees his reflection in the glass door. "Here goes, Mr. Unusual Capabilities or should I say Viper!"
"Viper here, to see Mr. Grey."When the Elevator opens to the Observation Deck, Viper steps out looking for Grey and his new employers. He goes into his prepared routine of the snakeman, Viper. Moving out of the Elevator cautiously, in his theatrical circus act...."Hsssssssssss"
Viper flicks his tongue.
"Mr. Grey! Viper is here in all his slithering glory! What feats of daring-do would you like see perfo...."
Jake breaks off when he sees other costumed people on the Observation Deck. He grimaces and says to himself, "I guess I'm not the only act in town. I didn't think there was going to be a competition. Well, Mr. Grey went through alot of trouble to set this wrestling match up. I s'pose I should see it through." Jake rubs his hands together grinning at his competition.
"Well! Looks as if Mr. Grey has gotten me something better than crocodiles to wrestle. Which one of you costumed clowns would like to tangle with the Viper!"
"Unless you're all Show and No Go!" Viper taunts.


Lightning Strike:

The night is still and clear yet this is a night that the sky is alive with color. Shortly after the sky was lit by a startling blue comet, from out of a clear sky, a bolt of lightning strikes the huge antenna on top of the Empire State Building.
For those atop the Empire State Building, the lightning seems to linger around the antenna, slowly coalescing into the form of a man. The crackling electricity slowly dissipates and out steps a man in a black and white costume with a flowing black cape.
"Mr. Grey, I am hear to honor our appointment. I assume that you have information for me." As he glances around he realizes that Grey is not in sight and other strangely clad individuals are atop the building, he shouts "What is this, some kind of setup? Where's Grey and who are you people? If this is some kind of trap, you will find there isn't a cage in this world that can hold me. No one can stop me from having my vengeance! I would suggest you slink back into whatever holes you crawled out of and tell Grey that I work alone."
He glances around and assumes a defensive posture prepared for whatever comes next.


Blue Comet:
Throughout the early evening the citizens of New York had been treated to a strange sight indeed. A fiery blue comet had been witnessed darting about the metropolis like a shooting star that never quite hit the horizon.

Finally, at the stroke of midnight this 'Blue Comet' came streaking in from over the distant harbor making a straight path for the empire state building. To the untrained eye, perhaps this would have seemed like a missile as it streaked at speeds as yet unseen by the city's fair residents.
But moments before the comet would reach its destination, it veered off and circled the tower's spire at maddening speeds, even faster than before, leaving a solid blue halo of fire around the majestic building's observation desk. Finally the comet slowed and for the first time was revealed to be a man."Mr. Grey! The Comet had arrived!"


As the quiet of the night is broken by the two figures appearing virtually simultaneously in their bombastic way, Sentinel walks away from the wall he'd been leaning on waiting for Grey.

(OOC This would likely place him to the right or left of Viper who just entered through the doorway opening)
"I don't know what carny act the snake slithered away from, but you, you I do know. You talk about vengeance with an attitude! I've seen the Daily Tribune articles on you. Haven't you already had enough with that double murder? The NYPD has an all-out alert for you! And I can see your already planning a split personality defense with that uniform!"
"I didn't come here expecting or looking for any trouble, but I'm not about to back down from a felon ready to continue his spree..."
As Sentinel calmly walks and speaks it almost appears that as he is moving that he bulks up slightly appearing tougher, heavier, although perhaps that's just the darkness of the night playing tricks. His right hand extends tightened, as if gripping something, and suddenly a staff appears in his hand, seemingly extending out from both sides. He assumes a defensive posture.
"Now I suppose you’re ready to speak with the NYPD about what happened that day..."


Viper fumes..."Carny Act?! You haven't looked in the mirror lately have you?"

Viper glances to the third figure and recognizes him as the one the NYPD was looking out for. Neither of these boys can be good for his business, Viper thinks to himself.
"And look at this one. Heh! I'm the Carny act you say! I need shades lookin' at you two!"
Viper, decidedly upset that he wasn't the center of attraction, takes a running start at the Sentinel for a kick in the back.


Lightning Strike:
Lightning Strike takes a quick glance at the two costumed adversaries at both sides of him and quickly decides on a course of action.

He responds to Sentinel, "I will speak to the police when I speak to you, after I have found who is responsible for those crimes. I have neither the time nor the inclination to deal with either of you at the moment. Perhaps next time, you will choose a location that doesn't have quite so much metal."
Given the huge antenna and the metal railing surrounding the observation tower, Lightning Strike would like to put up a standing static field around him, expanding it to envelope Viper and Sentinel.


Sentinel says: "He's the one wanted by the NYPD and you attack me?! Guess that shows your true colors snakeman!"

As Sentinel sees the lunging figure of Viper, energy blazes from the two ends of his staff combining into one beam and the power blast shoots towards the oncoming Viper.